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What a source of satisfaction & comfort & joy it will be as the future unrolls for you to remember one another, to see one another, & to enjoy one another. It will prove a real gift of friendship made here in the School. -Lucy Madeira Wing, 1944 As we celebrate Madeira’s 100th year, you have an opportunity to honor those in the Madeira community who have made a difference in your life or your daughter’s life. It may be a teacher or faculty member, a classmate who has been a lifelong friend, or a mentor who guided you or your daughter during her years at Madeira. In this historic year, consider making a gift to Madeira’s Annual Fund in honor of those who have made a There are many ways to give to Madeira.

difference to you.

To make your gift today, please visit our website at or contact the Annual Giving Office at 800.893.2419 or 703.556.8221.

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Madeira Today Winter 2006, Number 168 Published by The Madeira School 8328 Georgetown Pike McLean, Virginia 22102-1200 Megan Deardourff, Editor Photography: Megan Deardourff, Richard Howard, Wendy Merriman, Bethabnne Stish

The Madeira School 2005-2006 Board of Directors

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Elisabeth Alexander ’46, P ’71, ’75 Carliss Baldwin ’68


Jeanette Rowe Cadwallender P ’05, ’06 Francis L. Coolidge P ’05 Sarah Pettit Daignault ’66 Kimberly Darden ’75 CeCe Davenport ’89 Jennifer Evers ’91 Janet Fuchs P ’06, Parents Association President Elisabeth Griffith, Headmistress Zsolt Harsanyi P ’01 Terry Huffington P ‘07




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Priscilla Payne Hurd ’38, P ’68, Director Emerita Ashley Caldwell Levi ’87 Grady Means P ’05 Reed Montague ’82 Nancy Montgomery ’60 Misti Mukherjee ’84, Alumnae Association


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President Nancy Rosebush P ’98, ’00 Virginia Russell ’49 Karl Saunders P ’99 Tracy Savage ’66, Vice President Gail Slingluff ’55


Michael Tooke P ’99 Linda Waterman ’58 Daniel Wellington P ’02 Perry Carpenter Wheelock ’69, P ’98, ’01, President Madeira Today is published for alumnae, parents, and friends of the School. We welcome your contributions in the form of notes, email, comments or suggestions. Material may be edited for length, clarity and

Snail Spirit; Pep Rally during Parents Weekend October 7-8, 2005. Bethanne Stish, photographer.

comment and is published at the editor’s discretion. E-mail Us: Send your latest news, address change, or birth announcement to or a letter to the editor at You can locate a classmate, find out what is going on on campus or participate in an online discussion board at the Madeira website,


Headline Elisabeth Griffith, Ph. D., Headmistress

S ervice was a theme in Miss Madeira’s life and of the school she established. She represents the second generation of college educated women in this country, who graduated at the turn of the century. Middle class white and black women followed their pioneering older sisters and aunts out of women’s colleges and land grant colleges into settlement work, kindergarten teaching, muckraking journalism, and progressive reform, as well as into teaching, nursing, and stenography, occupations open to women since the Civil War and increasingly sex-segregated and underpaid.

Many occupations were closed to these

educated women.

entering the marriage mart or because

potential suitors worried about the fertility of

women who had squandered their vital

forces on thinking, as some experts opined,

they tended to marry later and have fewer

children. In search of occupation, they created


initially in “settlement houses.”

Significant was social work, done

Because they were older

The prototype was Hull House, opened by Jane Addams on Chicago’s South Side in 1889. Volunteers taught English language classes, opened nurseries, offered cultural exchange programs, taught cooking and hygiene classes, investigated working conditions, and labored for reforms in wages, hours, and working conditions.

Alice Hamilton, Edith’s sister, a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School, documented lead poisoning and discovered black lung disease while working at Hull House. In New York City, Frances Perkins, inspired at her graduation from Mt. Holyoke by Hull House alum Florence Kelley, would be joined by Eleanor Roosevelt in settlement work in Hell’s Kitchen.



Several years ago the Class of 1950 surveyed itself. Questions

advanced degrees, because graduate education here excluded

included what books they read, with whom they lived, and

women, were Lucy Madeira’s demographic cohort and Vassar

what causes they supported with contributions. While Madeira

classmates. No wonder she described herself as a Fabian

was not well represented on the latter lists, almost every

socialist and FDR Democrat, although she voted for Herbert

respondent credited Miss Madeira for motivating her volunteer

Hoover in 1932, perhaps because of his leadership of recovery

work and community consciousness.


Settlement workers and others who went abroad to pursue

efforts following World War I and later the Great [Mississippi] Flood of 1937.

During our upcoming Centennial celebrations we intend to honor Miss Madeira’s legacy and her school’s ongoing

As a young woman with few financial resources, as a student

commitment to service. On Saturday, September 16, 2006,

who financed her Vassar education with loans and who

alumnae are organizing service projects nationwide. Current

recorded every cent spent for postage or shoes, Miss Madeira

students, parents, and area alums will work together on behalf

would also have been sensitive to issues of class. Miss Maynard

of somebody else on and off campus.

focused on “problems that came from poverty.” The daughter

Another aspect of service

of a Union veteran, living in Washington, employing black men

emphasized by Miss

and women in service roles, Miss Madeira would also have been

Madeira was the intrinsic

aware of racial issues. She graduated from Vassar the same year

value of the “work” of

the Supreme Court decided Plessy v. Ferguson (1896). Within a

mothers and teachers.

decade of the opening of Madeira, President Woodrow Wilson

She purposely recruited

had segregated all government facilities.

Madeira alumnae, many of them just graduating


recalled that Miss Madeira’s Bible and Public Affairs course The first formal Madeira alumnae publication was issued in 1919. For the next forty years it included a letter from Miss Madeira to her “Dear Girls” and class notes. There have been many iterations since then. Mimi Crowell and Celia Crawford

Miss Madeira’s legacy of social advocacy and social welfare was

from college, to return to

reflected and reiterated in the lives of her girls. Among Jane

Madeira to teach or work

Addams’ successors was Charlotte Carr ’11, a Vassar graduate

on staff. Among them were

substantial publication in the

who worked as a New York City policewoman and Secretary of

Bussie Coonley Faulkner

1960s. We think the School’s

Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor and Industry. In 1937 she

’20 and her daughter Celia

Second Century deserves a new

became Head Resident at Hull House. During her tenure, Miss

Faulkner Crawford ’54,

look. Madeira Today has been

Madeira’s stepdaughter, Mary Wing ’29, did research at Hull

Nancy Baxter Skallerup ’42

revamped, redesigned, and


and her daughter Paula S.

reorganized, to capture the vitality

made it a more polished and

Osborn ’70, Leila McKnight

and joie de vivre of Madeira girls

Carrying on the tradition of women muckrakers, journalist

’25, Penny Borden Vickery

and the accomplishments and

Clara Bingham ’81 covered the story of sexual harassment in

’36, Anne Curtis Fredericks

attitudes of Madeira women, all of

the Minnesota iron range. (See the Alumnae Spotlight, p.15.)

’43, Kiki Galvin Johnson

whom have something to say...

Another alumna, Rory Kennedy ‘87, is making a documentary

’53. More recently Lisa

about the ravages of AIDS in Africa. Today there are Madeira

Heun Locke ’60, Katherine

alumnae helping to build schools in Afghanistan, doing relief

Nevius ’73, Cristin Redwine DeRonga ’89, Heidi Santner

work in Baghdad, and serving our country in the military.

Freeman ‘89, Alex Malin ’98, and our newest recruits Megan Krause ’98 and Katie Earnest ’01 have returned. There are many

The Social Welfare League is now the Community Service Club.

others. These women and every current and retired teacher and

Every Wednesday Madeira girls are volunteering in community

staff member will be saluted at the closing weekend of our

service placements and nonprofit agencies, like Martha’s

Centennial year, which will honor “Teaching at Madeira.” I am

Table, D.C. Central Kitchen, Children’s Hospital, Hospital for

particularly grateful to Madeira women who return to Madeira

Sick Children, Africa Action, Whitman Walker (AIDS) Clinic,

to teach, especially in an era in which women can pursue any

Alternative House Runaway Shelter, Green Door (counseling

professional interest.

for mentally ill), and Amnesty International. For all the hours each of you contributes to your community, keeping Miss Madeira’s legacy alive, thank you. WINTER 2006











Order holiday gifts on-line: pashminas, charms, ornaments, Strong in Her Girls: The Madeira School Centennial History, 1906-2006.


Watch the mail for April registration materials coming in January. Some events have limited seating so you will want to sign up promptly.


Volunteer to be a “class captain” to help plan the Friday night “cluster dinners” in April. Since we are inviting

Centennial Checklist

all alums back to campus, we hope the reunion classes, the “ones” and the “sixes,” will invite the classes next older and younger to join them.


Start planning your reunion wardrobe. Pack something red or white for the April Alumnae Parade.



Save your Centennial brochure (with the red “belly


For a memorial service in April, please send us the names

band”) so you will know what to anticipate in our

of deceased alumnae or teachers or staff you would like

celebratory year.

to have remembered.

Attend a “precentennial regional event”


o January 19:

Brainstorm about service projects in your community, for which you might recruit other alums for “Lucy’s

Boston, lunch, The Chilton Club, hosted by

Legacy: A Centennial Day of Service” on Saturday,

Nina Lord Doggett ’62

September 16, 2006.

o January 24: Washington, DC, reception, at the home of


Pamela Oughton Armstrong ’65

Send a note addressed to memorable teachers or staff, past or present, for us to forward to them with an

o January 29:

invitation for the October 7 dinner honoring “Teaching

Palm Beach, brunch, at the home of Gail Grant

at Madeira.”

Slingluff ’55, co-hosted by Linda Clark Waterman ’58


If you have addresses of former employees, please send them to us. We are still searching for “lost” faculty.


Mark the dates of the April, September and October

See the list in the Spring Madeira Today or go to the

events on your calendar NOW. Remember, EVERYBODY

Centennial website and see the lost faculty box.

is invited back to campus, reunion year or not.

n n

Contact your classmates and friends to make plans to

Please consider a Centennial boost to your Annual Fund gift – and make a Centennial gift, too.

meet at Madeira in 2006.

n n

Pull out your Madeira scrapbooks and photos and send them to the Archives to be added to our Centennial Traveling Scrapbook.



Contact the Centennial staff in person, by phone, or online at

October 5, 2005 New York City The Asia Society and Museum 1

Hostesses: Mary Rockefeller Morgan ’56 Lally Graham Weymouth ’61 Patricia Phelps de Cisneros ’65 Coke Anne Murchison Wilcox ’70 Barbara Putnam de la Gueronniere ’72

1 Katy Steele ’75, Executive Director of Centennial


Campaign, Martha Kenerson’67 and Rebecca Rawson ’65

2 Theresa Beyer ’73, Ann ffolliott ’72, Patricia McGlothlin Stewart ’71, Terry Huffington ’72, Co-chair of Centennial Campaign



Headmistress Betsy Griffith with New York City Hostesses: Coke Anne Murchison Wilcox ’70, Barbara Putnam de la Gueronniere ’72, Lally Graham Weymouth ’61, Patricia Phelps de Cisneros ’65, Mary Rockefeller Morgan ’56, and President, Board of Directors, Perry Carpenter Wheelock ’69.

4 Mary Anne Dailey Jones ’55, Gail Grant Slingluff


’55, Mary Rockefeller Morgan ’56, and Mary Biggs Stevenson ’54

5 Anne Curtis Fredericks ’43, Megan Theiling, Director of Alumnae Relations, Tiffany Caton ’02, Lindsey Holmes ’00, and Gita Yitta ’01




October 26, 2005 Fort Worth The home of Kimberly Williamson Darden ’75 6 Terry Huffington ’72, Co-chair of Centennial Capital Campaign, Hostess Kimberly


Williamson Darden ’75, B.J. Murchison Coffman ’74, and Stephanie Dickson Embrey ’83 7 Boo Lively ’88, Tanya Vaughn McDonald ’88, and Blaire Neher Hohenshelt ’92




Cynthia Brants ’41 and Gail Potts Rawl ’50 9 Frances Atkins ’02, Cri-Cri Richards ’02, and Shaylyn Hynes ’05

November 3, 2005 San Francisco The Officer’s Club at Fort


Mason Hostesses Nancy Miller Montgomery ’60 Marjorie Smith ’74 10 Headmistress Betsy Griffith with San Francisco Hostesses Nancy Miller Montgomery ’60 and Marjorie Smith ’74


11 Lockett Miller Roach ’61 and Nancy Miller Montgomery ’60 tell Gary Todd of their time at Madeira 12 Louise Holland Peterson ’75, Major Gifts Officer, Holly Myers ’73, Marjorie Smith ’74, Jennifer Jordan McCall ’74, Lise Schreiner Salmon ’77





November 5, 2005 Napa Valley Seavey Vineyard Hosts: Mary van Beuren Seavey ’52 William A. Seavey 13 Mary Ellen Hughes ’53, Margaret Grant


Young ’48, Mary Cosby Rinehart ’57, Jeanette Phelps Evans ’57, Dana Schmidt ’80, Nadia Ilyin ’65, Mary van Beuren Seavey ’52, hostess, Sonja Rasmussen Patel ’87, Vida Barham ’87, Kimberly Hughes ’81, Amy Neel ’63, Headmistress, Betsy Griffith, Cathy Cloutier ’67, Nancy Miller Montgomery ’60, Kay McElvain Harvey ’57,



Laura Holmes Peters ’77, Bettie McGowin Miller ’60, and Polly Morton ’00 14 Madeira Men, George Montgomery, Pat Hughes, and John Peters 15 Mr. William Seavey leads a tour of the winery as guest enjoy a tasting of the Seavey wine.


16 Guests enjoyed a wine country luncheon and tasting at Seavey Vineyard 17 Polly Morton ’00, Vida Barham ’87 and Steve Barham learn about the Seavey Vineyard and wine.

November 6, 2005 Los Angeles The Valley Hunt Club Hostess: Maria Ophuls Grant ’62


18 Perry Carpenter Wheelock ’69, President, Board of Directors, Maria Ophuls Grant ’62, Hostess, and Betsy Griffith, Headmistress. 19 Charlie Shriver (Husband of Jean Milholland Shriver ’50) and Louise Ripple Yuhas ’62





Madeira is Celebrating the Centennial in Florida Palm Beach January 29, 2006 Because the woolly worms have been fuzzy and the acorns have been plenty (which usually means Greenway is in for a cold winter) the Madeira Alumnae Relations Office has decided to escape the cold this January and Celebrate the Centennial in Florida. Please save the date and check your travel schedule to join sister alumnae and others in the Madeira community for a brunch with Headmistress Elisabeth Griffith and Hostesses Gail Grant Slingluff ’55 and Linda Clark Waterman ’58 in Palm Beach on January 29, 2006.

For more information please contact The Madeira School Alumnae Relations Office at 800.893.2419, 703.556.8223, or







C lara Bingham ’81, Courtenay Valenti ’81, and Helen Bartlett ’77, who first met on the Madeira bus from Northwest, Washington, D.C., have been best friends, maids of honor and god parents to each other’s children, and have now collaborated on the new movie “North Country.” Inspired by Bingham’s book Class Action: The Story of Lois Jenson and the Landmark Case that Changed Sexual Harassment Law, “North Country” is one of the first major Hollywood films to tackle sexual harassment from a woman’s point of view. Graphic and unambiguous, this $35-million film presents a fictionalized version of Jenson v. Eveleth, the United States’ first sexual harassment class action case. Oscar winner Charlize Theron

plays beleaguered single mom litigant Josey

Ames. She and her fellow female Minnesota iron

miners are subjected to sexualized graffiti, lewd

talk, semen in their lockers, pinching, grabbing

and various forms of sexual assault. “North

Country” falls into the lineage of social-activist

films such as “Norma Rae,” “Silkwood,” and

“Erin Brockovich.”

The politics of the film production are almost

the exact inverse of the patriarchy depicted on

screen. Complicated and lacking a happy Hollywood ending, the book was rejected by a number of studios, until Bartlett read about it in the classnotes section of Madeira Today and brought the book to Valenti, executive vice president at Warner Brothers Pictures. The project was then green lighted by Valenti and executive produced by Bartlett. They signed on Theron and “Whale Rider” director Niki Caro. In less than three years, record speed in the movie business, “North Country” opened on October 14, 2005.

All three women attribute both their friendships and their determination to produce good work with important messages to their time at Madeira. “Madeira truly shaped all three of us to be confident, independent, careerist and headstrong,” said Bingham. “We are real feminists.”

Pictured above Courtnenay Valenti ‘81 and Clara Bingham ‘81 while at Madeira.



Movie Review BY KATE WALTON ‘06

Assumptions can be dangerous. This week, while on a visit to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, my dad and I decided to see a movie in order to take our minds off of the somewhat daunting college process. I had learned that Clara Bingham had attended Madeira, and that her book had been made into a movie, so I suggested seeing “North Country.” I never would have expected the movie to affect me so profoundly. Here I was, visiting the Physics department of an excellent university, being encouraged to sit in on difficult classes, and talking with the female department chair about research opportunities. It hardly occurred to me that not very long ago, I would have been discouraged







opportunities because of my gender. “North Country” is the poignantly powerful story of Josey Aimes, a woman who is determined to make a life for herself and not afraid to fight for justice. After enduring numerous beatings, she leaves her husband and sets off to start over. While looking for a job, she reconnects with Glory, an old friend and one of the first women to work at the iron mines in northern Minnesota. Josey joins Glory and other equally brave women in the mine, performing difficult and physically demanding work while enduring extreme verbal and physical sexual harassment. Josey reports the abuses that the miners inflict on her and the other women to several managers, but the company refuses to act, and offers to accept her resignation without the required two weeks notice. Finally, she files a class action suit, straining her relationships with Glory, her friends at the mine, her young daughter, her troubled teenage son, and her father, who has worked at the mine for his entire life. The movie pieces together scenes from Josey’s past and present, weaving together a compelling narrative that pays tribute to the strength of women like Josey, and calls women to action, reminding us that the struggle is not over. Growing up with such strong female role models in my life, I never fully realized that women had been, or are still, so incredibly marginalized. It is one thing to read about the challenges that women have faced, but completely different to watch such events taking place. Like many of my Madeira peers, I consider myself a feminist, but “North Country” sparked waves of shock and determination for me as I watched. I found it difficult to believe that women like Josey lived through such conditions during my lifetime. “North Country” helped me pull together what I have learned of injustice, making me realize that even today, women do not have all of their rights. My mom has served as an officer in the United States Navy and worked in the defense contracting industry, and has had to endure discrimination and constantly has to prove her abilities in male dominated professions. Despite her talent, she is still paid less than men in her position. In my history classes at Madeira, I have learned about female genital mutilation and sex trafficking that is going on today. Having grown up in a world where women are more empowered than ever, my generation has a tendency to assume that there is no longer a need to fight for women’s rights. We could not be more wrong. Yes, there has been amazing progress toward gender equality, but women in this country, and all over the world, across racial, religious, gender, and economic lines, still face discrimination and marginalization. Our job is not done.



Plastic Angel, by Nerissa Nields ‘85


“ ‘And then we’ll need to practice your dialogue for the hair-product commercial…,’ Mrs. Riddle continues, pulling out her big legal notepad—Gellie’s never-ending To Do list.” Gellie (Angela) and Randi are two engaging teenagers whose summer-before-high-school is crowded with angst and triumph. Gellie has been sleep-walking through a modeling career of her mother’s making. Randi, daughter of a guitar playing singer-father who is on the road more than he is at home, longs to write her own songs and play, and she has recruited Gellie for her band, which they call, “Plastic Angel.” Gellie turns out to have real talent, bur her Mom is against anything that would distract Angela from the career that becomes more successful each day. Less successful each day is the marriage between Randi’s parents, as her father’s time on the road leaves her mother feeling ever more lonely and overburdened. John is a sympathetic CD-store owner who gives Randi guitar lessons and a job, and who gets an actual gig for Plastic Angel. Druge (rhymes with huge) is the friend-who-would-like-to-be more-than-a-friend who records their music for them. Zany Aunt Izzie is the non-judgmental and beloved Aunt who brokers the peace when the girls step way over the line and head straight for the dark side of predictable teen-age behavior. Author Nerissa Nields comes naturally to the telling of this appealing story. Like Randi, she is a girl who grew up playing the guitar and writing songs, and she now performs regularly with her sister, Katryna Nields ‘87. Indeed this edition of Plastic Angel comes with a free CD of Nerissa and Katryna singing two songs that are described as “the sound track to this book.” High marks go to Nerissa Nields for innovation in writing a book that comes with its own sound track! Fortunately for all the girls who will love Plastic Angel, Ms. Nields is now at work on her next YA novel, The Big Idea, that will continue the story of Gellie and Randi, as they step out on their own, and into the world of music.

