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Hello, I’m Maddie.

I’m a graphic designer who has an array of experience in web and print design; but not to mention a deep understanding of digital marketing and brand enhancement. Please enjoy just a few examples of my work to see why I’d make an invaluable addition to your creative team.

WEB DESIGN VISUAL 2 Re-designs were the most common website briefs I took on. An example of my latest work is for an IT company called Computer Care, who wanted a new responsive website designed, built and populated. I started by designing three completely different themed home pages which abided by brand guidelines, whilst providing the “visual kick� they were after. The chosen design (Visual 3) was built and modified based on a collaboration between Computer Cares requests and our expertise on UX and graphic design. The final product can be found at Other examples of my web design, managing and content creation work includes and



Print Design



I worked directly with the marketing team for this well established law firm, creating adverts, event invitations, campaigns and other informative literatures.

With each job a new design approach would be taken to ensure an engaging and fresh look, all whilst considering strict brand guidelines and maintaining a professional look and feel.

I was able to efficiently produce over 50 jobs during my placement year, to a beyond satisfactory standard.


Digital Marketing I oversaw several email marketing campaigns, social media feeds and blogs. One of which was for Exquisite Air Charter, who provide their clients with private jets and other forms of luxury transport. I designed and built seasonal emails that provided their clients with further travel and event inspiration. Over the course of the year I conducted A-B testing

to collect user insights through campaign monitor, from which the ideal UX/UI was identified, therefore increasing engagement and clicks in the long run.

UX&UI Distinct logo and inviting image

Enlarged and welcoming primary CTA

Appealing imagery following secondary CTA

Opportunity for customisation and improved user experience

Interactive and engaging touch points.

I’ve recently graduated Loughborough University with a degree in Industrial design. Here, I excelled in several transferable practices including abstract thinking and designing effective consumer-centered solutions. Please enjoy a versatile selection of my innovative design projects.

The brief was to design a sustainable solution for the denim industry, I chose to focus on microfibre pollution as a result of unnecessarily frequent washing of denim items. After in-depth user research, interviews and co-design workshops, the solution was found to be providing both

education and tools to users. I designed a low carbon and low cost washing machine pod which collects microfibres midwash, which also comes with an education pack to inform users of the damage they’re doing when they wash too often at at higher temperatures.

Reninder Sticker

Education Leaflet Microfibre Collection Pod

The portable cooler which chills drinks in just three minutes. Because no one should have to endure a warm beer on a summer’s day

2 1

Press the ON button to activate the water cooling Open the lid and fill with water up to the guide


Close the lid and activate spinning


3 minutes later, open and remove a cold drink


Insert a drink into the spinning mechanism

Model-making & Branding


Personal Skincare Tracker



To design and build an appropriate non-functioning prototype for an “internet of things� product of your choice; with mine being skincare. I designed Una; an at-home skincare product which scans your face, connects to an app and using your details creates personalised skincare routines and product recommendations.



Research into existing similar products within the beauty industry were analysed and their form developed through sketch-work. The final design (above, left) is hand-held, simplified and clean.

COSMETIC CONFIDENCE Your Personal Skincare Tracker

USERS There are increasing rates of single renters for house shares and small studio flats, who are likely on a budget.

Better Cooking THE BRIEF Small space living - a brief set by DCA, in which I had to design a solution for a specific problem with living in small spaces. I identified that cooking on stoves causes clutter, storage consumption and often hazards for users. The solution was a more streamlined cooking experience.

PROBLEM Equipment and furnishings cost money, pots and pans take up space and cooking in small spaces can be stressful or unsafe.

APPROACH Evaluations of the cooking experience through user interviews, observations and expert interviews allowed for mapping of the cooking process and thus, redesigning it entirely.

KooK KooK is a stove range ideal for studio apartment blocks in urban areas. It saves users money and valuable storage space, whilst providing an improved culinary experience by eliminating common pain points and hazards when cooking.

Safe, Easy, Affordable, Enjoyable.

Perfume Bottle Design With a brief to design and build a perfume bottle in CAD. I was inspired by both Elie Saab perfumes and traditional styles. The outcome after experimental sketch-work was a combination of both styles, branded as “Victoria�. A rejuvenated classic.

a i r o t Vic

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 07798935751

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