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My Concierge Monaco Multi-Family Office Consultancy is a one-stop financial and lifestyle service that is fully customisable and encompasses immigration support as core service as well as wealth management, fiscal and fiduciary services with a major emphasis on lifestyle services. We offer help in - Obtaining Monaco residency permit - Tax and estate planning - Objective financial counsel and private banking - Property management - Licensing and company formation - Events and general concierge services My Concierge Monaco is the finest and only bespoke high-end lifestyle management group in Monaco to offer financial and luxury lifestyle management services to ultra-high-net worth individuals, whether they be existing or prospective Monaco residents, or visitors. Why not start living your Monaco dream with us? To get special offer, mention Made in Monaco My Concierge Monaco 31, Avenue Princess Grace, 98000, Monaco Tel. +33762767200



La Bodeguita c’est le bar tapas et tienda de Monaco. La Bodeguita vous propose des vins espagnols, et toute une gamme de tapas autour du jambon haut de gamme Patanegra. Des jus de fruits et d’autres produits espagnols (olives, turron etc.) vous sont aussi proposés, le tout à déguster sur place ou à emporter. Horaires d’ouverture LUNDI - SAMEDI Ouverture de 16:00 à 22:00 DIMANCHE Fermé José Maestra Mob. +33 (0)6 80 86 37 42

Fafa Ramirez Mob. +33 (0)6 63 07 20 20

11 Place d’Armes, (Place du Marché), MC 98000 Monaco



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Who says that just only girls wanna have fun? We all want it - right?! This is what Made in Monaco is about, a perfect recipe to get it all from life in Monaco in one place - art, cultural events, bars, clubs, gourmet restaurants, dating, partying, exciting and deeply thoughtful articles. We give you our personal experiences and share it with you now in right here in this magazine that fits perfectly in your new designer bag or straight into your back pocket. With this excitement brewing, all I can say is that I am a happier person knowing that a group of talented people collaborated to produce some exquisite articles and what else better than to pass this knowledge onto smart, funny and thoughtful people (thats!...) to soak in what we know about our home city, Monaco. This, for us here at Made In Monaco is what we call the “perfect cirlce�. You guys are the best, we get to do this little magazine because you know you will enjoy reading it, and we get better when you tell us what you need or share your own work, so please continue to do all of the above, plus being your beautiful selves! Truly yours, Made in Monaco xoxo Also, special thanks to the videographer who recorded the printing of our very first magazine! more details can be found at

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| Our main Cont ribut ors | Eva Tarasova Founder, Made in Monaco Fashionista and restless experimenter, child of Eastern Europe raised in the West; Being energiser, Eva has been a dedicated journalist since early teens. Addicted to her 5 o’clock tea at Hotel de Paris as well as early morning “news gathering” strolls she loves keeping up to date with Monaco life. Vivienne Lai Creative Director & Photograher With over 10 years as an accomplished Creative Designer & Photographer, I have spent my busy life working across the globe in Asia, Australia & Europe. I am passionate, driven and reliable and most of all  I enjoy working on all things creative. Please feel free to get in touch if you require any of my services

Anna Morton Food Editor She loves to eat, cook and write about it. She loves to photograph it too. In kitchens (hers and others), in restaurants, in markets, at street food stalls. Wherever there is good food, she is looking to find it. Food is much more than ingredients, it is also about people, place and culture and she likes to dip into this as she goes. 9

Luxury yacht broker, TV personality, event director and lifestyle blogger (, and originally from London Sophie has resided in Monaco for the last 17 years. A professional with a creative flair and worked for the last 4 years in the Mega Yacht Industry. Sophie now has her hand in many different areas of business with a flair in fashion.


