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Madeley High School OPTION CHOICES 2013

Periods per fortnight

SUBJECT English and English Literature


ICT (Cambridge Nationals)






Personal Development


Religious Studies



Part of Curriculum






Core Subject Examinations • English Language, English Literature and Maths are full course GCSEs • Science is either a double award (Core and Additional) or triple award (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) • Religious Studies is a full course GCSE. • ICT is a Cambridge Nationals course equivalent to 2 GCSE grades A* - C.

Option Subject Examinations • Most option subjects are full course GCSEs. • Business Studies is a Cambridge Nationals course equivalent to 2 GCSE grades at A* - C. • Sometimes a GCSE examination isn't the best choice for everyone so in some subjects it is possible to take an Entry Level Certificate, which is graded just below GCSE.

The English Baccalaureate • An ‘umbrella’ certificate not a qualification in its own right. • Grade C or above in five compulsory GCSE subjects is needed to receive it: – English – Mathematics – Double Science (or at least two triple award sciences) – A Modern Foreign Language (French, German or Spanish at Madeley) – EITHER History OR Geography • At the moment five or more good passes at GCSE including English and Maths is the key expectation. This is likely to continue to be the case. • It is also possible, however, that some colleges or universities might also start to expect students wishing to study more academic courses to have the English Baccalaureate.

Making their choices… • DON’T choose a subject just to be with friends. • DON’T choose a subject, or give it up, just because they like or dislike a particular teacher. • DON’T choose a subject or reject it simply because they are a boy or a girl. • IF IN DOUBT do the subjects they are more likely to be successful in.

Options Form •

Pupils have until Monday 4th March to complete their option forms.

After this they will meet with a senior member of staff to discuss and finalise their option choices. These meetings will take place from Wednesday 6th March to Friday 15th March

There is no advantage in handing in forms early.

Options Form • Pupils must choose a first and reserve choice in each option block. • They must choose a Modern Foreign Language (French, German or Spanish) for the English Baccalaureate or if they want to become a primary school teacher. • They must also choose Geography or History for the English Baccalaureate.

GCSE Options Presentation 2013  
GCSE Options Presentation 2013  

GCSE Options Presentation 2013