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H. Braughn Taylor, Ph.D., CFO

n March, anticipating the effect of the market decline on the School’s investments that might decrease the value of the endowment by as much as 30% by June 30, the Administrative Team implemented a cost savings plan to reduce total spending without impairing the quality of the educational experience for our girls. Academic department chairs and program managers were asked to approve expenditures only for essential activities, over-time work for hourly staff was restricted, professional development grants for the spring and summer were not awarded, and the use of email and other internet communications with parents and alumnae reduced costs for printing and postage. With the cooperation of all segments of the school community, the year ended with a surplus of approximately $332,000 in a total budget of $18.8 million. Last month the Board of Directors was informed that the total return on the endowment during the 2008 – 09 fiscal year was –22.4%. While nothing to cheer about, this is considerably better than last spring’s prediction of –30% and better than the actual decline reported by several major universities in the neighborhood of –30%. As of the publication of this report, the value of the endowment was approximately $44 million. The Board’s Investment Committee has worked with an outside consultant to restructure the asset allocation of the endowment funds and to find new asset managers to pursue a more defensive position. Fortunately alumnae and parents continue to fulfill pledge payments made during the Centennial Campaign and the investment portfolio has performed better in recent weeks. Going forward the Administrative Team and the Board of Directors have taken steps to restrain expenses, including an across-the-board 3% reduction in department and program operating budgets and deciding not to fill one position vacancy. To protect the ability of the endowment to provide essential support, we have reduced the spending rate from 5.3% to 4.5%. Although we still face serious challenges, we have made significant progress and we are doing everything we can to maintain outstanding learning and personal development experiences for Madeira girls. That The Madeira School will emerge from the recent economic turmoil with its commitment to nurturing adolescent girls intact is due to the dedication and hard work of the entire campus and parent and alumnae community. WINTER2009–10

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he Madeira School’s endowment generates a significant

portion of the School’s annual operating revenue. The endowment, held in trust and invested in perpetuity, provides

support for the many programs and offerings that comprise the outstanding education the School offers. The Board’s skillful management of gifts to the endowment has resulted in a fund that (as of the publication of this report) was approximately $44 million. The endowment underwrites important institutional priorities such as financial aid to girls who qualify for admission to Madeira but need assistance with tuition, competitive salaries and benefits to attract and retain outstanding faculty, and the innovative academic programs and Co-Curriculum that make the School a leader in girls’ education. Madeira’s investment policies seek long-term returns that will provide the School with annual support while also maintaining growth for the future. We thank all those who have had the generosity and vision to establish endowment funds at Madeira. A named endowed fund or named scholarship fund can be established with a minimum gift of $50,000 and is an excellent way to honor a classmate, honor your treasured time at Madeira, or show your continuing support of the School. Donations can also be made to existing endowment funds.

Mary van Beuren Seavey ’52 and the Class of 1952 Endowed Fund “And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things, the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.” — Kahlil Gibran

10 Madeira Today


When Mary “Mimi” van Beuren Seavey ’52 passed away August 29, 2008, her dear friend and classmate, Katharine “Kitty” Jarvis Blair ’52, decided with the help of fellow Madeira alumnae to create an endowed fund to honor Mimi. The sisterhood of ’52 pulled together for this endeavor, and got a head start on their 60th reunion class fundraising efforts. The Mary van Beuren Seavey and the Class of 1952 Endowed Fund helps underwrite participation in extracurricular and school-related social activities for any student receiving financial assistance. These extra funds help provide Kitty financial aid students to round out a Madeira education and Blair ’52 experience. The minimum amount to establish an endowed fund is $50,000. Under Kitty’s direction, the Class of 1952 has raised over $64,000 to date in cash pledges. The Mary van Beuren Seavey and the Class of 1952 Endowed Fund will link Madeira girls from the past, present, and the future.

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50th Anniversary Faculty Salaries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$5,804,778.65

Master Teachership — Cain . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$38,415.22

H B Martin Faculty Salary Endowment Fund . . . . . . . . . . . .$52,446.91

Master Teachership — Brown-Hovey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$38,360.26

The DeSole Family Endowment for Faculty Enrichment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$970,832.72

Master Teachership — Hurd II . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$56,544.28

DeSole Family Endowed Chair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$972,518.66

Hurd Charitable Lead Trust . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$2,290,562.01

Millicent Rex Chair for History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$961,315.34

50th Anniversary Scholarship Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$271,688.75

Hurd Athletic Sustinence Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$859,925.38

Alumnae Daughter Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$104,558.83

Barbara Keyser Co-Curriculum Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$691,030.82 Melville Endowed Chair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$511,266.04 Deborah Loeb Brice ’63 Endowed Chair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$509,722.30

Honchor-Thompson Science Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$233,515.93

Madge Barclay Memorial Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$19,325.83 Andrew Holman Baxter Memorial Scholarship . . . . . . . . . .$19,385.42 Celeste Hale Casey ’45 Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$74,142.78

Saltzman Faculty Enrichment and Landauer Family Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$265,260.61

The Circle Scholarship Endowed Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$756,629.26

Allegra Maynard Endowed Headmistress’s Chair . . . . . .$925,959.89

Helen Cresap Comly ’20 and Ann Cromly Eberstadt ’46 Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . .$59,389.00

Madeira Fund for the Arts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$111,261.64 Helen Kingsley Memorial Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$33,179.16 Margaret Waller ’10 Horticulture Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$29,639.69 Sullivan Maintenance Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$22,996.89 Bonnie Garland ’74 Music Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$53,397.05 Sarah Pettit Daignault ’66 Technology Fund . . . . . . . . . . . .$24,266.05 Unrestricted Endowment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$13,746,954.44 Korean Families Endowment Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$27,417.41 Sara Spalding Endowed Fellowship Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$236,235.13 von Stade-Downing Arts Enrichment Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . .$227,736.67 The Mimi Griffin Crowell ’43 Fund for the Creative Arts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$105,850.92 Lehrman Endowment Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$35,576.27

Louise Pinkerton Conover ’13 Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$21,852.43 Mary Cecily Corcoran ’63 Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$50,227.23 Katherine Crispell ’40 Memorial Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . .$876,089.57 Dewitt Wallace-Readers’ Digest Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . .$132,212.50 Eells Family Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$15,797.19 Florence Ely Nelson ’49 Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$20,186.10 Betty Grace Everett ’38 Memorial Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . .$59,522.21 Elizabeth Coonley Faulkner ’20 Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . .$12,827.07 Blair Wiley Fishwick Memorial Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . .$28,212.88 Mona Blodgett Gaillard ’19 Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$13,081.80 Elizabeth Hughes Gossett ’25 Memorial Scholarship . . . .$50,122.77 Terry Huffington Dittman ’72 Scholarship I . . . . . . . . . . . .$263,045.10

Board Designated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3,102,331.71

Terry Huffington Dittman ’72 Scholarship II . . . . . . . . . . .$263,045.10

Huffington Endowed Fund for Financial Aid . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$7,748.04

Elizabeth Burbank Heartfield Scholarship Fund . . . . . . . . .$61,560.52

JAL Riding Show Scholarship Endowment . . . . . . . . . . . . .$98,053.09

Priscilla Payne Hurd ’38 Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$132,886.27

Christianne B. Johnson ’84 Memorial Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . .$178,682.94

Caroline Schumann Mark ’36 Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$113,017.56

John D. Deardourff Endowed Academic Chair . . . . . . . .$1,379,136.93

Joan Selden Mathews ’37 Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$17,804.36

The Memorial Endowment Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$170,589.75

Allegra Maynard Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$256,790.92

Ruth Katz Book Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$56,618.84

Harriet Meyer Memorial Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$86,418.27

The Madeira School Speaker's Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$216,583.79

Minorities Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$24,967.94

Student Activities Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$61,382.26

Julie Williams Mullen ’51 Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$11,871.33

Mary van Beuren Seavey and the Class of 1952 Fund . . . .$38,047.75

Nancy Alyea ’49 and Elizabeth Schiebel ’88 Scholarship . .$87,197.18

Master Teachership — Elle West Freeman Foundation . . .$58,097.86

Nancy Baxter Skallerup ’42 Memorial Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . .$170,459.93

Master Teachership — Knobloch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$41,605.72 Master Teachership — Prince Charitable Trusts . . . . . . . . . .$73,598.04

Marion Rockefeller Stone ’45 Endowed Scholarship Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$288,135.21

Master Teachership — Hurd I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$49,464.21

Unrestricted Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,230,650.31

Master Teachership — Willson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$41,292.02

Margaret Walker Memorial Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$18,718.31

Master Teachership — Butler . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$52,596.29

Lucy Madeira Wing Memorial Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . .$119,384.18

Master Teachership — Craig . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$45,625.77

Moira Archbold O’Connor Riding Endowed Fund . . . . . . .$56,916.15


Madeira Today 11

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he successes of the Centennial Campaign and the Friends of Riding Program (see page 14) resulted from the major gifts contributed by generous members of the Madeira community. These gifts play a key role in enabling the School to reach the fundraising goals the Board of Directors has set and are often the culmination of relationships donors have built with Madeira as alumnae, parents of alumnae, and other friends of the School. None of the major projects the School has undertaken — from increasing the endowment to building the Student Center and the Hurd Athletic Center to MAJOR GIFT DONORS expanding housing opportunities on Anonymous (6) Emily Champion Knobloch ’52 & campus for faculty and their families — Carl Knobloch, Jr. P’77, ’78 Cynthia McCune Allen ’59 Lynn & Bradford Koury P’08 Calvert Jones Armbrecht ’52 & would have been possible without the Edward Armbrecht, Jr. P’80, ’86 Lazar Foundation resources major gifts provide. Carole Bailey Babcock ’52 Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation

WAYS O F GIVIN G There are many ways to make your gift to Madeira. Your decision will depend on your individual interest, your financial situation, and the advice you receive from your financial advisors. • Gifts of Cash: You may make your gift to Madeira by check, credit card, or wire transfer. • Gifts of Securities: Madeira welcomes gifts of stock, and your gift will receive full, fair-market value credit. • Pledges: Pledges for major gifts may be paid over a period of time. The average payment period is three to five years. Multi-year and one-time pledges to The Madeira Fund must be paid off annually by the close of the fiscal year (June 30). • Matching Gifts: Many companies will match contributions from their employees. Inquire with your company for details.

12 Madeira Today


Marcia van der Voort Bates ’52, GP’92

Grace & Sunshik Min P’08

Ruth Johnson Bennett ’52

Eleanor Johnson Moore ’52

Anne Bennett ’68

Jeanne & Michael Morency P’09

Bingham, Osborn, & Scarborough Foundation

Pamela Sattley Morris ’52

Kitty Jarvis Blair ’52 & Stanley Blair P’86 Ruth Taylor Campbell ’37 & Daniel Campbell P’61, ’64

Julia O’Brien ’69 Marianne Bell Reifenheiser ’61 Beverly Wortham Rimer ’52 William A. Seavey

Anne Carson P’76

Alefiyah Shambhoora ’01

Elizabeth Rowe Costle ’59

Peggy Boyd Sharpe ’45 & Henry Sharpe, Jr. P’76

Elinore Brown Croyder ’52 Jean Lethbridge Cutting ’52 Adelaide Marshall Donnan’42 & Ted Donnan, Jr. P’65, ’67, GP’90

Kimmy Timolat Short ’59 Harriet House Shoup ’42 Marion Nimick Silbert ’72, P’04

DRC Charitable Foundation

Nancy Allen Silvernale ’52

Caroline Wood Duell ’59, P’84

Lorraine Goodrich Simonton ’52

Anne Rhoades Farquharson ’52

Faith Jarvis Smith ’59

Joan Humphreville Fitzgibbon ’68

Carlyn Kaiser Stark ’52, P’79

Dorothy Lockwood Forbes ’59

Joseph Stevens, Jr.*

Betsy Needham Getz ’32*

The George Preston Marshall Foundation

Mona Hagyard ’52 Lois Cowles Harrison ’52 Anne Coe Heyniger ’52 Catherine Collins Hillenbrand ’66 Nancy Hale Hoyt ’59 Terry Huffington ’72 & Ralph Dittman P’07 Priscilla Payne Hurd ’38, P’68 Shelley Bush Jansing ’53 Eun Kyung Cho & Kyung Hoon Kang P’12

Ellen Gleason Tilney ’59 Jenny Jerome Walcott ’59 Julia Burnett Walker ’81 Josephine Christian Weil ’59 Barbara Landauer Widdoes ’45, P’69 Daphne Flowers Wood ’64 Barbara Adams Woodhull ’52 & John Woodhull P’83 Margaret Grant Young ’48 Ruth Harold Zollinger ’54

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IN HONOR AND M E M O RIA L GIFTS In memory of Martha “Madge” Barclay

Moira Archbold O’Connor ’68 Riding Endowed Fund

Frances DuBose Bohlayer ’56, P’83 In memory of Louise Pinkerton Conover ’13 Anne Carson P’76 In memory of Julienne Michel ’59 Cynthia McCune Allen ’59 Elizabeth Rowe Costle ’59 Dorothy Lockwood Forbes ’59 Nancy Hale Hoyt ’59 Kimmy Timolat Short ’59 Faith Jarvis Smith ’59 Ellen Gleason Tilney ’59 Jenny Jerome Walcott ’59 Josephine Christian Weil ’59 In memory of Mary van Beuren Seavey ’52 Anonymous Calvert Jones Armbrecht ’52, P’80, ’86 Carole Bailey Babcock ’52 Marcia van der Voort Bates ’52, GP’92 Ruth Johnson Bennett ’52 Kitty Jarvis Blair ’52 & Stanley Blair P’86 Elinore Brown Croyder ’52 Jean Lethbridge Cutting ’52 Anne Rhoades Farquharson ’52 Mona Hagyard ’52 Lois Cowles Harrison ’52 Shelley Bush Jansing ’53 Emily Champion Knobloch ’52, P’77, ’78 Eleanor Johnson Moore ’52 Pamela Sattley Morris ’52 Beverly Wortham Rimer ’52 William A. Seavey Carlyn Kaiser Stark ’52, P’79 Barbara Adams Woodhull ’52, P’83 In memory of Frances Eells Welles ’42, P’66 Adelaide Marshall Donnan ’42, P’65, ’67, GP’90 Harriet House Shoup ’42 In memory of Louise Wheelock Willson ’48 Margaret Grant Young ’48 * denotes donor who is deceased

Moira Archbold O’Connor graduated from Madeira in 1968. She was always an outdoors woman, growing up on a farm in Virginia and then ultimately moving to Montana to enjoy the big blue skies. Throughout her life, she was a rider and lover of animals. Her cousin and classmate, Mary Hufty ’68, recounted, “We were both happiest in the barn. We cried together, laughed together and grew up to be independent together.” Tragically, Moria died of leukemia while in her early fifties. Her family wanted to establish an endowed fund in memory of Moira and knowing her lifelong love for riding, it seemed right to create a fund directed to help the riding program. Led by Mary Hufty ’68 and Frances Hufty ’34 (Mary’s mother), they established the Moira Archbold O’Connor ’68 Riding Endowed Fund which provides income to offset expenses in the riding program at Madeira. At the conclusion of Mary’s 40th reunion, she reached out to classmates from 1968 and asked if they would like to contribute in Moira’s memoMary Hufty ’68 ry to this endowed fund. Family, friends and 14 classmates raised over $75,000. The School is grateful that Moira’s family and friends chose to honor her in an enduring way that keeps her memory alive on campus and helps the riding program.

The Madeira School’s Development Office has made every effort to ensure that the information contained in this annual report is accurate. Despite our sincere effort to avoid errors, they may occasionally occur. If you were a major gifts contributor for 2008 –2009 and your name has been misspelled, listed incorrectly or mistakenly omitted, we apologize and hope you will contact us at 703-556-8221.


Madeira Today 13

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arly in the spring of 2009, two generous alumnae expressed their commitment to the riding program at Madeira by offering to match dollar-for-dollar gifts to the program up to a total of $300,000. Shortly thereafter, an informational meeting was held at the

School to explain the financial challenges Madeira faces in offering a high quality program. Then a formal letter was sent announcing the Riding Challenge Grant, to which ninety-five donors responded. The result was that more than $600,000 was raised, with each donor becoming a Friend of Riding. These funds will support the riding program and also give the School time to implement a business plan that will include community partnerships and have as its goal a program that eventually will

become self-sustaining.

Donor Profile: Elizabeth Meehan Hewitt ’92 An enthusiastic contributor to the Riding Challenge Grant, Elizabeth Hewitt feels that riding gave her the confidence to pursue ambitious goals for her life and career. As an investment manager at The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Elizabeth understands that challenge grants are a powerful way to leverage donations. In fact, her own gift to the riding program was enhanced by the generous matching gift program provided by her employer. She believes the riding program at Madeira gives the School a unique market niche among independent schools in the greater Washington, D.C. area. “For Madeira to offer a rigorous academic program and Co-Curriculum, and also give girls who want it an opportunity to ride, is a wonderful and special thing for a school to do,” she explained. Elizabeth continues to be an avid rider who travels each weekend from her home in Manhattan to ride her horses in Dutchess County. Now that she is a member of the Board of Directors, where she serves on the investment committee, Elizabeth looks forward to using her professional experience to strengthen the School’s finances. “It’s been a pleasure,” she says, “to give back to the place that gave me so much.”

