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Our strategic plan affirms Madeira’s core values while providing the blueprint for our continued success over the next five years.

Dear Parents, Alumnae, Past Parents, and Friends,

I am pleased and proud to share Madeira’s Strategic Plan for 2013-18 with you—the first strategic planning effort in the School’s history to involve a broad cross section of our community. This document, which represents the culmination of many months of hard work and collaboration among numerous members of our faculty, staff, and board of directors, affirms Madeira’s core values while providing a vision for our continued success over the next five years. Reaffirming our Strengths I had several key priorities in mind when we embarked on our strategic planning process in the spring of 2011: • I wanted our stakeholders to play an active role in evaluating Madeira’s long-term sustainability by conducting a rigorous examination of its past legacy and current structure. • I wanted that process to be inclusive, so that the resulting plan would represent the voices and perspectives of those who know and love Madeira best. Several important conclusions resulted from these conversations. Madeira will remain an all-girls institution. Among the dozens of individuals we spoke to, retaining Madeira’s all-girls identity was essential. One of our primary strategic goals focuses on establishing Madeira as the leader in promoting innovation in girls’ education at a national scale. We will retain our focus on educating girls in grades 9 through 12. While there had been some discussion in the past about expanding our academic program to encompass a middle school, it was agreed that Madeira is best positioned to deliver an exceptional education to girls during their high school years. We will preserve our identity as a boarding/day institution. Stakeholders reaffirmed the benefits that result from offering our families a combination of boarding and day options; these include a richer campus life and a stronger national and international presence. Co-Curriculum will endure as a key dimension of the Madeira experience. The Strategic Plan supports efforts to increase the degree of integration between Co-Curriculum and Madeira’s academic program while maintaining the unique off-campus internship opportunities on Capitol Hill and elsewhere.

Embracing the Future Our strategic plan also integrates effective pedagogical approaches, such as projectbased learning, that are driving academic innovation at the nation’s leading independent schools. At Madeira, these innovations reflect current best practices and research focused on how girls learn and the best strategies for imparting that learning. • The strategic plan provides a framework for making our academic program more integrated; as the distinctions between disciplines continue to blur, the implementation of the plan will create multiple opportunities for bringing interdisciplinary educational approaches to life. • The plan will also help us break down silos between classroom-based activities, Co-Curriculum, and extracurricular experiences, resulting in more continuity across our programs and an environment more deeply focused on experiential learning and on solving real-life global and local problems.

An inclusive and successful process

Madeira’s strategic planning process began with a facilitated retreat involving the Board of Directors, the head of school and 17 faculty and staff members, who conducted a series of in-depth discussions focused on the School’s identity, viability, and aspirations. Once those conversations had taken place, the initial group was expanded to encompass a broader cross section of the Madeira community, who participated in committees that were established to articulate the School’s longer-term strategic goals. In addition, the head of

school conducted interviews with key stakeholders and every faculty and staff member at the School to further ensure an inclusive process. Members of the “goal groups” identified specific projects that would be undertaken to achieve those goals. These potential projects had to be budget-neutral or connected to a funding strategy; innovative and collaborative in nature; and supportive of our mission to launch women who will change the world.

Honoring our Legacy One of the most satisfying aspects of the strategic planning process came from knowing that the plan affirms the legacy of innovation that extends back to our founder, Lucy Madeira. Each of my predecessors worked diligently to make Madeira a place where girls can be the best they can be at whatever they choose to do, whether they devote their energies to business, science, the arts, or community service. My hope is that the strategic plan will foster an environment that continues to have a positive, transformative effect on girls by helping them develop the skills and perspectives they need to succeed in the 21st century. With our mission of launching women who will change the world and our vision of leading innovation in girls’ education—supported by strong core values and solid strategic goals—the coming years promise to be an exciting time at Madeira. As you review our strategic plan, I hope you’ll take pride in your association with an institution committed to embracing a forward-thinking orientation that honors its distinguished legacy.

Warm regards,

Pilar Cabeza de Vaca Head of School


Our Strategic Plan: Key Components A strategic plan is derived from a series of high-level statements that represent an institution’s essence and aspirations. • The mission defines an institution’s purpose and primary


• The vision articulates what the organization seeks to achieve over

the longer term.

• Core values represent the principles that the institution strives

to honor in conducting its day-to-day operations.

• Strategic goals are the tactical initiatives that the organization

pursues in the hope of fulfilling its mission and achieving its vision.

