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MA D E L E I N E G R U N WA L D Po r t f o l i o


MADELEINE GRUNWALD Address: 15 Augusta road The Basin 3154

Studying a Bachelor of Communication Design with a minor in Marketing at Swinburne University has allowed me to acquire experience, and knowledge across:

• Brand and Identity Design (creating style guides and manuals to preserve brand identity). • Photography in Communication Design. • Packaging and 3D Package Design. • 3D Modeling and CGI. • Typography for Publication. • Typography for Communication Design. • Design Core Skills (execution and presentation of design). • Form and Structure of Design. • Branding. • Innovation and Design. • Design History, 20th Century Design and Design Movements. • Consumer/ Buyer Behaviours.

Phone: 0431 899 512


EDUCATION 2007-2012 Heathmont College Dux of Visual Communication (Year 12) Dux of Media Studies (Year 12) 2013-2015 Swinburne University of Technology Bachelor of Communication Design (Minoring in Marketing)


Compumedics Junior graphic design work experience for a medical company in Abbotsford.


Swinburne University of Technology Visual Merchandising with the Hawthorn Football Club at the MCG to accumulate a strategical approach to display their merchandise to consumers.

SKILLS Microsoft Suite

Word Press & Wix

Adobe Suite




This portfolio was a collaboration of all of the semesters work and applying each weekly assessment task. The weekly tasks explored; basic camera controls (depth of field and movement and setting the right exposure),resolution, white balance, lighting, colour and contrast, scale and cropping, compositional exploration – varying viewpoint, angle, perspective. Whilst applying our research from a variety of photographic genres, iconic images and specific photographers.





T h e B r a n d i n g p o r t f o l i o w a s a t a s k t h a t s p a n n e d o v e r t h e u n i t o f B r a n d i n g a n d I d e n t i t y. We were asked to redesign or create our own branding and style guide; exploring already exsisting logos in the same industry, creating a moodboard to show to creative direction, and over many studio workshops refining our final logotype and how to preserve i t ’s i d e n t i t y. W e a l s o a p p l i e d t h e l o g o t o a p p l i c a t i o n s l i k e i n v o i c e s , a n d c o l l a t e r a l , t o s h o w i t ’s v e r s a t i l i t y.




This was a storybook portfolio for form and structure. We were asked to create a storybook for adults or redesign an exsisting storybook and adapt it to an adult audience. I chose to create my own storyline with the underlying theme of negative self image. We were asked to create some interactive elements into the book, I chose a foldout and see through page as well as the colour theme throughout. As this book was about negative self image the colour scheme started very dull and as the story progresses the contrast increases along with the storyline.




The aim of this packaging project was to produce arthritis friendly packaging that is accessible, hazard free, reusable, convenient and minimal. The most well known form of USB packaging is the plastic clam shell type. Obviously this has many issues; from a c c e s s i b i l i t y t o s a f e t y m a t t e r s . T h e s t o c k f o r t h e p a c k a g i n g i s E n v i r o B o a r d b y K .W. D o g g e t t a n d i s A u s t r a l i a n m a d e f r o m 1 0 0 % p o s t consumer waste recycled fibre making this design very sustainable. As for usability it features a similar system to the match box - a slide system making it very easiy to not only open, but to reseal also.

Madeleine Grunwald Portfolio  
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