S C I E N C E B U I L DI N G DE DI C AT IO N On September 16, 2006, the Madeira Science building was dedicated the “Dr. June L. Biedler ’43 Science Center.” A renowned and recognized research scientist, Dr. June Lee Biedler ‘43 was dubbed the “Mother of Drug Resistance” for her groundbreaking work in cancer therapy, investigating why cancer cells resist chemotherapeutic drugs. Her landmark discoveries contributed to understanding the causes of the pediatric tumor neuroblastoma. Dr. Biedler was a pioneer in her field at a time when women scientists were rare. Born in New York City in 1925, she came to Madeira as a sophomore boarder from Rye, NY. She was a Red Team member, Head of Student Government, and captain of both the field hockey and lacrosse teams. To this day she can recite passages memorized for English teacher Ruth Katz and others over 60 years ago. Admitted to Vassar, she nearly flunked out before graduating with a degree in zoology and a growing interest in science. Later she earned an MA in zoology at Columbia University and a PhD in cell biology at Cornell University Graduate School of Medical Sciences. For 35 years she worked at the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research where she became Chairman of the Cell Biology and Genetics Program. In

1994 she retired as Professor of Cornell University’s Graduate School of Medical Sciences. Today she remains on the faculty of Fordham University as a Distinguished Research Scientist, and is Member Emeritus, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Dr. Biedler has served on the boards of numerous scientific and medical societies. For her work, Dr. Biedler has received numerous honors and awards, including the Clowes Memorial Award given by the American Association for Cancer Research. In October 2000, Dr. Biedler received Madeira’s Alumnae Recognition Award, and was recently showcased in the book I Can’t Do What? Voices of Pathfinding Women by Barbara Hutmacher MacLean. Dr. Biedler was honored by students and faculty and feted with champagne and red roses. PHOTOS: 1. Perry Carpenter Wheelock ’69, President of the Board, Dr. June L. Biedler ’43, and Dr. Elisabeth Griffith, Headmistress. 2. Dr. Biedler with Madeira Science Faculty. 3. Dr. Biedler.





Application Essay BY JADE SMITH ’05, BARNARD COLLEGE ’09

I could taste life through my feet. It tasted bitter at first

that was not welcome to Bob Marley and his sidekicks. Fierce

but the force of the ground gradually transformed into a

dogs appeared viciously barking at our dogs, chasing them

savory flavor. The long trek up and down the rolling hills

down the street and threatening us to leave. Beads of sweat

seemed to last for mile after mile and hour after hour. My

dripped down my forehead and blisters formed on my feet

host mother, brother, sisters, and the three dogs that followed

bore in flip-flops but we had not yet reached the Emerald

us everywhere, dragged me out for an expedition. I took the


familiar right turn outside of the gate. My host mother said,

Our hike culminated at a glass door where we took deep

“No, no Jade”, after I took several steps, “a la izquierda”.1 As

breaths and then opened it slowly. We stepped into the

I turned away wistfully from the sight of town and the red

sterile, chilled, and pearl world. We had entered a dental

and white steeple of the church, I walked reluctantly to the

office. My four-year old host sister needed a filling for a

other side. At that moment, as I looked into the distance of a

cavity. We waited as long as our journey had taken until the

continuous road, I knew that our destination was not around

beautiful Daniela returned with a luminous smile. The pure

the corner.

gold enamel on her front tooth nearly blinded me. At the

I felt as if I was Dorothy, undirected and uninformed

same time everyone in the office exclaimed, “¡Que Bonita!”2 .

of the distance, following the yellow brick road to Oz. At

It was indeed stunning on her. The time came to retrace our

any moment, the Wicked Witch of the West would pop up

path home but luckily, a generous cab driver offered us a ride

unexpectedly, flying apes attacking me, and order them to

free of charge.

get my little dog too. Well, in this case, there were three dogs.

Living amid active volcanoes, jungles, rivers, mountains,

There was the one golden retriever with dread locks that I

and beaches, one learns to make good use of her feet.

called Bob Marley and the two rottweiler puppies. We were

Americans often forget to take a minute away from our

“off to see the wizard” but there were some obstacles along

typically busy lives and our scurrying around in cars, to relax.

the way.

Inhale, exhale, and take in the beauty of life. For me the

We had to dodge children and teenagers running in the

walk was an adventure, a window to a new perspective on

streets, playing soccer, riding bikes, and living freely with no

life. Later, I looked forward to our ten-mile hikes to the top

worries. We passed a dilapidated tin house. I could not help

of the mountain. Walking through foreign streets is a way of

but marvel at its condition. The people sitting outside of it

immersing yourself into a culture other than your own. By

with smiles on their faces still enjoyed life with all that they

simply breathing and smelling the air, stepping on the soil,

needed: family, love, and a beautiful country. Surely they

hearing the Latino music blasting from houses, and observing

still thought “¡Pura Vida!”, that was the optimistic phrase

the sights, the people, and the color, I absorbed the richness

that I heard constantly in Costa Rica, it means that no matter

and flavor of Costa Rican life and wanted more.

what, life is great! After passing a horse galloping down the residential street with a man on its back, we entered territory




Spanish for to the left.


How Pretty!




The Oval o

WHAT’S HAPPENING ON CAMPUS. INTRODUCING LEISA CLARK, DIRECTOR OF CO-CURRICULUM BY ALEXANDRA MOORE ‘07 As a sophomore Alex worked at The Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center and as a junior for Senator Oluympia Snowe (R-ME).

M adeira girls are bright, motivated, hardworking, organized, and they always handle themselves professionally,” Lisa Clark,

the new director of the Co-Curriculum program said. “Isn’t that the perfect worker?”

Though she is new to the Co-Curriculum program that allows girls to experience the world through a variety of placements, Mrs. Clark is not new to the Madeira community. She taught Biology here from 1984-1989 and in the interim, Mrs. Clark wrote curriculum and worked for the Challenger Center for Space Education at NASA. “I got to meet a lot of great people, but I missed interacting with students.” Mrs. Clark said.

Which is one of the reasons that she applied as one of the Madeira “rites of passage.” Her skills and her love for students with her new to explore “global opportunities, because

Mrs. Clark hopes to make lots of suggestions

“Madeira girls are bright, motivated, hardworking, organized, and they always handle themselves professionally.”

for this role, heading a program that she refers to new position allows her to meld her business ideas for the program. In the future, she hopes Washington D.C. is such an international city.”

as she becomes more familiar with the program

and help to “mold” it, to further enhance the overall experience. For example, she hopes to incorporate journal entries into every year of the program. Currently, as part of the Junior Year requirements, girls are required to submit 15 journal entries about their daily experiences on the Hill. Not only would this show the emotional growth of the student throughout the years but also would function as a record for what could potentially be a life changing experience. “It can be a reality check. A hard one.” Mrs. Clark said, “You write for the moment in a journal. You capture that intense moment in your own words.”



Leisa Clark, Director of Co-Curriculm in front of the Co-Curriculm poster in the hallway of Main.

Mrs. Clark has been actively pursing the opinions of

When in college, Mrs. Clark participated in the “Big

students, to get a better sense of how the Co-Curriculm can

Brother, Big Sister” program, and the experience taught her

be improved upon. She is adamant that her predecessors

about giving back to people who were underprivileged in

have crafted a solid format, and she admires the natural

comparison. Similarly, one of the most moving aspects of

progression through the years. After freshmen and

Madeira’s program is that it makes girls more “socially

sophomore years, which focus on teamwork and instilling a

aware.” Mrs. Clark believes that Co-Curriculum could be one

strong sense of volunteerism, girls are ready to “branch out.”

of the reasons why so many graduates go on to work for non-

The final year, when girls choose where they would like to

profit organizations. The experience, which fosters the desire

work, exemplifies the diversity of each graduating class and is

to be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of others, is

an opportunity to utilize the skills learned in the previous

two fold. “The program has the ability to empower.” Mrs.

years. “Senior year is your year to really dream. You shouldn’t

Clark said, “It gives girls a chance to spread their wings.”

settle.” Mrs. Clark said. “ It [your placement] should be something you want to do for the rest of your life.”



National Institutes of Health National Zoological Park NOW Physiotherapy Associates Rep. Al Green (D-TX) Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) Rep. Bud Cramer (D-AL) Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) Rep. Charlie Bass (R-NH) Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-GA) Rep. Chris Shays (R-CT) Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN) Rep. Dennis Moore (D-KS) Rep. Donald M. Payne (D-NJ) Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) Rep. Edward J. Markey (D-MA) Rep. Frank R. Wolf (R-VA) Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) Rep. J. Dennis Hastert (D-IL) Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) Rep. James A. Leach (R-IA) Rep. James P. Moran (D-VA) Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL)

Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen. Sen.

Byron L. Dorgan (D-ND) Christopher J. Dodd (D-CT) Chuck Hagel (R-NE) Conrad Burns (R-MT) Daniel K. Inouye (R-HI) Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) Evan Bayh Harry Reid (D-NV) Herbert Kohl (D-WI) Hillary R. Clinton (D-NY) Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) John D. Rockefeller IV (D-WV) John Kerry (D-MA) John McCain (R-AZ) John W. Warner (R-VA) Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (D-DE) Lamar Alexander (R-TN) Larry E. Craig (R-ID) Mary Lou Landrieu (D-LA) Max Baucus (D-MT) Michael Crapo (R-ID) Olympia Snowe Patty Murray (D-WA) Pete V. Domenici (R-NM)


Alternative House Americans United for the Separation of Church and State Amnesty International Barbara Chambers Children’s Center Beasley and Beasley Architecture Bell Multicultural High School Cedar Creek Farm Center for Peace/School Without Walls CFED Child and Family Network Centers Children’s Hospital Country Day School Cox, Graae, and Spack, Architects Darby Overseas Investments, Inc. DC Central Kitchen Dr. Glenna Anderson Dr. Lucile Adams-Campbell Dr. Ronald Uscinski Easter Seals Program Child Development Center Environmental Protection Agency Fairfax County Animal Shelter Ferrari of Washington Fillmore Arts Center

2005-2006 Co-Curriculum Sponsors FOCUS Folger Shakespeare Library Fornash Designs Fox News George Washington University Georgetown Medical Center Georgetown University Hospital Graybill and English Great Falls Village Green Day School Habitat for Humanity, D.C. Hebrew Home Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Hospital for Sick Children (HSC) Inova Fairfax Hospital John Adams Elementary School Kalijarri, Chuzi, and Newman Kilmer Center Langley School Library of Congress Lift Me Up! Madeira Archives Marshall Road Elementary School Martha’s Table Metro Teen AIDS Museum of Nat. History- Botany National Geographic

Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN) Rep. John Spratt (D-GA) Rep. Jose Serrano (D-NY) Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY) Rep. Kay Granger (R-TX) Rep. Lane Evans (D-IL) Rep. Mark Udall (D-CO) Rep. Martin Meehan (D-MA) Rep. Mary Bono (R-CA) Rep. Melvin Watt (D-NC) Rep. Michael G. Oxley (R-OH) Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA) Rep. Robert C. Scott (D-VA) Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL) Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro (D-CT) Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ) Rep. Sam Farr (D-CA) Rep. Thomas Davis (R-VA) Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA) Rings and Leighton, Ltd. Ross Elementary School Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA)

Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-AL) Sen. Richard G. Lugar (R-IN) Sen. Robert C. Byrd (D-WV) Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) Sen. William H. Frist (R-TN) Senate Employees’ Child Care Center Smithsonian Early Enrichment Program Smithsonian Natural History Museum Stevens, Reed, Curcio, Poltholm, and Co. The Empower Program The Green Door The Kilmer Center The Langley School The Washington Design Center The Washington Post Video Takes, Inc. Vienna Elementary School Washington Hospital Center Washington Sports and Entertainment Whitman-Walker Clinic Wolf Trap Youth Venture



Fall Play The beginning of November brings Three Sisters by Anton

Often lauded as the best drama of the twentieth century,

Chekhov to life for the Madeira community. The fall play can

Three Sisters presents an exciting challenge to the student cast

be seen at 7:30 pm on November 3 and 4 at the C/A. Living

and crew. With compelling, poetic language and a complex,

in rural Russia, three sisters long to return to Moscow, the city

yet subtle plot, Chekhov juxtaposes the sometimes dull and

of their joyful youth. Their only brother marries a woman

often trivial business of everyday life with the depths of

they all detest, who exerts all her power to take over the

human emotion and the beauty of profound philosophy.

home. Unrequited love, undying hope, disillusionment with

Despite the tragic moments in the script, Chekhov viewed

dreams of youth, passionate affairs, career disappointments,

this play as a comedy. Madeira’s production embraces these

intense loyalty and dangerous acts of jealousy intertwine and

comic elements by fully embodying the human frailties of the

lead us to the eternal questions: “What is the meaning of

characters and attempting to walk the fine line between tears

life?” and “How should we choose to spend the precious time

and laughter with a vital sense of humor.


that we have?”


Three Lego blocks, two bumble bees, the Spanish Inquisition, Euclid, the cast of Peter Pan, including Nana, the Addams family, and a menagerie of pre-schoolers disguised as a giraffe, frog, turtle, and two cows were among the characters parading around the Oval this year on Halloween. The nurses wore sign boards with tea bag logos – chamomile, green, Lipton – and called themselves “the old bags.” The day ended with trick-and-treating on campus.



Book Discussion


Mrs. Bernstein and I eagerly await the arrival of Parents’ Weekend each year, because we enjoy meeting and talk-

Madeira discussions, everyone had something to say. Mrs. Bernstein and I came prepared to discuss the bee imagery (did you know that Sylvia Plath also uses

ing with families about

bee imagery to evoke female creative

their daughters. This year we

power in a sequence of her late po-

awaited the event with more

ems?), the power of family, for good

eagerness than usual, since we

or ill, in both novels, and the theme

were afforded the opportunity

of quests, particularly adolescents

to talk with parents not only

quests, in the texts. The discussion that

about their daughters, but also

evening allowed us to share with fami-

about books! For the evening, Dr. Griffith had smartly

lies our passion for books, for ideas, for

paired two novels, Mark Twain’s controversial clas-

discussion, and for using literature to

sic, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and Sue Monk

help girls progress on their own four-year

Kidd’s more recent best-seller, The Secret Life of Bees. The

quests for enlightenment, both intellec-

pair of books stimulated provocative discussion in a group

tual and personal. We hope to see you next year as we discuss

which included parents from each grade level as well as one

more books!

Madeira senior! Each participant brought particular questions and expertise to the discussion. For example, Mrs. Jeffcoat, mother of Sarah ‘06, works in Mepkin Abbey, a monastery in South Carolina, which houses the “Black Madonna” featured in Monk Kidd’s novel. Her descriptions of the icon helped

KUDOS! KUDOS The Madeira School Student Center was one of

us all “see” how an author can create stories from the tan-

seven winners of the 21st Annual Fairfax County

gible world. Sarah Jeffcoat had heard Monk Kidd speak on

Exceptional Design Awards.

black Madonnas and was able to add her knowledge of the author and the author’s research on iconography to the evening. Ms. Francis, mother of Kalina ‘07, and her mother listened to Huck Finn on audiotape in preparation for the

Dr. Elisabeth Griffith, Headmistress, was selected from among all Washington area independent school Heads to win the Washington Post Distinguished Educational Leadership Award.

discussion. This Madeira mother and grandmother caused the group to examine the power of the language in that text, especially the power of a single word to ignite and incite. Mr. Moore, father of Dana ‘07, wondered how student readers of Bees were given a greater context in which to place the

Assistant College Counselor, Dr. Dorothy (Dottie) Hayden, was inducted into the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame. Tennis Coach Kathy Stroop was named USTA Virginia Tennis High School Coach of the Year.

characters, particularly the male characters, in the real world of South Carolina in 1964. Other parents introduced equally pertinent topics. Like all good book discussions, and like all

Assistant Tennis Coach Kate Mills was named USTA Mid-Atlantic Teaching Professional of the Year.




For the past five years a select group of Madeira alumnae have come to campus in October to participate in Alumnae Lives and Legacies; and every year, without fail, the question arises among the invitees, “Why was I invited?”

Rachna Butani ’96 Washington, DC Madeira’s legacy: Madeira taught me that no matter what crisis you are currently facing, poise and class are absolutely critical. There are so many stressful situations that arise when

The question surfaces at different times for different

you run a company – times when you could lose control in

alumnae, but it always seems to surface. My favorite is the

front of your employees, clients or partners. However, the

alumna who called to accept the invitation from Dr. Griffith

ability to maintain your composure is what sets you apart

and the president of the Alumnae Association graciously and then hesitates and admits, “I don’t think I do what you think

and makes the biggest statement. Jane Elizabeth Chellgren ’95

I do.” As she starts her explanation of what she does now, I

San Francisco, CA

find myself smiling. Most times, I know exactly what she

Madeira’s legacy: The Madeira motto- Function in disaster,

does, and that is why she was invited, but, in true Madeira

finish in style.

spirit, she doesn’t see anything special in it.

WHY WAS I INVITED? However, what a Madeira alumna finds ordinary, others,

K. Michelle Howard Combs ’79

including Madeira girls, find extraordinary, interesting, and

Herndon, VA

“cool,” and for this reason, Alumnae Lives and Legacies was

Madeira’s legacy: A belief that I could do whatever I wanted

created. Alumnae Lives and Legacies is Madeira’s annual

to if I would work at it.

program in which alumnae are invited to come back to campus to participate in a full day of panels with current

Lauren Fontana ’90 New York, NY

students. We ask alumnae to come prepared to talk about

Madeira’s legacy: Madeira “Function in disaster and finish in

their profession, lives, education, and time at Madeira. We

style” is something I experience on a daily basis. Madeira

also encourage the women to share how what they learned at

empowers women and girls to take risks and face challenges.

Madeira helped them through different times in their lives, what legacy they left at Madeira, and what they feel the Madeira legacy truly is. As you will see from their comments, the Madeira legacy was, and still is, different things to different people. However, the core is constant; Madeira remains Strong in her Girls.



It is important that you try whether you succeed or not. Tina Freeman ’69 New Orleans, LA Madeira’s legacy: Brought me to photography and Miss Keyser’s undying faith in me.


Alva Greenberg ’70

Mary Cosby Rinehart ’57

Chester, CT

Charlotte, NC

Madeira’s legacy: A desire to give back to my community.

Madeira legacy: Madeira taught me that I could think independently.

Catherine Collins Hillenbrand ’66 Seattle, WA

Ingrid Schneider ’85

Madeira’s legacy: It saved my life. It was incredibly liberating

Vienna, VA

for me. My relationship to Madeira is tribal, and I have

Madeira’s legacy: Pursue opportunity, be grateful for what

friends I deeply love from that time.

you get and for others’ sacrifice to you. Value your peers and your mentors.

Leslie Dunham Hyde ’74 Takoma Park, MD

Gay Hartwell Sills ’62

Madeira’s legacy: The importance of being passionate about

Washington, DC

what you care about; the belief that you can have an impact

Madeira’s legacy: Organization learned through study halls—

on the world around you; the value of enduring friendships; a

I learned to set time aside to work quietly on a project and

love of poetry.

complete it.

Nora Keating ’89

Amy Doyle Sullivan ’82

Washington, DC

Portland, OR

Madeira’s legacy: “Make haste slowly,” is the best advice I ever

Madeira’s legacy: An excellent education, balancing the

received. It works!

intellectual work of the classroom with the practical experience of the Co-Curriculum program. This education

Emi Kolawole ’00

also provided an intellectual confidence that was a gift in its

Reston, VA

own right – especially for a woman working at times in a very

Madeira’s legacy: The Co-Curriculum program is everything

male-dominated environment.

to me. The work experience I received there has truly given me a leg-up both personally and professionally.

Whitney Thier ’82 Las Vegas, NV

Mashadi Matabane ’95

Madeira’s legacy: I am willing to take risks. I am willing to

Wilburn Estates, MD

give of myself.

Madeira’s legacy: Courage to try everything, a little bit of this and that; also a strong work and study ethic. Joan Conklin Moody ’67 Shaker Heights, OH Madeira’s legacy: An incredible education. Alexandra Preston Peck ’94 Washington, DC Madeira’s legacy: Being a very confident professional woman and not being a conformist.




I was asked today to give you my thoughts about why the

my confidante and my counselor during difficult times, and

legacy of being a Madeira girl is important to me. I graduated

when I spend just two minutes with her after 22 years, my

over 20 years ago, I was a boarder, a member of the White

heart swells with the love and appreciation I have for the

Team, a resident of East and Main dorms. My parents lived a

friendship and support she gave me two decades ago.

world away, in the mountains of West Africa. Since graduating from high school, I went on to college, got

n Being a Madeira alumna means that my fifth grader, when

married, went to law school, raised two daughters and have

she sees the Madeira admissions team at her elementary

balanced the demands of a law practice. Even though my

school, approaches them, without hesitation, extends her

time here was only three years, more than 20 years ago, I can

hand and says proudly, “my mom went to Madeira”.

tell you that my identity as a Madeira girl is one of the most important in my life. Any one of the accomplished alumna

n Being a Madeira alumna means that if I ever need a hand, I

in this room can share with you a list of reasons why being a

can count upon any Madeira woman to help me.

