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July 2011

MA D E L EY O U T H We held our annual Activities Week on 27th June to 1st July and the theme for the week was Olympic and sporting values. Various activities were organised to engage the students throughout the week. These included a climbing wall, archery, a bike course, cycling proficiency instruction and yoga. The students undertook research to find out all about the Olympics and its values, they designed medals and researched the countries that compete in the Olympics. There was also a rowing and bob sleigh challenge and Stoke City gave training sessions to all of the students. Year 9 took part in team building exercises lead by the RAF. Trips went out to Cadbury World, Chester Zoo and Drayton Manor Park. Each year group also went on a walk to Keele University, where they took part in various sporting activities. 1 A great week was had by all and you can read more about it on page 12.

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY Friday 22nd July School Closes for Summer break

Thanks to everyone who supported the recent Bags2School clothing collection that we held in May. We managed to raise £260 for school fund which will go towards funding improvements to our school dining hall.

Wednesday 7th September School re-opens for the Autumn Term Friday 9th September Year 7 & Year 9 Photographs

RECENT COMMUNICATIONS You can now find all our recent communications, including letters sent home, on our website click on the PARENTS tab on the left hand menu and choose RECENT COMMUNICATION

Friday 23rd September Year 11 Photographs Friday 21st October School closes for half term break Non-uniform day

EMAIL & TEXTS FROM SCHOOL Keep Kids Safe is our new computer programme which allows us to send important messages home from school to parents/carers instantly via text or email. This service will replace our old system Parental Alert. We have already been able to inform parents of attendance and welfare queries and keep parents up-to–date with forthcoming events including parent consultation evenings and the latest school news. If we do not already have your email address or mobile number and you would like to receive school information in this way please let us know.

Monday 31st October School closed for Staff Inset Day Tuesday 1st November School re-opens after half term break Thursday 3rd November Key Stage 3 Presentation Evening Wednesday 9th November Key Stage 4 Presentation Evening w/b 14th November Year 11 Mock Examinations Week Year 8 Trip to Standon Bowers

STAY SAFE THIS SUMMER! Working in partnership with our community police we take this opportunity to remind pupils of the importance of playing safe over the summer break.

Ensure that your parent/carer is aware of where you are playing. Agree a time to return home.

Don’t talk to or be encouraged to go off with

Friday 18th November Review Day Friday 25th November Year 10 Enterprise Challenge Day


Ride your bike safely and ensure is roadworthy.

Thursday 8th December Christmas Concert

Wear a helmet and respect other road users.

Stay hydrated, drink plenty of fluids. Stay out of

Monday 12th December Year 11 Consultation Evening

the mid-day sun. Use sun protection.

Observe ‘Keep Out’ notices – They’re there for a reason; it’s not safe to play!

Friday 16th December School closes for Christmas break Non-uniform day

Remember that water has hidden dangers. Deep water and strong currents can challenge even the strongest of swimmers.


A Note from the Headteacher, Mr Kerridge I have thoroughly enjoyed my first term as Headteacher at Madeley High School and would like to thank everyone for making me so very welcome. Every single day I have been impressed by: the positivity, determination and enthusiasm of the pupils, the commitment, care and professionalism of the staff and the fantastic ethos that makes the school a wonderful place to feel part of. Our core values of: respect, care, inclusion, reflection, collaboration and celebration are being lived every day, making me feel very proud of the whole school community. When I started at Easter, I said how much I valued the many and varied success of all pupils. This edition of the Madeley Mouth shows a range of these successes: from poetry to prom, from sport to senior students, from creative partnerships to community visits; the life of the school is dynamic and it is so inspiring to reflect on all that our pupils can do and achieve. They are a real credit to their families, school and our community. In my first term, I have started to get to know the school well. As an example, I have: been part of department reviews and lesson observations, interviewed all staff, attended Madeley Parliament, visited our primary schools, watched a range of sporting successes from the football County Cup glories to the Let’s Play Volleyball event hosted in school, and presented some of the new development plans to Governors. Looking ahead, I am very excited by the opportunities we have to make the school a breath-taking school, which is an outstanding place to learn and grow. We will launch a new programme in September for our Year 7 pupils, entitled Be The Best You Can Be, it is based on the Olympic ideals that will be so to the fore in 2012. From our new school improvement strategy, we hope to achieve 42 objectives across the school; from creative teaching and learning to developments in ‘E-strategy’ to pupil leadership and beyond. Alongside all of these we hope to see exciting ventures, such as the development of Madeley TV, and a brand new approach to the House System. The school is incredibly grateful to a number of staff who will be leaving at the end of term and who have made such positive and valued contributions. They will be much missed and are all wished every future happiness and success: Mrs Butterfield (Head of Geog), Mr Cantrill (PE / School Sports Co-ordinator), Miss Foster (D&T), Mrs Griffiths (TA), Mr Robinson (TA) and Mr Hulme (Site Supervisor). New staff joining the school in September will, I know, be assured of a warm welcome and will play an active role in our continued success: Mr Davies (English), Mr Kelly (Mathematics), Mr Dawkins (Humanities) and Mr Barrett (Science). I hope to continue sharing plans and reporting on successes in the months to come. We are aiming for excellent exam results in the summer, a positive and exciting start to a new school year in September, and in every way to continue working to make our school exceptional. You are part of this team and please feel that you are invited to contribute to and share in our journey. I wish everyone across the whole school community a restful, safe and enjoyable summer.