Sophie Kirby Fashion Editor

by Niki Lifestyle Photographer Book my entire life. Take it all. Mark my calendar & fill it up with photography. Spread the word. Cause I love what I do. +33 785 12 05 02

Special thanks to additional contributors..we would not have made it without you... xoxo Liucija Gaidukaite

Fiona Weldon

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Sleep became a luxury, but determination & love for fashion were my rocket fuel by Eva Tarasova

One of my colleagues came to the office wearing gorgeous electric blue bag in crocodile, decorated with studs that were real pearls. It was one of those bags you want to touch all the time and just admire as the most exciting luxury fashion item. After few moments I figured out that this gorgeous bag is a made in monaco. That’s how I met Dora Tokai who is one of the emerging fashion designers who is set to change Monaco fashion scene. Tell us the story of your brand & how was it born? I always had a strong interest in fashion or more specifically luxury fashion, even though my background is in architecture, engineering and interiors. As a teenager I had the chance to work and hang out with Tamas Kiraly who made it big in NY, Paris and London in the 80’s. I found his world fascinating. Later on I started to dress my dearest friend in Singapore

with my designs and they drew a lot of attention. The tailor I worked with to bring my designs to reality also served a long list of high-end global clientele. When he suggested we sell my designs to Italian and French fashion houses, I decided to increase the stakes and establish my own brand. For the next 2 years I gave up all my nights, weekends and holidays working on the first collection, product development and the establishment of the company in Monaco. While doing this, I was also holding down a full time job as an Interior Architect. Sleep became a luxury, but determination and love for fashion were my rocket fuel. The biggest challenge was to bring the best established Italian manufacturers on board. At first I was ignored by all of the makers. Undeterred I started sending them my designs, which turned the tide and the calls flowed in, saying that my

collection had huge potential and how they wanted to work with me. What do you look forward to in a working day?

Fashion is a universal language of self-expression. Our outfits tell about our mood, character, the occasion and if observed carefully even our priorities in life, whether comfort, function or aesthetics. How is it to be an emerging

As a fashion designer how do you see Monaco fashionable girl? Monaco is highly versatile, I think of the beach, motor sports, red carpet and the fabulous balls. Elegance is engrained. A fashionable girl in Monaco is dressed for the joy of the occasion, with timeless elegance and is comfortable drawing subtle attention.


What does fashion mean to you as the up and coming designer?

Wi t h i n t e r n a t i on a l a sp ir a tions and a small but global clientele, I am very proud to represent Monaco. Current and potential future customers instantly see the relation between our designs and the Principality’s heritage. D’Ora Tokai’s philosophy of offering made-to-order handmade products and the freedom of personalization to best serve personal needs, ties in well with Monaco’s reputation of luxury.


I love designing and connecting with customers who desire a unique piece tailored to their needs and personality. I enjoy helping clients adjust my designs to make garments, shoes or bags special and unique to their owner. I do this through the different use of colours, metals and/or gems.

designer in and from Monaco?

What is your favourite piece from your latest collection?

What is your biggest pet peeve?

The round Mundu bag is one of my favourite pieces. It is a classic hatbox inspired highly customizable handbag. I enjoy the variety I can offer, 39 colours and a selection of pearls, precious metals and gemstones available as studs Surprisingly Mundu attracts a lot of attention from men.

I am surprised to see that some consider machine made products that are sold in the millions every year luxury. It is not. True luxury is about exclusivity and rarity. Anything fully industrialized is a mass product.

Tell the craziest story that happened to you with your customers? Fortunately I don’t have shocking stories, however, I often surprise the craftsmen I work with by my attention to detail. I personally check every item that is dispatched and if the placing of a stitching or a line is out of position, I have the item remade. Once I had a pair of kangaroo leather shoes re-made 3 times over for a customer.

How would you describe your personal style? Simple black, but sometimes I go wild and wear a pink wig and corset. As core pieces of my wardrobe I like timeless bespoke pieces that feel like part of me. When you are not designing, what do you enjoy doing? Spending time with my husband and family. As I travel and move a lot, Monaco being the 7th country I have lived in, my family and friends bring stability to my days. Travelling is an important part of who I am, I consider Asia my second home

after Europe. Experiencing different cultures has added so much verity and knowledge to my life. To relax I turn to contemporary and performance arts, and I feel like Alice in wonderland. If you could have a chance to live somewhere else rather than Monaco what would it be?

