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HEY THERE! I was raised—and loved—in Northern California, alongside an incredible sister and a few really cute dogs, by

include—but are not limited to— illustration, photography, type, and event design. Like most new graduates,

two amazing parents. I was exposed to

I am unsure where my design path

all types of art at a very young age as

might lead, but of this one thing I

everyone in my family is very right-

am sure: life is beautiful, messy, and

brained. I grew up coloring, painting,

complicated, with so much wonder

and doodling on the driveway with

and whimsy knit into each day. As a

sidewalk chalk whenever I had the

designer, the gift I have to use my

chance. I studied Graphic Design

creativity to solve problems will never

at Point Loma Nazarene University

be lost on me. I will remain true to

for four years, where I learned the

the realization that every project is

true meaning of being a human-

an opportunity to dream, encourage

centered designer. I also had the

and inspire. I will stay true to my

unique opportunity to study Design

conviction that what I create will

in Copenhagen, Denmark, for five months. I owe so much of my growth as an artist to the five months spent there, learning and exploring. My strengths and passions in design

reflect my belief that each day truly is ‘the best day ever!’

levels rising


personal brand


cooper + laney 15-20

get out the vote


senior show 27-32



lou brew 39-44

levels rising For this project, I was challenged

the melting of arctic ice, which in turn

to create something that would get

contributes to the sea levels rising in

people to think about living in a way

your city. The objective is to protect

that positively affects the future of our

your city from being completely

planet in the age of climate change.

underwater. Not only does each

I was assigned the topic of arctic

move affect the fate of your city, but

melt and the rise of sea levels—the

you are also given helpful hints on

assignment was to create an engaging

how to live more sustainably moving

project and one that could get our

forward, too! I wanted the design

community involved in a unique way.

and branding to use flat images and

From the beginning I knew I wanted

simple text, and the colors to be fun

to bring this idea to life through an

and lighthearted. I hope, through this

interactive game. The process of

game, people will find time to connect

brainstorming the best and most

with one another while simultaneously

engaging way to turn sustainability

learning how to live a more sustainable

into a fun game was not an easy task.

and positively-impacting life.

But the concept of ‘Levels Rising’ is simple: you make decisions on how to live your life and feel the impact through the game in either a positive or negative way. You draw a card that indicates you leave the water running while brushing your teeth? Well, by wasting water you are contributing to

01 Madeline Lenz | Senior Portfolio

personal brand I believe that every day is worth

glad you are a part of it! I believe

celebrating, and I love doing it

that every day is worth celebrating,

alongside the people I love. I often

and I love doing it alongside the

say that each day I am living is “the

people I love. I often say that each

best day ever!” So when it came

day I am living is “the best day ever!”

time to create my personal brand,

So when it came time to create my

I knew I wanted to incorporate

personal brand, I knew I wanted to

my love of celebration. I went

incorporate my love of celebration. I

through several phases of trial and

went through several phases of trial

error while brainstorming. Let’s

and error while brainstorming. Let’s

be honest—creating a brand that

be honest—creating a brand that fully

fully encompasses who you are as a

encompasses who you are as a human,

human, and as a designer, is not easy!

and as a designer, is not easy! Confetti

I needed to think outside the box,

became my inspiration—the rest just

design something that would really

came naturally. The colors, typefaces,

make people smile. Confetti became

and assembly of each element reflect

my inspiration—the rest just came

(my) joy, light, and enthusiasm. I

naturally. The colors, typefaces, and

believe I created a personal brand that

assembly of each element reflect (my)

perfectly encompasses who I am, and

joy, light, and enthusiasm. I believe I

who I always aspire to be. Today really

created a personal brand that perfectly

is ‘the best day ever,’ and I am so

encompasses who I am, and who I

glad you are a part of it!

always aspire to be. Today really is ‘the best day ever,’ and I am so

09 Madeline Lenz | Senior Portfolio

laney + cooper This design came to life when my dear friends, Cooper and Laney, got engaged. Laney invited me to journey alongside her as she dreamed up her big day. Laney is also a designer, so we worked together to create the invitations, table numbers, and menu of her dreams! Because the ceremony and reception are taking place in an outdoor, woodsy area, I knew the wedding invitation package needed to reflect nature. With that, I created a very natural and woodsy invitation, while being true to the personalities of Laney and Cooper. Because of the forest—like setting of this wedding, I decided to forego color and stick with earth tones. We ended up with a charming design that is not only full of personality, but was created to reflect the love and excitement of two amazing people as they start their lives as a married couple! 15 Madeline Lenz | Senior Portfolio

get out the vote For this project, my classmates and

make them more relevant and relatable

I were challenged by the American

to my generation. After several

Institute of Graphic Arts to create a

mock—ups, ideas and color choices,

campaign that encouraged students

I landed on this illustration. Between

to vote in the 2016 presidential

the patriotic colors, the animal’s

election. This election was the first in

“hipster” attire, and the simple

which many students would be casting

tagline, I felt my design was something

their ballots, and statistics showed

students could relate to. I was very

that the majority of college—aged

honored to learn that the AIGA even

people were not even registered to do

tweeted a picture of my poster!

