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Yellow: this seasons colour.

The histories of all products will be lost. The degradation of products and place producers and consumers is inevitable - Wendel Berry (Eco Guru) It is well known that trends are making are consumer levels rocket. Trends can form in many different ways but very rarely stick around for long. The desire or need to stay on the latest trends in order to be excepted or deemed stylish has become a massive course as to why fashion is the biggest contributor to landfill. Many ethical designers for this reason design basic pieces. Items that will stand the test of time. Garment that a wearer will always be able to enjoy as they never truly fade away. However, designing basic can drain the creative fun out designing and wearing clothes. Although scraping trends seems like a solution, is it really plausible in today’s society. Although there are wardrobe staple’s that everyone require they don’t offer much in terms of style and freedom to express are selves. By designing simple items that can be interchanged or manipulate to fit a curtain silhouette, length and pattern / texture you not only aloud the wearer to style around the latest trend as well as not taking the creative freedom from the designer and owner. But also solve the issue of people unnecessarily buying one off trend following items that inevitably end up in are bins once the hype has passed.

Is abolishing trends necessary for a sustainable future?

how do you milk sheep?

When trends start to take control of what we buy, our own personal taste becomes lost in a world in which if your not wearing what’s ‘in’ right now.

Types of Trends: Micro trends - Fad trends lead by colour or individual piece or gimmicks Trends - Reintroduce old trends dependent or period, style or catwalk. Consumer trends - Consumers become fixated on a signal piece / celebrity that everyone obsesses over. Which brands jump on the emerging trend and bring out there own versions.

16 reasons why you need another slip dress:

Insight within repetitions

Ordinary is what you are used to. This may not seem ordinary to you now, but after time it will.



NGAGED. and there all made out of ticky - tacky, and they all look just the same.....

The individual cells that make up the honeycomb pattern have many purposes. When the cell is full of honey its clouds over submerging the clearly laid out path. A dominant mass of achievement or failure taking over.

When pressure is applied some people blossom. Others cannot handle the pressure, falling short. For some the pressure was never applied hindering any growth.

The honeybee works everyday of its life. Swapping responsibilities depending on its age. The pressure is applied every moment for the sake of the colony.

Insight One: Pressure.

Insight Two: Insignificant.

The valuable lessons gained when having to remain motivated in repetitive jobs. As well as restricting insight and growth by not allowing are selves to evaluate repetitive task.

Insight Two: Insignificant.

In a world surrounded by technical advances are own ideas can seem flawed. Any new ideas about the way society is run can seem insignificant and out of are control.

Dose automation rob us of any insight in repetition? As we tend to give repetitive jobs to software.

What are we losing from this take over?

The focus should not only be on the form created by the group. But the individual taking part. Good intentional motive dose not have to be explained its a driving force from within that carries us in the right direction.

There is no true motive as to why starling’s create these synchronised patterns. When considering motivation most of us see it as a physical thing we either possess that day or not. Motive should be considered as something from within that just needs uncovering.

Insight Three: Motive.

Design Board: One.

Twisting the words ‘insight within repetition’ it developed in ‘freedom within form’. which helped lead the direction for construction. When considering freedom within form i thought of Mulan. How worrier uniform had freedom in movement but still maintain form and structure.

Multiple interchangeable panels / sleeves.

Zhiwu Zhongliang

Including a verity of lacing technique’s giving the wearer freedom in style and the ability to adapt to different trends.

Freedom within Form,

Design Board: Two.

The percentage of structure vs. movement can be adjusted by pulling or adding.

Warrior uniforms where designed around movement rather than protection. There was some forms of structure introduce to enhance certain body parts to add dominance.

By making the designer smaller and in compact clusters it becomes more detailed and less harsh.


Movement in the worrior,

This tale will be translated in the embroidery throw the colours found in a peach. This colours will be used as accent and will highlight key parts of a design without being to bold.

Neutral Pallet.

This old Chinese tale links to the idea of repetition as all heroes repeat the same act to protect the honer. However, dose this loss its meaning the more people that follow. Or dose it straighten the power of having integrity in what you believe.

Design Board: Three.

How three heroes come by there deaths because of two peaches.

At the beginning of his reign, Duke Ging whole he attached to him were three of quite chancellors advice, the duke rose and said give one to each of you. Only those worthy first among the princes of the possession and power this is my merit. sits here as my channeller, he regulates the peace among the people. He has made

Accent Pallet.

Referencing Colour & Print.

of Tsi loved to draw heroes about him. Among those extraordinary bravery. In accordance with his “ here are some magnificent peaches, but i cannot may eat them. I myself reign over the land, and am empire. I have been successful in holding my Hence one of the peaches fall to me. Yan Dsi communications with foreign lands and keeps my Kingdom powerful among the kingdoms of the earth. That is his merit,and hence the second peach falls to him. Now there are but two peaches left; yet i cannot tell which ones among you are worthiest. You may rise yourselves and tell us your merits but whoever has preformed no great deeds, let him hold his tongue”. (the first to heroes explain there merits and are awarded a peach. The third heroes stands and tells his merit of defeating a dragon to rescue his prince.) “I grant that my merit is not to be compared with that of my prince and that of the chancellor, yet it is greater than that of my two companions. Both have received peaches, while i must do without. This means that real merit is not rewarded and that the Duke looks at me with disfavour. In such case how may I ever show myself at court again.” With these words he drew his sword and killed himself. With this the first hero rose, bowed and said with a sigh, “Both my merit and that of Tian Kai Giang dose not compare with Gu I Dsi’s and yet the peaches were given us. We have been rewarded beyond our deserts and such reward is shameful. Hence it is better to die than to live in dis-honer”. With this he swings his sword and his own head rolls on the floor. (the final hero rises and explains how the three heroes bravery was to serve there prince and dose not condone any merit) and with this her takes his sword to his throat and dies. A brave hero values his honour more than his life. The chancellor knew this, and that is why he purposely arranged the three heroes to kill themselves by means of two peaches.

Insight With Repetitions  

A self directed brief to draw upon my key interests and skills. This will give a clear understanding of where my place is within the industr...

Insight With Repetitions  

A self directed brief to draw upon my key interests and skills. This will give a clear understanding of where my place is within the industr...