My source of inspiration is Monaco, with its rich motoring history and famed royalty, perfect for spinning contemporary fairy tales. I love pre-war vintage cars because they

I constantly have an urge to create and the emotions evoked set the tone of the collections. I am drawn to timeless beauty, power and finesse; I guess this is what I seek most of the time. Is there any place in the world you haven’t been to yet but would like to visit from a professional perspective? Istanbul, Turkish design is very inspiring and somehow I haven’t been yet. Past and present,


In general, what inspires you?

How does that inspiration turn into reality?


I love Asia: culture, people, food, weather and landscape. It is very different from Europe and it also has its own unique teach, it was a real eye opener. I lived and worked in South-East Asia for 3 years. Some of my closest friends are from Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.

symbolise everything we stand for: elegance and innovation. Back then cars were made by hand and fully customised to each owner. Here at D’Ora Tokai we think along the same line. The sea also offers so much. Waves take many shapes and the colour changes in different light. The sea holds and gives many gems.

Orthodox and Islam, traditional and contemporary artists are all equally present. Turkey is also famous for it’s textile industry. A number of well-known luxury brands are made there. Yet I will stick to my Italian suppliers.

looking glamorous and what does glamour mean? Glamour is the celebration of pleasures in life; beauty, charm, or anything visually or emotionally intriguing. Glamour flows in the ether around Monaco and radiates from its residents.

What makes a good look?

What tips would you give to a Eternal beauty and elegance budding fashion designer? comes from “I constantly within. A confiBe open, ready to dent smile with have an urge to learn and make sure a tailored outfit create and the you deliver value. reflecting and Careful planning, enhancing one’s emotions evoked self-discipline, courset the tone of personality is alage and the most ways a winner. the collections” important attribute is What make a woman feel sexy? Confidence is the sexiest attribute of a woman and the perfect dress will set her on fire while enhancing her curves can never go amiss. What is your opinion on

persistence. Fashion is lots of hard work and requires a multitude of skills from designing, to product development, marketing and business management. As Monaco insider, what is your favorite place in Monaco?

Being a vegetarian, one of my favorite places is Constantine at Quai Jean-Charles Rey by the sea. I enjoy their fusion French and Italian dishes using local produce, and the cosy green ambiance on a sunny day. I also have some sweet memories; this is where I said yes to my husband under the hanging baskets.

Top three things you like doing and things you hate doing I LOVE... 1. Watching animation with my husband while munching on Japanese Royce chocolates

Describe Monaco Precious. Cosmopolitan.


I love the smell of the sea and the Mediterranean flora, therefore a walk along the coast is priceless. I also enjoy the buzz around the port at night-time and exploring the red and rose wine selection.

I HATE... 1. Listening to people finding excuses why they wouldn’t fight for their dreams. 2. Listening to the news and seeing misery around the world, pointless wars and hatred because of cultural or religious differences. 3. People telling me that I am lucky ignoring the fact that I work 24/7.


Things you enjoy doing in Monaco

2 Spending time with family, friends and our crazy pug 3. Travelling and exploring different cultures.






Made in Monaco

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Photography by

Vivienne Lai & Niki


strut it like a





A youthful agency with its roots in Monaco and Helsinki. Creating concepts and content tailored to optimize your brand and its visibility For more information:

sparkle for nothing! by Liucija Gaidukaite

In Monaco summer is never completely over! You are in Mo-


Check this out!


naco, want to have a little bit of fun tonight and the first club that comes to your mind is... Jimmy’z! Of course! We all know how good nights the are there and the party keeps going till the morning. So you know you will be back home by 6am and you spend quite a lot of time there so there is no doubt you want to look good! The worry is now what to wear? You need a dress to impress. We selected 3 dresses for various budgets. The first dress for truly spectacular diva entrÊe costs over thousand Euro, the second one still fabulous under 300 Euro and the third one does make you look like a true princess for just under 100 Euro. Hard to believe you could look absolutely stunning at a very low budget?