14 Madeira Today


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Ellen Meltzer P’12

Anonymous (3)

Elizabeth Scott Metcalf ’75

Carolyn Brooke Andrews ’60

Mary Watson Misek ’63

Joan Anzelmo P’07

True McGowin Nicolson ’75 & Norman Nicolson P’10

Gail Griffith & Gary Begeman P’05, ’11 Caroline Renzy Bellinger ’80 Frances DuBose Bohlayer ’56, P’83 Dorinda & Benton Burroughs, Jr. P’03 Caroline Burwell ’93

Judith St. Ledger-Roty & Jeff Olson P’09 Paula Skallerup Osborn ’70 & David Osborn P’98

Katherine Walker Butterfield ’58

Robin Patrowicz-Gart ’80 & Brian Gart P’07

Anne Carson P’76

Clare Hudson Payne ’70

Judith Loeb Chiara ’45, P’62, ’68

Jane Lawrence Peeples ’82

Joyce Kelley Constantine ’47, P’76, ’80, GP’06

Susan Perry ’60

Phyllis Brownell Crooks ’42

Cricket Potter ’78

Sarah Pettit Daignault ’66

Christina Previti ’04

Kimberly Williamson Darden ’75

Maureen Previti ’05

CeCe Davenport ’89

Maureen & Francis Previti P’04, ’05

Katharine “Tink” Beal Davis ’64

Peter Bross & Lisa Rarick P’07

Debra & Arthur Dean P’08, ’11

Lea & John Reynolds P’11

Marianne Dorion ’80

Mary Cosby Rinehart ’57

Josephine & Ben Doubleday GP’11

Julie Robbins ’75

Kathryn & James Douglas P’02, ’06

Susan B. Schoellkopf ’69

Elenita Milbank Drumwright ’55

Katherine Sullivan Scovil ’78

Martha Clark Dunigan ’98

Jennifer Evers Shakeshaft ’91

Laura & Robert Dunkel P’11

Kimmy Timolat Short ’59

Alice Ayres Edmonds ’91

Catherine Harris Shraga ’70

Lauren Farrell ’06

Nancy Skallerup ’80

Nancy & Robert Farrell P’06

Rosamond Parker Smythe ’75

Diana Johnson Firestone ’50 & Bertram Firestone P’78, ’86, GP’12

Katherine & Michael Stalker P’97

Mary & David Frediani P’11 Anne Murray Gambal ’81 & Paul Gambal P’10 Wendy Berol Gifford ’66 & Robert Gifford P’92 David Goldstein P’02, ’05 Maria Ophuls Grant ’62 Doreen Booth Hamilton ’50, P’73 Julia Merrell Harris ’49 & Forest Harris P’70, GP’03

Caroline Pott ’98

Meghan Stalker ’97 Amy Sullivan ’82 Mary Davidson Swift ’44, P’72 The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation The Waterman Foundation Walter Lynch AIA PLLC Linda Clark Waterman ’58 Ellen & George Watson, Jr. P’05 Laura & Daniel Wellington P’02

Elizabeth Meehan Hewitt ’92

Susan Wentzel

Feroline Burrage Higginson ’70

Frederica Wheeler ’59

Laura Walton Hirschfeld ’84

Perry Carpenter Wheelock ’69, P’98, ’01

Elisabeth King Holmes ’45 James Humphreys P’06 Rosemary & David Jallits P’12 Catherine Davis Kaplan ’76 Phoebe Lang ’85 Jane Krumrine Lawson-Bell ’76 Shahara Ahmad-Llewellyn & Bruce Llewellyn P’96 Katharine Long ’01

Jennifer Williams ’02 Katherine Wisniewski ’02 Susan Maybaum & Mark Wisniewski P’02, ’06 Daphne Flowers Wood ’64 Susan Almy Yacubian ’63 Darcey Callender Yerkes ’89 Irene Zurakowski P’07

May Wall & Walter Lynch P’12 Debra Mayer ’75

The Madeira School’s Development Office has made every effort to ensure that the information contained in this annual report is accurate. Despite our sincere effort to avoid errors, they may occasionally occur. If you were a Friends of Riding contributor for 2008 –2009 and your name has been misspelled, listed incorrectly or mistakenly omitted, we apologize and hope you will contact us at 703-556-8221.


Madeira Today 15

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uring the 2009 –2010 academic year, Dr. Elisabeth Griffith will travel around the country to bid farewell to alumnae and other members of the Madeira community and to tell them

about what has long been among her highest priorities since becoming Headmistress in 1988: strengthening residential life at Madeira.

16 Madeira Today


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During her tenure, Dr. Griffith has worked to fulfill a vision of The Madeira School as a residential learning community, in which adults committed to educating girls live on campus and act as teachers, coaches, role models and care givers. Thanks to a grant from The Mary Mae Foundation that Dr. Griffith helped secure, we now have an opportunity to bring her vision to completion. The Foundation is helping Madeira construct five charming, compact and energy efficient cottages to be lived in and enjoyed by Madeira teachers and their families, a project that costs $2 million (due to the cost of site preparation, utilities and landscape).

In Dr. Griffith’s final year at Madeira, please join us in building “Cottages for Community” as a vital embodiment of her devotion to girls and to the faculty who teach and nurture them. She has helped transform Madeira into a vibrant community in which girls, as well as their teachers, thrive. Now you can help us create a lasting legacy of her visionary and inspiring leadership. If you would like more information on this campaign or would like to participate, please contact Louise Holland Peterson ’75, Director of Development, at (703) 556-8219.


Madeira Today 17

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R E S U LTS FO R 2 008 – 2 009

he Madeira Fund, our annual giving program, provides the foundation for our fundraising at Madeira. The School counts on the recurring annual gifts from our alumnae, parents, past parents, grandparents, and friends to cover approximately 10% of the operating budget. In this way, gifts to The Madeira Fund are like a living endowment and provide the School with the flexibility to support whatever programs may need attention. Despite a tough economy, nearly 1900 donors supported The Madeira Fund, an increase of 200 donors over last year. We are thankful for your steadfast support and that you prioritized your giving towards Madeira. The 2008 –2009 Madeira Fund raised a total of $1,455,781. Current parents contributed $290,161 and had a participation rate of 72%. Alumnae contributed $1,010,409 and had a participation rate of 26%. Reunion classes raised a total of $214,114. Our 349 leadership gift club members contributed $1,238,718 this year or 85% of the total dollars raised. Our Parents’ Fund was very successful. We extend our thanks to Annalisa and Dave Parks, P’10, ’12 for their efforts to engage the parent community. Please see their letter on page 35 recapping the results. Your financial contributions are important to operating the School, but of course they also represent your ongoing connection to the School. Thank you for keeping Madeira “strong in her girls.”

18 Madeira Today


The Madeira School’s Development Office has made every effort to ensure that the information contained in this annual report is accurate. Despite our sincere effort to avoid errors, they may occasionally occur. If you were a contributor to The Madeira Fund for 2008 –2009 and your name has been misspelled, listed incorrectly or mistakenly omitted, we apologize and hope you will contact us at 703-556-8221.

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L E A D E RSHIP GIFT C LU B DO N ORS We would like to extend a special thanks to the Leadership Gift Club Donors whose extraordinary gifts play a significant role in the future of our School and lay the foundation for a strong base of support for Madeira. FOUNDER’S CIRCLE ($50,000 AND ABOVE)

Anne Murray Gambal ’81 & Paul Gambal P’10

Mary Chapin ’47

Margaret & David Gardner P’12

Barbara Murchison Coffman ’74, P’07

Janet & John Garrison P’11

Mary Gerstenberg Hulitar ’44

Joyce & Henry Harris P’03, ’09

Jo Guthrie ’55

Sallie Perkins Sullivan ’55, P’78

Catherine McElvain Harvey ’57, P’87

Joyce Kelley Constantine ’47, P’76, ’80, GP’06

Peggy Hedberg P’11

Dorothy Jemison Day ’57

Howard Heun P’60, ’64, GP’87

Elizabeth Meehan Hewitt ’92

Ramona & Robert Deal, Jr. P’11

Laura Walton Hirschfeld ’84

Deborah Loeb Brice ’63

Kimberly Hughes ’81

Frances von Stade Downing ’74

Ann Huessener ’73, P’03, ’10

Kimberly Williamson Darden ’75

Junhee Yoo & Jong-ik Hwang P’10

Helen Thom Edwards ’53

Christian Keesee

Sharon Saul Davis ’78

Anne Hale Johnson ’41, P’77, ’84

Priscilla Endicott ’46, P’78

Gretchen Lipke ’84

Eleanore Leavitt De Sole ’68 & Domenico De Sole P’00, ’02

Virginia de Ganahl Russell ’49 & Charles Kimmel GP’08

Felicitas Hoefer-Fischer & Leonard Fischer P’09

Daphne Powell Markcrow ’88

Mary Ellen Pigott Hughes ’53 & Lawrence Hughes P’81

Phoebe Lang ’85

Meg Koster ’83

Julia Jones Matthews ’36

Jeanne & Michael Morency P’09

Margery Abegg Mico ’42

HEADMISTRESS’ CIRCLE ($25,000 – $49,999)

BOXWOOD CIRCLE ($10,000 – $24,999)

May Wall & Walter Lynch P’12

Nancy Miller Montgomery ’60 Mary Rockefeller Morgan ’56

Frances Lasker Brody ’33, P’65

Lilla & Christopher Ohrstrom P’09

Ruth Taylor Campbell ’37, P’61, ’64

Abby & George O’Neill P’76

Sarah Pettit Daignault ’66

Audrey Wallace Otto ’54

CeCe Davenport ’89

Muriel Selden Paris ’36, P’58, GP’81

Kelly & Daniel Decker P’11

Annalisa & David Parks P’10, ’12

Terry Huffington ’72 & Ralph Dittman P’07

Sandra Payson ’44, P’71*

Alva Greenberg ’70

Joan Hulme Perera ’58 & Guido Perera*

Elaine Grasselli Hadden ’49, P’76

Anne & John Raffaelli P’11

Karen & Robert Harriman P’07

Susan Rattner P’09

Lois Cowles Harrison ’52

Gail Potts Rawl ’50, P’75

Daphne & Stuart Himelfarb P’10

Tracy Savage ’66

Jung Yoon Jang & Young Jae Hu P’12

Kimmy Timolat Short ’59

Louise Stillman Lehrman ’58

Marion Rockefeller Stone ’45, P’69

Monica & Charles McQuaid P’09

Peggy & Tom Styer P’10

Cynthia Comly Montague ’49 & Theodore Montague, Jr. P’71

Sally Taylor Swift ’48

Martha Gaines & Russell Wehrle Memorial Fund

Linda Clark Waterman ’58

The Cowles Charitable Trust

Sage Wheeler ’83

Lucy Rockefeller Waletzky ’59

Elizabeth Wattles Wilkes ’78

1906 SOCIETY ($5,000 – $9,999)

Valerie Williams ’56


Janet Wilson P’51

Nancy Marshall Athey ’68

Susan Herrington P’09

Maurine Keller Thornton ’87 Laura & Daniel Wellington P’02

Paula Ridley Wilson ’50

Jean Ann Stewart Banker ’73

CENTENNIAL CLUB ($2,500 – $4,999)

Frances DuBose Bohlayer ’56, P’83

Katie & Harry Alverson P’09

Elizabeth McInnis Browne ’55

Katherine & Paul Armstrong P’10

Cornelia Slemp Burgess ’55

Carliss Baldwin ’68

Dorinda & Benton Burroughs, Jr. P’03

Joanne Passano Bartlett ’79

John Chester GP’11 Judith Loeb Chiara ’45, P’62, ’68

Marcia van der Voort Bates ’52, GP’92

Virginia Parker Clagett ’61

Gail Griffith & Gary Begeman P’05, ’11

THE M AD EIRA FUND 2008–2009 LEAD ERSHIP G IFT C LUBS • Founder’s Circle honors the foresight of Lucy Madeira who founded the School in 1906 and recognizes those donors who make gifts at or above $50,000. • Headmistress’ Circle celebrates the leadership of Madeira’s Heads of School and recognizes those donors who make gifts of $25,000 to $49,999. • Boxwood Circle pays tribute to the historic boxwoods that encircle the Oval and recognizes those donors who make gifts of $10,000 to $24,999. • 1906 Society commemorates Madeira’s founding year and recognizes those donors who make gifts of $5,000 to $9,999. • Centennial Club, Madeira’s oldest gift club, commemorates the School’s centennial year and recognizes those donors who make gifts of $2,500 to $4,999. • Oval Club, Madeira’s largest gift club, pays tribute to the heart of the Madeira campus and recognizes those donors who make gifts of $1,000 to $2,499.

Virginia Lowrey Brown ’38


Madeira Today 19

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Mars Incorporated


Joan Selden Mathews ’37, P’58

FISCAL YEARS 2007 – 2009

Ann Hitchcock McConnell ’44 Kimberly & Brian Mercer P’10 J.C. & Neil Milner P’99

FY 2007

382 donors

FY 2008

406 donors


Irene Moore P’68 Caroline & John Oakes P’12


Nancy & David Parenti P’11 Maureen & Francis Previti P’04, ’05


FY 2009 349 donors

Annelise Rothe P’82, ’83, GP’07, ’07 Kirsten Rothe ’82, P’07, ’07 Katherine Sullivan Scovil ’78 Catherine Harris Shraga ’70 Sally & Calvert Simmons P’09 Christine & Daniel Stockton P’09 Mona Touma ’91 Marree Shore Townsend ’73 Betsy Licht Turner ’77 Josephine Christian Weil ’59 Perry Carpenter Wheelock ’69, P’98, ’01 OVAL CLUB ($1,000 – $2,499)

Robyn & Andrew Brown P’10

Betty Evans P’60, ’65

Keiko & Arthur Brown P’12 Bryn & John Burke P’99, ’11

Felicia Layson Evans ’78 & Anthony Evans P’12

Dede & Brian Cadieux P’11

Jeanette Phelps Evans ’57

Mary Holder ’69

Frances Sternhagen Carlin ’47

Angelica White Ewing ’53 & Edward Ewing P’88

Janice & John Homan P’12

Victoria Parkin Fesmire ’60 & Robert Fesmire P’87

Barbara Hoversten ’70

Carolyn Alford Cason ’69 Isabelle Chester P’11 Sung Hae Yoon & Ki Rok Choi P’12 Claudia Perry & Richard Choi P’12 Diane & David Chow P’10 Antonia Ianniello & George Chuzi P’03

Sarah Hand Herren ’57 & John Herren P’87 Emma Hill ’70

Page Hopkins ’81

Ann ffolliott ’72

Caroline Ray Hovey ’67 & Thomas Hovey P’99, ’87

Whitney & Timothy Fitzgerald P’12

Janet Staley Howard ’45

Joan Humphreville Fitzgibbon ’68

Nancy Hale Hoyt ’59

Anne Fitzpatrick ’67

Robi Tamargo & James Hughes P’10

Kathy & Franklin Fitzpatrick P’06 Janet & Alexander Floyd P’00

Deana Al-Kahateeb & Nizar Hussain P’11

Mary & David Frediani P’11

Rosemary & David Jallits P’12

Sandra & Dennis Friedman P’03

Shelley Bush Jansing ’53

Lien & George Galloway P’11

Lisa & Richard Jeanneret P’11 Katherine & Bruce Johnson P’11

Anonymous (6)

Eloise Morris Clark ’59

Constance Norweb Abbey ’70

Nancy Young Cohen ’54

Dena & Murray Abrams P’12

Sarah Gerould & Tim Cohn P’11

Kimberly Adams Paul Aebersold P’09

Kate Phillips Connolly ’74 & Aidan Connolly P’12

Susan Ramsey Aldrich ’85

Anne Constantinople ’56

Elisabeth Hadden Alexander ’46 & Quentin Alexander P’71, ’75

Cornelia Lombard Cook ’54

Robin Patrowicz-Gart ’80 & Brian Gart P’07

Mary Anne Duffus and Thomas Cooney P’11

Read Penson Gendler ’70

Alison Corning Jones ’53

Terri & Thomas Gick P’09

Kathleen Kavanagh

Judith Upton Goddard ’44

Jane & Richard Kettler P’12

Shannon Stockett Goldwater ’91

Renu & Rajiv Khanna P’12

Carolyn Bryan Goodrich ’52

Heather Muir Kirby ’77

Catherine Rocco Goodwin ’87

Mary & Harry Klaff P’12

Catherine & Warren Gorrell, Jr. P’01, ’04

Emily Champion Knobloch ’52 & Carl Knobloch, Jr. P’77, ’78

Robin & Morgan Grace P’11

Mary Blair Vinson Koehl ’57

Maria Ophuls Grant ’62

Aimee La Gorce-Jeans ’90

Perrin Moorhead Grayson ’68

Suzann & David LaFuria P’11

Elisabeth Griffith

Jane Krumrine Lawson-Bell ’76

Patricia & Wilson Griffith P’12

Young-boon & Jai-seong Lee P’10 Eun Joo & Kyu Sung Lee P’11

Denise & Harry Allen P’10 Rosemarie & Richard Andreano, Jr. P’06, ’08 Jacqueline Arends ’81 Bridget & Kenneth Atkinson P’12 Susan Dulany Atkinson ’80

Susan & Paul Coston P’09 Claire & Henri Courpron P’09 Celia Faulkner Crawford ’54 Sally Fishburn Crockett ’48 Taliaferro Flowers Crozer ’69

Ruth Campbell Austin ’61

Catherine Flynn Daume ’82

Serena & Young Bae P’09

Siobhan Howard Davenport ’89

Andrea Hunnicutt Bates ’82

Cynthia Fuller Davis ’62

Lucille & Robert Beck P’02

Katharine “Tink” Beal Davis ’64

Margaret Spofford Benkard ’57

Patricia Phelps de Cisneros ’65

Clara Bingham ’81

Laura De Sole ’00

Jaquelin & Mark Bishof P’11

Debra & Arthur Dean P’08, ’11

Catharine Bieser Black ’55, P’82

Rebecca Humphrey Diederich ’80

Katherine Alexander Grimes ’49 & Paul Grimes P’76

Inez Noble Black ’60

Mariemma Monroig Dolige ’91

Merin Frank Guthrie ’02

Natasha Boissier ’86

Margaret Doubleday P’11

Ann & Paul Hager

Elizabeth Day Bolton ’59

Lucy Simpson Douglas ’63

Mona Hagyard ’52

Nancy Van Zandt Bolton ’57

Caroline Wood Duell ’59, P’84

Pamela & Edward Hamer

Marcia Tucker Boogaard ’54

Melanie Dunea ’89

Margaret Heun Bradford ’64

Vivien Elmslie ’41

Margaret Hemingway Harrington ’34, P’68

Elizabeth & John Breyer, Jr. P’04

Elizabeth Lykes Havens ’39

Catharine O’Neill Broderick ’76

Eleanor Johnson Estes ’96 & Claude Estes, IV P’09

Sarah Outman Brophy ’91

Laura Roberts Estes ’68

Kate Carpenter Henry ’57

20 Madeira Today


Ann Chase Hendrie ’44

Patricia White Johnson ’72

Hea Won Hahn & Sung Kyu Lee P’12 Yun Haeng Lee Seung Yeon Han & Soo Hyun Lew P’11 Ky Kirby & Frank LoPresti P’12 Elisabeth Lineberger Lyon ’64 Perre MacFarland Magness ’58 M.A. Mahoney Elizabeth Irving Maish ’49 & Alexander Maish P’78 Tobe Miller Malawista ’59

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Josephine van der Voort Markell ’38

Francine & Richard Ronollo P’04

Mirella Balbuena & Bernabe Martinez P’12

Barbara Hirsch Rosston ’43

Vanessa Mattox P’10

Diana Sanson ’82

Margaret Hammons McCullough ’39, P’63, ’70

Cassandra & Gerald Savitz P’89

Tammie & Don McIlvaine P’12 Allison & William McIntosh P’10 Joan Chilcott McKenna ’46 Julie Camp McLean ’34 & John McLean P’64, ’67 Pamela & William McMaster P’10 Emma & Thomas McNamara P’92 Gina Melin ’84 Jean Palmer Messex ’52 Helen Muir Milby ’83 Irene Moore Miller ’68 Ginna & Knute Miller P’04 Eleanor Johnson Moore ’52 Jo Anne Morris P’99 Lucretia Grasselli Morrow ’51 Misti Mukherjee ’84 Henrietta Wiggins Muller ’88 Anne Cook Murphy ’49 Nicholas Muss P’10 Florence Ely Nelson ’49 True McGowin Nicolson ’75 & Norman Nicolson P’10 Jennifer Rockefeller Nolan ’82 Judith St. Ledger-Roty & Jeff Olson P’09 Deborah Jones & Richard Olson P’10 Lorraine & Gregory Orloff P’10 China Oughton P’65 Etsuko Ozburn P’09 Sharon Collins Park ’66 & Robert Park P’94, ’01