Madeira girl remains an critical component of her identity, despite other accomplishments that may have followed. Here

n Being a Madeira alumna means that I can return to this

are a few of the reasons I cherish being a Madeira alum:

beautiful campus, whenever I please, and perch myself on the hill behind this building and lose myself in the rare and

n Being a Madeira alumna means that when I graduated

breathtaking views that are painstakingly preserved below.

from high school, I knew not only how to write and how to read, but also how to advocate, how to lead and how to point

n Being a Madeira alumna means that I can return to this

my moral compass due North.

home, this place of learning, this place of support and growth and love, no matter what my reasons, and I will always find a

n Being a Madeira alumna means the opportunity for me to

warm welcome, and an oatmeal raisin cookie.

have professional and personal relationships with other Madeira women, of all ages and backgrounds, whom have

n But most importantly, being a Madeira alumna means that

I met many years after graduation, but with whom I

I can stand before you bright, beautiful, confident and

immediately share a bond of curiosity, integrity, love and

accomplished girls and have the privilege of counting myself


among you.

n Being a Madeira alumna means my best friend from high

The remarkable Madeira girls and women who are

school, who lives in Naples, Florida, in the path of the

assembled in this room represent the past, the present and the

hurricane, has the foresight and thoughtfulness to call me

future of Madeira. Our shared enthusiasm is a powerful energy,

first, to let me know that she and her family are safe in

and today the threads of Madeira’s history will colorfully weave

Orlando, and not to worry.

together, as Madeira women meet Madeira girls, and see a little bit of themselves in that reflection. And as Madeira girls meet

n Being a Madeira alumna means that on occasions like

Madeira women, and imagine who they will become.

today I get to see, for the first time since she graduated, the “old girl” in my dorm, Whitney Their, who was my mentor,



Enjoy the day.

The Greenway Society The Greenway Society was established to recognize alumnae and friends who have included a gift for Madeira in their estate plans. These gifts take many forms including simple bequests by will, gift annuities, and charitable trusts. Many of these plans offer substantial financial and tax saving benefits, often complementing an individual’s overall estate plans. All are greatly appreciated and help to ensure that our tradition of excellence will continue for future generations of Madeira girls. If you have included a gift for Madeira in your estate plans, please let us welcome you to the Greenway Society. It would be Madeira’s honor and an inspiration to others. We are proud to recognize the following 179 generous and thoughtful alumnae, their family and friends as members of the Greenway Society. For more information, please e-mail or call the Planned Giving Office at 800-893-2419 or 703-556-8232. To learn about ways that you can make a gift and receive income, go to Madeira’s new interactive planned giving webpage at Anonymous (14) Constance Norweb Abbey ’70 Eleanor McGowin Adams ’58 Elisabeth Hadden Alexander ’46 Frederica Sterling Bacher ’49 Ann Bausum ’75 June L. Biedler ’43 Miss B. Barbara Boerner Fay DuBose Bohlayer ’56 Virginia Lowrey Brown ’38 Elizabeth Buckman ’68 Katherine Stearns Buckman ’44 Lee King Carrion ’79 Anne Conover Carson ’76 Marcia McGhee Carter ’58 Anne Palms Chalmers ’60 Helen Chenery ’39 Virginia Parker Clagett ’61 Sarah Strong Clapp ’46 Mary Paul Collins ’61 Hannah Klein Connolly ’80 Mr. James D. Constantinople Cornelia Lombard Cook ’54 Susan Cooley ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Coyne Celia Faulkner Crawford ’54 Mr. Eldon H. Crowell Mary Griffin Crowell ’43 Cynthia Fuller Davis ’62 Eleanore Leavitt De Sole ’68 Danielle Sheft Deane ’79

Carolyn Scott Dejanikus ’38 Rebecca Humphrey Diederich ’80 Nancy David Dillon ’74 Adelaide Marshall Donnan ’42 Pamela Cushing Donner ’47 Christine Bowie Dove ’70 Dorothy Brown Duncan ’83 Susan Saltonstall Duncan ’74 Judy Kingsley Duncan ’59 Melanie Dunea ’89 Jeanette Phelps Evans ’57 Jennifer Evers ’91 Angelica White Ewing ’53 Glenna Tilton Felson ’40 Anne Fitch Foulkes ’52 Ann Frame ’72 Susan Steketee Freihofer ’44 Dr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Friedman Anne Murray Gambal ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Whitney Ganz Mr. Stephen V. Gardner Carolyn Bryan Goodrich ’52 Mr. and Mrs. John Gorrell Alva Greenberg ’70 Katherine Alexander Grimes ’49 Cynthia Flynn Guill ’71 Elaine Grasselli Hadden ’49 Margaret Hemingway Harrington ’34 Lois Cowles Harrison ’52 Elizabeth Lykes Havens ’39 Sarah Muth Hemphill ’51

Ann Chase Hendrie ’44 Howard and Mary Gentry Henn’34* Anne Coe Heyniger ’52 Emma Hill ’70 Carolyn Cline Holmes ’56 Terry Huffington ’72 Jane Casey Hughes ’55 Anne Hale Johnson ’41 Virginia Johnson ’48 Mr. and Mrs. James W. Jones Lynde Sudduth Karin ’58 Kathleen A. Kavanagh Paulina Kreger ’46 Ashley Caldwell Levi ’87 Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lipke Anne Lipke ’92 Gretchen Lipke 84 Elizabeth Wray Longino ’74 Dara Trought MacDonald ’92 Mr. and Mrs. Frederic V. Malek Barbara Baker Mallory ’54 Patricia Appel Malloy ’46 Joan Selden Mathews ’37 Margaret Hammons McCullough ’39 Beatrice Wright McKellar ’40 Gracey Bethel McKeown ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Merin Jean Palmer Messex ’52 Katherine Meyers ’92 * Deceased.




Schoolhouse CSI: MADEIRA



M adeira has recently been subject to scandals reminiscent of the infamous kidnapping of Dr. Griffith’s son by the class of 2000. On only the third day of school, the body of an elderly bird watcher was found near the Science building, and, a couple of days afterwards, a scuffle in the Student Center resulted in a screwdriver-related death. Fortunately for the school’s image, the talented and meticulous students of Madeira’s first Forensic Science class gathered sufficient evidence to put the perpetrators behind bars.

Forensic science is the application of science to law. Forensics encompasses a combination of sciences including biology, chemistry, physics and geology. Ever since 1887 with the creation of the character Sherlock Holmes, the general public has been more curious and knowledgeable about forensic science, and the proper methods of detecting and analyzing evidence. Perhaps a more common example today is the popular television show, “CSI.”

At Madeira, forensic science students spent several weeks learning the detailed processes of handling crime scenes. For each crime scene, there are numerous steps that must be taken to maintain the integrity of the evidence. If even one of these crime scene management steps is missed or performed sloppily, the evidence may not be admissible in court. Therefore, students quickly learned the five steps of crime scene management: securing and isolating the crime scene, recording and mapping the scene, searching and detecting evidence and being able to package the evidence while maintaining a chain of custody.




Along with gathering evidence in ficticious crime scenes

the Madeira girls have already become experts in lifting

set up in public spaces on campus, the girls in forensics class

and analyzing fingerprints, both latent and visible, using

also learned the proper techniques for analyzing and using

different methods such as iodine fuming, powders, Super

the evidence. The class first focused on impressions, which

Glue, and silver nitrate. Students in forensic science class

includes fingerprints, tool marks and tracks. The class then

also know how to make castings of foot-prints. They used

moved on to analyzing trace evidence including hair and

dissecting microscopes to identify and match a screwdriver

fiber. Coming up in future weeks the forensic scientists in

tool mark found in a crime from a set of screwdrivers in the

training will study blood analysis, blood spatter, toxicology,

suspect’s possession. And using their new understanding

forensic anthropology and glass analysis. The semester will

of hair morphology, they identified a cat kidnapper. They

wind up with a crime scene requiring an expertise in multiple

will continue to build and hone their skills in the labs


throughout the rest of the semester.

Unlike other science classes where labs are held about

Under Mrs. Anderson’s watchful eye, the first forensic

once a week, forensics has a lab almost every day. The

scientists from Madeira are prepared to enter the field. If

labs have called for deductive reasoning to identify the

ever tragedy struck Madeira, the student body could be rest

killer of a scandalous lothario. Keen observation skills

assured there would be scores of capable forensic scientists

facilitated reconstructing the bird-watcher murder. And






THE MADEIRA SCHOOL 2004-2005 JULY 1, 2004 - JUNE 30, 2005









While the focus of an annual report is intended to be ďŹ nancial in nature, it is the people behind the numbers who give Madeira its real strength. They include the students, alumnae, faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, and friends who support Madeira in so many different ways. On behalf of Madeira and the Annual Fund, we would like to recognize all those people who helped make the 2004-2005 year so successful.

We are so grateful for your support of Madeira. We hope you will continue to be an active participant in the Madeira community as the School celebrates its Centennial year.




2004-2005 GIFTS TO MADEIRA Gifts by Source Other Sources

Faculty & Staff


Foundations & Corporations


Parents & Grandparents

$442, 040




$1,449,707 $8,553,419

The 2004-2005 Annual Fund Madeira’s Annual Fund provides unrestricted support for the School’s general operations. Gifts from alumnae, parents, and friends help offset the difference between tuition and endowment revenues and current operations. Total: $1,512,000

Endowment, Restricted and Capital Funds Gifts to Madeira’s endowment are invested to provide annually for the School’s operations such as expenses for faculty salaries, financial aid, general purposes, and specifically designated areas. Madeira’s endowment was at $40 million as of June 30, 2005; $1.8 million in endowment income was used for Madeira’s unrestricted operations in 2004-2005.

Restricted and capital gifts are made annually to support specific programs at the School including scholarships, program enrichment, the library, and dorm life among others. Total: $6,944,319

Gifts in Kind During the year, several individuals have given the School noncash items that are in direct support of Madeira’s mission. Examples of such gifts include horses, artwork, photography equipment, and Madeira rings. Total: $97,100 WINTER 2006


Named Endowment Funds

Named Scholarship Funds Market Value

(6/30/2005) 50th Anniversary Faculty Salaries 7,497,393 Deborah Loeb Brice ‘63 Endowed Chair 639,738 Sarah Pettit Daignault ‘66 Technology Fund 26,983 The DeSole Family Endowment for Faculty Enrichment 1,134,153 DeSole Family Endowed Chair 1,126,398 Bonnie Garland ‘74 Music Fund 54,480 Head Speakers Fund 282,831 Honchor-Thompson Science Fund 249,779 Hurd Athletic Sustinence Fund 1,107,975 Hurd Charitable Lead Trust 2,001,458 Christine Brooks Johnson ‘84 Memorial Fund 216,218 Ruth Katz Book Fund 73,908 Barbara Keyser Co-Curriculum Fund 891,030 Helen Kingsley Memorial Fund 43,339 Madeira Fund for the Arts 146,615 H B Martin Faculty Salary Endowment Fund 55,838 Master Teacherships Brown 47,095 Butler 64,919 Cain 47,154 Craig 55,968 Ella West Freeman Foundation 71,803 Hurd for Languages 60,846 Hurd for Sciences 69,712 Knobloch 51,133 Prince Charitable Trusts 90,371 Willson 50,7 Allegra Maynard Endowed Headmistress’s Chair 1,060,623 Melville Endowed Chair 643,815 The Memorial Endowment Fund 211,137 Millicent Rex Chair for History 1,257,661 Sara Spalding Endowed Fellowship Fund 252,383 Saltzman Faculty Enrichment and Landauer Family Fund 324,753 Student Activities Fund 79,555 Sullivan Maintenance Fund 30,129 Unrestricted Endowment 15,386,386 von Stade-Downing Arts Enrichment Fund 51,077 Margaret Waller ‘10 Horticulture Fund 38,720



Market Value (6/30/2005) 50th Anniversary Scholarship Fund Alumnae Daughter Scholarship Madge Barclay Memorial Scholarship Andrew Holman Baxter Memorial Scholarship Celeste Hale Casey ‘45 Scholarship Helen Cresap Comly ‘20 and Ann Comly Eberstadt ‘46 Scholarship Louise Pinkerton Conover ‘13 Scholarship Mary Cecily Corcoran ‘63 Scholarship Katherine Crispell ‘40 Memorial Scholarship Dewitt Wallace-Readers Digest Scholarship Eells Family Scholarship Florence Ely Nelson ‘49 Scholarship Betty Grace Everett ‘38 Memorial Scholarship Elizabeth Coonley Faulkner ‘20 Scholarship Blair Wiley Fishwick Memorial Scholarship Mona Blodgett Gaillard ‘19 Scholarship Elizabeth Hughes Gossett ‘25 Memorial Scholarship Terry Huffington Dittman ‘72 Scholarship I Terry Huffington Dittman ‘72 Scholarship II Priscilla Payne Hurd ‘38 Scholarship (funded in part by proceeds from the student-run General Store) Caroline Schumann Mark ‘36 Scholarship Joan Selden Mathews ‘37 Scholarship Allegra Maynard Scholarship Harriet Meyer Memorial Scholarship Minorities Scholarship Julie Williams Mullen ‘51 Scholarship Nancy Alyea ‘49 and Elizabeth Schiebel ‘88 Scholarship Nancy Baxter Skallerup ‘42 Memorial Fund Unrestricted Scholarship Margaret Walker Memorial Scholarship Lucy Madeira Wing Memorial Scholarship

380,161 146,300 26,892 27,125 103,202 82,852 30,002 70,280 1,225,869 184,998 21,996 28,462 83,286 17,947 34,152 18,305 70,134 368,066 368,066

185,311 158,140 23,745 359,315 120,921 34,883 16,446 74,643 238,516 1,540,270 26,192 167,049



1906 Society

Madeira 2006

The Headmistress’s Circle honors donors who made gifts of $25,000 or more to the 2004-2005 Annual Fund. Deborah Loeb Brice ’63 Sarah Pettit Daignault ’66 Kimberly Williamson Darden ’75 Eleanore Leavitt De Sole ’68 Judith Bryant Friend ’50 Terry Huffington ’72 and Ralph Dittman Mary Gerstenberg Hulitar ’44 Priscilla Payne Hurd ’38 Meg Koster ’83 Sallie Perkins Sullivan ’55

Named to honor Madeira’s founding year, The 1906 Society recognizes those who made gifts in the range of $5,000 to $9,999 to the Annual Fund. Anonymous Ruth Campbell Austin ’61 Fay DuBose Bohlayer ’56 Gay Buhl Buck ’50 Cornelia Slemp Burgess ’55 Mr. and Mrs. John F. Burton Virginia Parker Clagett ’61 Taliaferro Flowers Crozer ’69 Dr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Friedman Mr. Murray Garnick and Ms. Teresa Blaxton Jo Guthrie ’55 Caroline Parker Hoppin ’55 Mr. James F. Humphreys Anne Hale Johnson ’41 Ingrid Rockefeller Kirkland ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Kistler III Emily Champion Knobloch ’52 Mr. and Mrs. Bradford A. Koury Aimee La Gorce-Jeans ’90 Mrs. Linda L. Lager and Mr. Joseph B. DiFrancesca Julia Jones Matthews ’36 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. McDonough Mr. and Mrs. Grady E. Means Jean Palmer Messex ’52 Margery Abegg Mico ’42 Mr. and Mrs. Sunshik Min Susan Moore Morgenthau ’78

Madeira 2006, Madeira’s oldest gift club, is named to commemorate the school’s Centennial year. It recognizes those individuals who contributed $2,500 to $4,999 to the Annual Fund. Anonymous Elizabeth Quainton Anderman ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Andreano Nancy Marshall Athey ’68 Carliss Baldwin ’68 June L. Biedler ’43 Catharine Bieser Black ’55 Inez Noble Black ’60 Mrs. Nancy Bradley Virginia Lowrey Brown ’38 Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Burgoyne Ruth Taylor Campbell ’37 Sarah Strong Clapp ’46 Barbara Murchison Coffman ’74 Joyce Kelley Constantine ’47 Maria Nyhart Dahlman ’67 Nancy Blair D’Angelo ’52 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Davenport Dorothy Jemison Day ’57 Dr. Elisabeth Griffith Helen Thom Edwards ’53 Priscilla Endicott ’46 Jeanette Phelps Evans ’57 Anne Curtis Fredericks ’43 Mr. and Mrs. Whitney H. Ganz Perrin Moorhead Grayson ’68 Lonsdale MacFarland Green ’68

Mr. and Mrs. George D. O’Neill Audrey Wallace Otto ’54 Jane Rubicam Pollock ’37 Nancy Mann Sanson ’50 Tracy Savage ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Schaufeld Rebecca Jane Simmons ’80 Elizabeth Bliss Simon ’46 Gail Grant Slingluff ’55 Marion Rockefeller Stone ’45 Sally Warden Stone ’52 Jessica Story Turner ’82 Patricia Shea Ward ’61 Martha Gaines Wehrle ’44 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Wellington Sage Wheeler ’83 Paula Ridley Wilson ’50

Marcia van der Voort Hargrave ’52 Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. H. Harris Ann Chase Hendrie ’44 Mr. Howard T. Heun Emma Hill ’70 Laura Walton Hirschfeld ’84 Mary Holder ’69 Barbara Hoversten ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Hunt Gretchen Lipke ’84 Perre MacFarland Magness ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Maresco Josephine van der Voort Markell ’38 Margaret Hammons McCullough ’39 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Miller Nancy Miller Montgomery ’60 Muriel Selden Paris ’36

Boxwood Circle Named for the historic boxwoods encircling the Oval, the heart of the Madeira campus, the Boxwood Circle helps provide the foundation upon which the Annual Fund rests and recognizes those individuals who gave between $10,000 and $24,999. Anonymous Elisabeth Hadden Alexander ’46 Frances Lasker Brody ’33 Dr. and Mrs. David Buss Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Cadwallender Judith Loeb Chiara ’45 Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Coolidge CeCe Davenport ’89 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Doan Ruth Meyer Epstein ’39 Elaine Grasselli Hadden ’49 Lois Cowles Harrison ’52 Mary Ellen Pigott Hughes ’53 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Kies Mr. and Mrs. John Willard Marriott III Cynthia Comly Montague ’49 Mr. and Mrs. Shepard D. Osherow Martha Sweatt Reed ’39* Sara Taylor Swift ’48

* Deceased.



Mr. Oliver B. Patton and Ms. Barbara A. Van Gelder Joan Hulme Perera ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Pool, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Previti Dr. Lisa Rarick and Dr. Peter Bross Julia Brooks Reed ’54 Katherine Sullivan Scovil ’78 Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Shaw Mary Kuhn Sweet ’55 Marree Shore Townsend ’73 Betsy Licht Turner ’77 Linda Clark Waterman ’58 Mr. and Mrs. George Watson Perry Carpenter Wheelock ’69 Elizabeth Wattles Wilkes ’78 Mr. and Mrs. George C. Williams Nancy Upjohn Woodworth ’49

Cornelia Lombard Cook ’54 Anne Peyton Cooper ’46 Jeanne Morgan Cortner ’50 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Covington Celia Faulkner Crawford ’54 Sally Fishburn Crockett ’48 Julia Cuniberti ’40 Sharon Saul Davis ’78 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur T. Dean Gaither Smoot Deaton ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Derby Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Devlin Rebecca Humphrey Diederich ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. DiGiammarino Nancy David Dillon ’74 Adelaide Marshall Donnan ’42 Lucy Simpson Douglas ’63 Frances von Stade Downing ’74 Elizabeth Barlow Dunbar ’27

Mr. and Mrs. Warren G. Gorrell, Jr. Maria Ophuls Grant ’62 Roberta Waller Griffin ’48 Katherine Alexander Grimes ’49 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Groom Dr. and Mrs. Ann Hager Mona Hagyard ’52 Mary Daub Halkyard ’29 Doreen Booth Hamilton ’50 Mr. and Mrs. C. Steven Harkness Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Harriman Margaret Hemingway Harrington ’34 Catherine McElvain Harvey ’57 Elizabeth Lykes Havens ’39 Susan Hawes ’55 Mr. Charles M. Heazel and Mrs. Sally A. London Jane Hewson ’73 Mr. and Mrs. David B. Hird

The Oval Club

Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Dunsmore

The Oval Club, Madeira’s largest gift club, recognizes those who contributed $1,000 to $2,499 the Annual Fund. Anonymous (4) Constance Norweb Abbey ’70 Dr. Madhulika Agarwal and Mr. Sarvendra P. Agarwal Ms. Patricia Alonso-Gamo and Mr. George Tsibouris Maryam Al-Sabah ’97 Jacqueline Arends ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Randall Atkins Mr. and Mrs. John E. Avery Elizabeth Baldwin ’35 Joanne Passano Bartlett ’79 Andrea Hunnicutt Bates ’82 Mr. Gary D. Begeman and Ms. Gail E. Griffith Mr. Philip F. Bennett and Ms. Monica KlienSamamz Leonora Rocca Bernheisel ’55 Lucy Blake ’76 Amb. and Mrs. Robert O. Blake Marcia Tucker Boogaard ’54 Margaret Heun Bradford ’64 Mr. and Mrs. John F. Breyer, Jr. Catharine O’Neill Broderick ’76 Mary Florence Kern Brown ’50 Elizabeth Pell Burgess ’81 Barbara Hurlbert Cantwell ’60 Stephanie Danforth Chafee ’76 Sarah Chellgren ’91 Mr. Blair G. Childs and Ms. Erin E. Shaffer Mr. Jin-Suk Chung and Mrs. Miho Lee Nancy Young Cohen ’54 Anne Constantinople ’56 June Kalijarvi Conway ’59

