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The black skeleton

Story by Joseph Galea

Once there lived a rich family in a small old town. The mother and father wanted to do an errand and so they went out. But before they told their only son to lock all doors and windows and not to open the door for any reason . Their son obeyed and locked all of them. Except one. Then he went to his bedroom.

After a while, he heard a noise and put his hand down by his bedside. Max, his dog, licked it and then licked again for the second time. But to the boy’s surprise, the third time his dog did not lick his hand.

He looked down to where the dog was supposed to be. But the boy could not see his pet. He went to the bathroom and saw his dog in a pool of blood. He looked behind him and saw a black skeleton. No one knows what happened after that.

All I know is that the boy died. After that horrible event, his parents got home. Mother went to the bathroom and screamed at the scene she saw in front of her eyes. She called out her husband.

When he came he saw his wife crying because their son was killed. But they didn’t know how he died.

Until they saw the black skeleton too. And they died as well. Then to the end of time no one went to that scary house.

I wonder if any one went in that haunted house? If they did, they should read the sign saying: Keep out or die. die.

The End

The Black Skeleton  

A boy and his dog were killed by a black skeleton while he was alone at home.

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