Catherine Salisbury ’85

Nancy Alyea Schiebel ’49, P’88 Ingrid Schneider ’85 Amy Wilson Scott ’76 Adele Herter Seronde ’43 Carrie & Anthony Sewell P’11 Eva Malhotra & Rahul Sharma P’10 Peggy Boyd Sharpe ’45 & Henry Sharpe, Jr. P’76 In Kyung & Chan-Shik Shim P’09 Marion Nimick Silbert ’72, P’04 Heath Slane ’83 Cynthia Lee Smet ’74 Lisa & Christopher Smith P’11 Margaret & George Sotos P’11 Anne Stickney ’70 Catherine Rosenthal Stuart ’73 Barbara Breneman Talbot ’55 Joan Tanous ’81 Jacqui* & Greg Tawaststjerna P’12 Braughn Taylor Susan Piggott & Michael Tooke P’99 Jessica Story Turner ’82 Margaret West Valentine ’51 Liz Culbreth & John Vanderstar P’81, ’84, ’86 Honor & Thomas Vandeveer P’07 Mary & Todd VanHoose P’12 Carlin Vickery ’69 Margaret Bodine Wallis ’58 Ellen & George Watson, Jr. P’05 Karen & Michael Weinberger P’07

Lori Parker ’82

Katherine Forbes Wellford ’72

Sarah Parker ’75

Kelly Baxter & Edward Wheeler P’12

Douglas Peardon P’10

Alexandra Whitman ’79

Nancy & John Penson P’64, ’66, ’70

Kathy & Michael Whittington P’10

Elizabeth Richmond Phelps ’52

Sarah Wiggins P’88

Liza & Robert Pierce P’12

Coke Anne Murchison Wilcox ’70

Donna & Mark Pugrant P’10

Addie Perkins-Williamson P’12

Jacqueline Loomis Quillen ’60

Keith Williamson P’12

Helen & Augusto Recinos P’09

Joan & Merrick Williamson P’12

Julia & Paul Reneau P’11

Annie Dreymann Wilson ’32*

Lea & John Reynolds P’11

Susan Maybaum & Mark Wisniewski P’02, ’06

Cristina & J. Walsh Richards, Jr. P’02, ’06 Beverly Wortham Rimer ’52 Mary Cosby Rinehart ’57 Carol Roach P’09 Rita Nido Romeu ’78

* denotes donor who is deceased

Madeira Fund Donor Profile: Phoebe Lang ’85 I have given to The Madeira Fund every year since graduating. It never occurred to me not to give and not to support the School. Yet it is really only now that I am in my early 40s and raising a teenage daughter that I have come to fully realize and appreciate the values that Madeira ingrained in me. Madeira strongly helped shape my attitude toward what makes a strong, independent, and significant woman. As I watch my daughter navigate her way through her teen years with confidence and grace (and, yes, some bumps!), I know that I have passed along to her that Madeira spirit. After recently returning from a summer medical program at Brown University, she thanked me for doing such a good job preparing her to go out into the world on her own. In some ways I feel I could thank Madeira for helping me become the mom that I am today.


Madeira Today 21

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Friends of Madeira

* denotes donor who is deceased

Madeira Fund: $24,301 Participation: 21%

Madeira Fund: $7,650 Participation: 26%

Adelaide Marshall Donnan

Boxwood Circle

1906 Society

Nancy Strong Mangan

Ruth Taylor Campbell

Anne Hale Johnson

Virginia Summers Martin

Centennial Club

Oval Club

Helen Abbott Mulliken

Joan Selden Mathews

Vivien Elmslie

Harriet House Shoup

Friends of Madeira

Friends of Madeira

Peggy Sheldon Anderson

Nancy Witter Bates



Betty Beall Jordan

Hally Bryan Clements

Madeira Fund: $3,790 Participation: 20%

Madeira Fund: $200 Participation: 2%

Katherine Jones Muckle

Eliza Jackson Ewing

Oval Club

Suzanne Clery Treadway

Joan Hoddick Hand

Barbara Hirsch Rosston

Joan Morgenthau Hirschhorn

Adele Herter Seronde

Charlotte Wilcox Southwick

Friends of Madeira

Lois MacMurray Starkey

Hester Spencer Bliven

Centennial Club


Teckla Hilbert Cox

Virginia Lowrey Brown

Mary Elizabeth Simmons Ford

Oval Club

Madeira Fund: $7,427 Participation: 21%

Josephine van der Voort Markell

1906 Society

Elizabeth Bell Martin

Friends of Madeira

Margery Abegg Mico

Nicole Delattre-Seguy Paulson

Priscilla Lee Campbell

Oval Club

Nancy Maguire Pyne


Mary Frances Young Carter


Ellen Colt Singer

Madeira Fund: $10,000 Participation: 5%

Matilda Alston Colihan

Boxwood Circle

Jane Krom Grammer

Frances Lasker Brody

Miriam Manning Holst-Grubbe

1927 Madeira Fund: $120 Participation: 7% Friends of Madeira Elizabeth Barlow Dunbar Ann Jewett Smith

Friends of Madeira Elizabeth Bowen Purvis



Madeira Fund: $6,906 Participation: 41%

Madeira Fund: $1,500 Participation: 5% Oval Club Annie Dreymann Wilson* Friends of Madeira Margaret Frothingham Buck

Mildred McConnell Good

Anne Mather Jenkins

1934 75th Reunion Reunion Giving: $2,400 Madeira Fund: $2,400 Participation: 15% Oval Club

Elizabeth Gentry Knowlton Barbara Adams Searles

1939 70th Reunion Reunion Giving: $2,400

Julie Camp McLean

Madeira Fund: $2,400 Participation: 22%

Friends of Madeira

Oval Club

Jean Rawlings Chickering

Elizabeth Lykes Havens

Priscilla Porter

Margaret Hammons McCullough

Margaret Hemingway Harrington

Friends of Madeira

1936 Madeira Fund: $10,419 Participation: 15%

Penny Chenery Barbara Bray Ketchum Martha Urquhart Lord

1906 Society Julia Jones Matthews Muriel Selden Paris

Deborah Kirk Solbert Margaret Heminway Wells

Friends of Madeira


Alice Leake Lash Mary Wilson Neel

Madeira Fund: $1,050 Participation: 15%

Dorothy Borden Vickery

Friends of Madeira Anonymous Margot Moore Brinkley Catherine Compton Chase Margaret Walker Hansson Julia Black Stearns

22 Madeira Today


Joan Powers Humphreville

Anne Curtis Fredericks

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65th Reunion Reunion Giving: $107,290

FISCAL YEARS 2007 – 2009

1300 donors

Madeira Fund: $57,290 Participation: 23%

1206 donors

1129 donors

Founder’s Circle Mary Gerstenberg Hulitar 1906 Society Sandra Payson* Centennial Club


Ann Hitchcock McConnell



Oval Club Ann Chase Hendrie

FY 2007

Judith Upton Goddard

FY 2008

FY 2009

Friends of Madeira Anne McKelvey Hargrave

Patricia Stuart Fritzsche

Friends of Madeira

Mildred Coe Huffman

Mariette Walker Ladd

Helen Compton Graham

Virginia Gibney Bacon

Nancy Hamilton Shepherd

Elsie Young Lewis

Gay Staats Huffman

Frances Davidson Bortz

Sarah Sutherland Stoner

Lucy Mumma Lord

Patricia Appel Malloy

Lucia Howard Cushman

Elizabeth Henry Tracey

Mary Davidson Swift

Lee Johnston Norton

Keir Henley Donaldson

Dimmis Lathrop Weller

Mary Baxter Phillip

Elizabeth Griggs Dorn


Virginia Croxson Schoonover

Julie Johnson Engel

Dickinson Evans Sella

Georgia Ames Fulstone

Madeira Fund: $13,630 Participation: 23% 1906 Society


Jane Treman Gilbert Nancy Pearre Lesure

1950 Madeira Fund: $13,795 Participation: 48% 1906 Society Gail Potts Rawl Paula Ridley Wilson

Judith Loeb Chiara

Madeira Fund: $6,065 Participation: 26%

Marion Rockefeller Stone

Centennial Club

Oval Club

Joyce Kelley Constantine

Janet Staley Howard

Oval Club

Sally Zook Burdick

Peggy Boyd Sharpe


Frances Sternhagen Carlin

Patricia Purcell Chappell

Friends of Madeira

Friends of Madeira

60th Reunion Reunion Giving: $35,139

Jane Brenton Eddy*

Eleanor Pearre Abbot

Mary Hamlin Dixon

Mary Lamberton Hill

Alison Bean Birney

Madeira Fund: $34,139 Participation: 33%

Jane Burt Kolb

Joan Potter Hazelhurst

Boxwood Circle

Susan Bassett Finnegan

Sesaly Gould Krafft

Ellen Bacon McKinley

Elaine Grasselli Hadden

Elizabeth Owens Fletcher

Grace Hotson Shields

Jan McMillan Montgomery

Cynthia Comly Montague

Diana Hopkins Halsted

Carter Van Deventer Slatery

Patricia Roberts Naguib

1906 Society

Doreen Booth Hamilton

Gwenda Pryse Williamson

Dora Shaw Neidecker

Virginia de Ganahl Russell

Anne Bushby Hardy


Gerry Wellborn Orem

Oval Club

Jennifer Griswold Hillhouse

Madeira Fund: $7,280 Participation: 37%

Pamela Wagner Ritter


Anne Glazebrook Kehoe

Edith Moffat Spenser

Katherine Alexander Grimes

Joann Bogley Keithley

Centennial Club

Amanda Foster Washburn

Elizabeth Irving Maish

Ann Rowland Koehler

Anne Cook Murphy

Jane Perry Liles

Florence Ely Nelson

Cathleen Collins McKegney

Nancy Alyea Schiebel

Margaret Griffith Olsson

Friends of Madeira

Jean Milholland Shriver

Jerriette Kohlmeier Bartlett

Ann May Via

Priscilla Endicott Oval Club Elisabeth Hadden Alexander Joan Chilcott McKenna Friends of Madeira

1948 Madeira Fund: $8,065 Participation: 31% 1906 Society Sally Taylor Swift

Natalie Graham Brenton

Oval Club

Karen Cassard

Sally Fishburn Crockett

Sarah Strong Clapp Anne Peyton Cooper

Mary Babcock Mountcastle Margaret Cochran Spear Jane Stillwell Winters

Friends of Madeira Mary Kern Brown Knobby Knobloch Brown

Jeanne Morgan Cortner Elinor Kenney Farquhar

Lydia Richards Boyer Ann Stolk de la Rosa Jean McKelvey Hankin Julia Merrell Harris


Madeira Today 23

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Christine Watling Paddock Elsie Holmes Peck Constance Tobriner Povich Marian Baker Rogers Lucia Coulter Scala Sallie Harper Vance Remle Cann Willett Ruth Harold Zollinger

1955 Madeira Fund: $85,052 Participation: 46% Founder’s Circle Sallie Perkins Sullivan 1906 Society Elizabeth McInnis Browne Cornelia Slemp Burgess Centennial Club Jo Guthrie Oval Club


Friends of Madeira

Ann Crile Esselstyn


Madeira Fund: $3,632 Participation: 27%

Calvert Jones Armbrecht

Sarita Burton Frith

Catharine Bieser Black

Ruth Johnson Bennett

Mercer Preston Gilmore

Barbara Breneman Talbot

Oval Club

Kitty Jarvis Blair

Patricia Lawson Gow

Friends of Madeira

Lucretia Grasselli Morrow

Elinore Brown Croyder

Harriet Hamlin Holmes

Leonora Rocca Bernheisel

Margaret West Valentine

Constance Comly Ellis

Kathleen Galvin Johnson

Elizabeth Borden Carlson

Friends of Madeira

Barrie Landauer Estes

Abigail Adams Manny

Mary Baker Finch


Anne Fitch Foulkes

Hilles Hamersley Martin

Susan Hawes

Patricia Gibbs Carpenter

Anne Coe Heyniger

Flournoy Semmes Rogers

Caroline Parker Hoppin

Anne Johnson Clark

Dorothy Dort Levy

Harriet Hawes Savage

Jane Casey Hughes

Beth Wagley Danforth

Agnes Fort More

Katherine Hobson Southworth

Mary Dailey Jones

Mary Mackall Dozier

Pamela Sattley Morris Jane Richards Roth


Carol McCune Kirtz

Judith Brown Hollinshead Carol Olive Karpoff

Lorraine Goodrich Simonton

Karen Lanza

Carlyn Kaiser Stark

Katharine Watts McGovern

55th Reunion Reunion Giving: $13,115

Julia Trabue Sanz Katherine Fay Smith

Elizabeth Scherer Vanderstar

Madeira Fund: $13,115 Participation: 30%


1906 Society

Mary Kuhn Sweet

Madeira Fund: $35,907 Participation: 39%

Audrey Wallace Otto

Delia Williams Tittle

Oval Club

Deborah Owen Turner

Madeira Fund: $28,410 Participation: 35%

Headmistress’ Circle

Marcia Tucker Boogaard

Elizabeth Shaw Wills

Mary Ellen Pigott Hughes

Nancy Young Cohen

Centennial Club

Cornelia Lombard Cook


Boxwood Circle Lois Cowles Harrison

Helen Thom Edwards

Celia Faulkner Crawford

Madeira Fund: $19,278 Participation: 20%

Centennial Club

Oval Club

Friends of Madeira

1906 Society

Marcia van der Voort Bates

Angelica White Ewing

Helen Blagden

Frances DuBose Bohlayer

Oval Club

Shelley Bush Jansing

Barbara Crane Brown

Mary Rockefeller Morgan

Carolyn Bryan Goodrich

Alison Corning Jones

Gail Shaw Burlakoff

Valerie Williams

Mona Hagyard

Friends of Madeira

Louise Cropley Eaton

Oval Club

Emily Champion Knobloch

Elizabeth Heap Anderson

Sue Oakes Keith

Anne Constantinople

Jean Palmer Messex

Coyla Bell Barry

Lois Seward Kumpers

Friends of Madeira

Eleanor Johnson Moore

Sally King Butcher

Anne Dulany Lee

Joan Pearce Anselm

Elizabeth Richmond Phelps

Cynthia Sterling Cleminshaw

Barbara Baker Mallory

Kate Halle Briggs

Beverly Wortham Rimer

Sara Graff Cooke

Valerie Limbert Olson

Patricia Sinclair Peggy McMillan White


24 Madeira Today


Gail Grant Slingluff Ann Barringer Spaeth

56577_p01_49x_Layout 1 11/20/09 5:22 PM Page 25

Caroline Hibbard Buckler


Elizabeth Woodhall Rackley

Pauline Marean Evans

Debbie Carter

Helen Fairbank Reid

Dorothy Lockwood Forbes

Mary Murray Bradley Coleman

Madeira Fund: $36,980 Participation: 62%

Sarah Abernethy Snyder

Marguerite Burton Humphrey

Anne Archbold Collins

Boxwood Circle

Suzanne Moorhead Spencer

Anne Hodge Livet

Adele Butler McLennan

Louise Stillman Lehrman

Eleanor Ward Taylor

Kathleen Von Schrader Owen

Whitney Wing Oppersdorff

1906 Society

Susan Howe Thorn

Louise Peabody

Judith Poe

Joan Hulme Perera

Ann Bradley Vehslage

Gillette Dauphinot Piper

Evelyn Scofield Rowland

Linda Clark Waterman

Leslie Meek Wileman

Harriet Ward Price


Oval Club


Madeira Fund: $17,175 Participation: 35%

Perre MacFarland Magness

50th Reunion Reunion Giving: $49,365

1906 Society

Friends of Madeira

Catherine McElvain Harvey

Eleanor McGowin Adams

Madeira Fund: $36,465 Participation: 47%

Centennial Club

Evelyn Ellinger Albright

Boxwood Circle

Dorothy Jemison Day

Mary Richmond Annibali

Lucy Rockefeller Waletzky

Oval Club

Meade Bridgers

1906 Society

Margaret Spofford Benkard

Katherine Walker Butterfield

Kimmy Timolat Short

Nancy Van Zandt Bolton

Mary Eager Campbell

Centennial Club

Jeanette Phelps Evans

Annette Clark Chilton

Josephine Christian Weil

Kate Carpenter Henry

Aubrey Clark-Thomson

Oval Club

Sarah Hand Herren

Bonnie Gillis Dugan

Elizabeth Day Bolton

Mary Blair Vinson Koehl

Adele Gignoux

Eloise Morris Clark

Mary Cosby Rinehart

Martha Taylor Hayne

Caroline Wood Duell


Friends of Madeira

Frances Morris Hubbard

Nancy Hale Hoyt

Marjorie Cochran Johnson

Tobe Miller Malawista

Madeira Fund: $13,840 Participation: 36%

Enid Jones

Friends of Madeira

1906 Society

Betsy Berry Alexander

Nancy Miller Montgomery

Cynthia McCune Allen

Oval Club

March Durham Bracken

Inez Noble Black

Polly Pratt Brown

Victoria Parkin Fesmire

June Kalijarvi Conway

Jacqueline Loomis Quillen

Judy Kingsley Duncan

Friends of Madeira

Eleanor Barlow Sallie Morris Collins Mary Davis Cooke Eda Darneille Doyle Willia Fales Eckerberg Virginia Lutz Elwell Gayle May Foster Naomi Tucker Gerwin

Margaret Bodine Wallis

Lynde Sudduth Karin Elliot McElhinney Krash Wendy Whitney Makins Elizabeth Frazier McCallie Mary Gibb Pascoe Ann Giese Porter

Hollis Overholt Perry Mary Winters Schlendorf Kathleen Bingham Stroh Anita Graf White

Nerissa Vom Baur Roehrs Jae Barlow Roosevelt Laura Schneider Louise Randolph Selden Sarah Shapley Laurie Graham Shearer Faith Jarvis Smith Barbara Kellogg Stowe Ann Funkhouser Strite-Kurz Emily Byron Sturtevant Ellen Gleason Tilney Jenny Jerome Walcott Susan Cornell Wilkes

Carolyn Brooke Andrews

Molly Pickering Grose Susan McKinnon Paxson

Delphine Oman Roberts

Madeira Fund Donor Profile: Margaret Bodine Wallis ’58

Anne Palms Chalmers

Ever since graduation I have supported Madeira to the best of my ability, even in the lean years, and despite pleas for increased gifts from my former schools, college and children and grandchildrens’ schools. Despite only going to Madeira for two years I have made giving to The Madeira Fund one of my top giving priorities. As a member of the Alumnae Association Leadership Council I have witnessed first-hand the importance of giving girls the opportunity to experience a single sex education in today's world. Unfortunately when it comes to annual giving, girls’ schools are often overlooked so it is vital that we as alumnae make it a top priority.