Avon Smith Duson ’45 Deborah McFadden Elder ’81 Dorsey Eshelman Elliott ’76 Vivien Elmslie ’41 Eleanor Johnson Estes ’96 Mrs. T. M. Evans Jennifer Evers ’91 Angelica White Ewing ’53 Anne Faircloth ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fallon Elinor Kenney Farquhar ’50 Diana Johnson Firestone ’50 Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Fitzpatrick Margaret Poole Fort ’53 Dr. and Mrs. William Fox Ann Frame ’72 Tina Freeman ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. French Mr. Sergius Gambal Anne Murray Gambal ’81 Read Penson Gendler ’70 Jane Treman Gilbert ’48 Carolyn Bryan Goodrich ’52 Catherine Rocco Goodwin ’87

Dr. Shyue Yi Horng and Dr. Szu Yun Yang Caroline Ray Hovey ’67 Frances Morris Hubbard ’58 Jane Casey Hughes ’55 Kimberly Hughes ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Terence M. Hynes Mr. Paul S. Jacobs and Ms. Lisa F. Rau Mr. and Mrs. Joshua M. Javits Joy S. Johnson ’77 Alison Corning Jones ’53 Mr. and Mrs. James C. Kennedy Mary Elizabeth Kennedy ’89 Mr. Kwang ho Kim and Ms. Kyung sook Park Mr. Woo Sik Kim and Ms. Mi Kyung Huh Carol McCune Kirtz ’55 Claudine Kuhn Klose ’69 Phoebe Lang ’85 Judith H. Lanius ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Lapera Colles Baxter Larkin ’61 Amanda Johnston Leckonby ’42 Dr. and Mrs. Seung-Chul Lee Mr. and Mrs. Sang-Woo Lee Louise Stillman Lehrman ’58 Pamela Fairchild Leslie ’80 Ashley Caldwell Levi ’87 Elizabeth Heun Locke ’60 Ms. Mattie Lolavar-Fein and Mr. Bruce Fein Joan Marcy Luke ’49* Elisabeth Lineberger Lyon ’64 Nancy Strong Mangan ’42 Mrs. Pamela F. Maraziti Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Marks, Jr. Lee Denby Marshall ’76 Ellen Fishwick Martin ’66 Joan Selden Mathews ’37 Marion Mitchell Maybank ’44 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick B. Mbu




Haile Parker McCollum ’87 Helen Stoepel McGraw ’40 Ann Huessener McHugh ’73 Melissa Thomas McNally ’90 Nancy Johnston McNear ’54 Kirsten A. Menes ’82 Pat Sullivan Meyers ’54 Mr. and Mrs. Knute M. Miller Mr. and Mrs. William H. Minchew Lucy Treadway Mink ’37 Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Moore Mr. James W. Moore and Mrs. Kathryn M. Kassner Lucretia Grasselli Morrow ’51 Misti Mukherjee ’84 Dr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Nasif Dora Shaw Neidecker ’47 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Nelson Jennifer Rockefeller Nolan ’82 Lee Johnston Norton ’46 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. O’Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. Page Sharon Collins Park ’66 Mr. Sung Min Park and Ms. Yoon Hee Kim Alice Louise Parker Silver ’89 Sarah Parker ’75 Robin Patrowicz-Gart ’80 and Mr. Brian Gart Mr. and Mrs. John G. Penson Betty Meek Petersen ’41 Mr. and Mrs. William O. Pettit, Jr. Elizabeth Richmond Phelps ’52 Sally Whitney Pillsbury ’42 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Piper Mrs. Judith Poley Ms. Rita Prater Diana Cochrane Prince ’62 Jane Olberg Prowell ’72 Jacqueline Loomis Quillen ’60 Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Ramsland Gail Potts Rawl ’50 Nancy Miller Redpath ’25 Judy Towers Reemtsma ’54 Mr. and Mrs. J. Walsh Richards, Jr. Beverly Wortham Rimer ’52 Julie Robbins ’75 Katharine Ferguson Roberts ’70 Rita Nido Romeu ’78 Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Ronollo Harriet Arnold Rosa ’85 The Honorable and Mrs. James S. Rosebush Barbara Hirsch Rosston ’43 Elizabeth Turner Rutkowsky ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Salcetti Catherine Salisbury ’85 Diana Sanson ’82 Dr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Sargent * Deceased.





Dr. and Mrs. Karl C. Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Savitz Sydney Pool Scarborough ’68 Nancy Alyea Schiebel ’49 Mr. and Mrs. William J. Schmidt, Jr. Dana Schmidt ’80 Elizabeth Woodhull Scruggs ’83 Dr. and Mrs. James T. Sehn Mr. Kyeong Rye Seo Adele Herter Seronde ’43 Peggy Boyd Sharpe ’45 Nancy Hamilton Shepherd ’49 Florence Timolat Short ’59 Catherine Harris Shraga ’70 Heath Slane ’83 Mr. Fernando J. Solis and Ms. MaLuz C. Alvarez Charlotte Wilcox Southwick ’41 Frances Pine Stevens ’34

Potomac Club

Anne Stickney ’70 Catherine M. Stone ’69 Patricia Altmayer Storace ’70 Gina Melin Stortz ’84 Cathy Rosenthal Stuart ’73 Barbara Breneman Talbot ’55 Dr. Braughn Taylor Dr. Michael C. Tooke and Ms. Susan L. Piggott Mr. Szu Yung Tsai and Ms. Feng Chu Chang Mr. Charles B. Updike Margaret West Valentine ’51 Janet McClendon Vaskas ’64 Lucy Rockefeller Waletzky ’59 Margaret Bodine Wallis ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Weinberger Lucretia Hadden Weiner ’76 Mary de Limur Weinmann ’47 Katherine Forbes Wellford ’72 Alexandra Whitman ’79 Barbara Landauer Widdoes ’45 Coke Anne Murchison Wilcox ’70 Linda Willis ’73 Elizabeth Gilmor Wills ’55 Mr. and Mrs. T. Henry Wilson, Jr. Annie Dreymann Wilson ’32 Ashley Lefler Wilson ’82 Mrs. Robert W. Wilson Capt. Susan B. Maybaum and Capt. Mark E. Wisniewski Barbara Adams Woodhull ’52 Drs. John and Catherine Wright Audrey Baxter Young ’80

Lina Al-Juburi ’96 Sarah Amsbary ’01 Sigrid Bairdain ’97 Beth Bharwani ’00 Rachna Butani ’96 Alexis Conway ’99 Sarah Crane ’04 Susmita De ’98 Laura De Sole ’00 Katie Feola ’98 Laura Flippin ’00 Merin Frank ’02 Lindsey Holmes ’00 Julia Iudicello ’98 Jennifer Iudicello ’98 Jennifer Jones ’95 Anya Kuznetsova ’96 Divya Mehra ’03 Sharon Momenian ’98 Kathryn Moss ’00 Ann Plum ’03 Cri-Cri Richards ’02 Kate Wisniewski ’02

Potomac Club recognizes those alumnae who have celebrated their tenth, but not their fifteenth Reunion, and who made a gift of $500 to $999 to The Annual Fund. Ariana Hecker ’91 Lisa Ivorian Gray ’91 Jaime Koepsell ’91 Serena Perkins ’91 Sarah Piper ’94

The Decade Club The Decade Club acknowledges those alumnae who have not yet celebrated their tenth Reunion and who made a gift in the range of $100 to $999 to The Annual Fund.


The Capital Circle Each year, The Madeira School receives generous gifts from many individuals and foundations. The Capital Circle recognizes gifts to Madeira’s Capital and Endowment funds. The alumnae, parents, and friends listed below have each contributed gifts to funds other than the Annual Fund in the fiscal year 2004-2005. Their gifts play an important role in the future of the School, and we are please to recognize them as members of the Capital Circle. The ACE INA Foundation Elisabeth Hadden Alexander ’46 Bank of America Matching Gifts Program Margaret Spofford Benkard ’57 Leonora Rocca Bernheisel ’55 Mr. and Mrs. John F. Breyer, Jr. Deborah Loeb Brice ’63 The Deborah Loeb Brice Foundation Jane Acheson Brown ’36* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Carson Judith Loeb Chiara ’45 Mr. George Chuzi and Ms. Antonia Ianniello Hannah Klein Connolly ’80 Sally Fishburn Crockett ’48 Sarah Pettit Daignault ’66

Daignault Family Foundation, Inc. Kimberly Williamson Darden ’75 Sharon Saul Davis ’78 Pamela Cushing Donner ’47 Frances von Stade Downing ’74 Mr. and Ms. James H. Edmondson Sally Bradley Elsey ’37* Ruth Meyer Epstein ’39 Katherine Farquhar ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander G. Floyd Anne Murray Gambal ’81 Drs. Paul and Joan Garland Mr. and Mrs. J. Warren Gorrell, Jr. Lonsdale MacFarland Green ’68 Dr. Elisabeth Griffith Mr. and Mrs. C. Steven Harkness Dr. and Mrs. Zsolt P. Harsanyi Elizabeth Hicks ’32* Caroline Parker Hoppin ’55 Terry Huffington ’72 Anne Hale Johnson ’41 Claudine Kuhn Klose ’69 Mr. and Mrs. William Kristol Perre MacFarland Magness ’58 Marguerite Lee Mahony ’33* Ms. M.A. Mahoney Mars Incorporated Mrs. John A. McDermott

Mr. and Mrs. Grady E. Means Julienne Michel ’59* Mr. and Mrs. Knute M. Miller Mrs. Virginia E. Miller Cynthia Comly Montague ’49 Eleanor Johnson Moore ’52 Joan Morgan ’71 Misti Mukherjee ’84 Elizabeth Richmond Phelps ’52 Mr. and Mrs. Jerome W. Prey Diana Cochrane Prince ’62 The Prince Charitable Trusts Mr. Samuel T. Ramsey Gail Potts Rawl ’50 The Honorable and Mrs. James S. Rosebush Margaret Crutchfield Roy ’21 Virginia de Ganahl Russell ’49 Dr. and Mrs. Karl C. Saunders Tracy Savage ’66 Marion Zalesky Smith ’36 The Stony Point Foundation Susan Tracy ’58 Mr. and Mrs. George H. Watson, Jr. Perry Carpenter Wheelock ’69 William H. Donner Foundation, Inc. Louise Wheelock Willson ’48* Woodbrook Trust * Deceased.



Honor and Memorial Gifts Every year, Madeira receives gifts in memory of, or in honor of, members of the community. Memorial gifts are added to the Memorial Endowment Fund (unless otherwise specified) and the income is applied to the Annual Fund. Gifts given in honor of an individual are applied to the area of the donor’s discretion. In memory of Katherine Cochrane Mr. Jeffrey Vinnik and Dr. Joan Liebermann Dr. and Mrs. William Fox Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Lindsey In memory of Ann Swift Cronin Paul Cronin Susan Tracy ’58 Mrs. T. J. Abernethy Evelyn Ellinger Albright ’58 Mary Richmond Annibali ’58 Linda Freeman Armour ’58 Caroline Renzy Bellinger ’80 Katherine Walker Butterfield ’58 Mary Eager Campbell ’58 Marcia McGhee Carter ’58 Annette Clark Chilton ’58 Ms. Penelope E. Donnelly Mrs. Sherrell B. Downes Lyn Eichholz Dunn ’58 Mrs. Thomas E. Eichler Meade Bridgers Horne ’58 Enid Jones ’58 Ms. Eliza Kellogg Klose Miss Aileen H. Laing Ms. Jacqueline V. Lee Louise Stillman Lehrman ’58 Mr. and Mrs. John N. Maclean Elizabeth Frazier McCallie ’58 Katharine Jackson Merriman ’58 Mrs. Katherine Carter Nelson Katie Cowles Nichols ’58 Joan Hulme Perera ’58 Ann Giese Porter ’58 Elizabeth Woodhall Rackley ’58 Mr. Peter M. Richards Mr. and Mrs. George A. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. David R. Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Amnon Rosenthal Sarah Abernethy Snyder ’58 Emily Byron Sturtevant ’59 Lydia Thayer ’58 Judith Firestone Thiel ’58 Susan Howe Thorn ’58 Mrs. Gail Troutman Deborah Owen Turner ’55



Ann Bradley Vehslage ’58 Margaret Bodine Wallis ’58 Linda Clark Waterman ’58 The Waterman Foundation Anita Graf White ’57 Mrs. Randall C. Wight Leslie Meek Wileman ’58 Joan Wise ’85 In honor of Kimberly Williamson Darden ’75 Gail Potts Rawl ’50 In memory of John D. Deardourff Susan Ramsey Aldrich ’85 Ms. Carolyn Bond Mr. and Mrs. John F. Breyer, Jr. Ms. Donna Citino and Mr. Dean Cheavacci Mr. Brice M. Clagett Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cowart Robin R. Cutler ’62 Mr. and Mrs. James D. Douglas Constance Comly Ellis ’52 Mrs. Nancy B. Faircloth Ann Frame ’72 Heidi Santner Freeman ’89 Dr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Friedman Shannon Stockett Goldwater ’91 Katherine Hillas Amb. Roy M. Huffington Terry Huffington ’72 Carla Knobloch ’77 Emily Champion Knobloch ’52 Meg Koster ’83 Cynthia Krech Mr. and Mrs. William Kristol Mrs. William E. Leavitt Elizabeth Wray Longino ’74 Kathleen McCabe ’99 Mr. and Mrs. William E. Moore II Paula Skallerup Osborn ’70 The Honorable and Mrs. James S. Rosebush Dr. and Mrs. Karl C. Saunders Maya Scott ’99 Pat Terrell Mr. Charles B. Updike Mark Vershbow and Mary Josephine Talbott Mr. Jeffrey Vinnik and Dr. Joan Liebermann Mrs. Linda A. Waterman ’58 Susan Wentzel Leslie Meek Wileman ’58 Valerie Williams ’56 Paula Ridley Wilson ’50 In memory of John D. Deardourff & in honor of Sally DeMott Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. H. Harris

In memory of John D. Deardourff & in honor of Elisabeth Griffith Mr. and Mrs. J. Warren Gorrell, Jr. In honor of Elisabeth Griffith Elaine Grasselli Hadden ’49 In honor of Madeira Teachers Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Weinberger In memory of Helen Nelson Meeker ’44 Lucy Mumma Lord ’44 In memory of Alice Morrison Lucy Mumma Lord ’44 Mr. Alger E. Morrison In memory of Helen Rike Noble ’50 Lawrence M. Noble In honor of Elizabeth Richmond Phelps ’52 Katherine Hillas In honor of Carolina Richards ’06 Mr. and Mrs. J. Walsh Richards, Jr. In honor of Lauren Spieler ’92 Anonymous In memory of Mary Jo Finucane Symington ’38 Marcia van der Voort Hargrave ’52 Josephine van der Voort Markell ’38 In memory of Patricia Hale Tyson ’44 Lucy Mumma Lord ’44 Joan Williams Sokoloff ’44

Bequests Bequests made by alumnae and friends of the Madeira School are becoming ever more important in securing the school’s future. We are very grateful to those alumnae and friends whose thoughtfulness resulted in bequests to Madeira between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2005. Jane Acheson Brown ’36 Sally Bradley Elsey ’37 Elizabeth Hicks ’32 Marguerite Lee Mahony ’33 Julienne Michel ’59 Margaret Crutchfield Roy ’21 Louise Wheelock Willson ’48


The Greenway Society In the fall of 1992 we proudly announced the establishment of The Greenway Society. The Society honors and recognized those individuals who have included Madeira in their estate plans or have made a planned gift to the School. We are grateful to the following individuals whose bequest intentions and planned gifts will secure Madeira’s future and ensure that the School remains at the forefront of secondary education for young women. If you have made a provision for Madeira in your estate plans, please notify the Development Office. If you have not yet done so, we hope that you will consult with your family and choose to become a member of The Greenway Society. Anonymous (14) Constance Norweb Abbey ’70 Eleanor McGowin Adams ’58 Elisabeth Hadden Alexander ’46 Frederica Sterling Bacher ’49 Ann Bausum ’75 Kathleen Bell ‘40 June L. Biedler ’43 Miss B. Barbara Boerner Fay DuBose Bohlayer ’56 Virginia Lowrey Brown ’38 Elizabeth Buckman ’68 Katherine Stearns Buckman ’44 Lee King Carrion ’79 Anne Conover Carson ’76 Marcia McGhee Carter ’58 Anne Palms Chalmers ’60 Helen Chenery ’39 Virginia Parker Clagett ’61

Sarah Strong Clapp ’46 Mary Paul Collins ’61 Hannah Klein Connolly ’80 Mr. James D. Constantinople Cornelia Lombard Cook ’54 Susan Cooley ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Coyne Celia Faulkner Crawford ’54 Mr. Eldon H. Crowell Mary Griffin Crowell ’43 Cynthia Fuller Davis ’62 Eleanore Leavitt De Sole ’68 Danielle Sheft Deane ’79 Carolyn Scott Dejanikus ’38 Rebecca Humphrey Diederich ’80 Nancy David Dillon ’74 Adelaide Marshall Donnan ’42 Pamela Cushing Donner ’47 Christine Bowie Dove ’70 Dorothy Brown Duncan ’83 Susan Saltonstall Duncan ’74 Judy Kingsley Duncan ’59 Melanie Dunea ’89 Marylyn R. Elkin Jeanette Phelps Evans ’57 Jennifer Evers ’91 Angelica White Ewing ’53 Glenna Tilton Felson ’40 Anne Fitch Foulkes ’52 Ann Frame ’72 Susan Steketee Freihofer ’44 Dr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Friedman Anne Murray Gambal ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Whitney Ganz Mr. Stephen V. Gardner Carolyn Bryan Goodrich ’52 Mr. and Mrs. John Gorrell Alva Greenberg ’70

Katherine Alexander Grimes ’49 Cynthia Flynn Guill ’71 Elaine Grasselli Hadden ’49 Margaret Hemingway Harrington ’34 Lois Cowles Harrison ’52 Elizabeth Lykes Havens ’39 Sarah Muth Hemphill ’51 Ann Chase Hendrie ’44 Mr. Howard T. Heun Anne Coe Heyniger ’52 Emma Hill ’70 Carolyn Cline Holmes ’56 Terry Huffington ’72 Jane Casey Hughes ’55 Anne Hale Johnson ’41 Virginia Johnson ’48 Mr. and Mrs. James W. Jones Lynde Sudduth Karin ’58 Kathleen A. Kavanagh Paulina Kreger ’46 Ashley Caldwell Levi ’87 Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lipke Anne Lipke ’92 Gretchen Lipke ‘84 Elizabeth Wray Longino ’74 Dara Trought MacDonald ’92 Mr. and Mrs. Frederic V. Malek Barbara Baker Mallory ’54 Patricia Appel Malloy ’46 Joan Selden Mathews ’37 Margaret Hammons McCullough ’39 Beatrice Wright McKellar ’40 Gracey Bethel McKeown ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Merin Jean Palmer Messex ’52 Katherine Meyers ’92 * Deceased.





Suzanne Lochhead Mink ’46 Cynthia Comly Montague ’49 Jan McMillan Montgomery ’47 Joan Morgan ’71 Caroline Tower Morris ’90 Eleanor Eisenhart Morris ’37 Patricia Roberts Naguib ’47 Lilia Gherardi Nash ’46 Amy Neel ’63 Dora Shaw Neidecker ’47 Florence Ely Nelson ’49 Julia O’Brien ’69 Elizabeth Eaton O’Neill ’40 Eleanor Rubottom Odden ’61 Susan Stabler Paneyko ’74 Muriel Selden Paris ’36 Clare Hudson Payne ’70 Joan Hulme Perera ’58 Elizabeth Richmond Phelps ’52

Jessica Story Turner ’82 Pris Van Buskirk ’73 Mr. John Vanderstar Caroline von Stade ’72 Patricia Shea Ward ’61 Susan Wehrenberg ’88 Lucretia Hadden Weiner ’76 Mary de Limur Weinmann ’47 Alexandra Whitman ’79 Coke Anne Murchison Wilcox ’70 Valerie Williams ’56 Nancy Fannin Williams ’82 Eileen Wilson ’70 Annie Dreymann Wilson ’32 Mrs. Robert W. Wilson Paula Ridley Wilson ’50 Cornelia Cheston Worsley ’43

Brenda Brophy Pivirotto ’85 Penny Davis Preston ’64 Nancy Maguire Pyne ’43 Gail Potts Rawl ’50 Signa Lynch Read ’48 Nancy Miller Redpath ’25 Aida Reed ’71 Celeste Casey Reed ’45 Judy Towers Reemtsma ’54 Christina Cooley Rivers ’64 A. Birney W. Robert ’56 Katharine Ferguson Roberts ’70 Mrs. Annelise Rothe Josephine C. Routh ’84 Frances Rowan ’48 Leila Atwood Russell ’49 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Saltzman Tracy Savage ’66 Sydney Pool Scarborough ’68 Julia Schieffelin ’61 Mary Winters Schlendorf ’57 Nancy Happel Schriber ’62 Catherine Harris Shraga ’70 Jean Milholland Shriver ’50 Nancy Skallerup ’80 Julie Bres Slavik ’54 Gail Grant Slingluff ’55 Mignon C. Smith ’50 Stirling Cassidy Smith ’77 Margaret Cochran Spear ’48 Susan Stearns ’84 Frances Pine Stevens ’34 Anne Stickney ’70 Noel Bausher Szundy ’54 Page Robinson Thomas ’82 Maurine Keller Thornton ’87 Marie-Louise Chase Tiffany ’35

Pooled Income Fund Established in 1977, the Madeira Pooled Income Fund has allowed alumnae, parents, and friends to make gifts to the School and receive income for life. At the death of the beneficiary, Madeira recieves the principal. We are grateful to the following individuals whose participation in the Pooled Income Fund during the 2004-2005 fund year will ultimately be of significant benefit to Madeira. Eldon H. Crowell Thomas and Anne Fitch Foulkes ’52 Katherine Alexander Grimes ’49 Patty Appel Malloy ’46 Cynthia Comly Montague ’49 Beatrice Wright McKellar ’40 Nancy Miller Redpath ’25 Joseph and Frances Pine Stevens ’34 Cornelia Cheston Worsley ’43 * Deceased.


