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ON THE COVER KEVIN HOTH photographer and guest curator


GRAPHIC EDITOR ALAN PETERS graphic design mentor

CONTENT EDITOR LEAH BRENNER madelife curator | director



photo mentor

madelife intern

WHAT IS THE CREATIVE ACCELERATOR? The madelife Creative Accelerator program launches YOU to reach your creative potential. Accelerants actively participate in a 12-week program of rigorous self-evaluation, intensive mentorship with creative professionals, and a deep focus on project-based market-driven creative work. We focus specifically on individuals looking to launch a career in Graphic Design, Music, Video & Film, Photography and Creative Business.


madelife curator director

“madelife is an inspiring community filled with authentic people who want to contribute something unique and creative to the world, while supporting others who wish to do the same�

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CAMERON audio accelerant

Cameron is an audio accelerant from California. Starting off as a visual artist, the stunning set designs behind musicians at Coachella was what drew him into the world of audio production. “The Creative Accelerator program has given me the opportunity to be surrounded by like minded students with the same enthusiasm for music and art. We all feed off of each other ideas and end up teaching one another and create new projects together. When I step foot into madelife, I get this overwhelming feeling of comfort from the mentor and participants. This comfort makes it easy to take risks and not feel uncomfortable about pushing the limits.�


graphic design accelerant

“Before coming to madelife I was kind of crazy in terms of the amount of ideas that I had in my head artistically to the point where I wasn’t able to manifest. Coming to madelife and having all of this space has been really helpful for me to realize what I want to create.”

“My grandfather had this giant cactus in a room full of succulents. I always really loved that room but was never supposed to go in. Growing up, seeing them, just stuck with me... By the time I moved out of my last apartment I had upwards of 50 succulents; I find them very comforting and I also just really love planting things.�


graphic design accelerant

What brought you to madelife? What brought you specifically to the graphic design program?

Gabby’s designs were entered into a skateboard graphic competition through the company Board Pusher (She won!)

While living in Pagosa Springs, I realized I wanted to do more with my artwork. I just graduated from the University of New Mexico with a BA in Studio Art and working at a spa. I was considering going back to school to get my masters, but decided that wasn’t going to work for me financially or time-wise. I was on the internet looking at a clothing company based in Denver and saw that they sold their apparel at madelife. Once on madelife’s website, I read about the Creative Accelerator Program. All I could think was, this is exactly what I’m looking for. I felt that it was the perfect fit for me.

“madelife has given me the design foundation I was in desperate need of. As a result, for the first time since graduating from UNM in 2013, I am excited about my future.” I moved to Boulder specifically for the program and I have never looked back! I wanted to focus on Graphic Design because I felt that it would be the most beneficial for my career. Since completing the program, I have a completely new vision on what I want to do with my art. Right now I am applying myself as a freelance designer/artist and strengthening my portfolio. My 5 year goal is to get into advertising and becoming part of a creative team. I have my eye on the ski/snowboarding industry just because that’s where my heart has always been. I’m sure my plans might change and life will continue to send me in many different directions, but that’s what’s exciting! madelife has given me the design foundation I was in desperate need of. As a result, for the first time since graduating from UNM in 2013, I am excited about my future. I was under the impression that an art degree would send me to the poor house or bury me into a job I would hate. Now I can see the possibilities that lies ahead.



Graphic design mentor Alan Peters put together his annual screen printing workshop this summer. Accelerants, interns, and creative mentors were asked to bring in a single color design and submit it to Mr. Peters. He went over the screen printing process and allowed all participants to print their designs on various printing surfaces. Fun was had by all to a playlist that consisted solely of LL Cool J. Intern Sam Klase ponders his own design, shown to the right.

“It’s a good experience. Improve on your skills or find something that you love and work with it and then eventually it could be your lifestyle, could be your livelihood, could be YOU.”


photography accelerant

WILSON audio accelerant Wilson Harwood is a professional musician in Boulder, Colorado. He performs as a solo singer-songwriter, while also playing in Rocktin, Mbanza, and Hilltop Harvest Band. Wilson is also a music educator, runs the Upslope Brewery Open Mic Night and is a co-founder of the Boulder Singer-Songwriter In The Round.

“The madelife Creative Accelerator Program helped me focus my workload and develop a routine in recording, writing, booking, and marketing regularly, helping me to accelerate my career as a touring musician.�

02 OCT



Founder/Builder Matter Cycles 9-10:30am @ madelife


9-10:30am @ madelife



MICHAEL FRIEDBERG 9-10:30am @ madelife


05 FEB


9-10:30am @ madelife


creative karate kid and professional smolderer

“There is an incredible power that is created when an individual taps into their artistic outlet. As creative coordinators and mentors at madelife we have the privilege of being conduits for creativity. Zap!�

“I love building environments in which music, technology and education know, the sexy stuff!”


audio team coordinator



design intern

skull + monster enthusiast, Sam #3 “A lot of people say art is not a good career because it’s not reliable... but I don’t like to listen to people.”

GRACE graphic design intern

2000 21st Street, Boulder, CO

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