Marion Grassi Eliassen

Susan Cooley Marcia Bell de Garmo Patricia Gesell Nelle Huettig Elizabeth Pringle Knowles Elizabeth Johnston Lawson Elizabeth Heun Locke Patricia Meanor Mannion Marilyn McClure Elizabeth Meyer Bettie McGowin Miller Julie Thomas Obering Susan Perry Annabelle Loud Redway Elizabeth Clement Roak Martha Miller Spicer Alice Fales Stewart


Madeira Today 25

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Patricia Glatfelter Foulkrod

Friends of Madeira


Madeira Fund: $9,175 Participation: 19%

Valerie Smith Holberton

Virginia Storrs Akabane

Anne Dickson Ravenel

Ethel Peirce Churchill

Madeira Fund: $24,954 Participation: 28%

1906 Society

Evelyn Thomsen Ruffin

Ann Wilson Dixon

Boxwood Circle

Virginia Parker Clagett

Nancy Happel Schriber

Margaret Dolan

Sarah Pettit Daignault

Oval Club

Laura Saunders Spratley

Elizabeth Harwood Dow

1906 Society

Ruth Campbell Austin

Anne Newton Walther

Jane Stebbins Flower

Tracy Savage

Friends of Madeira

Louise Ripple Yuhas

Becky Jones Fouke

Oval Club

Victoria Friendly

Sharon Collins Park

Isabel Hitz Goff

Friends of Madeira

Elizabeth Parrish Kenan

Alexandra Breed

Lark Lovering

Catherine Fisher Field

Helene Jackson Magill

Margaret Searles Franchot

Mary McLean

Wendy Berol Gifford

Helen Davis Preston

Nancy Young Gilpin

Judith Putzel

Anne Davis Harrison

Emily Blair Chewning Stribling

Eleanor Hight

Janet McClendon Vaskas

Vianda Hale Hill

Marion Symington Werner

Catherine Collins Hillenbrand

Margaret Williams

Susan Penson Jarzemsky

Gene Richardson Wilmer

Anna Johnson-Chase

Daphne Flowers Wood

Marian Jones Rice

Barbara Quandt Breslau


Nina Orthwein Durham Pamela Mattison Hastings

Madeira Fund: $28,600 Participation: 22%

Margaret Hemingway

Headmistress’ Circle

Elizabeth Hodges

Deborah Loeb Brice

Alice Brown Lacey

Oval Club

Carol Miller

Lucy Simpson Douglas

Eleanor Rubottom Odden

Friends of Madeira

Diana Russell

Elizabeth Conkey Baker

Julia Schieffelin

Harriet Hooper Cobb

Karen Koser Schwartz

Deborah Shapley Cortesi

Patricia Shea Ward

Rebecca Douglass Gimelli


Beatrice Black Hoverstock

Madeira Fund: $5,850 Participation: 29%

Ann Schoellkopf Jewett Elizabeth Dickson Kennedy


Anne Leavitt Sexton

Oval Club

Arlene Krebs

Jane Flues Simchak

Cynthia Fuller Davis

Frances McCrea

Madeira Fund: $2,705 Participation: 19%

Maria Ophuls Grant

Mari Mennel-Bell

Oval Club

Parmelee Welles Tolkan

Friends of Madeira

Amy Neel

Patricia Phelps de Cisneros

Christina Weppner

Krystyna Sieminski Andreoni

Daphne vom Baur

Friends of Madeira

Patience White

Jane Wallace Arnault-Factor

Susan Almy Yacubian

Anne-Douglas Burrage Atherton


Carter Grandy Bernert


Polly Hitchcock Bigham

Irene Ballenger

45th Reunion Reunion Giving: $10,557

Carol Oughton Biondi Anne Leventritt Bschorr Linda Coe

Madeira Fund: $10,557 Participation: 33%

Robin Cutler

Oval Club

Nina Lord Doggett

Margaret Heun Bradford

Deborah Sullivan DuSault

Katharine “Tink” Beal Davis

Mary Lloyd Estrin

Elisabeth Lineberger Lyon

Mary Anne Calhoun Farmer

Margaret Simms

Susan Brody

Madeira Fund: $5,185 Participation: 30%

Dora Cox

Oval Club

Marion Porter Crane

Anne Fitzpatrick

Leslie Arends Eckel

Caroline Ray Hovey

Deborah Fort

Friends of Madeira

Jessie Conyngham Griffith

Anne Huyler Baker

China Oughton Leonard

Julia Bradford

Henley Portner

Diana Chace

Dorothy Smith

Catherine Cloutier

Adelaide Donnan Valentine

A N N UA L FU N D COM PARISON FISCAL YEAR ENDING JUNE 30, 2009 Phillips Exeter Academy

$6,487,509 $4,800,000

The Lawrenceville School $2,724,265

Woodberry Forest School


Episcopal High School


*Miss Porter’s School


Sidwell Friends School *Emma Willard School *The Madeira School The Potomac School

26 Madeira Today


$1,741,684 $1,455,781 $1,217,000

*all girls schools

56577_p1_49_Layout 1 11/18/09 3:50 PM Page 27

Susan Baird Creyke Maria Nyhart Dahlman Ellen McLean Decaneas Margaret Donnan Hoster Edith Larkin Hubbell Martha Kenerson Binney Rankin McCague Susan Pool Moses Joan Mower Jennifer Owen Murphy Judith Reynolds Elizabeth Dickerson Sinclair Andrea Smith Susan MacGregor Wheelwright

1968 Madeira Fund: $54,710 Participation: 15% Headmistress’ Circle Eleanore Leavitt De Sole 1906 Society Nancy Marshall Athey

Sharon Ingham Horal

Feroline Burrage Higginson


Claudine Kuhn Klose

Kata Adams Hull

Simki Mattern Kuznick

Amanda Kyser

Madeira Fund: $16,130 Participation: 17%

Lisette Beauregard Lewis

Linda McCullough

Boxwood Circle

Centennial Club

Pamela Murray

Paula Skallerup Osborn

Terry Huffington

Carliss Baldwin

Julia O’Brien

Clare Hudson Payne

Oval Club

Oval Club

Sandra Read

Katherine Wilson Prelat

Ann ffolliott

Laura Roberts Estes

Mathilde Koehler Rothwell

Stephanie Ridder

Patricia White Johnson

Joan Humphreville Fitzgibbon

Jane Gordon Rupley

Sarah Gardner Ridgway

Marion Nimick Silbert

Perrin Moorhead Grayson

Elsa Redmond Spencer

Katharine Ferguson Roberts

Katherine Forbes Wellford

Irene Moore Miller

Catherine Stone

Anne Fenner Stolberg

Friends of Madeira

Friends of Madeira

Kyn Tolson

Megan Meyer Thompson

Mary Alice McGowin Beck

Eileen Wilson

Marti Bellingrath


Ann Frame Edith Metcalf Gingras

Boxwood Circle

Madeira Fund: $2,490 Participation: 21%

Alva Greenberg

Friends of Madeira

Elizabeth McGowin

Centennial Club

Melissa Fisher Barker

Cynthia Irving Moore

Catherine Harris Shraga

Mariette Ladd Champagne

Andrea Hatfield O’Leary

Oval Club

Emily Carey Cronin

Isabel Swift

Constance Norweb Abbey

Susan Read Cronin

Gaye Symington

Read Penson Gendler

Margaret Gilliland

Mary Claire Zannini Wall

Emma Hill

Susan Graham

Dorothy Thompson Whiteside


Lonsdale MacFarland Green Greer Hardwicke Clare Happel Scurry Ann Lord Sparrow Clelia LeBoutillier Zacharias

1969 40th Reunion Reunion Giving: $19,731 Madeira Fund: $12,031 Participation: 22% Centennial Club Perry Carpenter Wheelock

1970 Madeira Fund: $23,385 Participation: 30%

Martha Soyster Hynes

Barbara Hoversten

Constance Turner Haydock

Oval Club

Anne Stickney

Heidi Hill

Carolyn Alford Cason

Coke Anne Murchison Wilcox

Caroline Holdsworth

Madeira Fund: $12,409 Participation: 11%

Taliaferro Flowers Crozer

Friends of Madeira

Anne Brown Jones

1906 Society

Kathryn McGraw Berry

Sophia Neel Kountz

Jean Ann Stewart Banker

Robin Brooks

Katherine Lord

Centennial Club

Friends of Madeira

Margaret Caldwell

Ellen Humphreville McGuire

Patricia Middleton Blood

Jane Cannon

Cressida McKean

Kyle Carney

Christine Bowie Dove

Joan Morgan

Margaret Soyster Fiore

Elinore Evans

Cynthia Nadelman

Emily Fisher

Alice Major Fogle

Ann Rasenberger

Susan Armstrong Hamberger

Jane Harris

Cecilia Viso

Mary Holder Carlin Vickery

Ann Huessener Marree Shore Townsend Oval Club Catherine Rosenthal Stuart


Madeira Today 27

56577_p1_49_Layout 1 11/18/09 3:50 PM Page 28

Friends of Madeira

Friends of Madeira


Friends of Madeira

Melanie Fort Christian

Ann Bausum

Margaret Griffin Begor

Margo Shean Dana

Westwood Byrd

Madeira Fund: $5,210 Participation: 12%

Susan Gibbons

Renee Dagseth

Centennial Club

Carita Crawford-Keene

Jane Hewson

Meredith Mack Elvidge

Betsy Licht Turner

Margaret Holt Dillon

Katherine Nevius

Sarah Glenn Grise

Oval Club

Catherine Clarke Fox

Elizabeth Breul O’Rourke

Catherine Grubbs Laws

Heather Muir Kirby

Lunda Gill-Desbrow

Ann-Charlotte Lindgren Robinson

Elisabeth Lynn

Friends of Madeira

Katherine Holmes-Chuba

Rosalind Willis

Debra Mayer

Susan Wrampelmeier Atkinson

Eleanor Harrison LaFarge

Leisle Ewing Mims

Amy Carter

Sophia Lynn

Cornelia Worsley Newell

Cynthia Strickland Graham

Susan Moore Morgenthau

Louise Holland Peterson

Grace Guggenheim

Cricket Potter

Jane Lowenthal Rothschild

Sarah Holmes

Sofia Treviño de Burford

Rosamond Parker Smythe

Polly Holyoke

Elizabeth Hirschhorn Wilson

Caroline Rockefeller Spencer

Joan Bierbower Kaye

Charlotte Worsley

Katherine Steele

Carla Knobloch


Elizabeth Shipp Logue


Frances von Stade Downing Oval Club

Stirling Cassidy Smith

Kate Phillips Connolly

Madeira Fund: $5,400 Participation: 11%

Cynthia Lee Smet

Oval Club Catharine O’Neill Broderick


Friends of Madeira Anonymous

Jane Krumrine Lawson-Bell

Madeira Fund: $43,080 Participation: 16%

Susan Curry Cadwalader

Amy Wilson Scott

Headmistress’ Circle

Oval Club

Mary Boney Clark

Friends of Madeira

Sharon Saul Davis

Alexandra Whitman

Carol Coyne

Katherine Grimes Cunkelman

1906 Society

Friends of Madeira

Cosema Crawford

Laurinda Lowenstein Douglas

Elizabeth Wattles Wilkes


Nancy David Dillon

Fannie Zollicoffer Mallonee

Centennial Club

Sara Hackney Barley

Sara Samson Drake

Eliza Niemann-Hodge

Katherine Sullivan Scovil

Emily Preston Brunkhurst

Beryl Edwards

Rebecca Rosenthal Rannells

Robin Butcher Gilmartin

Wendy Woodworth Robbins

Jane Soyster Gould

Sarah Sharpe

Margaret Gray

Carol Morrison Shiels

1974 35th Reunion Reunion Giving: $15,262 Madeira Fund: $15,262 Participation: 22% Centennial Club Barbara Murchison Coffman

Oval Club Felicia Layson Evans Rita Nido Romeu

30th Reunion Reunion Giving: $7,131 Madeira Fund: $4,131 Participation: 10% Centennial Club Joanne Passano Bartlett

Kimberly Chewning Sarah Esterling Holly Meckel Henry Elizabeth Schmeltzer Hinson Lesley Woodberry Robinson

Jane Forbes Harris Debra Small Johnson Sharon Coyle Kiernan Elizabeth Wray Longino Lindsay Clarke Manley Louisa Keller Miller Julia Davis Stafford Anne McClelland Sullivan Cotten Timberlake Holly Pepper White

1975 Madeira Fund: $43,350 Participation: 16% Headmistress’ Circle Kimberly Williamson Darden Oval Club True McGowin Nicolson Sarah Parker

28 Madeira Today

Helen Wiley

Caroline Johnson Bellis


56577_p1_49_Layout 1 11/18/09 3:51 PM Page 29

1980 Madeira Fund: $7,450 Participation: 17% Oval Club Susan Dulany Atkinson Rebecca Humphrey Diederich Robin Patrowicz-Gart Friends of Madeira Julia Jackson Bellinger Caroline Renzy Bellinger Lynn Stein Cassady Deniz Ozberkmen Dennery Marianne Dorion Courtney Michaux Douglas Maurine Shores Halperin

Madeira Fund Donor Profile: Misti Muhkerjee ’84, P’13 Madeira has been an important thread in the core of my education and my value system. I learned at Madeira how to study, how to stretch, how to compete with myself and how to cultivate relationships with exceptional women who still play an integral role my life. I learned about institution and legacy, and the responsibility we all have for supporting not only our past but also our future. Madeira is a part of my identity and will soon be a part of my daughter’s. I am privileged to play a small role in contributing to its longevity.

Cecilia Drew Loeb

Friends of Madeira Ashley Roosevelt Althoff Pamela Aurbach Lydia Gray Bartholow Tisha Jepson Fang

Kelly Taylor Merriam



Tina Lindberg Nichols

Laurey Frederickson Nixon

Madeira Fund: $40,260 Participation: 16%

Amy Sears Nichols

Dana Schmidt

Madeira Fund: $16,130 Participation: 20%

Caroline Acheson Seward

Centennial Club

Headmistress’ Circle

Susan Phillips

Nancy Skallerup

Kirsten Rothe

Meg Koster

Jill Roberts

Katherine MacDonald Sternbach

Oval Club

1906 Society

Paige Williams Smith

Robin Sterrett

Andrea Hunnicutt Bates

Sage Wheeler

Thankful Vanderstar

Audrey Baxter Young

Catherine Flynn Daume

Oval Club

Alison Vest


Jennifer Rockefeller Nolan

Helen Muir Milby Heath Slane


Madeira Fund: $18,335 Participation: 17%

Lori Parker Diana Sanson

Friends of Madeira

Madeira Fund: $9,275 Participation: 11%

1906 Society

Jessica Story Turner

Tamera Smith Brown

1906 Society

Anne Murray Gambal

Friends of Madeira

Hilary Stone Carroll

Phoebe Lang

Kimberly Hughes

Courtenay Marvin Adams

Isa Catto

Oval Club

Oval Club

Alicia Ragsdale Alford

Story Smith Graves

Susan Ramsey Aldrich

Jacqueline Arends

Elizabeth Billett Bilhartz

Anne Mobley Hassett

Catherine Salisbury

Clara Bingham

Judith La Gorce Bright

Cecilia Mermel MacCallum

Ingrid Schneider

Page Hopkins

Catherine Stewart Brown

Alison Mayer

Joan Tanous

Alice Carter

Alison Helbronner McDonald

Friends of Madeira

Shannon Harris Flanders

Kimberly Ablard McGowan

Paola Giovanetti

Sophie Annibali Mellon

Margaret Mochwart Holland

Jo Monell

Ann Dodson Lindsay

Stephanie Dickson Walker

Georgina Bliss Marshall

Holland Williams

Sarah Kinney Contomichalos Sarah Robinson Cowden Deborah McFadden Elder Kelly Flynn Deborah Miller Greene Elsie Conyngham McHale Jeanne Sabol Meyer Carolina Kuczynski Reid Anne Thompson Taylor Pippa Vanderstar Julia Burnett Walker

Meme Meket Kirsten Menes Beth Ann Trapold Newton Susannah Randolph* Kathleen Flood Reid Whitney Thier Page Robinson Thomas

Pamela Parker

Friends of Madeira Elizabeth Quainton Anderman Samantha Corte Lisa Feldman Goldstein Laura Hewitt Susanna Bryan Kondracki Holly Lloyd


Brenda Brophy Pivirotto

25th Reunion Reunion Giving: $10,750


Madeira Fund: $9,250 Participation: 19% Centennial Club Laura Walton Hirschfeld

Hildreth Willson

Gretchen Lipke

Whitney Wilson

Oval Club Gina Melin Misti Mukherjee

Madeira Fund: $3,420 Participation: 18% Oval Club Natasha Boissier Friends of Madeira Dulany Cain Anning Helaine Osterneck Brill Claire Hebeler Harrington Cricket Stokes MacDonald Carolyn Ince Mansfield


Madeira Today 29

56577_p1_49_Layout 1 11/18/09 3:51 PM Page 30

Katie Haden McCormack

Gaither Smoot Deaton

Catherine Carver McCurrach

Augusta Reese Donohue

Avery Miller

Jennifer Eisenberg Grosswald

Michelle Malek Olson

Erin Tyndall Hawthornwaite

Sarah Hayne Reilly

Nicole Guerrero Hope

Colman Rackley Riddell

Jenny Merlis Houston

Brooke Sabin

Mary Dempsey Lembke

Sheila Sampath

Brooke Lively

Louise Shaw

Shelley Sapone McGonnigal

Diana Gilbert Sparrgrove

Tara Nayak Palmore

Cameron Proffitt Taylor

Robin Ragsdale Schenck

Laura McArver Timberlake

Nancy Rodwell Tuohy

Holly Twyford

Deenya Greenland Young

Sarah Starling Wessels

1987 Madeira Fund: $9,543 Participation: 16%

1989 20th Reunion Reunion Giving: $15,155

1906 Society

Madeira Fund: $15,155 Participation: 22%

Maurine Keller Thornton

Boxwood Circle

Oval Club

CeCe Davenport

Catherine Rocco Goodwin

Oval Club

Friends of Madeira

Siobhan Howard Davenport

Margaret Mullady Arbogast

Melanie Dunea

Vida Grebliunas Barham

Friends of Madeira

Katherine Collado Brasco

Megan Billings Broker

Nancy Cooper Coles

Marcia Griffith Davis

Margaret Weems Desmond

Heather Foley Fitzpatrick

Mary Day Fitzgibbon

Victoria Moore Fortune

Lisa Herren Foster

Heidi Santner Freeman

Whitney Brown Jones

Carol Heron Gering

Laura Kelso

Emma Tomarken Grimes

Elizabeth Leonard

Beth Collier Groves

Lauren McBurney

Nora Keating Gvozdov

Sophie Muir

Patricia Hendren

Christin Passaro

Preston Cain Jansing

Kathryn Sherrill

Merel Kennedy

Randall Moore Ware

Stacia Loveall – Center

1988 Madeira Fund: $6,055 Participation: 18% Centennial Club Daphne Powell Markcrow Oval Club Henrietta Wiggins Muller

Jaime Koepsell Priscilla Lawson

Kendra Novick

Lisa Marinelli

Gilchrist Smoot Phillips

Jennifer Viehman Pilling

Leila Ripley

Jennifer Evers Shakeshaft

Kathryn Shedrick

Anita Patel Tolani

Ann Renzy Maclean



Perry Smith Marshall Stacey Campbell Rutherford

Madeira Fund: $8,025 Participation: 16%

Madeira Fund: $5,745 Participation: 5%

Kathryn Savitz Steinman

Centennial Club

1906 Society

Adrienne Thompson

Mona Touma

Elizabeth Meehan Hewitt

Anna Conyers Wood

Oval Club

Friends of Madeira

Telle Zeiler

Sarah Outman Brophy

Jennifer Gifford Bainbridge

Mariemma Monroig Dolige Shannon Stockett Goldwater

Maureen Callahan-Rohowsky Forman

Friends of Madeira

Nana Tchabo-desBordes

Carolyn Gold Aberman

Madeira Fund: $2,050 Participation: 10%

Jennifer Ewing Allen

Oval Club

Kate Foster Boyd

Aimee La Gorce-Jeans

Eleanor Harrison Bregman

Friends of Madeira Julie Graceffo Daccord Jessica Dawson Betty Jo Dulaney


Virginia Falzon ’09 interned with the Alumnae Relations office for her senior Co-Curriculum placement. Virginia, legacy sister of Alexandra Falzon ’98, assisted the office in multiple projects including preparations for Reunions 2009, and was fervent in encouraging her classmates to support The Madeira Fund. Virginia continued to work with the Alumnae and Development office during the summer prior to embarking for college at Bryn Mawr.

