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“A Worn Path” Overcoming Obstacles for the Ones You Love Analyzed by Mary Lawlis Written by Eudora Welty


ave you ever walked into a room and felt instantly judged, or given dirty looks for how you look or what you wear? The short story “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty was written around the 50’s and relates to modernism through breakdown of social norms, culture indifferences, and through the Great Depression time period. Welty centers on the breakdowns of social norms, her main character Phoenix, an elderly African-American woman was trying to take care of her grandson. During the old lady’s journey she is definetly not accepted in her days society. She is looked at as not a real person because of the color of her skin and was unjustly mistreated. She ran into a hunter in the woods and he talks down to her, he thought because she was old that she couldn’t hear or understand him. The culture differences in this little family clearly stands out. The part of the story when Phoenix went into town she was instantly persecuted, not just because of her race but also because shes poor. Picking up free medicine that was given out at a doctors office while dressed up in worn clothes made her look pitiful. The younger woman at the office saw her as a charity case and gave her a nickel. Taking place during the depression, Eudora portrays how some American Southerners had to live. Times were tough and people had to take whatever they could get.

In conclusion, this short story showed how even though everything is against you, still don’t give up. “Seem like there is chains about my feet, time I get this far,” Phoenix said going up a hill while the trip was getting rough. She persevered for her grandson.

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A worn path  
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