Community Challenge All Year 7 and 8 pupils rose to the challenge of creating a poem based on the question posed by the English Department, 'What does it mean to be part of a Community?' The prize for this competition was the opportunity to read their poems out at the Community Centre in front of an excited audience and the two winning poems were framed and given to the centre to display. The poems that were created were fantastic and really captured the essence of community spirit, something that the school works hard to embed in the whole school ethos. The judging of the poems was extremely difficult due to the quality of work produced, however, eventually a decision was made and the English Department were proud to announce the winners. Mary Jackson and Harry Dawson created the winning poems (both year 8 pupils) and the following 5 pupils were runners up; George Smith, Olivia Larsson, Emma smith, Alisha Jennings and Olivia Sutcliffe. All of the pupils went to the Madeley Community Centre and gave outstanding, confident performances that brought a smile to everyone's faces. Congratulations to the winners and runners up for your excellent effort and thanks go to Tracy Rogers, Lea Court Manager.

On Saturday 11th June at the launch of the New Madeley Centre the Art department took part in an exhibition showcasing the fantastic GCSE work done by our students. Members of the local community were very impressed with the standard of work on show. Thanks go to Miss Leath and Mr McGurrin for all the organisation of the exhibition. Geography Visit to the Madeley Centre Year 8 & 9 Geography pupils enjoyed a visit to the new Madeley Centre on 17th June and were impressed with its facilities and environmentally friendly strategies in place including solar thermal panels, rainwater harvesting system and ground source heat pumps for under floor heating. Mr Stafford gave the pupils an enjoyable tour. The visit was in conjunction with pupils looking at the 10 One planet principles for a sustainable future.


Continuing with the work from Creative Partnerships, it is hopeful that we can continue to establish good links with the new Madeley Centre over the coming months. There are already discussions in place with MMPs in order to fundraise for gaming equipment for the Centre. Through discussion with MMPs, it is also clear that pupils would like to see more cultural and community based work in the school curriculum and out of the curriculum, for example extra-curricular activities based in the community. This is something we are hoping to explore and develop from September, as well as having a separate committee who will be in charge of moving this forward. Mrs Mellor also took part in a sharing event at Picl headquarters which allowed her to be reflective on the project and consider what our pupils achieved and how we could continue this work in the future. It was an excellent day and great to share so many experiences of how creativity can really bring a school to life. Six members of staff and six members of our pupil focus group, along with our practitioners from REVEAL theatre company, also took part in a formal evaluation and feedback session. We are still awaiting the results, but again, many positive outcomes were discussed such as, increased confidence in pupils, better awareness of 'difference' and how we can move this forward as a school.

Congratulations to Brad Keegan, Y11 who after receiving alternative education at the RAISE Project in Newcastle has become their ‘Pupil of the Year. Mrs Tetley and Ms Vorwerg were proud to attend the award ceremony held at the centre in June. Many staff at the centre have helped to contribute to the success of Bradley. Some photographs of the great community work Bradley had been involved with and the garden he has also built at the centre were shown. Staff were made to feel very welcome and all were moved as the Leader, Glenn, spoke in praise of Bradley. This is a real success story for Bradley—well done!