Caroline Tower Morris


30 Madeira Today

I give to Madeira because I am truly privileged to have been given the opportunity to attend an institution with dedicated faculty and staff, and an extensive network of women. The worth of a Madeira education is infinite — there is no donation I could ever give that would cover what the School has given me. The annual tuition starts to look small in comparison to what Madeira provides each of its girls, both on the campus and beyond its white fences.

Susan McArver

Friends of Madeira Elizabeth Schiebel Albright

Madeira Fund Donor Profile: Virginia Falzon ’09

Sonia Banerji Alice Ayres Edmonds Ariana Hecker Gillette Nancy Goodman Grimes Kelly Kerrigan

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Danielle De Arment Donohue

Nancy Sasser

Madeira Fund: $475 Participation: 8%

Madeira Fund: $540 Participation: 10%

Anne-Marie Drummond

Eleni Garbis Simmoneau

Friends of Madeira

Friends of Madeira

Merritt Johnson

Maryetta Anschutz

Sarah Chasnovitz

Caitlin Lainoff

Holly Bouma

Ariane Goldberg Finkel

Collier Lumpkin

Alison Downey

Adele Cowart Nelson

Nell Maceda

Helen Farkas Flor

Andrea Press

Leslie Mazyck

Kisha Salters

Caroline Toumey

Kathleen McCabe

Ronda Cunningham Webber

Lara Wilkinson

Lesley Milner

Sarah Young

Rachel DeVries Mraz

1994 15th Reunion Reunion Giving: $1,445 Madeira Fund: $1,445 Participation: 17%

1998 Madeira Fund: $1,250 Participation: 18% Friends of Madeira

Friends of Madeira

Hayes Bieke

Tara Kerr Carter

Jennifer Chou

Allison Buchko Edgar

Anna Coyne

Dansby Wells Erwin

Julie-Hume Talmage Gordon

Joanna Franco

Munhara Hamza

Rebecca Grad

Blake Points Kavanagh

Elizabeth Whipp Grau

Megan Krause

Michele Kim Lam

Anna Headley

Katherine Piggott-Tooke Dana Prey Elizabeth Richardson Candis Robinson Kathryn Saunders Maya Scott Mairin Burke Smith Joan Taylor Jessica Uscinski

2001 Madeira Fund: $1,715 Participation: 21% Friends of Madeira Sarah Amsbary Mariska Batavia Christina Calce Julia Collins Eva de Weever Sarah Gorrell Kodiak Hill-Davis Elizabeth Logan Tasiyiwa Mapondera Kathleen McDermott Erin Morris Shoshana Raskas Alefiyah Shambhoora Louisa Swain

Alexandra Cooke Walden Kallyopi Vafiadis Walton


Tayte French Lutz


Madeira Fund: $1,882 Participation: 23%

Mimi Van Wyck Morrison

Caroline Pott Caroline Preston

Madeira Fund: $1,895 Participation: 20%

Oval Club

Sarah Piper Jessica Mazur Pyhtila

Alana Malick Ritenour

Oval Club

India Dozier Rows

Alexandra Malin Schumann

Laura De Sole

Alexandra Peck Samala

Alexandra Klaren Seitz

Friends of Madeira

Monica Sanz

Sarah Swain

Jennifer Bain


Michelle Tucker

Beth Bharwani

Madeira Fund: $1,095 Participation: 10%


Friends of Madeira Megan Phillips Drury

10th Reunion Reunion Giving: $1,214

Carrie Southworth Johnson

Madeira Fund: $1,209 Participation: 37%

Kristen Proverb

Friends of Madeira

Sara Rimensnyder

Katharine Blood

Patricia Anyaso Sasser

Alex Cooley

Kelley Syron

Lisa deGorter

Dina Tamimi

Rita Del Curto

Johanna Vasur

Prentiss Clark Maya Dutt Christina Ferrari Laura Flippin Christina Floyd Alisha Guertin Surbhi Gupta Lauren Rosebush Hilyard Olivia Klose Kathryn Moore Nadya Hajj Parks

Merin Frank Guthrie Friends of Madeira Anonymous (2) Susanna Aguirre Frances Atkins Benay Brotman Camden Burton Rickie De Sole Kristin Douglas Lauren Edmondson Caitlin Elmore Micheline Goldstein Kathryn Mims Cri-Cri Richards Virginia Simms Melanie Stevens Kristin Wellington


Katherine Wisniewski

Madeira Fund: $1,760 Participation: 7%


Oval Club

Madeira Fund: $885 Participation: 16%

Eleanor Johnson Estes

Friends of Madeira

Friends of Madeira

Elizabeth Black

Phoebe duPont Harris

Catherine Fuller

Anya Kuznetsova-Schafer

Emily Gerdelman

Jenny Mayo

Ariel Hopkins Divya Mehra Jassal Emily Koches


Madeira Today 31

56577_p1_49_Layout 1 11/18/09 3:51 PM Page 32

Anne Kristol Stephanie Masiello Alexa Mirvis Catherine Pitcher Ann Plum Elissa Vinnik Katherine Yohay

2004 5th Reunion Reunion Giving: $1,215 Madeira Fund: $1,215 Participation: 19% Friends of Madeira Julia Breyer Genevieve Cody Sarah Crane Maria Gamman Courtney Gorrell Katharine Hollar Elena Isella Rebecca Landau Ariel Levin

Leigh Psaris

Kathryn McColl

Carolina Richards

Elizabeth Miller

Anna-Constantia Richardson Leslie Swinley

Madeira Fund: $1,177 Participation: 66%

Dorothy McQuaid

Claire Riesenberg Caroline Salamack

Alexandra Wisniewski

Olukemi Adegoroye

Delilah Ohrstrom


Kirsten Aebersold

Tippapha Pisithkul

Madeira Fund: $310 Participation: 11%

Suchitra Akmanchi

Alexandra Psaris

Lily Alverson

Alexandra Puritz

Friends of Madeira

Jessica Andrade

Sabeen Qureshi

Friends of Madeira

Caitlin Alderfer

Sarah Armstrong

Katherine Recinos

Sarah Begeman

Katherine Derby

Danielle Bae

Liberty Roach

Francesca Buss

Deborah Dunsmore

Shelly Bagchi

Merrill Roth

Julia Cadwallender

Jessie Kennedy

Chelsea Boyle

Marghuerita Scott

Harriet Fox

Katherine Kies

Amanda Coston

Charlotte Simmons

Jong-Hyun Kim

Claire McKinney

Marianne Courpron

Blair St. Ledger-Olson

Lane Longino

Lindsey Ragsdale

Nelly Cubahiro

Danielle Stockton

Casey Means

Alyssa Weinberger

Justine Davenport

Kathleen Straub

Kate Silbert

2005 Madeira Fund: $320 Participation: 12%


Michelle Lonnquist Kelly McKinley Lindsey Miller

Alison Davis

Elizabeth Stupay

Ellen Watson*


Meredith Erwin

Jing Tian

Virginia Falzon

Nina Yang


Madeira Fund: $240 Participation: 10%

Tosca Fischer

Sarah Yarborough

Khadija Shirazy

Madeira Fund: $1,080 Participation: 15%

Friends of Madeira

Friends of Madeira

Rachel Fleming

Noelle Andreano

Kate Kamber

Jennifer Enos

Addison Miller

Annalee Falconer

Lily Sehn

Kathleen Fallon

Alison Serota

Olivia Fitzpatrick

Nicole Steck

Beverley Mbu

Courtney Fox Veronica Gaitan Jessica Gick Clare Harris Haerim Hong Giorgia Howe Tess Jin Sounthisay Keobounphanh Ye Ji Kim

Kristina Neighbour

32 Madeira Today

Angela Dean


56577_p1_49_Layout 1 11/18/09 3:51 PM Page 33



he Alumnae Association Leadership

Council (AALC) supports Madeira’s mission by connecting and involving

alumnae with one another, and affirming their unique identity as Madeira women.

Laura Walton Hirschfeld ’84, President, Alumnae Association Leadership Council

Often behind the scenes, members of the AALC are working to support the School through a variety of programs. This year was extremely successful with 24 members focusing their efforts on Stewardship, Affinity and Volunteerism. The AALC worked on recruitment, identifying best practices and creating new materials to help revitalize both the Class Agent and Class Secretary Programs. Affinity members worked to identify and reengage affinity groups for on and off campus opportunities with alumnae and students. In addition, since Madeira women have a history of community involvement, AALC members chose to highlight the charitable efforts of our alumnae through monthly profiles on the Madeira Minute. AALC members represent 12 states and the District of Columbia and span 7 decades from 1942 through 2003. During the September 2009 annual campus meeting, we welcomed 7 new members to the AALC. As President of the AALC, I encourage you to get involved with Madeira and would welcome hearing your suggestions and interest in participation. In the words of past Alumnae President Eliza Shumaker Soyster ’41, we give “thanks… to the Madeira girls, past, present and future, who, out of gratitude to this School, freely give their time, skills, money, and ideas to assure the continuity of the kind of education for which Madeira is known and in which they believe.” I consider it a privilege to roll up my sleeves with these committed, energetic and focused Madeira women and believe our work has reengaged alumnae and strengthened the School for the next generation of Madeira girls.

ALUM NAE ASSOCI AT I ON LEAD ERSHI P COUNCI L 2008 – 2009 Laura Walton Hirschfeld ’84 President Catherine Harris Shraga ’70 Vice President Robin Ragsdale Schenck ’88 Secretary Sarah Amsbary ’01 Andrea Hunnicutt Bates ’82 Catharine Bieser Black ’55 Elizabeth Black ’03 Gaither Smoot Deaton ’88 Mariemma Monroig Dolige ’91 Adelaide Marshall Donnan ’42 Sharon Yates Ewers ’64 Deborah Miller Greene ’81 Jane Krumrine Lawson-Bell ’76 Ex-Officio Gina Melin ’84 Warren Moore Miller ’68 Reed Montague ’82 Ex-Officio Jessica Mazur Pyhtila ’94 Virginia de Ganahl Russell ’49 Kisha Salters ’93 Anita Patel Tolani ’91 Julia Burnett Walker ’81 Margaret Bodine Wallis ’58 Patricia Shea Ward ’61 Leslie Meek Wileman ’58

Laura Walton Hirschfeld ’84 President, Alumnae Association Leadership Council


Madeira Today 33

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he Parents’ Association Leadership Council (PALC) had another busy and successful year. In addition to the established and ongoing events, parents eagerly stepped up to help with the Co-Curriculum program.

Katherine Armstrong, P’10, President, Parents’ Association Leadership Council

Parents continued to help with established events: such as Orientation, the Campaign Closure Celebration, Parents’ Weekend I & II, the Valentine’s Day Celebration, and the Faculty/Staff Appreciation Luncheon. Additionally, parents volunteered throughout the year with Admissions; as athletic team parents; the performing arts; the school store; and ongoing faculty/staff appreciation. This year an ad hoc Co-Curriculum Committee, which included parents and former parents, created an online database of Madeira community contacts at Capitol Hill and elsewhere as well as assisted in an interview exercise for the sophomore class. The PALC Executive Committee decided to establish a standing Co-Curriculum Committee to continue to support the Co-Curriculum program. Our goal from the start of the year was to build on the themes of previous years: inclusion and diversity. I think we were successful on both counts, but I believe those themes will continue to drive the Parents’ Association in the future. Our leadership for the coming year includes parents who wanted to continue in their roles for another year, as well as new parents. We count ourselves lucky to have a number of parents in the PALC who have already had one Madeira daughter graduate and are now volunteering while their second (or even third) daughter is at Madeira. I am pleased with the leadership for next year because I believe that in addition to diversity and inclusion an important new theme for next year will be continuity. Thank you to all of Madeira’s parents for your involvement as members of the Parents’ Association, for your time and effort volunteering and for all of your contributions to the Madeira community.

Katherine Armstrong P’10 President, Parents’ Association Leadership Council

34 Madeira Today


PARENTS’ ASSOCIATI ON LEAD ERSHI P COUNCIL 2008 – 2009 Katherine Armstrong P’10 President Kanchan Akmanchi P’09 Denise Allen P’10 Rosemarie & Richard Andreano P’06, ’08 Mary Berkowitz P’09, ’11 Bryn Burke P’99, ’11 Yvette Burley P’10 Diane Chow P’10 Sigita Clark P’10 Susan Coston P’09 Dawn Dalton P’09 Anna Davis P’09 Ramona & Robert Deal P’10 Debra Dean P’08, ’11 Kim Dreux-Kelly P’10 Felicia Layson Evans ’78, P’12 Terri Gick P’09 Gail Griffith P’05, ’11 Diane Guensberg P’10 Susan Haller P’10 Karen Harriman P’07 Vicki Healy P’08, ’11 Melissa & Douglas Landau P’04, ’09, ’12 Mollie Maresco P’08, ’12 Vanessa Mattox P’10 Laura May P’10 Valerie Meuleners P’11 Rachel Minchew P’06, ’10 Loni Parent P’11, ’12 Nancy Parenti P’11 Annalisa & David Parks P’10, ’12 Nancy & Phil Porte P’10 Jane Ruppe P’10 Betsy Sue Scott P’09

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e are happy to report that the 2008 –09 Parents’ Fund raised $290,161 with 72% of the parents participating. Although we did not meet our goal, given the state of the economy we are very pleased that we surpassed last year’s total by $19,453. The support Annalisa and Dave Parks with daughters Maddy ’10 of donors and the hard and Micah ’12, Co-chairs, Parents’ Fund Committee work and dedication of the Parents’ Fund Committee have made this year’s fund successful with an increase in dollars raised and an increase in parent participation.

PARENTS’ F UN D COM M IT T E E 2008 – 2009 Annalisa & David Parks P’10, ’12 Co-Chairs Katherine Armstrong P’10 Laurie & Thomas Benton P’10,’13 Robyn Brown P’10 Yvette Burley P’10 Kate Phillips Connolly ’74, P’12 Joan & Ernie Davenport P’09 Anne & Thomas DiBenedetto P’11 Margaret Doubleday P’11 Lisa Fox P’11 George Galloway P’11 Anne Murray Gambal ’81, P’10 Vicki Healy P’08, ’11 Peggy Hedberg P’11 Phyllis Humphrey P’12 Rosemary & David Jallits P’12 Jeanne & Michael Morency P’09 Marcia Nirenstein P’09 Hilary O’Donnell P’08

These are the results by class: Senior parents Junior parents Sophomore parents Freshman parents

Total Dollars $84,178 $74,758 $78,504 $60,022

Mark Pugrant P’10

Participation 58% 76% 76% 73%

Carina & Steven Slepian P’11 Christine Stockton P’09 Peggy & Tom Styer P’10 Robi Tamargo P’10

This year we introduced The 20% Club which gives credit to anyone who donates 20% or more than their gift last year. We had 69 parents join The 20% Club for an increase of $54,743 over last year. As parents, we know that the importance of the Parents’ Fund cannot be over estimated. Income from tuition alone does not address the important needs that make a Madeira education extraordinary. The Parents’ Fund, as a portion of The Madeira Fund, helps fill this gap enabling programs and resources to educate our daughters and prepare them for lives engaged in meaningful service and leadership. On behalf of the faculty, administration and students we thank you for your generous contributions. Your gifts do make a difference. We seek your continued support next year as we again work for Madeira’s success.

Annalisa & Dave Parks P’10, ’12 Co-Chairs, Parents’ Fund Committee


Madeira Today 35

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THE 2 0 % C LU B


his year we introduced The 20% Club to current parents. The 20% Club recognizes those parents who increased their giving level by 20% or more over the previous year. We are happy to report that 69 current parents joined during the 2008 –2009 year and this resulted in an additional $54,743 in gifts to the School. Below is a list of parents that joined.