My budget: €1000 Euro This splendid Mathew Williamson black dress makes you a true star at any occasion. Hair should be up because of the laces. It is very pretty and the shape is very subtle so we don’t want to cover it. The dress colour is quite calm so I would chose gold for accessories like round quite big clips. The clutch should be plain. See through Chanel would go well. Shoes wise: match the colour with the clips and go for simple high heel sandals made from the couple of stripes. My budget: €300 Euro We are introducing UK emerging designers, so for this Three Floor fashion dress we don’t need much. Just add some cool classic gladiator type Jimmy Choo shoes. Mini cross shoulder bag and keep hair down. If you want to have some accessories the only accessory I would suggest is a watch or a ring. The reason why is because the dress hasquite busy pattern and it might look messy if you would add more details to catch attention.

My budget: €100 Euro

Advertise with us!

Made in Monaco M A G A Z I N E

If you are interested in advertising your business we have the solution for you. contact


If you are struggling with what to wear and want to look absolutely splendid on a low budget, then just contact Made in Monaco’s Fashion Editor


This dress by Motel Deluxe has what any glamorous party must have open back. I would advise keep the hair up and wear very long but very simple earrings to be more playful since the outfit is sparkling. It screams itself that you should have more fun with it. Add more chic! The whole attention should go to your shoes. So take the craziest shoes you have (with the feathers like Givenchy “Urania”) but keep in mind that the colour tone should be dark and a big NO for any other colours even beige.

TOP 5 Monaco’s Best Buys By Sophie Kirby




1. Sophia Webster debuted her collection for SS2013 after work-


Price: €540 Where: Work In Progress, 19 Boulevard des Moulins, Monaco


ing as a design assistant to Nicholas Kirkwood. She’s already been awarded several design awards but who can blame her really? Her collections feature kaleidoscopic colourways, intricate detailing and fun embellishment. Head over to “Work In Progress” to discover the fall collection that is sure to make the rest of your shoes extremely jealous.

2.Do you have trouble storing all of your makeup or never ending sunglasses collection? These “CoolKubes” are revolutionary and specifically designed to de-clutter your life whilst fitting within the design of your home. Handmade with thickclear acrylic they will last forever and hold plenty of spacefor your cosmetics or 40 pairs of sunglasses! Price: Models ranging from €225 - €345.

Email: to order and quote “Made In Monaco” for free delivery to your Monaco home. Shop Online -

3. Zara is always a good option whilst shopping for next season

trends at fair prices. They have some great Autumn/Winter staples but this Tartan skirt grabbed my attention. Tartan is a big trend for the upcoming seasons and can be worn day to night paired with a loose white shirt or blacks tights in the Winter.Price:€49.95 Where: Zara Monaco, 6, Square Beaumarchais, Monaco


Optician Créateur is a new sunglasses shop unlike any other in Monaco. Yes, it has got the commercial brands like RayBan etc. However hidden within an antique cupboard in the back you can find vintage sunglasses dating back to the 1940’s! The latest collections from brands all over the world are displayed yet I couldn’t help but crave these retro futuristic Thierry Lasry mosaic frames. Price: Thierry Lasry “Magnety 213” - €343 Where: Optician Createur, 25 Avenue de la Costa, Monaco


I only recently discovered Annika Dresses and wish I had sooner to be honest. They are available in a variety of different colours and styles. The bandage dress being a firm favourite along the French Riviera, they can easily be confused for the expensive Herve Leger dresses we all know and love but at a fraction of the cost and with carefully chosen quality fabrics. Price: Annika Dresses, range from €65 - €179 Where: Shop Online -



By Lynda Smythson

met Liucija at Metropole Hotel. She is wearing a knee length white bodycon dress with the lace top, black classic court D&G, black envelope clutch, red lipstick and has long golden brown hair. There is something about her words can’t describe. She has the style, but this sort of style that clearly differentiates her from most of the gorgeous girls around Monaco, definitely she has London class.



