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Background Revisu is a Portland, Oregon based startup striving to improve creative workflow. The program is an online application that allows designers to revise work collaboratively by pinpointing feedback on the design itself. Users upload and share PDFs with designated viewers,

whom can then pin-point aspects of the PDF and offer their critiques to the designer. Additionally, Revisu allows for asynchronous feedback without the inconvenience of travel and coordinating multiple schedules. The program exists to improve the lives of creative

professionals by making sure their time is never wasted, helping everyone to work smarter, not harder.



Preliminary insights


Currently, most agencies hold conventional design review meetings, utilizing face-to-face interaction. Revisu will have to overcome the conventional methods and demonstrate the benefits the application has to offer, allowing users to pinpoint exactly what they want to be edited. According to Clifton, the co-founder of Revisu, 90% of text is used just to describe what aspect of a design needs to be adjusted. Therefore, the pinpointing feature allows for a much more accurate and timely revision.

There is a lot of potential to expand upon Revisu’s current public relations and advertising presence. Currently, Revisu has a limited social media presence on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and the Revisu blog, but two-way communication between users is virtually non-existent. Revisu relies heavily on their clients to facilitate brand conversations and would benefit from engaging more.

Revisu’s main competitors are Basecamp, Dropbox and Dribble. Basecamp is best suited for large collaborative projects; Dropbox helps users store their files online; and Dribble helps clients and designers interact in a socially supportive environment. Meanwhile, Revisu has the potential to use and promote all of these features. However, what Revisu has that its competitors don’t is the pinpoint feature. This is what we are going to focus on throughout the campaign to differentiate Revisu and show viewers the great capabilities the program offers, making their lives easier.

The challenge of this project will be to help the brand differentiate itself from other project-sharing applications through demonstrating this unique pinpointing feature the program offers.

Additionally, there have been program reliability issues with uploading documents to the site. This issue could be detrimental to client’s experience, causing them to question the dependability of the program. The goal of the site is to make their lives easier; therefore we want to be sure to resolve this issue prior to engaging in any advertising efforts.


SWOT Strengths


pinpointing feature increases efficiency

only compatible with PDF and Photoshop

asynchronous revision allows for mobile collaboration


organization for user including revision history

program reliability



provides a flexible lifestyle for users


people and companies are always looking for ways to become


more efficient


this program can help to cut travelling time and fees

Google Docs



Meet Tom

Tom Jones is a 37-year-old creative professional who is working at an advertising agency in Portland, Oregon. Tom is a very busy man who juggles his demanding career while striving to live an active lifestyle. He constantly has several projects going on at once and needs a simple way to keep himself organized. Tom is looking for a method to keep track of his paper trail digitally and is tired of

sorting through countless emails to find an old draft for his client. Additionally, Tom is sick of sorting through a stack of revisions the creative director handed him from the last meeting. The Sharpie aroma is giving Tom a headache and he gets frustrated spending hours going through and trying to meet everyone’s criteria.


STRATEGY “A genuine emotional connection must be intrinsically relevant to what your brand stands for, to those unique physical and emotional needs you deliver, and to what you believe at your core to be your timeless values.� -Scott Bedbury

A successful campaign will respect the time of those we are trying to reach: creative professionals who already have packed schedules--and convince them to adopt Revisu as a tool for their creative revision process. Revisu is here to help, it is here to give creatives more time for the thing they want to do most -- create.

The goal of the campaign is to get advertising agencies to use Revisu as part of their revision process. Once we develop a strong base, other advertising firms will want to use Revisu too. This is the most effective method of increasing the number of users. Moreover, by targeting agencies, Revisu will gain much-needed revenue to further their work, since agencies will provide Revisu with the most profit.

Furthermore, once Revisu becomes an industry standard through reaching agencies, both freelancers and the educational sector will follow suit--much in the same way that collegiate programs now use the Adobe Creative Suite for all of their creative work. Revisu can create educational packages for the institutions to give access to instructors and students, allowing them to implement the software into their program, preparing their students for the professional world. Once students and agencies are both on board, in-house agencies and freelancers will follow their actions and use the program too.


BRIEF The desired response of the advertising campaign is to evoke emotion from our target audience, allowing them to visualize how Revisu will enhance their lifestyle by saving them time, allowing designers to spend less time cataloging feedback and more time on the fun part -- the design.

Advertising Objective

Single Most Important Thought

Generate interest among agencies to integrate Revisu into their creative revision process.

Revisu is the online app that lets designers revise work collaboratively by pinpointing feedback on the design itself.


MEDIA PLAN Media Mix - Print

We have designed a print ad to publish in Communications Arts, which is a publication that caters to creative professionals. We have chosen this publication based on their rates and circulation. According to the Communication Arts Media Kit, the publication reaches over 60,000 creative professionals from around the world. Additionally, they have the lowest price rates of the main industry publications. We calculated that if Revisu’s net average ticket is $5 (which is well below their average ticket for agencies) then they have the potential to earn $300,000. Realistically, we will not have 100% retention, however, if we are able to reach only 2% of their total viewers that would more than cover the monthly fee.