TH E 2 0 % C LU B

Alicia & Joseph Falzon P’98, ’09

Suzann & David LaFuria P’11

Anne & John Raffaelli P’11

Anonymous (4)

Felicitas Hoefer-Fischer & Leonard Fischer P’09

Young-boon & Jai-seong Lee P’10

Susan Rattner P’09

Vanessa Mattox P’10

April Floyd P’11

Laura & Theodore May P’10

Sook Yeon Chae & Kwon Hyu Rhie P’11

Lien & George Galloway P’11

Allison & William McIntosh P’10

Carol Roach P’09

Anne Murray Gambal ’81 & Paul Gambal P’10

Susan & Fred McKinney P’07, ’10

Margaret Thomson & Barry Roth P’09

Pamela & William McMaster P’10

Eva Malhotra & Rahul Sharma P’10 Sally & Calvert Simmons P’09

Terri & Thomas Gick P’09

Kelly Taylor Merriam ’80 & Robert Merriam P’10

Teresa Givens P’10

Valerie Meuleners P’11

Margaret & George Sotos P’11

Robin & Morgan Grace P’11

Jeanne & Michael Morency P’09

Victoria & Thomas Healy P’08, ’11

Emily Blair Chewning Stribling ’64 & Robert Stribling P’10

Susan Herrington P’09

True McGowin Nicolson ’75 & Norman Nicolson P’10

Carolyn & Thomas Hines P’10

Alden O’Brien P’11

Pamela & William Swift, III P’06, ’10

Simona & Neil Howe P’09

Julianna & Ishmael Odai-Afotey P’11

Zanna Taylor-Ugi P’11

Robi Tamargo & James Hughes P’10

Lorraine & Gregory Orloff P’10

Ian Wattenmaker P’10

Junhee Yoo & Jong-ik Hwang P’10

Janet Osborn P’11

Kathy & Michael Whittington P’10

Lisa & Richard Jeanneret P’11

Annalisa & David Parks P’10, ’12

Karen & Jonathan Kayes P’07, ’11

Jeane & James Purdon P’11

Denise & Harry Allen P’10 Rachel & Brett Armstrong P’09 Katherine & Paul Armstrong P’10 Susan & Scott Bartram P’10 Gail Griffith & Gary Begeman P’05, ’11 Samuel & Denise Bickford P’10 Isabelle Chester P’11 Diane & David Chow P’10 Sigita & William Clark P’10 Kate Phillips Connolly ’74 & Aidan Connolly P’12 Joan & Ernie Davenport P’09 Anna & Edward Davis P’09 Ramona & Robert Deal, Jr. P’11 Debra & Arthur Dean P’08, ’11 Kelly & Daniel Decker P’11 Kathleen & Jeffrey Dussault P’10

36 Madeira Today


Kathryn & Andrew Garman P’11

Carina & Steven Slepian P’11

Peggy & Tom Styer P’10

56577_p1_49_Layout 1 11/18/09 3:51 PM Page 37

PA R E N T DO N O RS PARENTS OF 2009 Parents’ Fund Total: $86,178 Parents’ Fund Participation: 58% Headmistress’ Circle Jeanne & Michael Morency Boxwood Circle Monica & Charles McQuaid

Parents’ Fund Donor Profile: Robert & Ramona Deal P’11 Why do we support Madeira and contribute to the Parents’ Fund? There are too many reasons to list, but let’s think mathematically and reduce the question to its simplest form. A quality education is the result of a balanced equation. On one side is a challenging, holistic learning experience made available

True McGowin Nicolson ’75 & Norman Nicolson Deborah Jones & Richard Olson Lorraine & Gregory Orloff Douglas Peardon Donna & Mark Pugrant Eva Malhotra & Rahul Sharma Kathy & Michael Whittington Friends of Madeira

1906 Society

Anonymous (2)

Joyce & Henry Harris

Lynn & Jeffery Anderson

Lilla & Christopher Ohrstrom

Susan & Scott Bartram

Susan Rattner

Christine & David Basel

Centennial Club

Laurie & Thomas Benton

Katie & Harry Alverson

Samuel & Denise Bickford

Felicitas Hoefer-Fischer & Leonard Fischer

Madeleine Burgoyne Amee Vermilye & Robert Burgoyne

Susan Herrington

Hersa Burke

Sally & Calvert Simmons

Sigita & William Clark

Christine & Daniel Stockton

Betty & Thomas Connell

Oval Club

Ron Crittendon


Kathleen & Jeffrey Dussault

Paul Aebersold

Patricia & John Friend

Serena & Young Bae

Teresa Givens

Susan & Paul Coston

Dianne & Charles Guensberg

Claire & Henri Courpron Eleanor Johnson Estes ’96 & Claude Estes, IV Terri & Thomas Gick Judith St. Ledger-Roty & Jeff Olson Etsuko Ozburn Helen & Augusto Recinos Carol Roach In Kyung & Chan-Shik Shim Friends of Madeira Kanchan & Gopal Akmanchi Rachel & Brett Armstrong

Susan & Donald Haller

by a caring community dedicated to the most valuable asset we have: our daughter. On the other side is a tuition fee. As is the case with nearly every independent school, the two sides of the equation don’t balance and the deficit is on the side with the dollar sign. We try to do our part to balance the equation by giving what we can, because we are in a partnership with Madeira for the education of our daughter. One doesn’t shortchange one’s partner; one invests in the commitment.

Alakananda & Prabir Bagchi Mary Hargrave-Berkowitz & Marc Berkowitz

Carolyn & Thomas Hines Christal & Michael Karnaze Janet & Roman Matijkiw Laura & Theodore May Susan & Fred McKinney Cynthia & Stanford McKoy Kelly Taylor Merriam ’80 & Robert Merriam Rachel & William Minchew Katherine & W. Ross Newland Nancy & Phillip Porte Jane & David Ruppe

Shagufta & Mohammed Qureshi

Centennial Club

Margaret Thomson & Barry Roth

Katherine & Paul Armstrong

Emily Blair Chewning Stribling ’64 & Robert Stribling

Danuta & Wieslaw Straub

Ann Huessener ’73

Pamela & William Swift, III

Barbara & Scott Stupay

Kimberly & Brian Mercer

Suzanne Ziska

Oval Club

Kunzang Choden & Lhendup Tshering



Parents’ Fund Total: $74,758 Parents’ Fund Participation: 76%

Denise & Harry Allen

Boxwood Circle

Diane & David Chow


Daphne & Stuart Himelfarb

Robi Tamargo & James Hughes

1906 Society

Parents’ Fund Total: $78,504 Parents’ Fund Participation: 76%

Simona & Neil Howe

Young-boon & Jai-seong Lee

Anne Murray Gambal ’81 & Paul Gambal

Vanessa Mattox

Boxwood Circle

Krystyna & Eugene Kudziela

Allison & William McIntosh

Kelly & Daniel Decker

Junhee Yoo & Jong-ik Hwang

Pamela & William McMaster

1906 Society

Annalisa & David Parks

Nicholas Muss


Nasima Choudhury Patricia & Richard Coll Patti Psaris & Michael Cowell Joan & Ernie Davenport Anna & Edward Davis Alicia & Joseph Falzon Lucian Fox, Jr. Catherine Clarke Fox ’78 Susan & Fernando Gaitan

Melissa & Douglas Landau Marcia Nirenstein & David Miller Patricia Puritz

Peggy & Tom Styer

Robyn & Andrew Brown

Ian Wattenmaker Elaine & Terrence Williams Catherine Lischwe & John Wright

Anne & John Raffaelli


Madeira Today 37

56577_p1_49_Layout 1 11/18/09 3:51 PM Page 38

Centennial Club

Carolyn & Benjamin Miller

Sook Yeon Chae & Kwon Hyu Rhie

Nancy Trippe

Gail Griffith & Gary Begeman

Regina Genton & Allen Mosher

Ramona & Robert Deal, Jr.

Alden O’Brien P’11

Valerie Beaudoin-Saunders & William Saunders

Brenda White-Tucker & Will Tucker, Jr.

Janet & John Garrison

Julianna & Ishmael Odai-Afotey

Carina & Steven Slepian

Dong & Kwang Whang

Janet Osborn

Janet Sorrentino

Ruth Ann & Ross Wheelwright

Michael Osborn

Angelo Sorrentino

Carla & Andrew Whitten

Loni & Kenneth Parent

Penny & Stephen Stange

Lori & Dennis Wood

Jeane & James Purdon

Rae Galloway & Richard Szabo

Adriadna Bankowska & Roman Zytek

Jaquelin & Mark Bishof

Claudia & Mark Raffman

Zanna Taylor-Ugi


Bryn & John Burke

Joseph Reid

Liesha Mehra & Danny Trehan

Peggy Hedberg Nancy & David Parenti Oval Club Anonymous (2)

Dede & Brian Cadieux Isabelle Chester Sarah Gerould & Tim Cohn Mary Anne Duffus & Thomas Cooney

Boxwood Circle Jung Yoon Jang & Young Jae Hu 1906 Society

Debra & Arthur Dean Margaret Doubleday Mary & David Frediani Lien & George Galloway Robin & Morgan Grace Deana Al-Kahateeb & Nizar Hussain Lisa & Richard Jeanneret Katherine & Bruce Johnson Suzann & David LaFuria Eun Joo & Kyu Sung Lee Seung Yeon Han & Soo Hyun Lew Julia & Paul Reneau Lea & John Reynolds Carrie & Anthony Sewell Lisa & Christopher Smith Margaret & George Sotos Friends of Madeira Anonymous Seung Im Son & Won Myong Bahk Mary Hargrave-Berkowitz & Marc Berkowitz Valencia Carter Edmund Cutts, Jr. Karen Day Satinder & Avtar Dhaliwal Anne & Thomas DiBenedetto Laura & Robert Dunkel Joan & Mostafa El-Erian Jennifer Ellison April Floyd Kathryn & Andrew Garman Victoria & Thomas Healy Robynn Thornton-Howie & Leonard Howie Doris & Craig Kasold Karen & Jonathan Kayes Diana Dahlgren & Richard Levin Kathleen & Thomas Maiden Valerie Meuleners

38 Madeira Today

Parents’ Fund Donor Profile: Vanessa Mattox P’10

Parents’ Fund Total: $60,022 Parents’ Fund Participation: 73%


Why do I support and give to Madeira? I wholeheartedly believe in single-sex education for high school students. I had done some reading and observing of all-girls’ schools prior to Renee attending Madeira. I chose Madeira because of the curriculum and the beauty and safety of the campus. I knew I would have to deploy during Renee’s tenure at Madeira. Madeira made me feel comfortable with leaving Renee while I was serving in the military. I believe it is important for parents to support their children’s educational endeavors. I am blessed to have a job that allows me to spend some time on campus participating in different events. I also want Renee to know that I am available to her even though she is a boarder. Renee is my greatest gift from God and I have to make sure she is well taken care of. I support Madeira but I am also visible on campus to ensure Madeira is taking care of Renee. Madeira is an older facility and I know it is expensive to run. Tuition is steep but I want the School to continue to offer opportunities for other girls. My monetary gift is probably minimal compared to other donors but I think every dollar counts towards educating another girl as well as taking care of the facility. I am treated respectfully at Madeira by everyone. It is always a joy to drive on campus even when I have to deal with a challenging situation. The faculty and administration are responsive to my questions and concerns. It is easy to support Madeira because of the responsiveness. Madeira promotes a healthy environment for collaboration, cooperation and community. There is also a willingness to address diversity and challenges.

May Wall & Walter Lynch Annalisa & David Parks Centennial Club Margaret & David Gardner Caroline & John Oakes

Oval Club Anonymous Dena & Murray Abrams Bridget & Kenneth Atkinson Keiko & Arthur Brown Sung Hae Yoon & Ki Rok Choi Claudia Perry & Richard Choi Kate Phillips Connolly ’74 & Aidan Connolly Felicia Layson Evans ’78 & Anthony Evans Whitney & Timothy Fitzgerald Patricia & Wilson Griffith Janice & John Homan Rosemary & David Jallits Jane & Richard Kettler Renu & Rajiv Khanna Mary & Harry Klaff Hea Won Hahn & Sung Kyu Lee Ky Kirby & Frank LoPresti Mirella Balbuena & Bernabe Martinez Tammie & Don McIlvaine

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Liza & Robert Pierce


Jacqui* & Greg Tawaststjerna

FISCAL YEARS 2007 – 2009

240 donors

Mary & Todd VanHoose Kelly Baxter & Edward Wheeler Addie Perkins-Williamson Keith Williamson

199 donors

177 donors

Joan & Merrick Williamson Friends of Madeira Anonymous Ellen Blake


Rosslyn Boutte Lisa & Steve Fox Susan & Jeffrey Greenberg

FY 2007


FY 2008


FY 2009

Tina & Howard Griggs Maude Lee & Brian Hattery

Gloria & Howard Armfield, Jr. P’84

Helene & Christopher Hemus

Barbara & Randall Atkins P’05

Amee Vermilye & Robert Burgoyne P’08, ’10

Terry Huffington ’72 & Ralph Dittman P’07

Martin Hudson

Hannah Aurbach P’84

Bryn & John Burke P’99, ’11

Dorothy Dodson P’82

Diana & Charles Bain P’00

Dorinda & Benton Burroughs, Jr. P’03

Melissa & Douglas Landau

Wanda Beck P’04

Ruth Taylor Campbell ’37, P’61, ’64

Adelaide Marshall Donnan ’42 & Ted Donnan, Jr. P’67, ’65, GP’90

Jin Byung Choi & Byung Bae Lee

Lucille & Robert Beck P’02

Marsha & Luther Carter P’77

Elizabeth Griggs Dorn ’48, P’74

Gail Griffith & Gary Begeman P’05, ’11

Theresa Chambliss Lee P’98

Kathryn & James Douglas P’02, ’06 Courtney Michaux Douglas ’80 & Charles Douglas P’08

Phyllis & Jeffrey Humphrey

Cricket Stokes MacDonald ’86 & David MacDonald

Nelda & Winston Bell P’83

Judith Loeb Chiara ’45, P’68, ’62

Mollie & Richard Maresco

Marti Bellingrath ’72, P’02

Jean Rawlings Chickering ’34, P’65

Ellen Meltzer

Monica Klien-Samanez & Philip Bennett P’08

Erin Shaffer & Blair Childs P’07

Nancy Nelson Olayinka Oladapo Comfort Osei & Alex Osei-Kwame

Carter Grandy Bernert ’62 & Lawrence Bernert P’93

Loni & Kenneth Parent

Molly & Gordon Beyer P’73

Leslie & Alan Peterson

Joan Mower ’67 & Richard Billmire P’10

Janet Pfleeger Sabitri Wright & Sean Reynolds Dana & William Schreiner William Todd Karen & Linwood Walton, Jr. Lisa Winter

Antonia Ianniello & George Chuzi P’03

Caroline Wood Duell ’59, P’84 Martha & Daniel Dupecher P’05 Nance & Blaine DuPont P’96

Katherine & Wyndham Clark, Jr. P’73, ’74

Nina Orthwein Durham ’61 & Edward Durham P’87

Barbara Murchison Coffman ’74, P’07

Lynn & Barry Eisenberg P’88 Priscilla Endicott ’46, P’78

Catharine Bieser Black ’55, P’82

Joyce Kelley Constantine ’47, P’76, ’80, GP’06

Kitty Jarvis Blair ’52 & Stanley Blair P’86

June Kalijarvi Conway ’59 & Hugh Conway P’99

Florence Ervin P’88

Ellen Blake P’05, ’12

Rita & Alford Cooley P’99, ’02

Betty Evans P’60, ’65

Thomas Bliss P’82

Anne Peyton Cooper ’46 & James Cooper* P’87

Angelica White Ewing ’53 & Edward Ewing P’88

Patricia & Kevin Cornell P’00

Alicia & Joseph Falzon P’98, ’09

Pamela & William Enos P’98, ’06 Elizabeth & Grant Esterling P’79

Joy Every & Gary Wortman

Patricia Middleton Blood ’69 & Brian Blood P’99


Frances DuBose Bohlayer ’56, P’83

Jackie & Otis Coston, Jr. P’85, GP’09

Anonymous (2)

Sion Boney P’78

Susan & Jack Cowart P’97

Elinor Kenney Farquhar ’50, P’67, GP’03

Madhulika & Sarvendra Agarwal P’04

Aroona & Jitendra Borpujari P’96

Patti Psaris & Michael Cowell P’06, ’09

Nancy & Robert Farrell P’06

Gene & Nancy Bradley P’76

Teckla Hilbert Cox ’43, P’79

Elisabeth Hadden Alexander ’46 & Quentin Alexander P’71, ’75

Robin White & Nathaniel Breed, Jr. P’90

Mary & Wardner Crockett P’75

Victoria Parkin Fesmire ’60 & Robert Fesmire P’87

Frances Forster & David Danner P’04

Kathy & Franklin Fitzpatrick P’06

Elizabeth & Bruce Amsbary P’01

Elizabeth & John Breyer, Jr. P’04

Carla & Raphael Danziger P’97

Penny & James Fleming P’08

Peggy Sheldon Anderson ’37 & James Anderson, Jr. P’74

Frances Lasker Brody ’33, P’65

Heidi Hill ’71 & Bruce Davis P’01, ’03

Jeannette & Raymond Brophy P’85

Robin & John Davis P’04

Elizabeth Owens Fletcher ’50 & Peyton Fletcher, III P’75

Rosemarie & Richard Andreano, Jr. P’06, ’08

Eva & Preston Brown P’87

Tess Day P’77, ’79, ’82, ’87

Knobby Knobloch Brown ’50 & Mackintosh Brown* P’78

Ann & Roderick De Arment P’99

Martha & Kenneth Alderfer P’07

Iona Andrews P’87 Mary Richmond Annibali ’58 & Phillip Annibali P’83 Joan Anzelmo P’07 Lydia & Galen Aoki P’98 Mitzi Arena P’02 Calvert Jones Armbrecht ’52 & Edward Armbrecht, Jr. P’80, ’86

Sherry & William Flippin P’00 Janet & Alexander Floyd P’00 Judith & John Flynn, Jr. P’87, ’82

Janice Buchko P’94

Marcia Bell de Garmo ’60 & George de Garmo, III P’85

Sally Zook Burdick ’50 & William Burdick P’73

Eleanore Leavitt De Sole ’68 & Domenico De Sole P’00, ’02

Sofia Treviño de Burford ’78 & Audley Burford P’08

Debra & Arthur Dean P’08, ’11

Anne Curtis Fredericks ’43, P’73

Linda & Dwight Denson P’02

Margaret & Daniel French P’98

Madeleine Burgoyne P’08, ’10

Peg & Peter DiGiammarino P’01, ’04, ’08

Lois & Edward French P’69, ’72, GP’98, ’01

Gayle May Foster ’57 & John Foster P’88 Diann & David Frantz P’08


Madeira Today 39

56577_p1_49_Layout 1 11/18/09 3:52 PM Page 40

Caroline Ray Hovey ’67 & Thomas Hovey P’87, ’99

Mary Anne Salcetti & Bruce Marzullo P’08

Frances Morris Hubbard ’58 & Peter Hubbard P’85

Joan Selden Mathews ’37, P’58

Ann Huessener ’73, P’03, ’10

Pamela Mazur P’94

Nelle Huettig ’60, P’88

Mary & Thomas McCabe P’90, ’99

Jane Casey Hughes ’55 & Thomas Hughes P’81, ’86

Margaret Hammons McCullough ’39, P’63, ’70

Mary Ellen Pigott Hughes ’53 & Lawrence Hughes P’81

Mary McDermott P’01

Joan Powers Humphreville ’42 & Neil Humphreville* P’68, ’71

Susan & Fred McKinney P’07, ’10

Sabina & Joshua Javits P’08 Kathleen Galvin Johnson ’53, P’80 Betty Beall Jordan ’37, P’65, ’68 Denise Rechter & Glenn Kamber P’08 Shirley Kamons P’79 Lynde Sudduth Karin ’58 & Michael Karin P’81 Karen & Jonathan Kayes P’07, ’11 Elizabeth Parrish Kenan ’64 & James Kenan, III P’90

Renae & Michael Matson P’90

Nancy* & Brunson McKinley P’98 Julie Camp McLean ’34 & John McLean P’64, ’67 Emma & Thomas McNamara P’92 Gayle & Grady Means P’05 Helene & Peter Meckel P’79 Ann & Raymond Meehan P’92 Kalpana Mehra P’03 Marcia & Jonathan Menes P’82 Carole & Edward Merlis P’85, ’88 Bettie McGowin Miller ’60, P’88

Elizabeth Dickson Kennedy ’63 & Bingham Kennedy P’89

Ginna & Knute Miller P’04

Kathleen & David Kerrigan P’91

Rachel & William Minchew P’06, ’10

Natalie & Aftab Khan P’08 Imtiaz & Qamar Khan P’99, ’03, ’06

Cynthia Comly Montague ’49 & Theodore Montague, Jr. P’71

Alan Kirk, II P’86

Elizabeth & Frank Montague P’82

Louise & Andrew Kistler, III P’06

Irene Moore P’68

Sara & Peter Klaren P’98

Patricia & Michael Moore P’83

J.C. & Neil Milner P’99

Elaine Grasselli Hadden ’49, P’76

Claudine Kuhn Klose ’69 & Christopher Klose P’00

Lisa & William Moore, Jr. P’87

Sandra & Dennis Friedman P’03 Sarita Burton Frith ’53 & Norman Frith P’76, ’78

Diana Hopkins Halsted ’50, P’80

Nancy & Fred Knickerbocker P’79

Jo Anne Morris P’99

Doreen Booth Hamilton ’50, P’73

Jack Mower P’67, GP’10

Janet & Walter Fuchs P’06

Gwang Han P’86

Emily Champion Knobloch ’52 & Carl Knobloch, Jr. P’77, ’78

Catherine Porter & James Fuller, III P’03

Karen & Robert Harriman P’07

Mary & Richard Krakaur P’72

Nancy Myers P’77

Susan & William Kristol P’03

Mary Wilson Neel ’36, P’63

Deborah & John La Gorce, II P’82, ’90

Nancy & Arthur Novick P’90

Mariette Walker Ladd ’44 & Delano Ladd, Jr. P’71

Grace & Liam O’Grady P’02

Ann Gaffney P’84

Julia Merrell Harris ’49 & Forest Harris P’70, GP’03

Josephine Gardner P’66, ’73

Joyce & Henry Harris P’03, ’09

Riea & Steven Lainoff P’99

Sally & Benjamin Garrett P’98

Catherine McElvain Harvey ’57, P’87

Melissa & Douglas Landau P’04, ’09, ’12

Paula Skallerup Osborn ’70 & David Osborn P’98

Robin Patrowicz-Gart ’80 & Brian Gart P’07

Martha Taylor Hayne ’58 & Thomas Hayne P’86

Rekha & Ratnakar Lawande P’92

China Oughton P’65

Eleanore Leavitt P’66, ’68, GP’00, ’02

Muriel Selden Paris ’36, P’58, GP’81

Peggy Gesell P’60

Margaret & William Haynes, II P’06

Walter & Nancy Lee P’82

Wendy Berol Gifford ’66 & Robert Gifford P’92

Victoria & Thomas Healy P’08, ’11

Anne & Dexter Leland P’08

Sharon Collins Park ’66 & Robert Park P’94, ’01

Sally London & Charles Heazel P’06

Pamela & Richard Lillquist P’87

Sandra Payson ’44, P’71*

Margalee & Robert Gillette P’77, ’80

Kathleen & Thomas Heinan P’99

Cheryl Person & Craig Linebaugh P’08

Mildred McConnell Good ’38, P’63

Sarah Hand Herren ’57 & John Herren P’87

Elizabeth Heun Locke ’60 & Allen Locke P’87

Elsie Holmes Peck ’54 & William Peck, Jr. P’76, ’80

Howard Heun P’60, ’64, GP’87

Elizabeth Wray Longino ’74 & George Longino, III P’05

Carol & Gary Petty P’96

Judith & Thomas Mack P’91

Jean & Edward Pool, Jr. P’08

Elizabeth Irving Maish ’49 & Alexander Maish P’78

Agneta & Daniel Portanova P’91, ’92

Donald Fusaro P’82 Margaret & Georg Gabriel P’85

Dennis Goodman P’99 Catherine & Warren Gorrell, Jr. P’01, ’04 Susan & James Gough P’00

Margaret Hemingway Harrington ’34, P’68

Joan Morgenthau Hirschhorn ’41 & Fred Hirschhorn, Jr. P’78

Katherine Alexander Grimes ’49 & Paul Grimes P’76

Harriette & Charles Hobbs P’88

Adelheid & Victor Guerrero, M.D. P’88

Beatrice Black Hoverstock ’63 & Rolland Hoverstock P’91

Sara & Eugene Hackney P’79, ’82

40 Madeira Today


John Hoffman P’86

Mollie & Richard Maresco P’08, ’12 Gail & Lawrence Marinelli P’91, ’94

Janet Moore P’74, ’77, ’78

Ruth & Robert Murray P’81, GP’10

Abby & George O’Neill P’76

Nancy & John Penson P’64, ’66, ’70 Cynthia & Samuel Plum P’03

Katherine Wilson Prelat ’70 & Alfredo Prelat P’01

56577_p1_49_Layout 1 11/18/09 3:52 PM Page 41

Gail & Daniel Prescott P’02

Cynthea & Thomas Riesenberg P’04, ’07

Elizabeth & Edward Schmeltzer P’79

Laura & Daniel Wellington P’02

Maureen & Francis Previti P’04, ’05

Margaret & George Scudder P’62, ’68

Thomas Pugh P’94

Lorraine & J. Robinson P’87

Margaret Heminway Wells ’39 & David Wells P’62

Susan & Anthony Quainton P’85

Felicia Rogan P’77

Mary Lou & Charles Seilheimer, Jr. P’91

Shagufta & Mohammed Qureshi P’06, ’09

Catherine Romano P’07

Sandra Garcia & Gary Serota P’08

Perry Carpenter Wheelock ’69, P’98, ’01

Francine & Richard Ronollo P’04

Elizabeth Woodhall Rackley ’58 & Charles Rackley P’86

Jae Barlow Roosevelt ’59, P’84, ’86

Peggy Boyd Sharpe ’45 & Henry Sharpe, Jr. P’76

Anita Graf White ’57 & Elijah White, III P’85, ’88

Dorothea & Clark Ragsdale P’07

Annelise Rothe P’82, ’83, GP’07, ’07

Grace Hotson Shields ’45 & Robert Shields P’80

Holly Pepper White ’74 & Bob White P’05

John Ramey P’89

Kirsten Rothe ’82, P’07, ’07

Salma & Muhammad Shirazy P’05

Sandra & Stephen White P’87

Marion Nimick Silbert ’72, P’04

Sarah Wiggins P’88

Sally & John Simms P’02

Leslie Meek Wileman ’58, P’87

Casandra Singleton P’94

Janet Wilson P’51

Holmes Smoot P’88, ’90

Martha & James Winder P’99

Karen & Frederick Spaulding P’00 Monica Stallworth-Kolimas P’06

Susan Maybaum & Mark Wisniewski P’02, ’06

Carlyn Kaiser Stark ’52, P’79

Virginia & G. Worthington, III P’64

Katherine Steele ’75, P’10

Joy Every & Gary Wortman P’06, ’12

Margaret Stein P’80

Ann & Brooks Wrampelmeier P’77

Parents’ Fund Donor Profile: Margaret Doubleday P’11

Mary Anne & John Stetzer, III P’94

Catherine Lischwe & John Wright P’00, ’10

I gave to the Parents’ Fund at Madeira because I was asked and I believe that I should not withhold giving when I am asked and able to give. I had no idea how much more was needed beyond tuition to support Madeira but perhaps if I had quickly looked at the numbers, I could see that more than tuition is needed to fund the vast and glorious campus, the labor inten-

Sarah Sutherland Stoner ’49, P’71

Gail Potts Rawl ’50, P’75 Sandra & Bernard Renzy, III P’80, ’85, ’89 Jane & Hal Reynolds P’75 Deana & Elliot Rhodeside P’98 Cristina & J. Walsh Richards, Jr. P’02, ’06

Nancy & James Rosebush P’98, ’00

Theresa Salters P’93 Cornelia & Charles Saltzman P’85 Mary Lou Sapone P’88 Lee & Daniel Sargent P’05 Janet & Bruce Sasser P’02 Cassandra & Gerald Savitz P’89 Nancy Alyea Schiebel ’49, P’88

Marion Rockefeller Stone ’45, P’69 Elaine Stone P’83 Danuta & Wieslaw Straub P’08, ’09

Nancy & Eugene Yeates P’82, ’85 Bonner & Thomas Young P’85 Helen zu Pappenheim P’76, ’78

Sallie Perkins Sullivan ’55, P’78 Barbara Sutherland P’73


Mary Davidson Swift ’44, P’72

Eleanor McGowin Adams ’58, GP’10

Sara Taylor Swift ’48, P’69

Lorraine & Richard Andreano, Sr. GP’06, ’08

Flora & George Suter, Jr. P’84

Pamela & William Swift, III P’06, ’10 Maxine Tanous P’81 Jerome Thier P’82 Maria & William Titelman P’03 Susan Piggott & Michael Tooke P’99

Marcia van der Voort Bates ’52, GP’92 John Chester GP’11 Jackie & Otis Coston, Jr. P’85, GP’09

Suzanne Clery Treadway ’37, P’63

Adelaide Marshall Donnan ’42 & Ted Donnan, Jr. P’65, ’67, GP’90

Beth Kaufman & Charles Updike P’86

Josephine & Ben Doubleday GP’11

Mary Margaret Valenti P’81

Elinor Kenney Farquhar ’50, P’67, GP’03

Elizabeth Scherer Vanderstar ’52, P’81, ’84, ’86 Liz Culbreth & John Vanderstar P’81, ’84, ’86

Lois & Edward French P’69, ’72, GP’98, ’01 Howard Heun P’60, ’64, GP’87

Honor & Thomas Vandeveer P’07

Shirley Horn GP’07

Jennifer & Thomas Vandeventer P’08

Virginia de Ganahl Russell ’49 & Charles Kimmel GP’08

Dorothy Borden Vickery ’36, P’69

sive Co-Curriculum and athletic programs, the salaries for teachers and staff, the tuition assistance provided and more. I so enjoyed asking others to give to The Madeira Fund. I had lovely conversations with those who attended Madeira (some many years ago), their spouses, their parents and their children. I could sense the rich imprint of Madeira’s fine academic tradition and its strong sense of community in those very conversations. It is my hope that all will give to The Madeira Fund’s distinct and vital purpose.

Dong & Kwang Whang P’04, ’11

Joan Liebermann & Jeffrey Vinnik P’03

Eleanore Leavitt P’66, ’68, GP’00, ’02

Audrey & David Walker P’82

Helen Abbott Mulliken ’42, GP’98

Thomas Walker, III P’01

Ruth & Robert Murray P’81, GP’10

Karen & Linwood Walton, Jr. P’06, ’08, ’12

Leonard & Dorothy Nahme GP’05

Helen & John Warren, III P’86 Louisa & George Watson, III P’87 Ellen & George Watson, Jr. P’05

Howard Lewis, Jr. GP’96

Muriel Selden Paris ’36, P’58, GP’81 Annelise Rothe P’82, ’83, GP’07, ’07 Selina Taylor GP’99

Kathryn & Gary Weeden P’98

Patricia Shea Ward ’61 & Paul Ward GP’04

Karen & Michael Weinberger P’07

Eugenia & Herbert Zeitlin GP’03, ’09


Madeira Today 41

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Eliza Niemann-Hodge ’76

Kimberly Adams

Andrea Press ’97

Salwa Alajeel

Elizabeth Richardson ’99

Noelle Andreano ’06

Annie Rohlin

Mitzi Arena P’02

Catherine Salisbury ’85

Donavan Arizmendi

Charles Saltzman P’85

Javier Bardales

Tracy Savage ’66

Tracie Bellerose

Alexandra Malin Schumann ’98

Lisa Bicksel

Ann Scott

Lynetta Binger

Anne Leavitt Sexton ’66

Stacey Boyette

Jennifer Evers Shakeshaft ’91 Kathryn Shedrick ’90

Rebecca Brooks Kelly Brown Nyals Burnett

Timothy Mansfield

Diane Young

Elizabeth McClung

Stanley Young, Jr.

Carol McDermott

Melby Bush Evelyn Canabal-Torres Dean Cheavacci Donna Citino Leisa Clark Meredyth Cole Patti Collins Roy Cook Rita Cooley Juan Carlos Cordova Krista Cowan Susan Cowart Jeff Dayton Ann Deegan Tracie Epes Martin Ferrell Heidi Santner Freeman ’89 Elisabeth Griffith Ann Hager Paul Hager Nicole Hall Edward Hamer Pamela Hamer Zachary Haney Honore Hastings Dorothy Hayden Kathleen Heinan P’99 Robert Holzman Tom Hyden Divya Mehra Jassal ’03 Debra Kathman Catalina Keilhauer Bridgette Khoo Robinson Lee Michael Lieser Lynn Loving Ann Renzy Maclean ’89 Nancy Magnus M.A. Mahoney

42 Madeira Today

Christine Pina


Kathryn McGroarty

Patricia Silverman Jane Flues Simchak ’66 Patricia Sinclair ’51

Ann Miller


Rod Montrie


Stewart Moss

Krystyna Sieminski Andreoni ’62

Kim Newsome

Kimberley Bastian

Grace O’Grady P’02

Elizabeth Billett Bilhartz ’82

Paula Skallerup Osborn ’70, P’98

Marcy Cathey

Monica Palmer

Karen Chaffee

Donald Payne

Nancy Young Cohen ’54

Jared Peet

Mary Bradley Coleman ’56

Sherri Persh

Barbara Cooper

Louise Holland Peterson ’75

Teckla Hilbert Cox ’43, P’79

Laurence Pratt

Celia Faulkner Crawford ’54

Reyna Pratt

Mary Crockett P’75

George Quinones

Ann De Arment

Sheila Reilly

Josephine Diemond

Andrew Rhein

Kristin Douglas ’02

Wendy Roshan

Christine Bowie Dove ’70

Patricia Anyaso Sasser ’95

Dansby Wells Erwin ’94

Andrew Sharp

Mary Fielder

Nancy Smalley

Anne Curtis Fredericks ’43, P’73

Debra Smith

Anne Murray Gambal ’81, P’10

Elizabeth Sokolov

Katherine Alexander Grimes ’49, P’76

Hunter Southworth

Katherine Hillas

Stacie Steinke

Kathleen Galvin Johnson ’53, P’80

Bethanne Stish

Kathleen Kavanagh

Brett Swain

Megan Krause ’98

Louisa Swain ’01

Alice Leake Lash ’36

Elizabeth Sweezy

Catherine Laskey

Christine Szala

Mary Dempsey Lembke ’88

Braughn Taylor

Elizabeth Heun Locke ’60, P’87

Patricia Terrell

Patricia Appel Malloy ’46

Computershare Shareholder Services Inc.

Mortimer Tubridy

Maureen Marsh

Crossroads Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Robert Vogel

Linda Mattingly

Day Family Foundation

Kimberly Walker

Glenna McVey

Dayton Foundation Depository, Inc.

Jacqueline Wells

Helen Muir Milby ’83

DRC Charitable Foundation

Holland Williams ’83

Katherine Nevius ’73

eBay Matching Gifts Program

Leslie Withers

Beth Ann Trapold Newton ’82

Elizabeth Upton Vawter Foundation

Margaret Cochran Spear ’48 Katherine Steele ’75, P’10 Dorothy Borden Vickery ’36, P’69 Sarah Starling Wessels ’86 Katherine Wisniewski ’02

FRIEND D ONORS Anonymous (2) Sarah Collins Pete Crossland John Eddy Christian Keesee Yun Haeng Lee Michele Lowell Jane Murphy Ellen Krieger & Gary Ratner Mary Starbuck Penelope Thornton-Talley Charlie Westbrook John Wisner

ORG ANIZAT I ON / FOUNDATIO N D ONORS Abby and George O’Neill Trust America’s Charities Ar/Ter Enterprises Catto Charitable Foundation Chapman Foundation Chubb Corporation

56577_p1_49_Layout 1 11/18/09 3:52 PM Page 43

ExxonMobil Foundation, Inc.

Mutual of America

The Atticus Trust

Fannie Mae Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Parker Foundation

The Boston Foundation, Inc.


Pasadena Community Foundation

The Capital Trust Company of Delaware

In memory of Marcia Myers Adams Susanna Bryan Kondracki ’85

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program

The Charles Schwab Corporation Foundation

In memory of Elmeda Ansell ’21 Hunter Southworth

Global Impact

Piqua Community Foundation

Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gifts Program

Quest Diagnostics

The Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

In honor of Emily Appel ’00 Patricia & Kevin Cornell P’00

Google Matching Gifts Program

Roney-Fitzpatrick Foundation

The Community Foundation of Southeastern Connecticut

Harrison Bregman Foundation

Santa Barbara Foundation

Hill Family Fund 2 of Triangle Community Foundation

Schering-Plough Foundation Matching Gift Program

Houghton Mifflin Company

Schwab Charitable Fund

IBM Grants Program

Scitor Corporation

Jansing-Cook Foundation

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

In memory of Linda Freeman Armour ’58 Eleanor McGowin Adams ’58, GP’10 Evelyn Ellinger Albright ’58 Mary Richmond Annibali ’58, P’83 Marcia McGhee Carter ’58 Aubrey Clark-Thomson ’58 Alice Davison ’58 Marjorie Cochran Johnson ’58 Enid Jones ’58 Lynde Sudduth Karin ’58, P’81 Elliot McElhinney Krash ’58 Elizabeth Frazier McCallie ’58 Georgia Cox Nelson ’58 Katie Cowles Nichols ’58, P’79 Virginia Gibb Pascoe ’58 Joan Hulme Perera ’58 Elizabeth Woodhall Rackley ’58, P’86 Suzanne Moorhead Spencer ’58 Eleanor Ward Taylor ’58 Susan Howe Thorn ’58 Ann Bradley Vehslage ’58 Margaret Bodine Wallis ’58 Linda Clark Waterman ’58 Leslie Meek Wileman ’58, P’87 Katherine Wisdom ’58

Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund

John H. & Cynthia Lee Smet Foundation

Rhodeside & Harwell, Inc.

The Cowles Charitable Trust The Deborah Loeb Brice Foundation The Fieldstone Foundation, Inc. The Freddie Mac Foundation The Gap The Guthrie Foundation The Howard Bayne Fund

Kyser Foundation

Sprint Foundation Matching Gift Program

Lazar Foundation

Strickland Family Foundation

The Joan & Fred Hirschhorn, Jr. Foundation, Inc.

Loeb Partners Corporation

STS Foundation

The Kirkpatrick Family Fund

Mad River Foundation

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

The Lehrman Institute

Marcia Brady Tucker Foundation Mars Incorporated

T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation, Inc.

The Martha Gaines & Russell Wehrle Memorial Foundation

Merck Partnership for Giving

Tara Foundation, Inc.

The Memton Fund, Inc.

