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summer 2011

Welcome! Greetings from Madeira! It has been over 100 years since Lucy Madeira began engaging the minds and nurturing the confidence of young women. Miss Madeira believed it was both a duty and a privilege to help young women to understand their changing world and have the confidence to live lives of their own making, their own passions, and their own dreams.

Before she ever comes to us, a girl knows a lot about herself. She knows she loves to read and to dance. She wishes to be as patient as her father, as funny as her mother, and as courageous as Anne Frank. She likes being part of a team or having one very best friend, or maybe both.

She has questions and emotions and opinions galore. She has posters. She has purple pens. She wants to be a veterinarian. She wants to see the world. She has already begun to speak her life.

Madeira brings power to her intellect, nuance to her thought, stamina to her pursuits. Here, she can find the words to speak her mind and her heart. She finds what she needs whether it is a lectern or Capitol Hill, a newspaper or canvas, a playing field or laboratory.

In our commitment to the mission of Lucy Madeira, we strive to empower and encourage girls to explore their interests, develop their abilities, act with self-confidence and with compassion, and assume responsibility for their actions in the global community.

Having something to say means nothing if there are no ears to hear it, minds to oppose it or hands to act upon it. We say to her, tell us, tell us every day. It is our privilege that she does.

Are you a girl with something to say? If so, then join us this summer for Girls First! at The Madeira School.

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Be a Madeira Girl This Summer The Madeira School’s Girls First! program gives rising 7th–11th grade girls the chance to supplement their school-year studies with dynamic classroom work, as well as benefit from experiential learning through interactions with successful women engaged in careers relating to their course of study. Just like at Madeira during the school year, you have the option to be either a day girl or a boarder. Girls pursue a scholastic adventure of their choice while participating in a variety of enjoyable daily and nightly activities in a beautiful riverside setting twenty minutes from the nation’s capital. The experiential program crafted for students at Girls First! mixes personalized academic endeavors with social activities, games, sports, and field trips. To learn more, click here. Session Date: June 26 – July 8, 2011 To apply, click here. How to Contact Us: 8328 Georgetown Pike, McLean, VA 22102 • Phone: 703-556-8323 Fax 703-556-0428 •

Acting and Directing for Film

Creative Writing

Digital Photography

Equine Management

Fashion Design

Forensic Science


Veterinary Science

Interior Design

Academic Programs At Girls First!, our students benefit from the experience of teachers who are innovative, engaging, and best of all, fun in class. The teachers are young, vibrant, and approachable. They feel equally comfortable discussing modern poetry, blood splatter experiments or animal behavior, debating contemporary music, or playing tennis. Our staff’s varied interests reflect our philosophy that courses should be only the beginning of daily life at Girls First! Small class sizes and the individualized instruction ensure that every girl’s experience is maximized. Collaborative group work, field trips and excursions, and inventive projects make every class day lively and varied. Girls are consistently challenged to participate in discussions, collaborative with others, and express themselves creatively. We feel that an experiential, academic environment in which each student selects one course as her focus for the entire two week session, allows a girl to engage with her chosen subject deeply and memorably. Each course features interaction with female mentors, leaders, and experts in that field. Girls are expected to complete daily in-class assignments, and present a larger project at the end of the program. However, this is a summer program so girls are not assigned homework or graded. To learn more, click here.

Academic Schedule 8:45 – 9:00 am Morning Meeting 9:15 – 10:30 am Class I 10:30 – 10:45 am Break 10:45 - 12:00 pm Class II 12:00 – 1:00 pm Lunch

1:15 – 2:30 pm 2:30 – 2:45 pm 2:45 – 4:00 pm

Class III (On Tuesdays and Thursdays this class is replaced by a camp speaker) Break Class IV

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Courses Equine Management A picturesque riding facility steeped in tradition, this is a program that prepares girls to be horsewomen, not just riders. This is riding at Madeira. The class exposes girls to a wide variety of topics relating to horses from grooming to nutrition, body scoring, conformation, wrapping, vital signs, general health care and emergency first aid, each topic immersing girls in the world of horses. Each class offers daily hands on experience with one of the horses in our herd. Girls receive a daily mounted lesson in Hunt Seat equitation, are grouped by skill level and enjoy lessons in one of our two outdoor riding arenas or indoor riding facility. To learn more, click here.

Digital Photography Digital Photography is a great fit for budding photographers who want to improve their skills and learn how to use the technology at their fingertips to take their images even further. In addition to exploring the basic tenets of powerful photography, girls learn skills required for making color and black-and-white prints in a ‘digital darkroom.’ This includes decoding the spectrum of functions on digital cameras, using scanned images to add to their work, and outputting to high-resolution printers. Girls also learn how to use digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop to enhance and edit their images. Last years girls even turned one of their photos into a T-shirt they could wear! To learn more, click here.

