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Using online coursework help to get you the good grades that you want!

Imagine this scenario: the new school year has just begun and you are excited about your new course load, convincing yourself that this time, you will try your absolute hardest to get good grades this year. Then, you attend the first day of class and that’s when you realize you are in way over your headyou have just realized that you have signed up for a course that you barely understand and you find yourself wishing you were better friends with that one smart kid in the front row. Don’t panic just yet! There is help out there for you! is a new website that specializes in helping students find the answers to their hardest questions. No matter what class you find yourself struggling in- even MKT 572 or CMGT410- you are in luck: at you can receive all of the answers for the entire course for either of these classes, conveniently in one document. Let’s try another scenario: you have been keeping up with your coursework all semester and then out of nowhere you come down with a nasty case of the flu that keeps you out of class for two weeks! Now you have fallen far behind the rest of the class and have no idea how you will catch up before finals. can help you with scenarios like this as well! There are many classes that offer answers for weeks on a weekly basis. BCOM 275 , FIN 370, ACC 291 and RES 342 are all classes that offer individual answers for Weeks 1-5. XBIS 219, BUS 210, SCI 275, ETH 125, COM 130, CRT 205, IT 240, HCA 270 and MAT 117 have answers posted for Weeks 1-9. MKT 571 and CMGT 410 have answers for Weeks 1-6 and 2-6, respectively. You will also find that Weeks 2-9 are available for SCI 241. How about this scenario: you have just finished the semester and you did a great job with the course IT 215, and your good friend aced MAT 116. Wouldn’t it be great if the two of you could somehow get paid for all the hard work you did on taking notes and doing assignments? You can! is looking for people who can provide answers for both of these classes. The best part about this whole process is that you can get paid for submitting work and answers you have already done! Don’t think that is only useful when school is in session! Any user can post a random question, even if it’s unrelated to actual coursework, and have it answered by another user. One question like this that was posted on the site was, “Why is ‘quantitative analysis’ sometimes referred to as a ‘management science’?” But only paying customers get to find out the answer to this question! So, if you are dying to know, or need help with your coursework, visit today!

XBIS 219 Week  

Rapidhog connects the people who need to know and the people who do know to create a community of information exchange. The site allows peop...

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