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Jardim das Madalenas

The central area of the Madalenas garden, in Santo António (13,750 m2) has, in addition to a panoply of tree species, a recreation area, with a senior gymnasium composed of four pieces of equipment (pony, bicycle, waist and steering wheel) and a playground with swings for children plus a slide. There are also seven pieces of equipment distributed throughout the garden to be used for sports. The garden features a bust honoring William Edward Clode, a physician, born on September 13, 1900, in the parish of Santa Luzia and who died in 1980 in the parish of Santo António in Funchal.

About 200 subtropical trees were planted in the area. Of the species the ones which stand out are the Constantinople albízias, tipuanas, jacarandás, eritrinas Gallic crest, bauínias and acácias-rubra. Several shrubs and vines were also planted in large spots (bougainvillea, bagpipe and bignon). On the opposite bank of the Ribeira, a car park with a capacity for 52 light vehicles was built. The Garden is open everyday from 9 o'clock in the morning to 7 o'clock in the evening.