Veterinary Science Have you ever stuck your hand into the stomach of a living cow? Actually walked through the chambers of the heart – because they were drawn in chalk on the sidewalk? Written a rap song about an animal parasite you just researched? Do you know how to bandage and wrap your pet’s leg if they injure it? Looked at real animal x-rays? These are some of the activities that girls enrolled in Vet Science have enjoyed in past summers. Our Veterinary Science course introduces girls to this fascinating, expanding field and its variety of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Learning about these techniques exposes girls to medical study and treatment methods in general. To learn more, click here. This year, we are offering TWO levels of Veterinary Science. Level 1 – Girls entering grades 7 – 9 Level 2 – Girls entering grades 10 – 11 (This level includes more advanced lab work. Completion of high school biology encouraged for girls in Level 2)

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Acting and Directing for Film For w e N 11!! 20

Want to make a movie this summer? This course takes girls through each step of the movie making process from writing the screenplay to publishing their film to DVD. Girls will write an original fictional story, cast it from among the class, rehearse, direct one another, shoot the film using a High Definition video camera

and edit their footage in i-Movie. To learn more, click here.

Forensic Science Many of us have seen popular programs and movies showcasing forensic science, but have you ever found yourself staying up late to watch the last episode of a CSI marathon? Addicted to Bones or Dr. G: Medical Examiner? How is a crime scene investigation really accomplished? Our Forensic Science teacher will start from scratch, teaching the science and the skills that, by the end of the course, allow our students to examine a mock crime scene and solve a realistic case. Girls learn to process biological evidence, trace evidence and impression evidence (such as blood splatter, fingerprints, shoe prints, and tool marks), as well as draw upon ballistics information. To learn more, click here.

Psychology Aggression, attraction, discrimination, conformity – what makes us do what we do? This course is perfect for the girl who is looking for the answers to these questions and more. Psychology exposes girls to a broad spectrum of topics that encompass the field of Psychology. Beginning with the fundamentals of Psychology as a science, the students delve into four exciting areas of psychology: developmental, social, abnormal, and cognitive. To learn more, click here.

Creative Writing Are you a girl with something to say? With readings in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, a grammar “tip of the day,” daily writing-related prompts and activities, and collaborative, individual, and one-on-one workshops, girls will walk away from the class with a deeper understanding of what good writing is. Activities in the past have included writing poetry, short stories, fairy tales, and a “This I Believe” essay. Last year’s final anthology project had the girls create the actual handmade, handstitched book that held a collection of their work. To learn more, click here.

Interior Design Design as a discipline has been growing in popularity with the growth of reality TV. Through shows like Top Design and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the fields of interior design and architecture are being exposed and celebrated. Interior Design is intended to foster the beginning eye for design and style and introduce students to the exciting world of the design professions and ground students in the design process. Girls work with color wheels, tint and shade charts, color schemes, models and floor plans of homes. Armed with their sketchbooks, girls learn how to seek out design solutions in their own everyday spaces and come up with creative and functional ways to improve or dress up their world.

Last year’s final projects had the girls interviewing “clients” and designing a oneroom living/work space based on their client’s needs, preferences and interests. Final design boards included a completed floor plan, illustration, and elevations of their design for portfolio use. To learn more, click here.

Fashion Design Fashion Design is an exciting, fast-paced field in which some of America’s most intelligent artists are working. From the start, our course is hands-on and projectbased. The course will give girls a working knowledge of the four stages of the design process including: basic tools (sketching and sewing skills), inspiration (concept boards, and assimilating different types of sources to develop a concept for a garment), creation, and production. Last year’s field trip included a chat with the Editor-in-Chief of D.C. Magazine, a visit to Relish Boutique, a visit to the sewing lab of Lululemon and attendance at the Teen Design Conference in Washington, D.C. hosted by Tim Gunn (who now has his very own Girls First! t-shirt!) To learn more, click here.

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Your Home THE MADEIRA CAMPUS Madeira’s 100-year history educating girls in grades 9–12 in the Washington, D.C. area has enabled us to develop strong relationships with some of the capital’s most influential professionals in order to provide girls with fresh intellectual possibilities. The campus boasts as much space and student resources as many colleges, including a 25,000 volume library, a sports center with pool, fitness center and strength training room, playing fields, a natural amphitheater, and an indoor and outdoor equestrian facility. The 376-acre campus is just twelve miles outside Washington, D.C., and the world-class array of cultural and historic destinations the United States’ capital city has to offer. Students visit Washington, D.C. on their weekday academic field trip and resident students visit additional D.C. locations on the weekend.