On Thursday 7th July, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Tetley took six Year 9 pupils to the 'Young Teen Fiction Award Celebration Day' at Uttoxeter Racecourse. James Ball, Elizabeth Massey, Scott Pattinson, James Taylor, Emma Duffee and Erin Clarke had the opportunity to nominate the best book out of collection that they had studied before the celebration day and also listen to two Guest authors. Pete Johnson was the first guest author who gave an inspirational talk on the books that he has written and the inspiration behind some of his ideas. The second guest speaker was M.G Harris who also gave an exciting presentation. The pupils were able to purchase copies of their books and get them signed by the authors. Many other schools from the area were involved in the celebration day and six schools gave fantastic drama performances based on the novel that they had studied. The drama performances were highly inventive and very entertaining. Staff were asked by the organisers to nominate a student who had done so well with their involvement in the 'Young Teen Fiction' project and who were worthy of a little extra recognition. Emma Duffee was nominated from Madeley and was one of three pupils to receive Young Teen Fiction Champion status. She was presented with a certificate and badge. A great day was had by staff and pupils alike. A very big thank you to Mrs Robinson for organising the visit to such a fantastic event.

Year 9 Taster Day at Newcastle College On Tuesday 21st June, 12 pupils enjoyed a trip to Newcastle College. In the morning pupils were given a choice of sampling either Engineering or Hair & Beauty. They were all given £3 to spend on their lunch by the college. After lunch everyone went to the Dance Studio for a DJ workshop which involved creating a dance beat and designing a CD cover. Thanks go to Mrs Jenkins for the organisation of the event, Mrs Allen, Mrs Deakin for accompanying the pupils and to there were e people few years h T . n fu in a h was Mr Ostrowski for driving the mini bus. nge whic yself there

alle em beauty ch I can definitely se & ir a h a We had d welcoming and I enjoy n ed friendly a y Ward-Best becaus the engineerin ck e e I lear g part time—B ne I am ta king en d new things. g option ineerin so g I enjoyed the hair and beauty because William it will be goo as an d—Matt s we had to choose a celebrity look alike which was Lady GaGa. We chose Nieve Hill, first we washed her hair, then designed her style and finally did We met some nice people and did her makeup—Hannah Barcroft some cool things—Ash Brammer


On Wednesday 15th June the Geography Department and Year 7 form tutors took Year 7 to Castleton, Derbyshire. They all had an extremely enjoyable day helped by ideal weather conditions. The groups had a tour of the Treak Cliff Caverns where they learnt about the formation of the cavern features. At the Winnat’s Pass they sketched the Hope Valley and went fossil hunting. In Castleton village they put field work skills to practice finding out why it was such a ‘honey pot’ site. At Peveril Castle they invaded the Keep and became historical detectives searching for clues about the past. Of course all would not have been complete without the consumption of copious quantities of ice cream.

SPOTLIGHT On geography

Review by Angus Bedford On Wednesday 15th June, Year 7’s visited Castleton on a school trip. After a long journey we finally got there. First we visited the unique caves. They are unique because of the Blue John (blue and yellow rock) that is only found there! In the caves there were loads of caverns with billions of colourful stalactites and stalagmites. Also we saw over a ton of blue john worth 1.4 million pounds! Once we got out of the caves we had a walk to an open area (luckily the weather was very good). We had to draw a field sketch of the landscape around us. There were many hills and lots of sheep! Stone walls surrounded us wherever we went. After that we visited the keep of the castle. It was brilliant! It was surprisingly big. I liked all the history of it and it is amazing how the castle has survived this long! I felt that the trip to Castleton was great. A fun and interesting experience. some of ish I owned w I , od go y ere reall The caves w Holly Pye Great day!

hn! that Blue Jo

It was a really good day out and we had breathtaking views — Charlotte Roxboro ugh

I think that Castleton was a fun and interesting experience! Angus Bedford l d peacefu is nice an imer it n w to e ort I liked th Kaylee M

I enjoyed the day and I thought it was interesting. Georgina Owen

Field Sketch by Danielle Sherwin


Pupils from Betley Primary visited Madeley for a Goblin Car Driver Training Session on Wednesday 18th May. This was in preparation for the 5th Staffordshire Goblin Event at Seighford Activity Centre on Wednesday 29th June. We again supported pupils from Betley, Baldwins Gate and Hugo Meynell. At the end of the event we were delighted that Hugo Meynell finished third. Well done!