What is your business? I am an investor in clothes. Literally, tell me your budget and I will dress you up. I am running my own fashion styling and consultancy company called “I am the style”. Thanks to my parents I have 20 years of shopping experience. They sponsored my passion for fashion. Since student years I had a title “style icon”. When I graduated I started to work for big corporations where I managed to be a little bit more creative with the clothes despite the strict dress code rules. My colleagues always generously complimented me, saying I motivate them to put more effort in their look. When I have shopping therapy sessions there is always someone who stops and asks to show what I am buying because they like my style. This sort of experience, of course, gives me self - confidence. Also, most of my friends are in fashion industry, and I myself was doing mod-

elling and working with lots of designers and photographers so it developed my taste too. That feeling when the clothes are on the rails before the catwalk is thrilling. When did you decided to start the business? One colleague of mine said: “Liucija, everything you say it doesn’t count because you spend loads of money on clothes”. I don’t agree with that: money has nothing to do with taste. Yes, I do spend quite a lot on clothes but this is my choice, I like the quality and I like to keep clothes for a long time. I am a collector, but if you want just to look nice or you need a dress for one night out? Tell me your budget and I can dress you up! Why would you want to spend £1000 on dress for one night in club which you will wear only once when you can spend 30£ and still be fabulous? That was it. We agreed with my colleague to go shop-

Of course, to have a large budget is easy because you can just go and buy things that you like, but a small budget gives you a chance to be more creative. To have a vision and see a potential before the final result, which is challenging but also very rewarding when you see the final result. In the end

What do you think of Monaco fashion? Monaco is unique. There are lots of ups and downs. I portray the best and worst- dressed people, but instead of laughing about them I try to look what was the mistake and how can I try to fix it and help them to look better next time. It is also educational mission for me. Does it mean you don’t have a problem what to wear today? She laughs: “Oh no, if you don’t have this problem then I have a question, are you sure you are a girl?” I do, of course, and then I say I have nothing to wear I need to do more shopping and I do it (giggling). Everyday I see


What do you prefer shopping on a big or small budget?

of the day Carrie Bradshaw from the Sex and the City had a mixed wardrobe too: mostly designers clothes but some no label things as well. It is a must for a girl. Have some fun with your wardrobe!


ping and that I would dress her up for £30. She was my first customer for a cup of coffee. I actually enjoy shopping together the most! But most of the orders I make online. Also I gained experience working with international markets from my corporate retail experience, which definitely helps me a lot to find suppliers and designers for my customers. It takes me a lot of time to think about the look you want to achieve, I am spending a lot of time to create a look for a small budget, but I really enjoy it.

it as a creative process in which you are an artist. For example, today I had to do my grocery shopping and that little voice in your head: I don’t know what to wear! And then, all of the sudden the today’s poetry to my ears were Yves Saint Laurent words: “I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity all I hope for in my clothes.” So I pulled them out of my wardrobe and then I just added a black boyfriend blazer, stiletto heels, YSL t-shirt. Matched all of that with some junky jewellery and off you go. When we say I don’t have what have anything to wear, I just mean that I need an inspiration! What about travelling? Do you think it is enough to have couple of basic things while travelling?

I don’t know about the others but when I am travelling I like to feel comfortable so I am taking half of my wardrobe! I like jetting off spontaneously so you could never know what you might need, so I am definitely not a backpack traveller! Also, we girls change our mind often, so what we were thinking to wear in the morning may change in the evening. And, finally, what would be your advise for the ladies when they picking up the outfit? Less is more. Remember that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. If you need your fashion advice don’t hesitate to contact Liucija by fashion@madeinmonacomag. com


The Top 5 Worst Bling Bling Things to Buy in Monaco By Sophie Kirby


I am actually a fan of Ashish designs; however this sequin covered top just doesn’t do it for me. The ironic message printed large enough for everyone to read a mile off does not do it any justice either... Ashish at K11 Concept Store