Alumnae Gifts by Class Year


Alumnae spanning more than nine decades support Madeira’s Annual Fund. Gifts from Madeira alumnae speak to the siginificant role Miss Madeira’s School had in the lives of the young women who attended.

Frances Lasker Brody Elizabeth Lee Long*


Nancy Miller Redpath

Isabelle Ogilby Barr* Jean Rawlings Chickering Margaret Hemingway Harrington Margaret Perry Huessener Julie Camp McLean Priscilla Porter Frances Pine Stevens


1935 – 70th Reunion

Elizabeth Barlow Dunbar Ann Jewett Smith

Elizabeth Baldwin Virginia Humphrey Grosscup Suzanne Tobler Schriber

1924 Kathryn Wasserman Davis

1925 – 80th Reunion

1929 Louise Chamberlain Griffith* Mary Daub Halkyard


1930 – 75th Reunion

Bettyjane Ruwe Halsey Julia Jones Matthews Mary Wilson Neel Muriel Selden Paris

Isabella Harrison

1932 Margaret Frothingham Buck Sarah Atwood Daily Betsy Needham Getz Annie Dreymann Wilson

Marian Kirk Appel Sarah Morgan Charlesworth

1937 Peggy Sheldon Anderson Ruth Taylor Campbell Sally Bradley Elsey* Betty Beall Jordan Joan Selden Mathews Lucy Treadway Mink

Eleanor Eisenhart Morris Katherine Jones Muckle Jane Rubicam Pollock Marguerite Ireys Tudor-Matthews

1938 Barbara Porter Anderson Virginia Lowrey Brown Priscilla Lee Campbell Mary Frances Young Carter Matilda Alston Colihan Dorothy Spelman Currier Caroline Scott Dejanikus Ann-Carlin Borden deMurias Dorothy Doster Ferguson Mildred McConnell Good Jane Krom Grammer Miriam Manning Holst-Grubbe Priscilla Payne Hurd Mary Draper Janney Anne Mather Jenkins Elizabeth Gentry Knowlton Josephine van der Voort Markell Barbara Adams Searles

1939 Helen Chenery Ruth Meyer Epstein Elizabeth Lykes Havens Martha Urquhart Lord Margaret Hammons McCullough * Deceased.



Patricia McKnew Nielsen* Martha Sweatt Reed* Deborah Kirk Solbert Margaret Heminway Wells Margaret Winston Young

1940 – 65th Reunion Lucy Marbury Blundon Margot Moore Brinkley Catherine Compton Chase Julia Cuniberti Glenna Tilton Felson Viola Culbertson Geer Elizabeth Lynde Harris Mary Brookings Imrie Sarah Everett McCowan Helen Stoepel McGraw Beatrice Wright McKellar Lorna Morley Margaret Cuddy Sherman

Sally Place Carter Eleanor Ong Chatfield-Taylor Teckla Hilbert Cox Julia Bruce Coyle Phyllis Brownell Crooks Mary Griffin Crowell Nelle Tiedeman Curtis Katherine Peyton Forbes Anne Curtis Fredericks Cecilia Parker Geyelin Charlotte Andrews Griggs Elizabeth Bell Martin Margaret Shumaker Nalle Nancy Maguire Pyne Barbara Hirsch Rosston Evelyn Freeman Scott Adele Herter Seronde Ellen Colt Singer Nancy Palmer Wardropper Cornelia Cheston Worsley

Julia Black Stearns

1942 Anonymous Barbara Gableman Bell Alice Olmsted Burt Sara Huntington Haubert Joan Powers Humphreville Amanda Johnston Leckonby Agnes Waller Loring Nancy Strong Mangan Virginia Summers Martin Anne Bird Mayfield Margery Abegg Mico Sally Whitney Pillsbury Harriet House Shoup

1943 June L. Biedler Hester Spencer Bliven Barbara Caldwell Brobeck



1946 Elisabeth Hadden Alexander Natalie Graham Brenton Sarah Strong Clapp Anne Peyton Cooper Priscilla Endicott Phyllis Betts Fleming Dolly Hemphill Frisch Helen Compton Graham Rosalie Heffelfinger Hall Gay Staats Huffman Patricia Appel Malloy Lilia Gherardi Nash Lee Johnston Norton Barbara Richardson Virginia Croxson Schoonover Susan Waller Seals Dickinson Evans Sella Elizabeth Bliss Simon Ann Treadway Young

1941 Nancy Witter Bates Susan Galliher Berndt Hally Bryan Clements Adelaide Marshall Donnan Vivien Elmslie Eliza Jackson Ewing Joan Hoddick Hand Joan Morganthau Hirschhorn Anne Hale Johnson Mary Moore Kelley Barbara Foss Markle Betty Meek Petersen Charlotte Wilcox Southwick Eliza Shumaker Soyster* Edith Ward Spalding Lois MacMurray Starkey

Janet Staley Howard Jane Burt Kolb Sesaly Gould Krafft Helen Chapin Metz Patricia Pynchon Celeste Casey Reed Peggy Boyd Sharpe Carter Van Deventer Slatery Marion Rockefeller Stone Barbara Landauer Widdoes Gwenda Pryse Williamson

1947 1944 Susan Steketee Freihofer Ann Chase Hendrie Nancy Trowbridge Holmes Judith Upton Hoyt Mary Gerstenberg Hulitar Polly Goodrich Johnson Anne Rogers Kronenberg Mariette Walker Ladd Elsie Young Lewis Lucy Mumma Lord Marion Mitchell Maybank Katherine Stanley Menz Lisette Littlehales Roberts Joan Williams Sokoloff Patricia Hale Tyson* Martha Gaines Wehrle Dimmis Lathrop Weller

Eleanor Pearre Abbot Alison Bean Birney Frances Sternhagen Carlin Joyce Kelley Constantine Ann Schafer Dodge Pamela Cushing Donner Mary Moore Flagg Joan Potter Hazelhurst Coleman Douglas Helme Ellen Bacon McKinley Jan McMillan Montgomery Patricia Roberts Naguib Dora Shaw Neidecker Gerry Wellborn Orem Marianne Nash Rickabaugh Pamela Wagner Ritter Ellen Owens Warfield Ann Kilpatrick Webster Mary de Limur Weinmann

1945 – 60th Reunion Ann Reber Brown Nancy Hodges Callaway Judith Loeb Chiara Avon Smith Duson Mary Lamberton Hill

1948 Jacqueline Appel Anderson Virginia Gibney Bacon Sally Fishburn Crockett Lucia Howard Cushman


Diana Hopkins Halsted Doreen Booth Hamilton Dale Cherry Hays Anne Glazebrook Kehoe Joann Bogley Keithley Ann Rowland Koehler Jane Perry Liles Cathleen Collins McKegney Margaret Griffith Olsson Gail Potts Rawl Anne Bushby Roome Hildegarde Scheffey Ryals Nancy Mann Sanson Ann May Via Paula Ridley Wilson Jane Henley Zahner*

1951 Patricia Gibbs Carpenter Anne Johnson Clark

Keir Henley Donaldson Elizabeth Griggs Dorn Julie Johnson Engel Joanne Danehower Findahl Jane Treman Gilbert Janet Fry Graham Roberta Waller Griffin Eula Harmon Hoff Virginia Johnson Nancy Pearre Lesure Elizabeth Barber Martin Mary Babcock Mountcastle Joan Healey Rose Margaret Cochran Spear Sara Taylor Swift Jane Stillwell Winters Margaret Grant Young

Elizabeth Boysen Helbronner Mildred Coe Huffman Alice Blue Irving Dorothy Ball Jessup Joan Marcy Luke* Elizabeth Irving Maish Cynthia Comly Montague Anne Cook Murphy Florence Ely Nelson Harriet Williams Nicol Leila Atwood Russell Nancy Alyea Schiebel Nancy Hamilton Shepherd Sarah Sutherland Stoner Elizabeth Henry Tracey Eleanor Vilas Whiffen Nancy Upjohn Woodworth


1950 – 55th Reunion

Joan Babcock Jerriette Kohlmeier Bartlett Rosemary Musgrave Bothwell Lydia Richards Boyer Tilda Riddle Brown Ann Stolk de la Rosa Elizabeth Chapman Evans Alice Watson Faulkner Katherine Alexander Grimes Elaine Grasselli Hadden Jean McKelvey Hankin Julia Merrell Harris Barbara Jackson Hazard

Mary Florence Kern Brown Sylvia Knobloch Brown Gay Buhl Buck Sally Zook Burdick Patricia Purcell Chappell Jeanne Morgan Cortner Suzanne Wilson Cramer Mary Hamlin Dixon Elinor Kenney Farquhar Susan Bassett Finnegan Diana Johnson Firestone Elizabeth Owens Fletcher Judith Bryant Friend

Beth Wagley Danforth Alexandra Davies Dewey Mary Mackall Dozier Dorothy Hilbert Hale Barbara Raymond Hickox Judith Brown Hollinshead Helen Anthony James Carol Olive Karpoff Joan Lancaster Karen Lanza Katharine Watts McGovern Lucretia Grasselli Morrow Margaret Wilson Morton Jane Kales Ryan Adrian Rice Shore Patricia Sinclair Audrey Stoddard Margaret West Valentine Julia Sharp Vergara Peggy McMillan White

1952 Anonymous Calvert Jones Armbrecht Carole Bailey Babcock Ruth Johnson Bennett Georgia Harwood Blackmore Katrina Seipp Chamberlin Elinore Brown Croyder Jean Lethbridge Cutting Nancy Blair D’Angelo Constance Comly Ellis Barrie Landauer Estes Anne Fitch Foulkes Carolyn Bryan Goodrich Mona Hagyard Marcia van der Voort Hargrave Lois Cowles Harrison Nancy Loring Harrison Anne Coe Heyniger WINTER 2006


Emily Champion Knobloch Dorothy Dort Levy Jean Palmer Messex Eleanor Johnson Moore Agnes Fort More Elizabeth Richmond Phelps Ceci Carusi Pose Beverly Wortham Rimer Mary van Beuren Seavey Lorraine Goodrich Simonton Sally Warden Stone Elizabeth Scherer Vanderstar Barbara Adams Woodhull

Audrey Wallace Otto Christine Watling Paddock Elsie Holmes Peck Constance Tobriner Povich Julia Brooks Reed Judy Towers Reemtsma Marian Baker Rogers Lucia Coulter Scala Julie Bres Slavik Sallie Harper Vance Katherine Ohl Whitley Remle Cann Willett Ruth Harold Zollinger


1955 – 50th Reunion

Anonymous Coyla Bell Barry Sally King Butcher Cynthia Sterling Cleminshaw Sara Graff Cooke

Anonymous (2) Leonora Rocca Bernheisel Catharine Bieser Black Sheila Bodine Cornelia Slemp Burgess

Helen Thom Edwards Ann Crile Esselstyn Angelica White Ewing Margaret Poole Fort Mercer Preston Gilmore Patricia Lawson Gow Harriet Hamlin Holmes Mary Ellen Pigott Hughes Kathleen Galvin Johnson Alison Corning Jones Anne Van Slyck King Clementina Moya Kun Jane Humphreys Kusel Gay Patterson Lord Jenifer Lee McDermott Constance Warren Mery Ida Jo Butler Moran Flournoy Semmes Rogers Harriet Hawes Savage Katherine Hobson Southworth

Elizabeth Borden Carlson Leecie Rhinelander Doyle

1954 Mary Adams Marcia Tucker Boogaard Barbara Crane Brown Nancy Young Cohen Cornelia Lombard Cook Celia Faulkner Crawford Louise Cropley Eaton Lyn Humphreys Sue Oakes Keith Dorothy Donald Krogh Lois Seward Kumpers Anne Dulany Lee Barbara Baker Mallory Nancy Johnston McNear Mary Schoene Mercker Pat Sullivan Meyers Valerie Limbert Olson

24 4 2


1956 Joan Pearce Anselm Fay DuBose Bohlayer Susan Boyd Kate Halle Briggs Caroline Hibbard Buckler M. Devereux Carter Mary Murray Bradley Coleman Anne Archbold Collins Anne Constantinople Anne Succop Covert Anne Page DeBois Carolyn Cline Holmes Jane Ritchey Kellogg Adele Butler McLennan Whitney Wing Oppersdorff Evelyn Scofield Rowland Marian Schravesande Lynn Morrissett Southard Valerie Williams Lois Limbert Witt


Elenita Drumwright Mary Baker Finch Louise Graham Kent Hill Graham Jo C. Guthrie Susan Hawes Caroline Parker Hoppin Jane Casey Hughes Mary Anne Dailey Jones Carol McCune Kirtz Marie Slidell Leahy Sandra McClellan MacGregor Caroline Card McAllister Julia Trabue Sanz Marion Eells Scragg Gail Grant Slingluff Ann Barringer Spaeth Sallie Perkins Sullivan Mary Kuhn Sweet Barbara Breneman Talbot Delia Williams Tittle Deborah Owen Turner Elizabeth Lindsay Wall Elizabeth Gilmor Wills

Eleanor Barlow Nancy Van Zandt Bolton Sallie Morris Collins Dorothy Jemison Day Eda Darneille Doyle Willia Fales Eckerberg Virginia Lutz Elwell Jeanette Phelps Evans Molly Pickering Grose Catherine McElvain Harvey Kate Carpenter Henry Sarah Hand Herren Mary Blair Vinson Koehl Elaine Reeves Padovani Susan McKinnon Paxson Elizabeth Knox Radigan Mary Cosby Rinehart Mary Winters Schlendorf Naomi Tucker Stoehr

1958 Eleanor McGowin Adams Linda Freeman Armour Katherine Walker Butterfield Mary Eager Campbell Marcia McGhee Carter Annette Clark Chilton Gillian Covel Martha Taylor Hayne Frances Morris Hubbard Marjorie Cochran Johnson Enid Jones Lynde Sudduth Karin Elliott McElhinney Krash Louise Stillman Lehrman Perre MacFarland Magness

1959 Betsy Berry Alexander Elizabeth Day Bolton Polly Pratt Brown Eloise Morris Clark June Kalijarvi Conway Judy Kingsley Duncan Nancy Hale Hoyt Bonnie Burton Humphrey Sheila Farr Nielsen Harriet Ward Price Delphine Oman Roberts Nerissa Vom Baur Roehrs Laurie Graham Shearer Florence Timolat Short Faith Jarvis Smith Barbara Kellogg Stowe Ellen Gleason Tilney Lucy Rockefeller Waletzky

1960 - 45th Reunion Carolyn Brooke Andrews Marion Dewar Bell Inez Noble Black Stuart Blue

Barbara Hurlbert Cantwell Anne Palms Chalmers Susan Cooley Marcia Bell de Garmo Judith Gildersleeve duPont Marion Grassi Eliassen Victoria Parkin Fesmire Patricia Gesell Sara Heap Sandia Johnston Elizabeth Johnston Lawson Elizabeth Heun Locke Patricia Meanor Mannion Marilyn McLure Elizabeth Meyer Bettie McGowin Miller Nancy Miller Montgomery Julie Thomas Obering Susan Perry Jacqueline Loomis Quillen

Julia Schieffelin Karen Koser Schwartz Patricia Shea Ward

Annabelle Loud Redway Elizabeth Clement Roak Alice Fales Stewart

Mary Ann Livingston Diana Cochrane Prince Anne Dickson Ravenel Evelyn Thomsen RufďŹ n Nancy Happel Schriber Laura Saunders Spratley Louise Ripple Yuhas

1961 Ruth Campbell Austin Susan Stockard Channing Virginia Parker Clagett Deborah Cornell Colwell Ann Jacobs Compton Pamela Mattison Hastings Margaret Hemingway Colles Baxter Larkin Victoria Macy Eleanor Rubottom Odden Marianne Bell Reifenheiser Lockett Miller Roach Diana Russell


Katharine Jackson Merriman Nancy Trainer Muse Georgia Cox Nelson Mary Virginia Gibb Pascoe Joan Hulme Perera Sarah Abernethy Snyder Suzanne Moorhead Spencer Eleanor Ward Taylor Ann Bradley Vehslage Margaret Bodine Wallis Linda Clark Waterman Leslie Meek Wileman

1962 Jane Wallace Arnault-Factor Carter Grandy Bernert Polly Hitchcock Bigham Carol Oughton Biondi Anne Leventritt Bschorr Linda Coe Robin R. Cutler Nina Lord Doggett Mary Lloyd Estrin Mary Anne Calhoun Farmer Patricia Glatfelter Foulkrod Maria Ophuls Grant Valerie Smith Holberton Edna Travis Hubbard Mary Lea

1963 Claudia Spicer Alexander Elizabeth Conkey Baker Deborah Loeb Brice Deborah Shapley Cortesi Lucy Simpson Douglas Ann Schoellkopf Jewett Frances McCrea Mari Mennel-Bell Katharine Meister Miller



Amy Neel Daphne Vom Baur Sarah Webb Susan Almy Yacubian

1964 Ginny Storrs Akabane Patricia Sieminski Blair Margaret Heun Bradford Ethel Peirce Churchill Elizabeth Harwood Dow Sharon Yates Ewers Jane Stebbins Flower Becky Jones Fouke Victoria Friendly Elisabeth Lineberger Lyon Helene Jackson Magill Penny Davis Preston Judith Putzel Price Juliet Grennan Ronhovde Janet McClendon Vaskas Marion Symington Werner Margaret Williams Gene Richardson Wilmer Daphne Flowers Wood

1965 - 40th Reunion Anne-Douglas Burrage Atherton Irene Ballenger Susan L. Brody Leslie Arends Eckel Deborah Fort Elizabeth Glatfelter Henley Portner Dorothy Smith Adelaide Donnan Valentine



1966 Anonymous Alexandra Breed Sarah Pettit Daignault Catherine Fisher Field Margaret Searles Franchot Wendy Berol Gifford Anne Davis Harrison Vianda Hale Hill Catherine Collins Hillenbrand Judith H. Lanius Ellen Fishwick Martin Sharon Collins Park Marian Jones Rice Clarissa Rowe Tracy Savage Anne Leavitt Sexton Jane Flues Simchak Keven Carney Wilder

1967 Deborah Bell Julia Bradford Ellen McLean Chitouras Catherine Cloutier Maria Nyhart Dahlman Katherine Farquhar Anne R. Fitzpatrick Anne Mason Germon Carolyn Jones Gray Margaret Donnan Hoster Caroline Ray Hovey Edith Larkin Hubbell Sylvia Bravo Larsen Anna-Binney Rankin McCague Joan Conklin Moody Susan Pool Moses Joan Mower

Judith Reynolds Elizabeth Sinclair Andrea Smith Elizabeth Baird Soyster

1968 Anonymous (2) Nancy Marshall Athey Carliss Y. Baldwin Caroline Davis Eleanore Leavitt De Sole Polly Talbot Donald Joan Humphreville Fitzgibbon Perrin Moorhead Grayson Lonsdale MacFarland Green Greer Hardwicke Warren Moore Miller Sydney Pool Scarborough Clare Happel Scurry Clelia LeBoutillier Zacharias

1969 Patricia Middleton Blood Thornton Flowers Crozer Emily Fisher Tina Freeman Mary Holder Sharon Ingham Horal Claudine Kuhn Klose Julia O’Brien Ann Fowler Rogers Mathilde Koehler Rothwell Jane Gordon Rupley Elsa Redmond Spencer Catherine Stone Kyn Tolson Perry Carpenter Wheelock


Constance Norweb Abbey Robin Brooks Jane Cannon Judith Greenleaf Coffin Christine Bowie Dove Elinore Evans Alice Major Fogle Read Penson Gendler Alva Greenberg Jane Harris Barbara Hewson Feroline Burrage Higginson Emma Hill Barbara Hoversten Kata Adams Hull Linda McCullough Adaline Frelinghuysen Ogilvie-Laing Paula Skallerup Osborn Clare Hudson Payne Katherine Wilson Prelat Sarah Gardner Ridgway Katharine Ferguson Roberts Leslie Scoutt Kumea Shorter-Gooden Catherine Harris Shraga Susanne Allen Sotirchos Anne Stickney Patricia Altmayer Storace Pattie Jones Tennille Coke Anne Murchison Wilcox Eileen Wilson

Bentley Andrews Mary Alice McGowin Beck Rebecca Gardner Campbell Ann Conyngham Barbara Putnam de la Gueronniere Ann ffolliott Ann Frame Edith Metcalf Gingras Mary Silverstein Hamilton Terry Huffington Patricia White Johnson Elizabeth Brown Lockman Audrey Noyes Ludemann Andrea Hatfield O’Leary Jane Olberg Prowell Marion Nimick Silbert Isabel Swift Mary Claire Zannini Wall Katherine Forbes Wellford Dorothy Thompson Whiteside

1971 Anonymous Melissa Fisher Barker Laura Fly Bellows Mariette Ladd Champagne Emily Carey Cronin Susan Read Cronin Margaret Gilliland Susan P. Graham Logan Lynch Haigh Heidi Hill Caroline Holdsworth Anne Brown Jones Sophia Neel Kountz Ellen Humphreville McGuire Joan Morgan Cynthia Nadelman Faye White Neilan Rosalie Hawkins Olson Martha Stevenson Olson Ann Rasenberger Lois Gibbons Sager Patricia McGlothlin Stewart

1973 Candace Wyman Allen Melanie Fort Christian Margo Shean Dana Susan Gibbons Jane Hewson Jane McAllister Hope McGowan Ann Huessener McHugh Ruth Leavitt Mueller Cathy Rosenthal Stuart Marree Shore Townsend Linda Willis

1974 Andrea White Barlow Taunya Brownlee Barbara Murchison Coffman Janet Moore - Coll Carol Coyne Nancy David Dillon Susan Saltonstall Duncan Robin Butcher Gilmartin Debra Small Johnson Sharon Coyle Kiernan Elizabeth Wray Longino Frances von Stade Downing Holly Pepper White

1975 - 30th Reunion Ann Bausum Westwood Byrd Renee Dagseth Kimberly Williamson Darden Meredith Mack Elvidge Sarah Glenn Grise Frances Williams Hummell Elizabeth Hunter

Elizabeth Kuhl Labadie Kimberley Marra Ann Carter Marsh Debra Mayer Elizabeth Scott Metcalf Cornelia Worsley Newell True McGowin Nicolson Lisa Ostrich Sarah Parker Louise Holland Peterson Julie Robbins Kendall Speck Smith Rosamond Parker Smythe Katherine Steele


1970 - 35th Reunion

1976 Lucy Blake Catharine O’Neill Broderick Stephanie Danforth Chafee Katherine Grimes Cunkelman Dorsey Eshelman Elliott Susan D. Elliott Chase Rodgers Harrigan Kissy Olberg Heins Catherine Davis Kaplan Jane Krumrine Lawson-Bell Lee Denby Marshall Barbara Morrison Missiras Eliza Niemann-Hodge Wendy Woodworth Robbins Amy Wilson Scott Lucretia Hadden Weiner Alexandra zu Pappenheim

1977 Angela Anderson Susan Wrampelmeier Atkinson Amy Carter Cynthia Strickland Graham Sarah Holmes Polly Holyoke Joy Johnson Carla Knobloch Elizabeth Shipp Logue Stirling Cassidy Smith Betsy Licht Turner Helen Wiley Anne Farrar Williams

1978 Margaret Griffin Begor Sofia Trevino Burford Elizabeth Calihan Sharon Saul Davis Katherine Holmes-Chuba Dorothy Kerr Eleanor Harrison LaFarge Louise Boney McCoy Susan Moore Morgenthau Cricket Potter WINTER 2006


Rita Nido Romeu Katherine Sullivan Scovil D. Nance Smithwick Hope Sterling Elizabeth Wattles Wilkes Elizabeth Hirschhorn Wilson Lou Shore Winship Charlotte Worsley

1979 Joanne Passano Bartlett Ruth Berg Emily Preston Brunkhurst Michelle Howard Combs Sarah Esterling Holly Meckel Henry Elizabeth Schmeltzer Hinson Caroline di Bona Makepeace Lesley Woodberry Robinson Leslie Beauchamp Wang Alexandra Whitman

1980 - 25th Reunion Ann Armbrecht Susan Dulany Atkinson Caroline Renzy Bellinger Julianne Fanning Brykczynski Lynn Stein Cassady Anne Warden Clark Deniz Ozberkmen Dennery Rebecca Humphrey Diederich Michelle Dorion Courtney Michaux Douglas Laura Gill Maurine Shores Halperin Jean Henry Nancy Johnson Hillengas Jennifer Johnson Pamela Fairchild Leslie Cecilia Drew Loeb Jeanne Meehan Mary-Lynn Perry Moore Laurey Frederickson Nixon Robin Patrowicz-Gart Dana Schmidt Caroline Acheson Seward Rebecca Jane Simmons Nancy Skallerup Robin Sterrett Sarah Richards Thalheim Audrey Baxter Young

1981 Anonymous Priscilla MacDougall Anderson Jacqueline Arends Bronwyn Kenneweg Beckwith Elizabeth Pell Burgess Sarah Kinney Contomichalos Deborah McFadden Elder



Anne Murray Gambal Kimberly Hughes Elizabeth Jewett Ingrid Rockefeller Kirkland Emily Webb Martin Elsie Conyngham McHale Jennifer Karin Sidford Anne Thompson Taylor Courtenay Valenti Julia Burnett Walker Hildreth Willson Caroline Wood

Heath Slane Brenda Slaughter-Reynolds Sage Wheeler

1984 Laura Walton Hirschfeld Gretchen Lipke Misti Mukherjee Jill Roberts Gina Melin Stortz Joan Suter

1985 - 20th Reunion 1982 Courtenay Marvin Adams Alicia Ragsdale Alford Andrea Hunnicutt Bates Judith La Gorce Bright Catherine Stewart Brown Alice Carter Estelina Dallett Catherine Flynn Daume Liza Henriquez de Sosa Elizabeth Estes Shannon Harris Flanders Georgina Bliss Marshall Clare Hungiville McLean Meme Meket Kirsten A. Menes Reed Montague Sarah Wolf Newlands Jennifer Rockefeller Nolan Kathleen Flood Reid Diana Sanson Catherine Saunders Whitney Thier Page Robinson Thomas Jessica Story Turner Nancy Fannin Williams Ashley Leer Wilson

1983 Linda Rowland Blount Stephanie Wight Dreyer Stephanie Dickson Embrey Christin Webster Gillooly Story Smith Graves Anne Mobley Hassett Bronwyn Hughes Meg Koster Alison Mayer Auden McClure Alison Helbronner McDonald Kimberly Ablard McGowan Colleen McQuary Sophie Annibali Mellon Helen Muir Milby Jo Monell Elizabeth Turner Rutkowsky Elizabeth Woodhull Scruggs

Susan Ramsey Aldrich Elizabeth Quainton Anderman Sarah Yeates Arnold Jenna Ashley Hope Norman Bass Colette Cummings Deborah Dyer Perscilla Faily Lisa Feldman Goldstein Laura Hewitt Susanna Bryan Kondracki Phoebe Lang Holly Lloyd Elizabeth Huffman Low Carolyn McKittrick Pennington Vanessa Billstone Peyton Brenda Brophy Pivirotto Harriet Arnold Rosa Catherine Salisbury Ingrid Schneider Joan Suter Karen Tansey Voight

1986 Dulany Cain Anning Natasha Boissier Helaine Osterneck Brill Mary Converse Michelle Malek duPont Patricia Anthony Gershefski Helene Kirwan-Taylor Lorentzen Avery Miller Cameron ProfďŹ tt-Taylor Victoria Reese Sarah Hayne Reilly Diana Gilbert Sparrgrove Laura McArver Timberlake Holly Twyford

1987 Michelle Anthony Vida Grebliunas Barham Katherine Collado Brasco Farah Brelvi Elizabeth Fesmire Buddy Anne Faircloth Catherine Rocco Goodwin

A N N U A L R E P O RT Whitney Brown Jones Laura Kelso Elizabeth Leonard Ashley Caldwell Levi Lauren McBurney Haile Parker McCollum Margaret Mullady Sophie Muir Speake Karen Jacobs Sulek

1988 Elizabeth Schiebel Albright Jennifer Ewing Allen Gaither Smoot Deaton Eleanor Harrison Bregman Jennifer Eisenberg Grosswald Jenny Merlis Houston Mary Dempsey Lembke Daphne Powell Markcrow Shelley Sapone McGonnigal Almena McGowin Morgan Margot Hostie O’Leary Tara Nayak Palmore Anne Pringle Sarah Quarrier Augusta Reese Eliza Robin Ragsdale Schenck Ashleigh Smythe Susan Wehrenberg Jennifer Nunes Zoga

Cristin Redwine DeRonja Melanie Dunea Heidi Santner Freeman Emma Tomarken Grimes Beth Collier Groves Marian Hamilton Alison Malawer Holmes Elisabeth Houston Nora Keating Mary Elizabeth Kennedy Ann Renzy Maclean Alice Louise Parker Silver Holly Helgerson Paul Gayle Shafer Trotter McDowell May Winn Telle Zeiler

Sarah Outman Brophy Sarah Chellgren Alice Ayres Edmonds Jennifer Evers Shannon Stockett Goldwater Lisa Ivorian Gray Mary Jackson Harrison Ariana Hecker Jaime Koepsell Lisa Marinelli Serena Perkins Erika Portanova Angela Powell-Davis Tonya Rawlings Anastasia Spivey Wenz

1992 1990 – 15th Reunion Jessica Dawson Laura Fiser Tricia Fox-Schoenberger Sara Gama Aimee La Gorce-Jeans Susan McArver Megan McCabe Melissa Thomas McNally Caroline Tower Morris Kendra Novick Sarah White Gilchrist Smoot Phillips



CeCe Davenport Siobhan Howard Davenport

Jennifer Gerstenfeld Argenti Sonia Banerji

Janelle Irick Bynum Allison Lefrak Dara Trought MacDonald Qingyi Tang Nana Tchabo

1993 Maryetta Anschutz Stacey Shameem Black Kristina Walton Collins Erynne Dowe Alison Downey Kisha Salters Ronda Webber







In honor of Madeira’s Centennial year, we are asking every member of the graduating classes of 1996-2005 to give to Madeira. Our goal is to reach 100% participation for all ten classes just in time for “A Reunion Like No Other” April 21-23, 2006. A gift of any amount at any time this year may be given to many areas of interest! By making a gift to Madeira’s Annual Fund, you will help your school celebrate 100 years and make a difference to Madeira girls just like you. To make a gift online, go to For more information, please call (703) 556-8222 or email Thank you for your support of Madeira!




Allison Buchko Edgar Philippa North Englert Dansby Wells Erwin Emily Fletcher Elizabeth Whipp Grau Jamie Jefferson Lindsay Krause Jessica Mazur Jeannette Mock Alexandra Peck Sarah Piper Mary Van Wyck

Susmita De Katie Feola Julia Iudicello Jennifer Iudicello Alexandra Klaren Amanda Lewis Alexandra Malin Sharon Momenian Blake Points Caroline Pott Sarah Swain Katherine Weeden

Sarah Amsbary Breanna DiGiammarino Sarah Gorrell Katharine Long Kathleen McDermott Erin Morris Shannon Orr Taylor Percy

1995 – 10th Reunion


Anonymous Tai Burkholder Jennifer Jones Mashadi Matabane Essie McGowin Megan Phillips Johanna Vasur Zoe Washnis

Katharine Blood Alexis Conway Kathleen McCabe Katherine Piggott-Tooke Dana Prey Kathryn Saunders Maya Scott Joan Taylor


2000 – 5th Reunion

Lina Al-Juburi Rachna Butani Phoebe duPont Doris Emrick Eleanor Johnson Estes

Emily Appel Jennifer Bain Beth Bharwani Prentiss Clark Laura De Sole

Anya Kuznetsova Sara Barokas Shalva

Brigit Ferguson Laura Flippin Eleni Garbis Lindsey Holmes Emi Kolawole Alexis Merin Polly Morton Kathryn Moss Christian Price Lauren Rosebush Sarah Warren Lysandra Wolberd

2002 Rickie De Sole Elizabeth Depczenski Merin Frank Ashley Prescott Cri-Cri Richards Jamie Rotimi Melanie Stevens Rachel Webster Kristin Wellington Elizabeth Wells Kate Wisniewski


1997 Maryam Al-Sabah Sigrid Bairdain Elizabeth O’Gorman Andrea Press Lara Wilkinson



Elizabeth Black Anne Kristol Divya Mehra Lindsay Moore Ann Plum

2004 Julia Breyer Sarah Crane Courtney Gorrell SuYeon Khim Rebecca Landau Christina Previti Rachel Ramsey Caroline Salamack Claudia Shuba Kate Silbert * Deceased.


2005 Senior Class Gift As freshman on September 11, 2001, the Class of 2005 sought to raise money for a fitting tribute to all that they as a class had lived through in the four years they attended Madeira. Thus, the Class of 2005 through the leadership of Julia Cadwallender and Abrah Shapiro raised funds for a flagpole, which now stands in front of the Hurd Sports Center. Carrie Arnott Laura Atkins Kristen Atkinson Stephanie Beckett Sarah Begeman Shideh Biela Candice Blake Deanna Boone Danielle Bovell Francesca Buss Julia Cadwallender Yoon Chae Moon Joo Cho Jess Chow Ka Young Chung Katherine Cochrane Lucy Coolidge

Rebecca Dale Rahila Danjuma

Kenisha Marks Alison McDonough

Sonume Dan-Princewell Julia Davies Natalie Dupecher Hallie Fox Jessica Frederick Taylor Ganz Alexandra Gatlin Jill Glenney Caitlin Gold Heidi Goldstein Eileen Harkness Jacqueline Hodson Monica Holt Shaylyn Hynes Amber Jackson Jennifer Jansen Lauren Jones Mahsa Kazemifar Claire Kelly Fatma Kibwana Jong-Hyun Kim Sophia Kubarsepp Danielle LaRose Hayean Lee Jennifer Drew Lindsey Fleming Longino

Casey Means Alexandra Mueller Diana Nash Kelly O’Brien Tia Odeneal Breann Plasters Meredith Poley Maureen Regina Previti Eleanor Prowell Seetha Ramanathan Hilary Ramp Lindsey Salcetti Clara Sanchez Laura Sargent Sara Schmidt Abrah Shapiro Laura Shashy Khadija Shirazy Jade Smith Lucy Smith Alexandra Theroux Kimberly Tu Ellen Watson Sally Western Jessica Williams Simone Wojtaszek



Parents’ Fund Committee Madeira would like to thank the following group of dedicated parents who did a remarkable job of fundraising for Madeira.

Co-Chairs Nicholas and Jeanette Cadwallender (Julia ‘05 and Mary ‘06)

Class of 2005: David and Marcia Buss (Francesca ‘05 and Alexandra ‘99) Frank and Mary Louise Coolidge (Lucy ‘05) Bill and Lynn Fox (Hallie ‘05) George and Lisa Wray Longino ’74 (Fleming ‘05)

Class of 2006: Gordon and Sara Brady (Sally ‘06) Christopher and Nancy Piper (Katherine ‘06)

Class of 2007: Oscar and Claire Ellison (Nora ’07) Christine Guster (Chelsea ‘07) Ken and Kathy Kies (Katherine ‘07)



James and Virginia Kennedy (JC ’07) Pam Maraziti (Caroline Osherow ’07)

Class of 2008 Mattie Lolavar-Fein (Alexandra ’08)

Madeira is deeply grateful to the parents of current students in 20042005 who appreciated that the financial needs of the School reach above and beyond those met by tuition.

Current Parents who are also Alumnae Barbara Murchison Coffman ’74 Terry L. Huffington ’72 Lisa Wray Longino ‘74 Robin G. Patrowicz-Gart ’80 Jane Olberg Prowell ’72 Holly Pepper White ’74

Current Parents Anonymous (5) Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Adams Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Alderfer Ms. Patricia Alonso-Gamo and Mr. George Tsibouris Mr. and Mrs. Richard Andreano Ms. Joan M. Anzelmo Mr. and Mrs. David G. Armstrong

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Atkins Mr. and Mrs. Mohammad R. Baig Mr. Bruce Beard and Ms. Beth DeLucenay Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. Bears Mr. Gary Begeman and Ms. Gail Griffith Mr. Philip F. Bennett and Ms. Monica KlienSamamz Mr. and Mrs. David Biela Mrs. Vida Boone Ms. Michelle Bovell Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Brady Amb. and Mrs. Martin Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Burgoyne Mr. and Mrs. John F. Burton Dr. and Mrs. David Buss Mr. Soo Chae Mr. Blair G. Childs and Ms. Erin E. Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Chow Mr. Jin-Suk Chung and Ms. Miho Lee Dr. and Mrs. James M. Clark Mrs. Jean M. Corvine Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A.Covington Mr. Michael Cowell and Ms. Patti Psaris Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dale Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. D’Alessio Dr. Mary Ellen Lane and Mr. Colin J. A. Davies Mr. and Mrs. Arthur T. Dean Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Derby Mr. and Mrs. Barth deRosa Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Devlin Mr. and Mrs. Peter DiGiammarino Mr. William R. Dillinger and Ms. Marylou Brewster Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Doan Mr. and Mrs. James Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Drumheller

Mr. Heung Ryeol Kim and Ms. Hai Sook Hong Mr. Sung-Woo Kim and Ms. Mun Hye Bang Mr. Woo Sik Kim and Ms. Mi Kyung Huh Mr. and Mrs. Seong-Jin Kim Mr. Kwang ho Kim and Ms. Kyung sook Park Mr. Seung-Dong Kim and Ms. Tae-Hee Cho Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kistler Mr. Thomas Kline and Ms. Lindsey Lang Mr. and Mrs. Douglas T. Kline Mr. and Mrs. Bradford A. Koury Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kubisch Mrs. Linda L. Lager and Mr. Joseph B. DiFrancesca Mr. and Mrs. David H. LaMotte Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Lapera Mr. and Mrs. Sang-Woo Lee Mr. Wei-Wei Lee and Ms. Monica Lin Dr. and Mrs. Seung-Chul Lee Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Linebaugh

Mr. Murray Garnick and Ms. Teresa Blaxton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gibert Mr. Howard Glaser Mr. and Mrs. John Glenney Ms. Michelle Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Gyanchander Gongireddy Mr. and Mrs. John Greer Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Groom Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S. Guster Mr. and Mrs. C. Steven Harkness Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Harriman Mr. and Mrs. William Haynes Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Healy Mr. Charles Heazel and Ms. Sally London Mr. and Mrs. David B. Hird Mr. and Mrs. David Hodson Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Horn Dr. Shyue Yi Horng and Dr. Szu Yun Yang Mrs. Nasima Hossain Mr. James F. Humphreys Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Terence Hynes Mr. Paul S. Jacobs and Ms. Lisa F. Rau Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Jansen Mr. and Mrs. Joshua M. Javits Mr. and Mrs. Otis Allen Jeffcoat, III Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Jenkins Dr. and Mrs. Jack Jones Mrs. Susan C. Joy Mr. Glenn Kamber and Ms. Denise Rechter Mr. Myung Sun Kang and Ms. Kung Sook Lee Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Kayes Mr. and Mrs. Asghar Kazemifar Mrs. Frederick R. Keer Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kelly Mr. and Mrs. James C. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Athar M. Khan Mr. and Mrs. Aftab A. Khan Mr. Abdallah Kibwana Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Kies

Ms. Judy A. Little Ms. Mattie Lolavar-Fein and Mr. Bruce Fein Mr. and Mrs. Michael Loulakis Mrs. Pamela F. Maraziti Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Maresco Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H Marks, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Willard Marriott III Mr. and Mrs. Harry Marshall, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Mbu Mr. John McCarthy and Ms. Sarah Sheard Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McDonough Mr. and Mrs. David McKinley Mr. and Ms. Fred C. McKinney Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Micklem Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Miller Mr. and Mrs. John Millian Mr. and Mrs. Sunshik Min Mr. and Mrs. William Minchew Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moore Dr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Nasif Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Neighbour Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. O’Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Roderick O’Savio Mr. and Mrs. Shepard D. Osherow Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. Page Mr. Sung Min Park and Ms. Yoon Hee Kim Dr. and Mrs. Dae-june Park Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Passaic, Jr. Mr. Oliver B. Patton and Ms. Barbara A. Van Gelder Ms. Anne Pendergast Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Piper Ms. Linda S. Plasters Mr. Richard Poley Ms. Judith Poley Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Pool, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Poon Dr. and Mrs. Francis Previti


Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Dunsmore Dr. Daniel Dupecher and Dr. Martha Dupecher Mr. Joseph R. Egan Mr. and Mrs. William Enos Mr. and Mrs. Clyde F. Ensslin Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fallon Mr. and Mrs. Robert Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Dale Feutz Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. James W. Fleming Dr. and Mrs. William Fox Mr. and Mrs. David J. Frantz Mr. Michael Frederick and Ms. Jane Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Fuchs Mr. Mitchel Freedman and Ms. Candace Ellison Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Gaal Mr. and Mrs. Whitney Ganz Mr. and Mrs. Kent A. Gardiner



Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ramp Ms. Lisa Rarick and Dr. Peter Bross Mr. and Mrs. J Walsh Richards, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Riehle Mr. and Mrs. Barry Roman Ms. Catherine R. Romano Mr. and Mrs. Charles Salcetti Mr. and Mrs. D. Blaine Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Ken Sanford Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Sargent Ms. Sharmila Saxena Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Schaufeld Mr. and Mrs. William Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. James Schretter Dr. and Mrs. James T. Sehn Mr. Kyeong Rye Seo Mr. Gary D. Serota and Dr. Sandra C. Garcia Mr. David Shapiro and Ms. Margo Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Shashy Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Shaw

Mr. Byung Chun Shin and Ms. Hee Kyung Chung Mr. and Mrs. Muhammad Shirazy Ms. Penelope J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Smith Mr. Fernando J. Solis and Ms. MaLuz C. Alvarez Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Steck Mr. and Mrs. Wieslaw Straub Mr. and Mrs. William Swift Mr. and Mrs. Paul Swinley Mr. and Mrs. Gene Theroux Mr. Sannasie Thiyagarajan Mr. and Mrs. John K. Trent Mr. Szu Yung Tsai and Ms. Feng Chu Chang Drs. Richard and Lan Tu Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Vandeveer Mr. and Mrs. Linwood Walton Mr. and Mrs. George Watson Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Webber Mr. and Mrs. Martin Weik III



Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Weinberger Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Whitcher Mr. Thomas L. William and Mrs. Beena T. Luke Mr. and Mrs. George C. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Glenn S. K. Wiliams Capt. Susan C. Maybaum and Capt. Mark E. Wisniewski Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Paul Woods Mr. Gary Wortman and Ms. Joy Every Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Wurzel Mr. Paul Yarowsky and Ms. Kathryn Grumbach Ms. Irene M. Zurakowski * Deceased.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Andreano Mrs. Mary Dale Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dean Mr. Sterling Gilmore Amb. Roy M. Huffington Mrs. Lois Linsly Mr. Stan Mortensen Mrs. Dorothy Nahme and Mr. Leonard Nahme Mr. and Mrs. R. Forbes Olberg Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Rowe Mrs. Marilyn Smith Mr. and Mrs. Martin B. Witschi

Past Parents and Grandparents who are Alumnae Elisabeth Hadden Alexander ’46 Peggy Sheldon Anderson ’37 Mary Richmond Annibali ’58 Calvert Jones Armbrecht ’52 Barbara Gableman Bell ’42 Carter Grandy Bernert ’62 Catharine Bieser Black ’55 Patricia Middleton Blood ’69 Fay DuBose Bohlayer ’56 Frances Lasker Brody ’33 Ann Reber Brown ’45 Sylvia Knobloch Brown ’50 Sally Zook Burdick ’50 Ruth Taylor Campbell ’37 Marcia McGhee Carter ’58 Judith Loeb Chiara ’45 Jean Rawlings Chickering ’34 Joyce Kelley Constantine ’47 June Kalijarvi Conway ’59 Anne Peyton Cooper ’46 Teckla Hilbert Cox ’43 Marcia Bell de Garmo ’60 Eleanore Leavitt De Sole ’68 Adelaide Marshall Donnan ’42 Elizabeth Griggs Dorn ’48 Sally Bradley Elsey ’37* Priscilla Endicott ’46 Angelica White Ewing ’53 Elinor Kenney Farquhar ’50 Katherine Farquhar ’67 Alice Watson Faulkner ’49 Victoria Parkin Fesmire ’60 Diana Johnson Firestone ’50 Elizabeth Owens Fletcher ’50 Katherine Peyton Forbes ’43 Anne Curtis Fredericks ’43 Cecilia Parker Geyelin ’43 Wendy Berol Gifford ’66 Mildred McConnell Good ’38 Kent Hill Graham ’55

Roberta Waller Griffin ’48 Katherine Alexander Grimes ’49 Elaine Grasselli Hadden ’49 Diana Hopkins Halsted ’50 Doreen Booth Hamilton ’50 Margaret Hemingway Harrington ’34 Julia Merrell Harris ’49 Catherine McElvain Harvey ’57 Martha Taylor Hayne ’58 Elizabeth Boysen Helbronner ’49 Sarah Hand Herren ’57 Heidi Hill ’71 Joan Morganthau Hirchhorn ’41 Nancy Trowbridge Holmes ’44 Caroline Ray Hovey ’67 Frances Morris Hubbard ’58 Margaret Perry Huessener ’34 Mary Ellen Pigott Hughes ’53 Jane Casey Hughes ’55 Joan Powers Humphreville ’42

Lisette Littlehales Roberts ’44 Nancy Mann Sanson ’50 Nancy Alyea Schiebel ’49 Suzanne Tobler Schriber ’35 Peggy Boyd Sharpe ’45 Adrian Rice Shore ’51 Marion Nimick Silbert ’72 Eliza Shumaker Soyster ’41* Marion Rockefeller Stone ’45 Sarah Sutherland Stoner ’49 Sara Taylor Swift ’48 Sallie Perkins Sullivan ’55 Elizabeth Scherer Vanderstar ’52 Ann Kilpatrick Webster ’47 Margaret Heminway Wells ’39 Perry Carpenter Wheelock ’69 Anita Graf White ’57 Holly Pepper White ’74 Barbara Landauer Widdoes ’45 Leslie Meek Wileman ’58

Priscilla Payne Hurd ’38 Alice Blue Irving ’49 Anne Hale Johnson ’41 Polly Johnson ’44 Kathleen Galvin Johnson ’53 Betty Beall Jordan ’37 Lynde Sudduth Karin ’58 Claudine Kuhn Klose ’69 Emily Champion Knobloch ’52 Dorothy Donald Krogh ’54 Mariette Walker Ladd ’44 Elizabeth Heun Locke ’60 Elizabeth Wray Longino ’74 Joan Marcy Luke ’49* Elizabeth Irving Maish ’49 Joan Selden Mathews ’37 Margaret Hammons McCullough ’39 Helen Stoepel McGraw ’40 Ann Huessener McHugh ’73 Julie Camp McLean ’34 Helen Chapin Metz ’45 Pat Sullivan Meyers ’54 Bettie McGowin Miller ’60 Lucy Treadway Mink ’37 Cynthia Comly Montague ’49 Ruth Leavitt Mueller ’73 Margaret Shumaker Nalle ’43 Mary Wilson Neel ’36 Katie Cowles Nichols ’58 Paula Skallerup Osborn ’70 Muriel Selden Paris ’36 Sharon Collins Park ’66 Elsie Holmes Peck ’54 Katherine Wilson Prelat ’70 Diana Cochrane Prince ’62 Jane Olberg Prowell ’72 Elizabeth Woodhall Rackley ’58 Gail Potts Rawl ’50 Martha Sweatt Reed ’39* Julia Brooks Reed ’54

Barbara Adams Woodhull ’52 Nancy Upjohn Woodworth ’49 Cornelia Cheston Worsley ’43


Current Grandparents

Parents and Grandparents of Alumnae Anonymous (2) Dr. Madhulika Agarwal and Mr. Sarvendra P. Agarwal Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Alexander Amb. and Mrs. Khalifa Ali Al-Khalifa Mr. and Mrs. James R. Anderson, Jr. The Reverend and Mrs. Mark S. Anschutz Mr. and Ms. Galen S. Aoki Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Armbrecht, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Armfield, Jr. Mrs. Hannah L. Aurbach Mr. and Mrs. John E. Avery Mr. and Ms. Charles L. Bain Mrs. Malcolm Baldrige Drs. Robert and Lucille Beck Mr. and Mrs. Bell Mrs. Barbara Bell Dr. Brenda Belton-Holmes Mrs. W. T. Bennett Mrs. Carter G. Bernert Amb. and Mrs. Gordon Beyer Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bieke Mr. and Mrs. John W. Black, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Vernanders Black, Jr. Mrs. Robert Black Mr. and Mrs. William D. Blair, Jr. Amb. and Mrs. Robert O. Blake Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Webber Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Bliss Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Blood Fay DuBose Bohlayer Mr. Sion A. Boney Mr. and Mrs. Jitendra G. Borpujari





Mrs. Nancy Bradley Mr. and Mrs. John F. Breyer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Brophy Mr. Preston Brown and Eva Brown Mr. and Mrs. J. Stuart Brown Mr. and Mrs. Mackintosh Brown Ms. Janice Buchko Mr. and Mrs. William E. Burdick Mr. and Mrs. Wentworth Caldwell, Jr. Mrs. Daniel Campbell Mr. Bukk Griffith Carleton Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Carothers The Honorable Clayton C. Carter Ms. Marcia McGhee Carter Mr. and Mrs. Jorge I. Casteleiro Mrs. Sherman Chickering Mr. George Chuzi and Ms. Antonia Ianniello Capt. and Mrs. Wyndham S. Clark, Jr. Ms. Joyce K. Constantine Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Conway

Mrs. Linda Fendley Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fesmire Mr. and Mrs. Bertram R. Firestone Mr. and Mrs. W. Brooke Fleck Mrs. Peyton B. Fletcher III Mr. and Mrs. William S. Flippin Mr. and Mrs. Alexander G. Floyd Mrs. Murray I. Forbes, Jr. Ms. Holley E. Frank Mrs. J. Wayne Fredericks Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. French Mrs. Edward D. French Mr. and Mrs. William H. Freund Dr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Friedman Mrs. Dolly H. Frisch Mr. James T. Fuller and Ms. Catherine T. Porter Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Fusaro Mr. and Mrs. K. Georg Gabriel Mrs. Ann Walker Gaffney

Mr. and Mrs. Alford W. Cooley Mr. and Mrs. James A. Cooper Ms. Jean M. Corvine Mr. and Mrs. Otis D. Coston, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Covington Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cowart Mrs. Teckla H. Cox Mrs. Mary K. Campbell Crockett Mr. and Mrs. Michael D’Angelo Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Davenport Ms. Nancy A. Davies Mr. and Mrs. Osborne A. Day Mr. and Mrs. Roderick A. De Arment Mrs. Jane de Butts Mr. and Mrs. George J. de Garmo III Mr. and Mrs. Domenico De Sole Capt. and Mrs. Dwight E. Denson Mr. and Mrs. Sergey L. Dickey Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. DiGiammarino Dr. and Mrs. William P.G. Dodson Mr. and Mrs. Edmund A. Donnan Mr. and Mrs. John M. Dorn Mr. and Mrs. James D. Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Blaine DuPont Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Eakin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Edwards Mr. George M. Elsey Mrs. Priscilla Endicott Dr. and Mrs. William F. Enos Mrs. Florence M. Ervin Mr. and Mrs. Grant D. Esterling Betty Evans Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Ewing Mrs. Nancy B. Faircloth Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Everett Fannin Dr. Katherine Farquhar Ms. Elinor Farquhar Mr. and Mrs. Avery C. Faulkner Dr. and Mrs. L. G. Fehrenbaker

Mr. Sergius Gambal Mrs. Warner Gardner Mr. and Mrs. John W. Gerdelman Mrs. Gerhard A. Gesell Mrs. Cecilia Geyelin Col. and Mrs. Robert K. Gifford Capt. and Mrs. Robert C. Gillette Mrs. Leslie A. Gilson Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Glikbarg Mr. and Mrs. Victor V. Gogolak Mrs. John W. Good Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Goodman Mr. and Mrs. J. Warren Gorrell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James M. Gough Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Graham Mr. and Mrs. William T. Graham Ms. J. Donald Griffin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grimes Dr. and Mrs. Victor N. Guerrero Mr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Guertin Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Hackney Mrs. John A. Hadden, Jr. Mrs. Ellis M. Haller Mrs. Diana H. Halsted Mrs. George E. Hamilton III Dr. and Mrs. Gwang Soo Han Mrs. Alexander D. Hargrave Mrs. William F. Harrington Mrs. Forest K. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. H. Harris Mr. Lewis N. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hartman Mrs. Catherine Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Hayne Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Heinan Mr. and Mrs. Jacques J. Helbronner Col. and Mrs. John Herren Mr. Howard T. Heun

A N N U A L R E P O RT Mr. Bruce K. Davis and Ms. Heidi W. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hirschhorn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hobbs Dr. and Mrs. David W. Holley Mrs. Diana Holmes Mr. and Mrs. George B. Holmes Mr. John F. Hostie Mrs. Caroline R. Hovey Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Hubbard Mrs. Richard Huessener Amb. Roy M. Huffington Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Hughes Mr. Thomas Hughes and Mrs. Jane C. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Neil E. Humphreville Mrs. George A. Hurd Ms. Nena M. Ickes Col. and Mrs. Frederick F. Irving Ms. Fay Iudicello Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Johnson Mrs. Kathleen G. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Johnson, Jr. Mrs. Paxton Jordan, Jr. Mrs. Shirley Kamons Mr. and Mrs. Michael Karin Mr. and Mrs. Asghar Kazemifar Mr. and Mrs. David L. Kerrigan Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Kirk II Drs. Peter and Sara Klaren Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Klose Dr. and Mrs. Fred T. Knickerbocker Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Knobloch, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Kristol Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Krogh Mr. and Mrs. Delano W. Ladd, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Lainoff Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Landau Drs. Ratnakar and Rekha Lawande Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lawson III Mrs. Eleanore S. Leavitt Mrs. Nancy Lee Dr. Patricia A. Friedman and Mr. Blair S. Levin Mrs. Marjorie P. Lewis Mrs. Howard Lewis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William T. Linton Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lloyd Mr. and Mrs. Allen W. Locke Dr. William P. Luke Ms. Susan J. Lyman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mack Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. Maish Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Marks, Jr. Dr. Paula Whatley Matabane Mrs. Robert R. Mathews Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Matson Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Mattingly, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. McCullough Ms. Elizabeth B. McGowin Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. McGraw Dr. and Mrs. Thomas McHugh Amb. and Mrs. Brunson McKinley Col. and Mrs. John R. McLean Mr. David McLean and Mrs. Sonia SmithMcLean Amb. and Mrs. Thomas E. McNamara Col. and Mrs. Peter S. Meckel Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Meehan Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan C. Menes

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Merin Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Merlis Dr. and Mrs. Harold T. Meryman Mrs. Ronald I. Metz Ms. Patricia Meyers Mrs. James R. Miller III Mr. and Mrs. Knute M. Miller Mrs. S. Russell Mink Mr. and Mrs. Theodore G. Montague, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. F. Barrie Montague Mr. and Mrs. William E. Moore II Mrs. Beverly C. Moore Mr. James W. Moore and Ms. Kathryn Kassner The Reverend and Mrs. Michael O. Moore Mr. and Mrs. P. William Moore, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Moore Dr. Jack H. Mower Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Moynihan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Y. Murray Mr. and Mrs. John D. Murray Col. and Mrs. John W. Myers Mr. and Mrs. David Nalle Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Neel Dr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Novick Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. O’Flaherty Mr. and Mrs. George D. O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. R. Forbes Olberg Mr. and Mrs. David H. Osborn Mrs. Peter E. Paris Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Park Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Passaic, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Pawlowski Mr. and Mrs. William H. Peck, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John G. Penson WINTER 2006


Mr. and Mrs. William O. Pettit, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Gary F. Petty Mr. and Mrs. John E. Piper Mr. Hugh M. Pitcher and Ms. Carol A. Corrado Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Portanova Mrs. Rita Prater Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Prelat Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Prescott Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Preston, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerome W. Prey Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Prince Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Pucillo Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C.E. Quainton Mr. John M. Ramey Mr. and Mrs. Ramsland Mrs. Gail Rawl Mr. John B. Ray Mr. and Mrs. Clarke T. Reed Mr. A. Lachland Reed Mr. and Mrs. John R. Reese Mr. and Mrs. Bernard T. Renzy III Mr. and Mrs. John S. Reuther Mr. and Mrs. Hal F. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Rhodeside Mr. and Mrs. J. Walsh Richards, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James S. Roberts Mrs. John G. Roberts Mrs. J. G. Robinson Mrs. Felicia W. Rogan Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Ronollo The Honorable and Mrs. James S. Rosebush Mrs. Annelise Rothe Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Salamack Mrs. Theresa Salters Mr. and Mrs. Charles Saltzman



Ms. Nancy M. Sanson Ms. Mary Lou Sapone Dr. and Mrs. Karl C. Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Savitz Dr. and Mrs. H. Max Schiebel Mr. William C. Schmeisser Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schmeltzer Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Schmeltzer Mr. and Mrs. James A. Schretter Mr. and Mrs. Rufus K. Schriber Mr. Jeffrey H. Schwartz and Ms. Donna F. Middlehurst Mrs. G. W. Scudder, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Sharpe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Shore Mr. and Mrs. Timothy K. Shuba Rev. John Silbert and Rev. Marion N. Silbert Mr. and Mrs. John M. Simms Mr. and Mrs. Carter B. Simpson Ms. Casandra Singleton Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Spaulding Mrs. Arthur G. Stein Mr. and Mrs. John J. Stetzer III Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Stone, Jr. Mrs. Frank R. Stoner III Mrs. Sallie Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. George A. Suter, Jr. Mrs. Barbara W. Sutherland Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Tanous Mr. John F. Tatum Mr. Jerome M. Thier Mr. Richard P. Thomsen Mr. and Mrs. James F. Tierney Dr. Michael C. Tooke and Ms. Susan L. Piggott Mr. and Mrs. William Trought

Mr. Charles B. Updike Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Valenti Mr. and Mrs. F. Bronson Van Wyck Mrs. E. R. S. Vanderstar Mr. Jeffrey Vinnik and Dr. Joan Liebermann Mr. Thomas B. Walker III Ms. Audrey Thayer Walker Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Ward Mr. and Mrs. John H. Warren III Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Webb Mrs. George D. Webster Mr. and Mrs. Evan H. Webster Mr. and Mrs. Gary K. Weeden Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Wellington Mrs. Margaret H. Wells Ms. Perry C. Wheelock Dr. and Mrs. Stephen W. White Ms. Robin L. White Mrs. W. Pierce Widdoes Mrs. Sarah W. Wiggins Ms. Leslie Meek Wileman Mr. and Mrs. Norde D. Wilson Mrs. Robert W. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. T. Henry Wilson, Jr. Capt. Susan C. Maybaum and Capt. Mark E. Wisniewski Mr. and Mrs. John R. Woodhull Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Woodworth Mr. and Mrs. James R. Worsley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Wrampelmeier Drs. John and Catherine Wright Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Yeates Dr. and Mrs. William N. Young

In addition to the contribution of work they have given to the Madeira School, these current and former members of Madeira’s faculty and staff made gifts to the 2004-2005 Annual Fund. Anonymous (2) Ms. Kimberly G. Adams Ms. Christine Anderson Ms. Shauna Anderson Mrs. Susan Andrews Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Arena Dr. Charles M. Barbour Dr. Lynetta Binger Ms. Betsy Boyle Ms. Rebecca Brooks Ms. Melby S. Bush Mrs. Nathalie Cadilhac-Duffy Mr. Andy Cai Mr. and Mrs. John S. Campbell Ms. Marcy Cathey Mrs. Karen Chaffee Ms. Donna Citino and Mr. Dean Cheavacci Mrs. Sara R. Cleveland Mrs. Meredyth M. Cole Ms. Mary Murray Bradley Coleman ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Alford W. Cooley Ms. Barbara L. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cowart Mrs. Teckla H. Cox ’43 Mrs. Mary K. Campbell Crockett Ms. Erin Crotty Ms. Dorsey Davidge Mr. Jeff Dayton Mrs. Ann Marie De Arment Ms. Ann Deegan Mr. Thomas DeLaFleur Mrs. Josephine DeRonja ’89 Ms. Josephine I. Diemond Ms. Elsabe Dixon Ms. Christine Dove ’70 Mrs. Dansby Erwin ’94 Ms. Jennifer Evers ’91 Mrs. Anne Fredericks ’43 Mrs. Heidi Freeman ’89 Mrs. Paul Gambal ’81 Mrs. Kate Gillin Dr. Elisabeth Griffith Mrs. Paul Grimes ’49 Dr. and Mrs. Paul Hager Mrs. Ellis M. Haller Mr. Zach Haney Ms. Holly Hartge Miss Dorothy Hayden Mrs. Elizabeth Heimbach Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Heinan Mrs. Silvia Hermanutz Ms. Katherine Hillas Mrs. Darcy Honker

Mrs. Mary D. Janney ’38 Mrs. Anne Johnson ’41 Mrs. Kathleen Johnson ’53 Youn-Joo Kim Ms. Susan Knobl Ms. Megan Kota Mrs. Cynthia Krech Mrs. Christine Langford Ms. Jeanine LeBoutillier Mrs. Mary Lembke ’88 Mrs. Leah Lindemann Mrs. Lisa Locke ’60 Ms. Lynn Loving Mrs. Nicholas D. Maclean ’89 Ms. M.A. Mahoney Ms. Alexandra Bromley Malin ’98 Mrs. Bernard M. Malloy ’46 Ms. Amanda McGrady Mrs. Ronald I. Metz ’45 Ms. Helen Milby ’83

Friends of Madeira The Madeira School is deeply grateful for the friends who share the School’s dedication to providing girls with a top-notch education. Ms. Carolyn Bond Ms. Heather Brown Mr. Brice M. Clagett Mr. Jack Kushner Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Lindsey Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Long Mr. Matthew H. Power Mr. Gary Ratner Mr. John J. Reis Mr. and Mrs. Michael Selig Mr. Mark Vershbow and Mrs. Mary Josephine Talbott Mr. and Mrs. James Wray * Deceased.