that. So, I knew I had an important task at hand. How could I create something beautiful, that also related to this audience? How would I design something that was both memorable and effective? I started with loads of research. It was important to me that I had as much background as possible so that I could find a way to take a neutral stand in my design — not one that leaned either left or right. I became inspired by the infamous political Elephant and Donkey emblems, and felt I could somehow

21 Madeline Lenz | Senior Portfolio

senior show Oh, Senior Show! The pinnacle project

graduation. I had so much fun with this

we worked toward throughout our

design, and really loved seeing it come

four year journey at Point Loma. This

to life throughout my final semester.

was the project I was most excited

An ode to my fellow Seniors, may we

about. We were challenged to create a

never stop chasing a brighter horizon!

promotional poster and postcard for the main event –The Big Guy–also known as our Senior Show! That exciting time when peers, professors, professionals, friends, and family all gather around to see all that us design students had created during our time at PLNU. For this poster, my goal was to create an appealing and eye— popping design that was both fun and bright. We were given complete freedom to create this poster, so I knew from the start that I needed to show the area of design that I favor most: illustration. I came up with the concept of running toward something on the horizon that felt electrifying, since we are all entering into a season of new and exciting things post—

27 Madeline Lenz | Senior Portfolio

kulturnatten I had the privilege of studying abroad

point, and eye—grabbing. My goal was

in the Fall of my junior year in

to capture the attention of the public

Copenhagen, Denmark! I consider

as they passed by a building or walked

it the opportunity of a lifetime, one

by a wall in the metro. I wanted it to

that had a massive impact on my life

be something that moved people to

and my love for design. My professor,

look, to see, and to show up. This was

Mark, taught me so much about this

my first design project incorporating

field. I also learned an abundance of

photography into design, and it was

tips and skills from my classmates. For

so fun to create! I landed on a very

this project, we were challenged to

classy, bold design that received a

create a promotional branding concept

lot of positive feedback from the

for an annual event held in the heart

faculty of my program abroad.

of Copenhagen, called, ‘Kulturnatten.’ This event was a melting pot of everything the culture of Copenhagen had to offer. From art, dance, and music, to food and wine —Kulturnatten is a one—night festival that encompasses everything Copenhagen is known for. After researching the event itself, and looking back at past years’ promotional posters, I knew I wanted to create a very sleek and dynamic poster that was simple, to the

33 Madeline Lenz | Senior Portfolio

lou brew My sweet Grampy was a very

itself is completely in remembrance

influential person in my life. He

of him and of all of the things he

taught me many things and was one

loved with his whole heart. I wanted

of my favorite humans on this earth.

to challenge myself with simple

Unfortunately, after years of his body

typography in this branding. I am an

fading, he passed away last summer.

illustrator through and through but

The loss of him shook my family to

wanted to test my hand in some type

its core. But with that being said, it

work. I love that I was able to focus on

also gave us time to reflect on all that

type while also having fun illustrating

he truly had meant to us and all of

wallpaper and wrapping. From the

the lessons he taught us—which were

colors to the text to the illustrations,

many. One thing I know for sure is

every single element is intentional

that he always taught us that losing an

in honoring and remembering Gary

hour or two of sleep in the morning

Carlson Jones, my Grampy.

to go buy a good cup of coffee is ALWAYS worth it. In memory of my sweet Grampy, and in honor of his love for coffee, I decided to bring this brand to life. The name is very special to me. “Wendy—Lou, Emmy—Lou and Maddy—Lou” is what he would always call my mom, my sister and myself. So the name ‘Lou’ holds a big place in my heart. The brand in and of

39 Madeline Lenz | Senior Portfolio

People i celebrate! i celebrate... my god my mom my dad my sister my dogs my family

the sisson ’ s del aney meier sophie tisdale kellie sayre rachael marie emily ferguson morgan mcgibbon chad mcl ain the guys

courtney myer dave adey l ael corbin


that You created me to create and that You love me so deeply. how you always know what to say and how to love me best. you for raising me up with love and showing me endless grace. every single part of you. I will always be your biggest fan. you two for loving me unconditionally, even on my worst days. the endless support I have received these past four years. you being my closest thing to family here in San Diego. how greatly you encourage and push me. how bright your presence is in my life. your bravery and kindness, always. the way you lead me in faith. you being my chosen sister forever and ever. you choosing to love me even when it isn’t easy. for pushing me to be a better designer and human. you protecting me and reminding me of my worth. how you never gave up on me. you being the first professor who made me feel valued. the ways you inspired me to always push my art further. how you make each day feel like the best day ever. in loving memory of...

my grampy my papa my grandma

Gary Carlson Jones Eugene Carl Lenz Kathleen Mary Hicks

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Thank GOD we are done BABY

Madeline Lenz Portfolio  

Thank GOD we are done BABY