Monaco is renowned for its glitz and glamour, but when is too much bling, too much? I did not have to stretch my legs too far whilst exploring the boutiques to find what I was looking for... Within the Metropole shopping centre lies a shop full to the brim with Swarovski encrusted high heels and matching accessories. These will put you back a couple of hundred euros but are they worth it? Le Silla Shoes and Clutch, Mercedeh Shoes

As I cruised down the escalators of the Metropole shopping center I passed by this little number, at a distance it could pass, perhaps with refined accessories but again encrusted with hundreds of little Swarovski crystals this dress needs to be toned down drastically and could easily send the wrong impression if wrongly accessorized. Blumarine

Aptly placed at the entrance of the shop I didn’t know whether to run away screaming or photograph it, as you can see I chose the latter for you but it really speaks for itself and no I am not talking about the demure little black number to it’s right... Monte-Carlo Forever I know this is supposed to highlight the fashion faux pas but these plates had to make a short appearance, an entire crockery set hand painted with 24K Gold trim in 2 layers and delicately enhanced with over 1400 precious crystals, need I say more? Manufacture de Monaco

The secret of Louise Brooks, Marilyn Monroe or Brigitte Bardot... By Kristin Rasch Photograph by Danyel Andre



What is behind the timeless sexy secret of the most famous sensual icons of our time? Ladies, haven’t you always thought: “Wow, I love that make up, it is stunning” when you were browsing through pictures of Betty Grable, Doris Day or Brigitte Bardot? Everyone knows those famous actresses and artists, from the1920’s when Louise Brooks starts the extravagancy in make up till today with Dita von Teese, we are fascinated by the elegant and mystic sexy look. Aren’t you? But what is it, what is behind this secret? Passion, sensuality and the right mix of innocent eyes like Betty Grable and the lascivious glance of Elizabeth Taylor, all these make the most famous make up style icons. Features of this timeless look are the shapes of the eyebrows, either way, if thick and strong as by mysterious Elizabeth Taylor or

the long arched eyebrows of the sexy vamp Betty Page. Get inspired by these stunning and seductive looks! Choose the irresistible cat eye style of Sophia Loren or focus on the rakish, beguiling one with gorgeous glossy full red lips from Marilyn Monroe. Here our my tips on how to do it: Start with the eyeliner; try the very dark black eye shadow from Make Up Forever for a soft and easy application or for the more experience ladies start directly with the Bobby Brown cream eyeliner. Pay attention to your eye shape, for a very round eye shape just apply the eyeliner in the very corner of the upper lash line and get softer towards the center. Make sure you lift the edge towards the eyebrows. For an oval and flat eye shape apply the line in soft motion and get thinner till your tear duct. Use a heated

Bring back the sexy elegant vamp inside you! My Extra Tip:

INSIDE OUT Beauty System

One of my favorite products is the mask “Bonne Fee” which is an instant smoothing mask


For more mystic eyes apply only a soft powder line underneath the eyes or a dramatic one in the water line with a kohl pencil. Lips should be always in a light rose direction or for more intensity a tangerine orange, a dark brown red or a modern glossy fire red. Last but not least create a healthy fresh shine on your high spots like the cheeks, the nose bridge and right above the eyebrows with the Strobe cream from M.A.C.


lash curler to improve the curve in the very end of your eye lashers, apply Lancôme’s Hypnôse Drama Mascara.