Mrs. Ann Miller Ms. Robin Nelson Ms. Eliza C. Niemann-Hodge ’76 Ms. Lydia Nussbaum Mrs. David H. Osborn ’70 Mrs. Louise Peterson ’75 Col. Charles F. Pilley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Pratt Miss Andrea C. Press ’97 Col. Ralph Puckett Ms. Jennifer L. Pusatere Ms. Sheila Reilly Ms. Megan Richetti Mrs. Beth A. Robertson Ms. Wendy Roshan Ms. Catherine Salisbury ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Saltzman Ms. Tracy G. Savage ’66 Mrs. Ann McC. Scott Mrs. Anne Leavitt Sexton ’66 Mr. Andrew C. Sharp and Mrs. Jennifer S. Dunfee Mrs. Jane Flues Simchak ’66 Ms. Nancy E. Smalley and Ms. Lisa Gray Ms. Katherine Steele ’75 Ms. Alison Stockman Ms. Audrey Stoddard ’51 Dr. Braughn Taylor Mrs. Pat Terrell Mr. and Mrs. James F. Tierney Ms. Leslie Trainer Mrs. Laura Van Slyke Miss Susan Wentzel Mrs. Diane A. Wilbur Mr. Kevin Wildeman Mrs. Leslie Withers Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Young




Faculty and Staff

Foundations, Corporations & Trusts The Madeira School is very grateful to all the

Muse Foundation Mutual of America Northern Virginia Community Foundation

The Deborah Loeb Brice Foundation The Gap The Garner Foundation

organizations named here for their generous support of the School and its students. Anonymous Abby and George O’Neill Trust AIG Matching Grants Program Bank of America Matching Gifts Program CADCA Calvert Asset Management Co., Inc. Chevron Corporation Matching Gifts Program Chubb Corporation Day Family Foundation Dayton Foundation Depository, Inc. Elizabeth H. and H. B. Wehrle Foundation ExxonMobil Foundation, Inc. Fannie Mae Foundation Matching Gifts Program Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund Fleet Matching Gifts Program Frances and Sidney Brody Charitable Fund Inc. GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gifts Program Grayson Family Foundation Harold W. Sweatt Foundation Henry and Joan T. Wheeler Charitable Fund Hoffman-La Roche

Northrop Grumman Foundation Olberg Family Charitable Trust Oracle PARAID Parker Foundation Peninsula Community Foundation Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Quest Diagnostics Radian Group Inc. Raytheon Matching Gifts for Education Program Reed Family Charitable Trust Regardie, Brooks & Lewis Rochester Area Community Foundation Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Roney-Fitzpatrick Foundation Scarlet Oak Foundation Scitor Corporation ServiceCorps - Citybridge Foundation Sharpe Family Foundation Strickland Family Foundation SunTrust Bank T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving Tara Foundation, Inc. The Arcadia Charitable Trust The Atticus Trust The Bayou Fund The Boston Foundation, Inc.

The George & Nancy Adler Montgomery Foundation The Grant Family Trust The Guthrie Foundation The Howard Bayne Fund The Joan & Fred Hirschhorn, Jr. Foundation, Inc. The Lehrman Institute The Minneapolis Foundation The Neel Foundation The Newstead Foundation The Norweb Foundation The Osherow Family Foundation of Florida The Perkins Charitable Foundation The Philanthropic Collaborative, Inc. The Prince Charitable Trusts The Ralph Averill Powers Foundation The Ruth and Vernon Taylor Foundation The Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving The Sehn Foundation The Selgreen Foundation Inc. The Southways Foundation The Stony Point Foundation The Thomas Henry Wilson and Family Foundation The Triple T Foundation The Tyler R. Cain Charitable Foundation The Vanguard Group

Houghton Mifflin Company Janet H. and T. Henry Wilson Foundation John E. and Caron G. Avery Foundation, Inc. JP Morgan Matching Gift Program Judith L. Chiara Charitable Fund KeyCorp Mad River Foundation Meek Foundation Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc. Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Middle Creek Charitable Trust

The Burton Foundation The Charles Schwab Corporation Foundation The Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole The Cosgive Foundation

The Waterman Foundation The Winston-Salem Foundation The Woodhull Family Foundation Townsend Family Foundation Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Wiley, Rein & Fielding William Howard Flowers, Jr. Foundation, Inc. Wivern Trust Woodbrook Trust Woodworth-Upjohn Foundation



The Madeira School welcomes gifts-in-kind from alumnae, parents, faculty and friends of the School. These non-cash gifts can include horses, athletic equipment, services, and other items that enhance the educational program and physical campus. Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Andreano Ann Bausum ’75 Sydney Bradford ’02 Ms. Vickie Damiano Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Doan Anne Murray Gambal ’81 Ms. Michelle Goldstein Elisabeth Griffith Jane Casey Hughes ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Kies Mr. and Mrs. Grady E. Means Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Merin Nancy Miller Montgomery ’60 Dr. and Mrs. Joel W. Norris Mr. and Mrs. George J. Pedersen Judy Towers Reemtsma ’54 Melissa Rice ’96 Henrik and Marina Roos The Honorable and Mrs. James S. Rosebush Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Salcetti Mr. Jeffrey H. Schwartz and Ms. Donna F. Middlehurst Catherine Harris Shraga ’70 Gail Grant Slingluff ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Stalker Mr. and Mrs. William J. Swift III Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Van Scoyoc Audrey Baxter Young ’80

Lives and Legacies Participants 2004 Lydia Gray Bartholow ’84 Jennifer Frankel Bergenfeld ’87 Fay DuBose Bohlayer ’56 Catherine Stewart Brown ’82

Development Office Staff Katherine Steele ’75 Executive Director of Advancement


Gifts in Kind

Kelly Brown Advancement Services Manager

Kobi Carter ’92 Marianne Wilson Culver ’79 Anne Page DeBois ’56 Polly Talbot Donald ’68 Jennifer Dreiling ’98 Stacy Armstrong Driscoll ’93 Sharon Yates Ewers ’64 Susan Tierney Frederick ’74 Mona Hagyard ’52 Barbara Jackson Hazard ’49 Clarinda Higgins ’67 Jorie Barnett Johnson ’90 Anne Brown Jones ’71

Erin Crotty Director of Annual Giving

Laura Kelso ’87 Jillian MacKenzie ’90 Elizabeth Scott Metcalf ’75 Warren Moore Miller ’68 Suzanne White Morgan ’85 Tonya Rawlings ’91 Kathleen Flood Reid ’82 Marianne Nash Rickabaugh ’47 Clarissa Rowe ’66 Christina Schlesinger ’64 Adele Herter Seronde ’43 Jennifer Karin Sidford ’81 Kathleen Bingham Stroh ’57 Linda Clark Waterman ’58 Leslie Meek Wileman ’58

Megan Krause ’98 Major Gifts Officer

Dorsey Davidge Prospect Manager Katherine Earnest ’01 Coordinator of Gifts & Acknowledgements Holly Hartge Assistant Director of Alumnae Relations Katherine Hillas Director of Planned Giving

Cindy Krech Campaign Assistant Kathryn LeRosen Associate Director of Annual Giving Louise Holland Peterson ’75 Major Gifts Officer Jennifer Pusatere Major Gifts Officer Megan Theiling Director of Alumnae Relations

Alumnae Event Hostesses The Madeira School offers its thanks to the following Alumnae who opened their homes or arranged for Madeira gatherings between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2005. Tamar Danziger ’97 Kimberly Williamson Darden ’75 Eleanor Johnson Estes ’96 Joan Humpreville Fitzgibbon ’68 Anne Murray Gambal ’81 Maria Ophuls Grant ’62 Lynde Sudduth Karin ’58 Nancy Miller Montgomery ’60 Misti Mukherjee ’84 Muriel Selden Paris ’36 Judy Towers Reemtsma ’54 Jennifer Karin Sidford ’81

Every effort has been made to give proper credit to all who have made contributions to The Madeira School during the 2004-2005 year (July 1, 2004 – June 30, 2005). Although great care was taken in the preparation of this report, mistakes are occasionally made. If an error has been made, please accept our sincere apologies and notify the Development Office at 703.556.8221 or Thank you so very much for your support of The Madeira School.



MILESTONES E L I Z A S H U M A K E R S O Y S T E R ‘ 41 The Madeira community lost one of its stalwarts in July 2005 with the death of Eliza Soyster. A graduate of Smith College and George Washington University School of Medicine, from which she graduated first in her class in 1948 (her husband, Peter Soyster, was second), she chose homemaking and volunteerism over medicine following completion of her internship. While raising four daughters (Elizabeth ’67, Blair ’69, Martha ’72, and Jane ’74) she made invaluable contributions to the Washington, D.C. community as a board member of the Red Cross, National Association for Mental Health, and the Mental Health Association of D.C.; chaired Junior League and United Way committees, receiving a community service award from the United Way in 1976; and was president of the D.C. Visiting Nurse Association and of the “One of the frustrations

women’s auxiliary of the Fairfax County Medical Society. She was also an officer of the Smith

of heading the Madeira

College Club of Washington, and a docent at the National Zoo, where she researched crocodile

Alumnae Association is the rarity of a communication from the constituency. There are of

behavior. From 1979 until May 2005 she worked full time for the Immigration and Nauralization Service (now part of the Dept. of Homeland Security), first as an inspector at Dulles Airport and later for many years as an adjudicator.

course exceptions which warm the heart or curdle

During Madeira’s crucial transition years of 1960 to 1966, following the death of Miss

the blood. One of the

Madeira and the retirement of Allegra Maynard, the school benefited enormously from Eliza’s

latter was a letter blasting

wise leadership, first as Alumnae Association President (1960 – 64) and then as Alumnae

one and all for wishing “Happy New Year” in a bulletin received in

Representative to the Board of Directors (1964 – 66). Grateful acknowledgement was made of her contributions as she stepped down from the Board: “She has carried her constituents’ opinions like a flag; she has made known and forcefully

March. It is my present

advocated the alumnae feelings about such matters as broadened scholarship programs, higher

New Year’s intention to

faculty salaries and benefits, extracurricular enrichment programs for the students, and greater use

point out the NEW to you

of the resources of the city. Convinced of the need for better communications, she inaugurated

and ask you to accept it as

the new alumnae magazine during her term as President. Madeira and the alumnae of Madeira

NEW whether you receive your bulletin in January, March, or July.” (Madeira Today, Spring 1964)

have been fortunate indeed to have had her ability and her energies at their command.” (Madeira Today, Spring 1966) At the end of her term as Alumnae President Eliza wrote, “My thanks…to the Madeira girls, past, present and future, who, out of gratitude to this school, freely give their time, skills, money and ideas to assure the continuity of the kind of education for which Madeira is known and in which they believe.” (Madeira Today, Spring 1964) There are few who have given, or believed, more than Eliza. — Lisa Heun Locke ‘60 former Director of Alumnae Relations




Marriages 1987

Jennifer Ruth Brown to Sean Francis Sheehan, April 23, 2005


Stacia Loveall to David Center, May 06, 2005. Courtney Murray to Jack Coghlan, August 6, 2005


Catherine Best to Ty Kotz, April 9, 2005


Katherine Smith to Andrew Hopewood, August 6, 2005

Births 1973

Suzanne Hamby to Caesar Berardinelli, October 2003


Sophia Naggar Harrison Bregman to Eleanor Harrison Bregman , Aug 23, 2005


Duncan McKie Taylor and Gordon Gibson Taylor to Cameron Proffitt Taylor, June 21, 2005


Andrew Mark Steinman to Katherine Savitz Steinman, September 5, 2005


Mary Evelyn Lawson to Polly Lawson, November 16, 2004


Laura Elizabeth Forman to Ellen Deebel Straub, August 5, 2005


Lily Sage Owens to Katherine “Kai” Falvey Owens, July 17, 2005


Marina Zavahir to Jimshade Chaudhari, May 28, 2005


Thomas Michael Cividanes to Meggan Joels Cividanes, August 31, 2005

Deaths 1933

Ruth Woodward Finch, September 6, 2005


Isabelle Ogilby Barr, June 18, 2005


Patricia McKnew Nielsen, July 17, 2005


Sally Sample Aall, October 30, 2005


Joan Marcy Luke, June 12, 2005


Ann W. Symington, August 19, 2005


Laura Gillette Johnson, June 27, 2005




in Style



I n 1719, a year after Jean-Baptiste le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville, established New Orleans as the capital of the fledgling French colony of Louisiana, a hurricane wiped out the handful of palmetto huts that comprised the city. An engineer named Le Blond de la Tour begged Bienville to move New Orleans to another spot--one that was not, say, five inches below sea level between a powerful and unruly river and a 40-mile-

wide lake, but Bienville refused. Two years

later, after they’d managed to build four

whole blocks, another hurricane came and

wiped them out. No wonder the city’s first

commercial establishment was a wine shop.

During the almost three centuries since,

New Orleans has remained on the brink

of disaster, from continual outbreaks of

deadly yellow fever in the 19th century to

Hurricane Betsy, which killed 75 people in

1965. Since I first came to New Orleans 14

years ago to cover an election, the nightmare

scenario currently being played out with

Katrina has been predicted and described

in great detail by city and state officials, in

countless newspaper stories and on television specials just so you’ll know --but not apparently so that the powers that be could do something, anything, about it. The “bowl” that has lately been explained ad nauseam on the news channels has for centuries had another name, the “damp grave.” Yet we wouldn’t think of living anywhere else. Nothing could have prepared the city--or any American city, for that matter--for the unfolding disintegration. It is cold comfort (but still some comfort) that New Orleanians have long had a closer relationship with death than most people. Graves in New Orleans are not underground and marked by discreet headstones (early attempts at burial resulted in bodies’ floating through the streets every time it flooded); they are aboveground in vast, gleaming white “cities of the dead.”




From the beginning, the city was different, a heady mix

the summer) “when an hour isn’t just an hour but a piece

of French, Spanish, black and Roman Catholic cultures

of eternity dropped into your hands.” When I lived in the

that separated it from the mostly Protestant, Anglo-Saxon

Quarter, in a house where Anderson is said to have lived, I

rest of the country, and even the rest of the South. New

was awakened each morning by the children arriving at the

Orleans gave the world jazz and Creole cooking, America’s

cathedral school behind me and kept awake most of each

only indigenous offerings in the fields of music and cuisine.

night by the bass beat emanating from the enormous gay

Sherwood Anderson found it “the perfect blend of the two

bars on either side of me. “There it is,” wrote Walker Percy, “a

best ethnic cultures in the world, French and Black,” and was

proper enough American city and yet the tourist is apt to see

so enthralled by it (he would have been--he was from Ohio)

more nuns and naked women than he ever saw before.”

he published an open invitation urging writers to come to “the most civilized place I’ve found in the world.” Today New Orleans is anything but civilized. The images

Percy immortalized the city in two of his novels, “The Moviegoer” and “Love in the Ruins” (in which, presciently, gangs with guns terrorize the golf courses while the

of the thousands of African-American victims trapped by

protagonist holes up in an abandoned Howard Johnson

the flooding--there were some white faces, but not many--

with cans of Vienna sausage and a case of Early Times). He

illuminated the city’s stark racial and economic extremes. My

had considered San Francisco first, but found all that urban

husband and I could escape before the waters came because

beauty depressing. Better to live on the edge, to feel twice as

we are lucky enough to have the means to do so; countless

alive in the face of impending catastrophe.

others were too poor, too sick or too old to join the exodus

Now catastrophe has come. There are loved ones to

in time. Until now, New Orleans was a city known for

mourn, disease to fear and a city that must rise from the

taking in refugees, a tradition going back to the days when

ruins. We are a battered but battle-proud lot and do not

the owner of what is now the Napoleon House bar at the

take defeat well. My husband’s father held him by the feet

corner of Chartres and St. Louis streets offered it as a haven

out of a second-story window at the height of Betsy so he

for the exiled emperor. Current inhabitants include Andrei

could unclog the gutters that were pouring water into the

Codrescu, the writer and NPR commentator from Romania,

house. Like the stoic native New Orleanian he is, he has

who told a reporter that he was drawn to the city because of

never evacuated before. This time, he grabbed me and we

the “complete disdain for the whole yuppie, Puritan ethos of

both grabbed all the potential projectiles that surrounded

exercise and denial.”

our unfinished house before jumping into the car to start the

Writers have also been drawn by the city’s romantic nature, stemming from its age and architecture, its dense tropical vegetation and often spooky light, but also from the feeling that the rest of the world--and time itself--has somehow fallen away. Tennessee Williams wrote of rainy afternoons (which are pretty much all the afternoons of

slow exodus from the city. Now all I can think of is getting back there. I just hope there’s some wine left. Julia Reed ’78 is the author of Queen of the Turtle Derby and other Southern Phenomena. She is a senior writer at Vogue, a contributing editor at Newsweek and writes for The New York Times Magazine, among other publications. Reed divides her time between New Orleans and New York City and is currently at work on a book about New Orleans after Katrina.



MADEIRA has something to say about summer

Girls Adventure!

a one of a kind opportunity for girls to experience an outdoor adventure on our 376 acre campus overlooking the Potomac River.

Girls First!

a comprehensive girls leadership camp across the river from the nation’s capital, that strengthens leadership in girls through a dynamic program of field trips, leadership exercises and outdoor activities.

Just Girls!

sports camp features soccer, field hockey, tennis, lacrosse, softball, and competitive swimming. Girls can tailor this program to suit their needs.

Girls Ride!

a unique new equestrian program offered to experienced riders with showing or schooling experience on courses with fences of at least 2’.

Riding Workshop

a riding day camp open to campers of all experience levels.

Summer on Stage

a perfect place for aspiring actors, dancers and musicians.

Camp Greenway

an action–filled day with activities including art, archery, canoeing, mad science, soccer, swimming and tennis, as well as the on-campus Inner Quest program.

Little Snails

a half-day program engaging preschoolers through a variety of enriching, weekly-themed activities.

For much more information about all of these programs and for online registration information, please visit Questions: contact the Summer Programs ofďŹ ce at 703.556.8213 or For Girls Girls Adventure! Girls First! Girls Ride! Residential



Rising 1st-6th

6/18-6/24 6/25-7/1 8/7-8/13 6/21-6/24

Summer On Stage

7/31-8/11 6/26-6/30 7/3-7/7 710-7/14 7/17-7/21 6/26-7/7

Camp Greenway


Tennis Adventure


7/24-8/4 6/26-7/7 7/24-8/4 5/29-6/2

Little Snails

Summer Programs at Madeira


Just Girls!

Riding Workshop



6/5-6/9 6/12-6/16 6/19-6/23

* Just Girls! is for rising 6th - 9th


Rising 7th-9th

Rising 10-11th


the Date




As part of Madeira’s Centennial year celebration, the English

We are honored to have Randall Kennedy as this year’s

Department is delighted to announce that Rita Dove will

Martin Luther King, Jr. Speaker. Kennedy’s work exploded

give a poetry reading in the Chapel/Auditorium on January

into popular consciousness with the publication of his book

17th, 2006, at 2:00 pm. The event is possible because of the

Nigger: The Strange Career of a Troublesome Word. Combining

generosity of the Poetry Fund, established to honor former

scholarly rigor and popular appeal, Kennedy has become

English Department Chair Janet Kneipp’s passion for poetry

the leading voice of a new generation of academics asking

and her commitment to bring poets to Madeira.

new questions and finding new answers about racial issues. A professor at Harvard Law School, Kennedy is, without question, one of the country’s most compelling and bold commentators on race in America. Nigger became an instant national bestseller and brought Kennedy coverage in the pages of The New York Times, Time, Newsweek, and a cover story in the New York Times Book Review. It is a must-read for all students of American life. With the publication of his most recent book, Interracial Intimacies: Sex, Marriage, Identity, and

Ms. Dove is the former United States Poet Laureate and is currently the Poet Laureate of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Since 1989 she has been Commonwealth Professor of English at the University of Virginia. Among numerous honors, she has received the Pulitzer Prize for her collection Thomas and Beulah, the National Humanities Medal from the White House, the Duke Ellington Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Heinz Award in the Arts and Humanities.

Adoption, Kennedy has cemented his place as America’s most

Copies of Ms. Dove’s books, including her most recent

thoughtful and original thinker and writer on racial issues.

publication, American Smooth, will be available for purchase at the event. A reception will follow the reading, during which time Ms. Dove will be available for book signing. All members of the Madeira community are invited



BILL MAYHER, PARENTS WEEKEND II SPEAKER, FEBRUARY 11, 2006 Bill Mayher will speak at Parents, Weekend II. He has worked as the Director of College Counseling at the Hackley School in Tarrytown, New York, and the Noble and Greenough School in Dedham, Massachusetts. Mayher’s new book, The College Admissions Mystique, untangles the web of emotions and misinformation that makes the process so hazardous. He covers practical issues, including discovering colleges, narrowing the search, finding financial aid, and using college counselors to the best advantage.

SISTER SCHOOLS Madeira is researching possible sister schools, with which to craft possible international partnerships. We prefer college prep high schools, with a boarding element, which offer English and have technology in place, on any continent. We welcome your suggestions and contacts. Please send info to




The Madeira School 8328 Georgetown Pike McLean, Virginia 22102-1200 Phone: 703.556.8332 or 800.893.2419 Fax: 703.893.1532


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Madeira Today Winter 2006  

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