The Young Engineers have sold the Classic Mini that they were restoring. It was purchased by Harley Wilber Morris in Year 11 and as an Engineering student he wanted a summer project. The Young Engineers had done some work on the car but were happy to sell it for a £50 profit which will go towards the purchase of their next vehicle to restore - watch this space!

Mr Mayers and Year 10 Graphic Products students are working with Mr Edge from The Design Office to produce next year’s student planners. Following on from the success of this year’s planner students are looking at an Olympic theme. The Design and Technology Department are once again doing a Summer School for Year 6 Pupils and places are filling up fast for this popular event. Pupils will make a wooden pencil box and decorate a celebration cake. With the help of several Year 11 pupils Mr Mayers and Mr Hardy have been busy producing mugs using the Dye Sublimation printer. Cooking club is going along nicely and we still have funding of £500 to spend which has been secured from "Lets Get Cooking ". Many thanks to Tracey Deakin (TA) who attends every week voluntarily to support the club and the pupils. Mrs Snape has purchased an interactive baby for the teaching of child development. For the first time this year we are giving Year 8 the opportunity to opt for their favourite two Design and Technology subjects. Currently in Year 9 pupils only have one lesson a fortnight of Food, Textiles, Resistant Materials or Graphics. Mr Phillips has devised a system that will allow pupils to do twice as much technology in their chosen areas. We hope that this will have a positive impact and help pupils make the right choice when they complete their whole school options at the end of Year 9.


It’s been another busy year for Madeley Parliament as it continues to go from strength to strength. Some of the things that have been achieved already this year from Madeley Parliament Members through dialogue with all pupils at the school:

• • • • • • • • • • •

Generated fantastic ideas for activities week Listed everything that the school has done well this year and communicated it to staff Suggested improvements that the school can make for next year and is already working upon them Working with the canteen to generate ideas to increase sales Planned and delivered Mr Wilkes’ leaving assembly Involved in the Headteacher Interviews Organised and delivered Takeover Day Continued to lead the District School Council Raised money for the Salvation Army Designed how best to implement the recycling strategy Designed a new prefect system

District School Council Meeting Madeley High School continues to lead the District School Council at the Newcastle Council Chamber room. This year the Council has started a fundraising project for the British Heart Foundation and has raised over £1500 from the district. Councils have also been sharing best practice amongst schools and discussed what schools can do to improve over the next few years. Madeley pupils also spoke in front of the Mayor at the last meeting who was extremely impressed! Senior Leadership Team Meeting Madeley Parliament members met with the Senior Leadership Team on Wednesday 22nd June to update them on various Madeley Parliament items, including the Sports Council, what the school has done well this year and they also discussed the School Improvement plans for the coming year.

New Senior Team 2011-12 Congratulations to all our new Senior Team and Prefects. They are now role models and ambassadors for the school and will have the opportunity of being school leaders with a big responsibility of helping to improve the school. Also, this will be the first year in which the prefects will plan, design and implement the prefect system. Head Girl - Claire Hemingway

Head Boy - Elliot Bishop

Deputy Head Girl - Francesca Mills

Deputy Head Boy - James Taylor

Deputy Head Girl - Ellie Cooper

Deputy Head Boy - Jack Pickering

Assistant Head Girl - Hannah Turner

Assistant Head Boy - Josh Bott

Assistant Head Girl - Nina Harris

Assistant Head Boy - Thomas Bladen Hovell

Senior Prefect - Lauren Pearce

Senior Prefect - Jon Hoy

Senior Prefect - Danielle Riley

Senior Prefect - Sam Lloyd

Senior Prefect - Tara Jennings


Britain in Bloom Competition For the third year running Madeley High won the overall winner (over 10’s) for the Britain in Bloom painting competition. The competition theme was `My Blooming Place’. The prize giving was held at Keele University on the 6th June. Over 800 children entered this year and we won 8 of the prizes. Congratulations to Lydia Hopwood (Y11) who won 1st place, Robyn Lipiec (Y10) who came 3rd and there were 5 highly commended prizes. Each year group in school was represented. Prizes and certificates were given by the Mayor of Newcastle, Marion Reddish, followed by a lunch for the pupils. We then went for the now traditional ice cream before returning to school.

Winning ‘Britain in Bloom’ painting by Lydia Hopwood, Year 11

A fantastic night was enjoyed by Year 11 pupils at the Tern Hill Hotel for their Prom night. The pupils wore the most beautiful and elegant gowns, some created especially for them. The spectacle was further enhanced by the magnificent turn-out of the boys, who looked very grown up and manly in their fantastic evening suits and bow ties. The food was spectacular as usual, although I am not sure the pig was very willing, but the Hog Roast supper was a huge success. Mrs Lee and Mrs Bonfiglio need a special mention for all their hard work, the table decorations, flowers, chocolate fountain and organisation of the whole event; without them, the prom would not be possible. I was presented with a wonderful ‘thank you’ gift from pupils of tickets to see Warhorse in London. All form teachers received a gift from the pupils also. There were special fun awards to remind everyone of some of the more poignant moments of the last five years. Sadly, at 12.30pm, the limos arrived and everyone went home, together for the last time . . . Goodbye and Good Luck Year 11 by Ms Vorwerg


Madeley High School Band Rocks!

Congratulations go to Nuclear Safari who have scooped the top prize in a countywide rock competition The band beat off stiff competition to be crowned 'Band of the Year 2011" in the annual Staffordshire Rocks competition, which took place at the Gatehouse Theatre in Stafford. The competition is organised by Staffordshire Performing Arts and supported by the Friends of Staffordshire's Young Musicians (FOSYM) and Blackstar Amps. Eight bands competed in the final, which took place at the Gatehouse Theatre on June 18, after being put through their paces in a series of regional finals held throughout the county. Nuclear Safari were deemed worthy winners by the four judges, due to their dynamic performance, musicianship and stage-presence. The band have won themselves a Blackstar Stage Head 100 Amplifier and Cab worth over £1,000, a guest appearance at the National Rock and Pop Competition, and a £50 music voucher for each band member courtesy of FOSYM—well done!

This term has seen many more exciting lessons taking place. Year 9's have been studying car safety since the 1940's and ended up by making their own safety films using Mr Mayer’s new old mini in D&T as a prop. Titanic has been a big theme this term, with pupils enjoying using Mr Green’s paddling pool to be saved from spraying water out of the ocean (water bottles!) Year 7's have been painting portraits of Queen Elizabeth I with the unlucky painters due to be executed next week. Year 10's have been completing part of their crime and punishment course and enjoyed an interesting trip to the famous Crime and Punishment Museum in Nottingham.

Look out for a full review in the next Madeley Mouth edition 11

Pupil Reviews The thing that I enjoyed the most in activities week was going to Chester Zoo, I think that was the main highlight of the week for the entire year group. I got to see a lot of animals and had fun walking around with my best friends and having a laugh. I also enjoyed doing a lot of different things I wouldn’t usually do, like archery, the Keele walk was good, just wish there was a breeze in the air though as it was way too hot. I think that overall the entire week was really good and felt like the school had organised it really well, everyone ended up having a good time the entire week. The activities that were planned were great and there were a range of different things to try out! by Emily Chadwick “In activities week I enjoyed the climbing wall as it was fun and when you came

down you felt really free” by Hollie Brindley “I really enjoyed activities week, especially the trip to Chester Zoo, I also really enjoyed rock climbing and archery, they were both organised really well and are definitely both things I'd love to try again. I think activities week was organised really well and all the activities were fun and different. I had a great time with my friends and can't wait until next year!” by Poppy Cooke, 8SN

The Rocket Making activity involved pupils designing and building rockets with and without fins to see which type would go the highest! They then used a compressed air launcher and Miss Jones then used a clinometer to measure how high each rocket went. The ones without fins went the highest. The overall winner was Johnny Buxton with 70m. Kurtis Dring found out the importance of firing the rockets straight up as one of his knocked the launcher over and it skimmed the top of his head, went over the sports barn roof and landed half way up the field!