Resident ADVISORS At Girls First!, Resident Advisors (RAs) live in the dorms with girls and are responsible for the social and residential components of the program. These women, many of whom are Madeira alumni, plans and supervises afternoon and evening activities. All staff attend group training before Girls First! begins to prepare them to welcome students upon their arrival. By the time the girls arrive, the staff is ready to offer an integrated, sympathetic, safe and fun environment, where individual girls can approach them at any time, whether they’re feeling shy, homesick, or just want to hang out.

RAs also make sure that program rules are being followed and the halls and common areas are kept clean, they’ll even help girls learn to do their laundry… after all, their parents won’t be at camp with them! Our staff can identify with teens’ concerns; they build a caring community, serving as mentors to our girls in personal and life skills, as well as their academic endeavors.

DORMS Girls live in double rooms in Madeira’s six dormitories which combine modern conveniences with turn of the century architectural charm. There are two Resident Advisors and at least one teacher and 25- 30 girls in each dorm providing a welcoming environment where adults and girls get to know one another quickly through organized dorm activities as well as informal chats each evening. Students eat thoughtfully prepared, healthy, gourmet meals in a spacious, air conditioned dining hall. Vegetarian options are available at every meal.

HEALTH & SAFETY Student health and safety are our first concern. Our campus features 24-hour staffed, gated security as well as a 14 bed health center staffed by 3 full time nurses who are available on-call 24 hours a day when the health center is closed.

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Activities At Girls First! we take advantage of the long summer days and Madeira’s expansive campus by offering exciting activities for the afternoons and evenings. While during the day each girl focuses on her chosen course of study, in free time and at night, the entire camp hangs out together regardless of program track. Each day offers new adventures! Popular afternoon options include taking a dip in our indoor swimming pool, a tennis match, one dorm ambushing another with water guns or a visit to the barn. After dinner, girls participate in another round of activities that in past summers have included yoga, jewelry making, “dive-in” movies, folding origami leis, Maori painting, carnivals and cookie decorating. At the end of the evening, girls gather in their dorms for dorm games and crafts, writing letters home, planning the dorm sponsored activity for later that week….oh yeah, and sometimes just chatting and hanging out with new friends! Several times a session we bring guest speakers to campus to discuss issues that we feel are relevant to all Girls First! girls. Past topics have included internet safety, public speaking, and nutrition and healthy eating. Girls will also have the opportunity to “try out” another class during our class demonstration sessions. Additionally, each teacher sponsors at least one class-related evening activity during camp which is open to all girls. At the end of the first week, girls are both exhausted and energized!

Washington, D.C. Academic Field Trips Madeira is located on a safe, beautiful, wooded campus nestled along the Potomac River. We are fortunate to be surrounded by such natural beauty, yet still be close to the many major cultural and social resources Washington, D.C has to offer this combination makes for exciting opportunities for our girls. We make Washington, D.C. and its depth of resources are an integral part of the program. At least once during the session girls travel to Washington, D.C. for program-specific, academic field trips that are educationally relevant and culturally enriching. Teachers prepare course-related itineraries that make use of Madeira’s relationships and illustrate real-world applications of girls’ chosen subjects. The Veterinary Science girls might visit the offices of a local veterinarian to see how a vet clinic and animal spa operates, while girls in Fashion Design might visit Urban Chic, a women’s boutique. To learn more, click here.

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The Weekend Saturday After the first full week of classes, our resident students are ready for off-campus fun. On Saturday, the residential component of the camp heads into the heart of our nation’s capital for a day of exploration, friendships and fun. Our Resident Advisors, and teachers, lead the groups on a Washington, D.C. scavenger hunt that takes the girls to a variety of locations where they take photos to help answer questions. “Where would you visit to get a picture in Einstein’s lap? Who is the Baby Ruth candy bar named for?” Find out during this race to the finish! Girls and staff eat both lunch and dinner downtown and usually also manage to fit in a little shopping along the way as well! One goal of this trip is to offer cultural content in addition to the educational opportunities created at Madeira. Often, the girls have their most memorable experiences just observing and participating in the fascinating, energetic environment of the capital.

Sunday We encourage girls to sleep in on Sunday and choose from a variety of activities during the day. One of the most popular activities is the ropes course right on the Madeira campus which is operated by Inner Quest staff. Girls have the option of signing up for this program (for a small additional cost) that usually runs 9:00 am – 1:30 pm and includes an exciting, not-to-be-missed zip wire experience that allows you to fly through the treetops! Not ready for flying? Then sleep in and enjoy a leisurely brunch in the Dining Hall and spend some of the day relaxing with friends and participating in such activities that may include a nature hike to Black Pond, picture frame making, yoga, arts and crafts, pool time, a BBQ dinner, ice cream sundae bar and free time!