61% of Communication Arts subscribers work in the creative industry. Communication Arts 2012 Media Kit

CA circulation


X Revisu average ticket $5.00 $300,000 X .02



MEDIA PLAN Media Mix - Digital Banner We have designed a banner ad to be placed in the design section of Fast Company’s website. We have chosen Fast Company because it offers the ability to specifically target design professionals, which is our designated audience, in addition to being one of the least expensive industry sites for banner ad placements.

53% agree, “I turn to for the lastest in technology and business.” 2012 FastCompany Media Kit

Unique monthly visitors 5 mil X Revisu average ticket


$27,500,000 X .01



MEDIA PLAN Media Mix - Viral Video Video: We have designed a viral video that we plan to feature on sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, and influential industry specific blogs. The video is intended to highlight Revisu’s pinpointing feature and show viewers how this feature can make their creative revision process more efficient. We chose this execution because it is inexpensive and requires only minimal production costs as well as caters to the audience by providing them with an easy-to-watch aesthetic explanation of the program’s abilities.





X 6 months


Digital Banner


X 6 months


Video Total

production costs

$500 $35,330

Prices based on Communication Arts & Fast Company 2012 rate cards



Digital Banner


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec



Pinpointing smart design.


Can we see how he looks without glasses?” --Margie D.

I don’t like the blue. How about a green t-shirt?”--Steve W.

We’re going for family friendly here. Can you pencil in a lemonade instead?” --Steve W. Revisu is an online application that allows designers to collaborate on shared projects. Invited users can pinpoint features of an uploaded design to help guide creative work from concept to completion.




CREATIVE EXECUTIONS h muc ace too p te s whi e her

Animated Video

h muc too te whi e spac e her

change these colors

The first frame will show a layout that looks like it was created in the early 1900’s. Early methods of revision will be shown by using red ink to mark directly on the pages. Music will reflect the era.

her anot color d l u wo betwork ter

tr di y a dr ffe op ren ca t p

The second frame will show a layout that looks like it was created around the 1950’s. Methods of revision will be shown by tacking a note onto the layout. Music will reflect the era.

Ant, explam rem quae ad ut Am, te


pintpointing smart design

The third frame will show a layout that looks like it was created in the 1980’s. Methods of revision for this time period will be shown by using Post-Its with revision notes. Music will reflect the era.

Concept: We intend to show the various traditional ways of making and sharing design revisions and compare these to Revisu’s effecient pinpointing tool. The style of the layouts, the method of revision, and the music will allude to a specific time period for each frame. The tone of the video will be playful and will lead the viewer to understand the benefits of using Reivsu. The tagline, “Pinpointing Smart Design” emphasizes the unique tool that Revisu offers.

Ant, explam rem quae ad ut Seque enihiciis

The fourth frame will show a layout that looks like it was created in the 21st century. Methods of revision for this time period will be shown by using Revisu. Music will reflect the era.


EVALUATION To measure the efficiency of the tactics below we will post a survey question on the Revisu registration page asking where they found out about Revisu. The options will include the following: print ad banner ad video

friend industry blog other

This will allow us to see which tactic has the greatest impact on consumers, allowing us to then put a greater emphasis on that medium. The media that we use will accomplish our objective by raising awareness of Revisu, which will then result in a growth of users. More specifically, we will measure each tactic individually. Print Ads for Industry Specific Publications: The efficiency of this medium will be measured through the survey described above. Banner Ads for Influential Industry Websites: This will be measured by the quantity of clicks. Our goal is to reach a minimum of 6,000 clicks on the targeted channel over the span of a year. Animated Video Showcasing the Pinpointing Feature: This will be measured by the views on YouTube, Vimeo, and various industry blogs. Cumulatively, our goal is to reach 20,000 views.


CONCLUSION Revisu will gain users by promoting their product through a campaign emphasizing the pinpointing feature of the program. This feature will capture creatives’ attention by showing them it can improve their lifestyle. They will see that by saving time on the tedious duties of the revision process, they will have more time to do what they want to do -- design.


ABOUT THE TEAM Jordan Bentz Writer

Hanna Danielson Account Planner

Madeleine Dreyfuss Art Director

Nicole Johnson Account Manager

Anthony Nuccio Media Planner

What were you in your last life?

Ribbon dancer



Ariel from Little Mermaid

Swamp person

One word that describes this class





Chillbro Where don’t I get creative? Call Me Maybe

Where do you get creative?

Yogurt Xtreme

Humble Bagel

Under my bed

In my chair in my room with the candle burning

Favorite viral video

Anything Bieber

Kittens Inspired by Kittens

Cuppy Cake Boy

Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy

Lyrical wordsmith

Photographer for National Geographic

Traveling food critic Cake Boss

Dream Job

Jeremy Wade


SOURCES Bedbury, Scott: Communication Arts Media Kit: Fast Company Media Kit:

A New Brand World by Scott Bedbury


Revisu Campaign Plans Book  

The winning campaign for the web start up application, Revisu.

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