Our trip to France was definitely a trip to remember! It started when we had to be at school for 6.00am in the morning. The journey there was tiring but some of the views we saw, like the White Cliffs of Dover and the first sight of France, made the early start worth it. When we got to France there was still a long way to go until we arrived at the hotel, but everyone was too excited to care. Even though the hotel was a let down our days really did make up for it. On the first day we went to Bagatelle Theme Park, which was really fun! There were some amazing rides to choose from, no-one knew which one to go on first, my favourite ride was the Rapids. The day after we went to Nausica Aquarium. There were so many unique and awesome fish, my favourite were the small fish that were really bright and colourful. After that we went and had a look round the local town and shops. On the third day we went to a French market, I bought so much! Then you could choose to go into the war museum which was really interesting. Even though the trips were amazing, the highlight of my holiday was definitely by far our trips to the beach in the afternoon. It was when everyone relaxed and had a good time. Overall I had a brilliant time. I gained a lot of memories that I would never forget and would definitely do it again if it could ever beat such an amazing experience. I’d like to say a big thank you to all the teachers, Miss Slight, Miss Leath, Mr McGurrin, Mr Smith and Miss Maki for putting up with us. Thanks also to everyone else who made this trip happen and such an amazing and unforgettable time! by Emily Ward 7AF


At the end of June all our Year 10 students went out on their work experience placements. Local companies continued to support the School well providing some excellent placements. The students gained a valuable insight into the world of work and had the opportunity to demonstrate their talents. A big thank you goes to Mrs Vickers for her organisation of all the work experience placements. May we take this opportunity to express how immensely proud we are of our year 10 students. We have been overwhelmed with positive feedback from employers. This feedback will be passed on to pupils over the next few days. We would like to thank you as parents/carers for your support, without it 'Work Experience Week' wouldn't be possible.

Here are some of the fantastic employer comments:

Bronte Poreclain talking about Elizabeth Cooper - "Since starting the operation in 1996 we have had at least 26 Work Experience Students and we can state categorically that Elizabeth has outshone all of the others." Staffordshire Police talking about Daniel Brown - "Dan's punctuality, standard of dress, manners and his inquisitive and personable nature were positively remarked upon by all who met him" St Luke's Primary in Silverdale about Jack Lord - "Jack has fitted in very well and has developed good relationships with everyone. He has been keen to help and his experience has been very valuable - we shall miss him." Greystones Vets about Tom Winfield - "I would like to wish him all the best. He is a credit to his School, himself and his Parents - a fantastic Young Man" Fitness First about Tom Law - "Tom was hard working and a pleasure to work with. He was keen and always looking to complete tasks to a high standard" Keele Day Nursery about Samantha Parkes - "It has been a joy to have Sammy with us on placement this week. She has worked alongside staff well using her initiative throughout the week. Sammy has always been professional and keen and an excellent team member. Well done and good luck in all you do" Merben Music about Tom Baddeley - "Excellent. Tom was a pleasure to have around and he demonstrated his musical ability and awareness to both myself and customers".

For our citizenship campaign we ran a `Healthy Day’ to try and improve health and fitness in Year 9. The healthy day itself consisted of two cross country runs both of which had a great turn out from the Year 9 pupils. We combined our powers with another group who donated smoothies so the people who ran could have a smoothie afterwards. The success was based on the amount of people that turned up and commented how good it was. by Matthew Hogg, Torr Fischman, Aiden Harvey, Joseph Atkin


Sports FOOTBALL Madeley teams have enjoyed an extremely fruitful season, the highlight being the double county cup success for the Y10’s & Y8’s. A report that appeared in the Sentinel can be found using the following link; In addition, the Y10’s & the Y7’s also won the Newcastle Schools Competition, whilst the U16 boys unfortunately fell at the semi-final stage of the Sentinel Shield Competition, losing 4-0 to St Margaret Ward. The U14 girls put in a number of committed performances in the Newcastle Schools League and were rewarded with runners up position. Congratulations go to Dan Smith and Sherry McCue who have played for England this season. We look forward to following their success.