While the elements of Madeira’s strategic plan outlined here are expressed in relatively brief statements, the language contained in those statements represents a great deal of thought and discussion from the many individuals within our community who contributed to the strategic planning process.



Launching women who change the world

Awareness of self and others Compassion Creativity Integrity

VISION Leading innovation in girls’ education

Intellectual Curiosity Resilience

Strategic Goals Establish Madeira as the 21st-century leader in girls’ education Bring Madeira to the world and the world to Madeira Advance an inclusive culture that flourishes in diversity Protect and enhance Madeira’s environment and facilities Ensure Madeira’s financial sustainability


ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Establish Madeira as the 21st-century leader in girls’ education


Madeira will be recognized for having a vanguard curriculum that incorporates collaborative, interdisciplinary, and experiential approaches to learning. Madeira girls will become enterprising, self-confident, and empathic women as a result of our rigorous and innovative programs.


• develop a STEAM curriculum (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) while ensuring that we continue to excel at teaching humanities and modern languages. • Integrate Co-Curriculum and our rigorous academics to optimize experiential learning while retaining our internship program.

• Establish a robust residential life program that supports comprehensive personal development and community living participation, and incorporates the most recent research on female adolescent development. • Invest in faculty by designing and adopting a model for professional development that ensures individual professional growth, is aligned with the School’s strategic goals, supports the rigorous nature of our curriculum, and responds to evolving student learning needs.


GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY Bring Madeira to the world and the world to Madeira


Madeira shall cultivate active and compassionate citizens of the world. In our diverse residential community, Madeira offers programming that allows students to engage academically, socially, and technologically with an increasingly interconnected world.


• PROVIDE curricular offerings and programs that are intentionally designed to reflect an increasingly global and technologicallyaccessible society.

• dEVELOP a technology plan that addresses physical infrastructure, instruction, learning, professional development, and staffing needs.

• ENSURE that the Co-Curriculum program capitalizes on our governmental and international resources in Washington, D.C. to develop both local and global internships.


DIVERSITY & INCLUSIVITY Advance an inclusive culture that flourishes in diversity


Our goal is to ensure that our students learn to appreciate their own and others’ unique backgrounds. Madeira girls will be uniquely poised to thrive in diverse and inclusive environments.


• ENSURE that every aspect of our learning environment capitalizes on the richness of our diverse community.

• STRENGTHEN and expand student recruiting outreach to enrich the diversity of our community.

• PROVIDE holistic support for the diverse needs of all students to promote a strong, inclusive community that also values the individual.

• EXPAND the culture of inclusivity in our adult community, including personnel recruitment and retention.

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A PLACE TO TEACH, LEARN & LIVE Protect and enhance Madeira’s environment and facilities


Madeira will preserve the historic appearance of its beautiful buildings and natural environment while supporting our mission and our innovative curriculum, and allowing for modern-day residential comfort.


• deSIGN AND BUILD a facility to support the integration of science, math, and the arts, and to promote collaborative teaching and learning. • MODERNIZE our dormitories and facilities to support our robust residential and dynamic athletics programs.

• EVALUATE operational practices for the physical plant and develop a campus master plan that supports Madeira’s current and future academic, residential, athletic, arts, and auxiliary programming needs. • ENSURE that all of our facilities and operational practices demonstrate our commitment to an environmentally sustainable world while guaranteeing that the campus, its structures, and operational practices are maintainable.

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THE NEXT HUNDRED YEARS Ensure Madeira’s financial sustainability


Madeira strives to operate with a flexible fiscal model that allows for long-term financial viability.


• EDUCATE all constituencies and then model a culture of fiscal responsibility and efficiency that will ensure support of our mission and the programs we offer.

• LAUNCH a capital campaign to fund certain priorities under the strategic plan.

• STRATEGICALLY ALIGN communications and marketing efforts with the Admission Office to increase the School’s visibility.

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There is much that we have achieved—and much that we will do—as a result of having successfully negotiated the complexities of the strategic planning process.

As someone who has always believed in adopting a collaborative and inclusive approach to leadership, it was gratifying to see how the strategic planning process created opportunities for training and mentoring new leaders within our community who will support efforts to position Madeira at the forefront of girls’ education. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the many individuals within our community who so generously gave of their time and insight over the course of that process. ~ Pilar Cabeza de Vaca

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Madeira Strategic Plan  
Madeira Strategic Plan