MMC Matching Gifts Program

Textron Matching Gifts Program

The Neel Foundation The Norweb Foundation The Perkins Charitable Foundation The Philanthropic Collaborative, Inc. The Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund

In memory of Pamela Oughton Armstrong ’65 China Oughton Leonard ’65 Daphne Powell Markcrow ’88 China Oughton P’65 In honor of Laura Atkins ’05 Barbara & Randall Atkins P’05

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

In honor of Bea Weicker Baldauf ’51 Karen Lanza ’51

The Ruth & Edward Austin Foundation

In memory of Newell Blanton ’90 Nora Keating Gvozdov ’89

The Seilheimer Foundation

In memory of Robert Brooks GP’99 Elizabeth Richardson ’99

The Southways Foundation The Stony Point Foundation The Triple T Foundation The Tyler R. Cain Charitable Foundation The Wilson Family Foundation The Winston-Salem Foundation

In memory of Pauline Meeds Burford ’48 Georgia Ames Fulstone ’48 In memory of Nancy Baxter Caldwell ’43 Mary Baxter Phillip ’46 In memory of the horse Chocolat Blair St. Ledger-Olson ’09

Townsend Family Foundation

In honor of the Class of 1999 Jo Ann Morris P’99

United Way of The National Capital Area

In honor of Susie & Paul Coston P’09 Amanda Coston ’09

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

In honor of Marianne Courpron ’09 Claire & Henri Courpron P’09

Verizon Foundation

In memory of Dottie Craig P’68, ’73, ’78, GP’98 Kathleen Kavanagh

Wachovia Matching Gifts Program

In honor of Kiyah Crittendon ’10 Ron Crittendon P’10

Washington Group Foundation, Inc.

In memory of Ann Swift Cronin ’58 Deborah Owen Turner ’55

William Howard Flowers, Jr. Foundation, Inc.

In honor of Heather Davis ’04 Robin & John Davis P’04


Madeira Today 43

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In memory of Jane Brenton Eddy ’45 John Eddy

In memory of Moira Archbold O’Connor ’68 Joan Humphreville Fitzgibbon ’68


In honor of Floramay Ervin ’88 Florence Ervin P’88

In honor of Alexis Osei ’12 Comfort Osei & Alex Osei-Kwame P’12, ’12

Sonja Adams

In memory of Rose Hyde Fales ’34 Julie Camp McLean ’34, P’64, ’67

In honor of Josephine Osei ’12 Comfort Osei & Alex Osei-Kwame P’12, ’12

In memory of Charles Fisher Jennifer Ewing Allen ’88

In memory of Susannah Randolph ’82 Catherine Stewart Brown ’82

Lydia Gray Bartholow ’84

In memory of Dolly Hemphill Frisch ’46 Sally Strong Clapp ’46

In honor of Sheila Reilly Cynthea & Thomas Riesenberg P’04, ’07

H. Tayloe Compton, Jr.

In honor of Veronica Gaitan ’09 Susan & Fernando Gaitan P’09

In memory of Anne Reynolds ’75 Jane & Hal Reynolds P’75

Ramona & Robert Deal, Jr. P’11

In honor of Elisabeth Griffith Jeanette Phelps Evans ’57 Elaine Grasselli Hadden ’49, P’76 Elizabeth Heun Locke ’60 & Allen Locke, P’87 Karen & Michael Weinberger P’07

In honor of Cri-Cri Richards ’02 M.A. Mahoney

Elsabe Dixon

In memory of Nancy & J. Walsh Richards GP’02, ’06 Cri-Cri Richards ’02 Carolina Richards ’06 Cristina & J. Walsh Richards, Jr. P’02, ’06

Victoria Gray

In memory of Suzanne Ripley P’90 Leila Ripley ’90

Carole Herrick

In honor of Jennifer Eisenberg Grosswald ’88 Lynn & Barry Eisenberg P’88 In honor of Dorothy Hayden Martha & James Winder P’99 In memory of Mary Gentry Heun ’34 Julie Camp McLean ’34, P’64, ’67

In memory of Lynn Rongaus Nancy Nelson P’12

Katherine & Paul Armstrong P’10 Charles Barbour Leisa Clark Kimberly Williamson Darden ’75

Kathryn & Andrew Garman P’11 Grace Guggenheim ’77 Ann & Paul Hager Barbara Rohr & Kenneth Herrington P’09 Debra Kathman

In memory of Mary van Beuren Seavey ’52 Kitty Jarvis Blair ’52, P’86 Anne Fitch Foulkes ’52 Dorothy Dort Levy ’52

Randall Kennedy

Samuel Marsh

In honor of Kelly Kerrigan ’91 Kathleen & David Kerrigan P’91

In honor of our 2009 Senior advisee group Elisabeth Griffith Ann Miller

In memory of Barbara Keyser Marti Bellingrath ’72, P’02

In memory of Carolyn Ebberts Shenk ’46, P’75 Sarah Strong Clapp ’46

In memory of Elizabeth Lawrence Genevieve Cody ’04

In honor of Kimmy Timolat Short ’59 Leslie Meek Wileman ’58, P’87

Dorothea & Clark Ragsdale P’07

In honor of Yu Na Lee ’11 Eun Joo & Kyu Sung Lee P’11

In honor of Charlotte Elizabeth Simmons ’09 Sally & Calvert Simmons P’09

Laura Schneider ’59

In honor of Lane Fleming Longino ’05 Elizabeth Wray Longino ’74 & George Longino, III, P’05

In honor of Pat Sinclair ’51 Karen Lanza ’51

Barbara & Alain Sheer

In honor of Mary Allen MacDonald ’51 Katherine MacDonald Sternbach ’80

In honor of Nancy Smalley Alison Serota ’08

Catherine Harris Shraga ’70

In honor of M.A. Mahoney Sandra & Dennis Friedman P’03 Susan Rattner P’09 Cri-Cri Richards ’02 Carolina Richards ’06 Cristina & J. Walsh Richards, Jr. P’02, ’06

In memory of Elaine Chandler Smith ’49 Georgina Bliss Marshall ’82

Kathleen Bingham Stroh ’57

In memory of Marion Shutts Hight ’29 Eleanor Hight ’66 In memory of James Huppert GP’09 Susan Herrington P’09

In honor of Judy Billings-Mapondera P’01 Tasiyiwa Mapondera ’01 In memory of Allegra Maynard Julie Johnson Engel ’48 In memory of John McDermott P’01 Mary McDermott P’01 In honor of Kelly Taylor Merriam ’80, P’10 Kelly Taylor Merriam ’80 & Robert Merriam, P’10 In honor of Taylor Merriam ’10 Kelly Taylor Merriam ’80 & Robert Merriam, P’10 In memory of Julienne Michel ’59 Cynthia McCune Allen ’59 Eloise Morris Clark ’59 Ellen Gleason Tilney ’59 In memory of Eleanor Eisenhart Morris ’37 Anne McKelvey Hargrave ’44 In honor of Mary Grace Oakes ’12 Caroline & John Oakes P’12

44 Madeira Today


In memory of Margaret Walker Spofford ’21, P’57, GP’89 Margaret Spofford Benkard ’57 In memory of Ellen Watson ’05 Elissa Vinnik ’03 Ellen & George Watson, Jr. P’05 In memory of Martha Gaines Wehrle ’44 Melanie Fort Christian ’73 Mary Gerstenberg Hulitar ’44 In honor of Alyssa Weinberger ’07 Shirley Horn GP’07 In honor of Lucretia Hadden Weiner ’76 Jane Murphy In memory of Frances Eells Welles ’42, P’66 Kathleen Galvin Johnson ’53, P’80 In memory of Nancy Wilson ’59 Annette Clark Chilton ’58 In memory of Lucy Madeira Wing Natalie Graham Brenton ’46 Maureen Callahan-Rohowsky Forman ’92 Carina & Steven Slepian P’11 In memory of Virginia Worthington ’64 Virginia & G. Worthington, III P’64

Susanne Louisell ’84 Perre MacFarland Magness ’58 Ann Miller Joan Morgan ’71 Reyna & Laurence Pratt Natalie Reneau ’11 Dana & William Schreiner P’12

Betty Slosson Stevens ’44 Leslie Trainer Ellen & George Watson, Jr. P’05 Leslie Meek Wileman ’58, P’87 Elizabeth Hirschhorn Wilson ’78 Miden Wood ’08

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hile annual gifts benefit Madeira’s current programs, planned gifts help secure the School’s future. Planned or deferred gifts enable you to maximize your charitable giv-

ing while meeting your estate planning goals; they also provide you with substantial tax benefits and, in some cases, guaranteed income for life. There are several types of planned gifts: Bequests: You may provide for Madeira in your will a specific amount, leave a percentage of your estate to the School, or designate the School as a residual beneficiary. Life Income Gifts:There are several types of life income gifts to consider: • Charitable Gift Annuity: A contract that provides you and/or your designated beneficiary income for life or for a specified number of years. Current annuity rates range from 5 –10½ percent, depending on the age of the annuitant. • Pooled Income Fund: You transfer assets to a fund managed by Madeira in which all gifts are “pooled” for investment purposes with the income shared proportionally among participants. • Charitable Remainder Trust: You transfer assets to the trust in return for an income stream for life or a specified term of years. Upon death, or the end of the term, assets are distributed to Madeira. • Charitable Lead Trust: You transfer assets to a trust and Madeira receives the income stream from the trust. At the end of the trust, the principal reverts to the donor or another beneficiary. Life Insurance:You may name Madeira the owner and beneficiary of a policy and, if you continue to pay the premiums, you will be credited for the amount of the premiums in the years they are paid. You may also name Madeira as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs):You may name Madeira as the beneficiary of your IRA. All taxes are avoided when IRAs are contributed by bequest to a non-profit organization. In addition, if you are age 70 ½ or older, you may make charitable gifts directly from your IRA accounts without incurring income tax on the withdrawal. Real Estate:You may contribute a primary residence or vacation home outright, or reserve the right to occupy your home for a term of years or for life. Donors who have made a planned gift to The Madeira School are recognized through membership in The Greenway Society. We are deeply grateful to the members of the Society for having the generosity and foresight to take a serious interest in the School’s future and contribute in this powerful way. If you would like to become a member of The Greenway Society, or if you wish for more information about planned giving opportunities, please contact the Development Office at (703) 556-8221.


Madeira Today 45

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G R E E N WAY SO C IETY The Greenway Society was established to recognize alumnae and friends who have included a gift to Madeira in their estate plans. Anonymous (22)

Rebecca Humphrey Diederich ’80

Mary Brookings Imrie-McGowan ’40

Dara Trought MacDonald ’92

Constance Norweb Abbey ’70

Nancy David Dillon ’74

Anne Hale Johnson ’41, P’77, ’84

Mr. & Mrs. Frederic V. Malek P’86

Eleanor McGowin Adams ’58, GP’10

Mary Hamlin Dixon ’50

Virginia Johnson ’48

Barbara Baker Mallory ’54

Katherine Meyers Ainslie ’92

Adelaide Marshall Donnan ’42, P’65, ’67, GP’90

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Jones P’95, ’99

Patricia Appel Malloy ’46

Ruth Bennett Jordan ’42, P’74

Joan Selden Mathews ’37, P’58

Pamela Cushing Donner ’47

Lynde Sudduth Karin ’58, P’81

Ms. Joan M. Anzelmo P’07

Christine Bowie Dove ’70

Kathleen A. Kavanagh

Margaret Hammons McCullough ’39, P’63, ’70

Nancy Marshall Athey ’68

Dorothy Brown Duncan ’83

Meg Koster ’83

Elizabeth McGowin’72

Frederica Sterling Bacher ’49

Judy Kingsley Duncan ’59

Paulina C. Kreger ’46

Joan Chilcott McKenna ’46

Jean Ann Stewart Banker ’73

Susan Saltonstall Duncan ’74

Colles Baxter Larkin ’61

Gracey Bethel McKeown ’56

Ann Bausum ’75

Melanie Dunea ’89

Ashley Caldwell Levi ’87

Meme Meket ’82

Susan Wehrenberg Bergdoll ’88

Mrs. Marylyn R. Elkin P’81

Anne B. Lipke ’92

Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Merin P’00

June L. Biedler ’43

Eleanor Johnson Estes ’96, P’09

Gretchen Lipke ’84

Jean Palmer Messex ’52

Catharine Bieser Black ’55, P’82

Jeanette Phelps Evans ’57

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Lipke P’84, ’92

Suzanne Lochhead Mink ’46

Barbara Boerner

Mrs. Thomas M. Evans P’60, ’65

Cecilia Drew Loeb ’80

Jeannette Pugh Mock ’94

Fay DuBose Bohlayer ’56, P’83

Angelica White Ewing ’53, P’88

Elizabeth Wray Longino’74, P’05

Cynthia Comly Montague ’49, P’71

Susan Boyd ’56

Glenna Tilton Felson ’40

Margaret Heun Bradford ’64

Joanne Danehower Findahl ’48

Kate Halle Briggs ’56

Emily Fisher ’69

Knobby Knobloch Brown ’50, P’78

Anne Fitch Foulkes ’52

Virginia Lowrey Brown ’38

Ann Frame ’72

Julianne Fanning Brykczynski ’80

Anne Curtis Fredericks ’43, P’73

Elizabeth Buckman ’68

Susan Steketee Freihofer ’44

Lee King Carrion ’79, P’07

Dr. & Mrs. Dennis C. Friedman P’03

Anne Carson P’76 Diane Chilcott Carson ’51

Anne Murray Gambal ’81 & Paul Gambal P’10

Marcia McGhee Carter ’58, P’82

Mr. & Mrs. Whitney H. Ganz P’05

Karen Chaffee

Carolyn Bryan Goodrich ’52

Anne Palms Chalmers ’60

Mr. & Mrs. J. Warren Gorrell, Jr. P’01, ’04

Elisabeth Hadden Alexander ’46, P’71, ’75

Penny Chenery ’39 Virginia Parker Clagett ’61 Sarah Strong Clapp ’46

Katherine Alexander Grimes ’49, P’76 Judith Wall Guest ’83

Mary Paul Collins ’61 Hannah Klein Connolly ’80 Anne Constantinople ’56 Cornelia Lombard Cook ’54

Cynthia Flynn Guill ’71 Elaine Grasselli Hadden ’49, P’76 Meg Walker Hansson ’40 Chase Rodgers Harrigan ’76

Susan Cooley ’60

Margaret Hemingway Harrington ’34, P’68

Patricia Cornell P’00 Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Coyne P’98 Celia Faulkner Crawford ’54 Mr. Eldon H. Crowell

Lois Cowles Harrison ’52 Mary Cumner Hartshorne ’47 Elizabeth Lykes Havens ’39

Renee Dagseth ’75

Sarah Muth Hemphill ’51

Sarah Pettit Daignault ’66 Cynthia Fuller Davis ’62 Patricia Phelps de Cisneros ’65 Eleanore Leavitt De Sole ’68, P’00, ’02 Danielle Sheft Deane ’79 Carolyn Scott Dejanikus ’38, P’71 Sally L. DeMott

Mr. Howard T. Heun P’60, ’64, GP’87 Jane Hewson ’73 Anne Coe Heyniger ’52 Mary Lifson Hilbert ’91 Emma Hill ’70 Carolyn Cline Holmes ’56 Terry Huffington ’72, P’07

Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Derby P’07

46 Madeira Today

Alva Greenberg ’70


Jane Casey Hughes ’55, P’81, ’86

Greenway Society Donor Profile: Jennifer Evers Shakeshaft ’91 Even before Jen Shakeshaft ’91 was married and became a mother, she made certain to include Madeira as a beneficiary in her will. “The School was a transformative experience for me,” she says. “I went there shy and not sure who I was and left feeling confident that I could do anyJennifer Evers thing.” In fact, her love of the Shakeshaft ’91, Chinese language began at Julia Shakeshaft, Madeira. She continued to and Tom Shakestudy Chinese in college and shaft now teaches it at an independent school near her home in Chicago. Being a member of The Greenway Society gives Jen the opportunity to honor Madeira and do her part to help secure the School’s future. She is fortunate to come from a family in which philanthropy was openly discussed, so she understands the importance of supporting and sustaining the institutions that have played a key role in her life. Jen urges any of her classmates at Madeira and other alumnae of her generation for whom the School was also transformative to consider membership in The Greenway Society. “It’s a wonderful way to give back to a place that gave us so much … and to express our confidence that Madeira will continue to do for other young women what it did for us.”

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Jan McMillan Montgomery ’47

Gail Grant Slingluff ’55

Joan Morgan ’71

Stirling Cassidy Smith ’77

Caroline Tower Morris ’90

Margaret Cochran Spear ’48

Margaret Wilson Morton ’51

Susan Stearns ’84

Henrietta Wiggins Muller ’88

Anne Stickney ’70

Patricia Roberts Naguib ’47

Marion Rockefeller Stone ’45, P’69

Lilia Gherardi Nash ’46

Sara Taylor Swift ’48

Amy Neel ’63

Noel Bausher Szundy ’54

Dora Shaw Neidecker ’47

Maurine Keller Thornton ’87

Florence Ely Nelson ’49

Jessica Story Turner ’82

Julia O’Brien ’69

Courtenay Valenti ’81

Eleanor Rubottom Odden ’61

Pris Van Buskirk ’73

Paula Skallerup Osborn ’70, P’98

Mr. John Vanderstar P’81, ’84, ’86

Susan Stabler Paneyko ’74

Caroline von Stade ’72

Muriel Selden Paris ’36, P’58, GP’81

Patricia Shea Ward ’61, GP’04

Clare Hudson Payne ’70

Linda Clark Waterman ’58

Joan Hulme Perera ’58

Lucretia Hadden Weiner ’76

Elizabeth Richmond Phelps ’52

Mary de Limur Weinmann ’47

Brenda Brophy Pivirotto ’85

Alexandra Whitman ’79

Penny Davis Preston ’64

Coke Anne Murchison Wilcox ’70

Gail Potts Rawl ’50, P ’75

Valerie Williams ’56

Signa Lynch Read ’48, P’69, ’71

Nancy Fannin Williams ’82

Nancy Miller Redpath ’25

Annie Dreymann Wilson ’32

Aida Reed ’71

Eileen Wilson ’70

Judy Towers Reemtsma ’54

Paula Ridley Wilson ’50

Christina Cooley Rivers ’64

Mrs. Robert W. Wilson P’51

A. Birney W. Robert ’56

Cornelia Cheston Worsley ’43, P’75, ’76, ’78

Katharine Ferguson Roberts ’70 Mrs. Annelise Rothe P’82, ’83, GP’07, ’07 Josephine C. Routh ’84 Frances Rowan ’48 Leila Atwood Russell ’49 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Saltzman P’85 Diana Sanson’82 Tracy G. Savage ’66 Sydney Pool Scarborough ’68 Julia Schieffelin ’61 Mary Winters Schlendorf ’57 Nancy Happel Schriber ’62 Jocelyn Scofield Jennifer Evers Shakeshaft ’91 Adrian Rice Shore ’51, P’73, ’78 Kimmy Timolat Short ’59 Catherine Harris Shraga ’70 Jean Milholland Shriver ’50 Marion Nimick Silbert ’72, P’04 Anne Skae ’58 Nancy Skallerup ’80 Julie Bres Slavik ’54


Madeira Today 47

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n Saturday, September 26, Madeira Board members, the Alumnae Association Leadership Council, Class Agents and other volunteers who support Madeira had the opportunity to gather for lunch and a State of the School delivered by Headmistress Elisabeth Griffith. We are indebted to all our volunteers for their selfless commitment of time and talent. Also on this special day, we dedicated The Second Century Society donor recognition panels, located in the foyer of the Student Center.

48 Madeira Today


2009 Annual Report  

The Madeira School Annual Report

2009 Annual Report  

The Madeira School Annual Report