No Make Up in the world looks perfect without a perfect base. My tip today is the 100% natural cosmetic of Daniele de Winter. I met her a few years ago, where I got introduce to her fascinating cosmetic brand Made in Monaco. Her “InsideOut Beauty concept” provides maximum results, maximum pleasure with zero gilt. This is what Daniele de Winter lives and what she archives with over 20 years of anti-ageing research in her luxury and elegant designed beauty line. You will not only treat your skin from outside, you enjoy a full package with 100 % delicious healthy beauty drinks and even a beauty chocolate. Which woman would not like this type of treat...?

to refresh your skin after a long day or prepare it for a long night out. Plus points are the stimulation of the collagen synthesis and facial contours getting firmer after a 2 weeks use. It simply works and here is why, Daniel de Winter explains us a few things about her natural and wonderful brand. Made in Monaco one. Daniele why did you choose to develop a cosmetic brand with 100% natural ingredients? I learnt a great deal about holistic anti-aging and the power of nature from my father, pioneering cancer specialist Professor Dr. Jan de Winter. These teachings motivated me to create the DANIELE de WINTER INSIDE OUT Beauty skin rejuvenation system, to optimize the skins own protective and regenerative capabilities, as there was nothing like it on the market.

What is the InsideOut Beauty Concept and where is it produced? The INSIDE OUT Beauty Concept is a synergistic skin rejuvenation system that nourishes the skin with high levels of energising, protective antioxidants, enzymes, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids from both inside (through beauty drinks and supplements) and out (through our botanical skincare). The active ingredients in the INSIDE OUT Beauty System mimic nature in that they work in synergy with each other to both enhance and prolong each other’s beneficial effect on our beauty. All INSIDEOUT beauty ingredients are BFF’s ‘best friends forever’; they support and enhance each other’s protective, anti-aging, beauty-enhancing effect.

When was the idea of InsideOut Beauty Concept born? After the US PR tour for my book EAT YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL, which became a best-seller in the USA. Based on audience questions during my four week tour I realized that skincare consumers knew very little about how to rejuvenate their complexion from within.

And now to a really important question, where can I buy your products in Monaco?

DANIELE de WINTER INSIDE OUT Beauty is an authentic Monégasque company motivated by the desire to optimise people’s wellbeing and happiness as well as they way they look.

Beauty Kisses, Kristin Rasch xoxo Personal Beauty Manager International Hair & Make Up Artist


That we take the time to understand each client’s individual wishes and focus on giving them the best spa experience they have ever had. Our products and treatments are designed to benefit client wellbeing and to make them ‘love the skin they are in.

What makes your Daniele de Winter unique?


What is important for you, when you treat your clients?

The easiest way to buy DANIELE de WINTER INSIDE OUT Beauty products in Monaco is from our website where you have the best selection and access to our latest offers. All orders from within MC are delivered same or next day with no shipping charge.

our connoisseur guide to





One Apple: Where food and design mix... By Anna Morton

T he

restaurant scene in Fontvielle Port has really come alive with the recent addition of cocktail bars and restaurants. ‘One Apple Concept Bar, has taken over the former Osteria Del Mare location and has quickly become a new trendy hot spot. It is the second One Apple concept bar with the original opening in Turin less than two years ago. When discovering that the

owner, Fulvio Fantolino in fact a successful architect and designer it is no wonder that One Apple is Oozing with style, elegance and exclusivity. Boasting a unique blend of cosmopolitan avant-grade architecture and modern design features is it for sure a Glamorous meeting point. The proud owner, Fulivio and partner, Daniele Conte are both extremely passionate about the One Apple concept.

The menu features a number of classic dishes with the selection of Meats, Fish, Pasta, and they even have a variety of ‘specials’ from around the world including an Etno Burger, Chicken Shishlik. It must be said that their food seems impeccable fresh and the presentation is perfectly in tune with the overall concept of the one apple experience. The macaroni and fresh seafood is a perfect


Fulivio talked fervently about the Italian food and the con-

cept behind the menu. It appears that even the food is embedded within the design and theme surrounding One Apple. They only seek to service the ‘best contemporary dishes, the most stylish cocktails and the play only the finest music from their collection of deep house tunes.


It is very important for them to be perceived as a family establishment in which everyone is welcome and should be able to really feel at home. Serving from Breakfast to ‘After’ Dinner they really want for people to come and go at all hours of the day. The access to free wifi is a g rea t way to encourage people to even feel free to relax and bring their laptops, ipads, etc. