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Madeiran Speckled Wood

Habitat & behaviour

This woodland butterfly is endemic to Madeira. lt was formerly common and widespread in all wooded habitats from sea level to high into the mountains (1,000 m+) but has retreated to areas of denser laurel and chestnut forest at mid to high elevations in the north and centre ofthe island since Speckled Wood arrived in 1976. Madeiran Speckled Wood flies year-round, with generally higher numbers in summer, and remains common in suitable habitat, although vulnerable to competition from Speckled Wood. The two species can be seen flying together at habitat boundaries at mid elevations.


A dark brown, medium-large butterfly with orange spots. Compared to Speckled Wood, the Madeiran species has a convex (not concave) outer edge to the forewing, more obvious orange tones to both surfaces of the wing and only two obvious eyespots on the upper side of the hindwing.