Frequently Asked Questions 1. What kind of girl attends Girls First!? Will I make friends? Girls First! is open to girls entering grades 7 – 11 in the fall. Girls from all over the world attend Girls First! The girls have different hobbies, interests and backgrounds. The one thing they do have in common is that they have an interest in learning more about their chosen subject…and of course the fact that they are girls! With so many new faces from different backgrounds, it’s hard not to make friends!

2. Can I take two classes? They all sound so interesting! Unfortunately, no. We know it’s hard to choose between all of the neat classes but we really want you to be able to accomplish lots in whatever course you choose and two weeks isn’t much time. That’s why you can only take one class per summer. However, there will be an opportunity for you to attend two mini classes in two other courses we offer, so you will be able to explore other classes in this way.

3. What if I have never been away from home before? The good news is you aren’t alone! For many of our campers, this will be their first time away from home. Our caring teachers and RAs will keep you very busy in and out of class so you will meet other girls quickly and have a lot of fun. Homesickness is completely normal and common and keeping busy keeps homesickness feelings to a minimum. If you do feel homesick while at camp, we encourage you to find someone to talk to about it. Most of our teachers and all of our RAs have been to camp or boarding school and they are good at helping you find ways to keep busy. Talking about homesickness can also help you feel better. What we have found is that while your first stay in a residential program is a big step and may start out as a bit of a bumpy road, by the end it is smooth sailing and a wonderful source of pride and self-confidence.

4. Will I have a roommate? Yes! Almost all of our dorm rooms are doubles; we have some singles but reserve them mostly for staff, so you will have one roommate. She will be someone who is your age but most likely in a different class. On our online registration there is a roommate questionnaire so you can tell us whether you like your music soft or loud, your room messy or neat, etc. We use this information to assist us when we do roommate assignments.

5. Can my friend and I come to camp together? Can we room together? Sure, your friend can attend along with you. If you wish to request her as a roommate then be sure that BOTH of you request this on your camp application. If only one girl makes a request, we cannot pair you together. However, we STRONGLY suggest that girls who come to camp together, do not room together. Typically, we would put you in the same dorm as your friend, perhaps even down the hall. To learn more, click here.

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Staff Bios CathY Cleveland-Hirsch: Program Director/Academic Director Cathy has been associated with The Madeira School for over 15 years, spending 10 of those years as an integral part of The Madeira School’s Residential Program. As the Assistant Dean of Students for Residential Life, she managed and trained the Residential Life staff, working diligently with our 165 boarding students to make sure they were safe, comfortable and cared for in their home away from home. She brings her Dean of Student’s experience to our Girls First! program. While at Madeira, Cathy also taught and worked with international students for many years and is the founder of the Ambassador program and the school’s International Week. She is a mom, a wife, and a former Peace Corps Volunteer, international traveler, history buff, and is returning to Girls First! for her fourth year as Program Director and Academic Director. During the summer she lives on campus and can often be seen visiting classrooms and chatting with girls between classes.

Tracie Epes: Director of Residential Life Tracie is in her third year as the Director of Counseling at The Madeira School. In addition to providing support services for students and families, Tracie plans and facilitates the Health and Wellness curriculum, a series of workshops for each grade level on topics such as stress management and relaxation, healthy eating and nutrition, and self care and personal safety. For the past two summers, Tracie has been the Director of Residential Life for Girls First! She lives on the Madeira campus with her dog, Howard, who also enjoys being a part of the Girls First! camp experience! Tracie enjoys playing soccer and tennis, scrapbooking, and creating new flavors of cupcakes!

Tuition and Application Residential Student Tuition: $2495 + $100 field trip account Tuition includes room, all on – campus meals and activities, instruction, most supplies, and field-trip transportation. Field trip money covers off-campus meals and some personal spending.

Day Student Tuition: $1695 + $50 field trip account Day students attend Opening Sunday 1:30 – 8:00 pm; weekdays 8:45 am – 4:15 pm (or 5:15 pm if they choose to stay for the afternoon activity); and Closing Friday 8:45 am – 12:00pm. Tuition includes lunch, afternoon activities, instruction and most supplies. Field trip money covers the weekday academic field trip meals and some personal spending.

Equine Management - $800 additional class fee applies. Tuition Deposit A $500 non-refundable deposit is required upon registration. This is applied toward tuition balance. The online student profile must also be completed upon registration. Final payment and all forms are due May 1, 2011. Registration is completed online by visiting

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The Madeira School’s Girls First! program gives rising 7th–11th grade girls the chance to supplement their school-year studies with dynamic...