ATHLETICS This summer has seen some amazing performances both on and off the track. The Newcastle Schools Athletics competition, held at Northwood Stadium, gave our young athletes the opportunity to compete against the best in our district. There were many outstanding performances. Athletes who came 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their event qualified for the Staffordshire School competitions. Under 13 Girls—Charlotte Bostock 800m gold, Lucy Matthews 800m silver, Kate Marley 100m bronze. Under 14 Girls— Josie Alderman 800m gold, Hannah Whalley 200m silver and high jump bronze, Megan Smith 1500m bronze. 4x100m replay squad took bronze. Under 14 Boys— Tom Ashton high jump gold and 400m silver, Tom Carter 800m gold, Jacob Hemmings javelin silver and Alex Baddeley shot bronze. Under 15 Boys—Richard James javelin silver. Under 15 Girls—Louise Maloney 100m Silver. Under 17 Boys—Dan Smith 200m silver, Raife Plant 800m bronze. 4x100m bronze and 4x400m silver Primary Schools Sports Hall Athletics Competition 12 Year 10 Sports Leaders ran a Key Stage 2 Mini Sports Hall Olympics for the Madeley Primary Schools cluster. Four schools took part in the competition (Sir John Offley, St.Mary's, Mucklestone, Hugo Meynell and The Meadows). The Sports Leaders were a credit to the school, as they organised and delivered all the activities so the event ran smoothly throughout the afternoon. They officiated the field events first, running four activities at the same time, ensuring that all competitors were safe and enjoying the games. They finished off with the track events. Each Sports Leader had a specific job to do and carried it out efficiently. The winners were Hugo Meynell with Sir John Offley runners up. The Sports Leaders were Connor Jones, Kieran Cliff, Sophie Key, Nicol Jefferies, Becky Machin, Dan Brown, Jonathan Walton, Bradley Rogers, George Bosson, Josh Bott, Will Richardson and Tom Hedley.

Newcastle School Sport Partnership Prize Winner Tom Whitehouse was the lucky winner of the Newcastle Schools Sport Partnership prize draw held in April. He wins an Ipod nano, a signed Stoke City football and two tickets to a home match in the coming season. Tom regularly participates in at least 3 hours of extra curricular activity a week.


Sports Year 10 Sports Leaders Over the last term the Sports Leaders have run a number of activities for the Primary schools in the Madeley Cluster. These have been a key stage 2 Sports hall Athletics competition and a key stage 1 Mini Olympics. Both these events ran smoothly and efficiently. The Sports Leaders worked in a professional manner at all times, giving their best and encouraging the young athletes to do their best. The competitions were won by Hugo Meynell (k.s.2) and by Sir John Offley (k.s.1). The staff from the Primary schools commented on how well the Leaders had conducted themselves and organised the competitions and should be congratulated. Following these competitions, the Sports Leaders were asked to help run Sir John Offley Sports Day.The Sports Leaders are : Nicol Jefferies, Becky Machin, Sophie Key, Connor Jones, Kieran Cliff, Will Richardson, Izaak Bourne, Josh Bott, Bradley Rogers, Dan Brown, George Bosson, Jonathan Walton and Final Positions Tom Hedley.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th


Water Earth Space Fire Air

292.5pts 267pts 239pts 231pts 229.5pts

After leading for the majority of the year, Water surged to victory in this year’s competition and in doing so prevented Earth making it 3 Kielder Fieldfare Challenge titles in a row. Does anyone have what it takes to prevent Water running A group of 8 sports Leaders from Years 9 and 10, along with 8 pupils from Blackfriars Special School took part in the away with it next year??

National Kielder Fieldfare Challenge regional heat held at Biddulph Country park in May. Each team had to have 4 able bodied pupils and 4 pupils with disabilities. The teams were set 5 challenges throughout the day which they had to try and complete in a set time. The teams were marked on their planning skills, their ability to work together as a group, completion of the task and their evaluating skills. Both teams performed well in the tasks, with one team managing to come second overall in the competition. The Sports leaders were Jasmine Jennings, Hannah Kettle (Yr 9), Nicol Jefferies, Lauren Pearce, Dan Brown, Connor Jones, Kieran Cliff and Jonathan Walton (Yr 10). Volleyball Richard James and Robert Bellamy (both Y9), won the inaugural British Schools u15 Beach Volleyball Championships in Bournemouth with a hard fought 2 sets to 1 victory over tournament favourites Wessex. The victory opened the door for the boys to have the opportunity to travel to Puerto Rico to compete in the World Schools Beach Volleyball Championships, but due to the short time period the logistics of organising the trip proved to be impractical. The links with Newcastle Volleyball Club remain as strong as ever, in the last week before the Easter break the club ran a talent identification morning for Y7,8 & 9 pupils.


Cricket The Newcastle Schools league has just commenced its season, Madeley has teams in both the u13 & u15 age groups.

MHS Newsletter - Summer 2010  

MHS Newsletter - Summer 2010

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