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Letter from the Editor Greetings! Welcome to our very first issue of Blast magazine. The focus of Blast magazine is modernist literature from the late 19th to the early 20th century. Some parts of this magazine include modernist stories analyzed by high school english students, modernist poetry, and art work. To be honest, it has been interesting and surprising working on this magazine. I remember the first time I read Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou and I remember not liking it. It seemed like she was just narcissistically talking about herself. When I read through Eric Henderson’s analysis, it changed my opinion. It made so much more sense and helped me understand beyond the lines of that poem. I just started to like it, because with that analysis, I understood that those works might not be the easiest to understand but once you do, you know that they all possess a powerful message because the difference between modernist works in general with some other type of literature is that they talk about society as they really are. Modernist writers and artists talk about the side of society that nobody in that time period wanted to talk about, the taboos etc. It helps you understand the history of that time period, the people of that time period and the challenges they have been facing. You just soundaintly understand way more than you thought you did. And some of them, like Phenomenal Woman, are very inspiring. When reading through the analysis, I understood that he was talking about women in general and challenging ideas about women. That is what we want you to experience: read and get something out of it ( pleasure and knowledge) and we know that is not easy for everybody to understand a Robert Frost’ poem. We hope that by reading it, you will learn more about modernist poetry, short fictions and art and their vision of life and society.It was scary, fun, interesting and amazing to work for the first time on the publication of a magazine. I guess it was not easy for anybody but we are proud of the result. So go ahead and read on. We hope you will like it and learn something from it! Ouley NGOM, Editor in chief

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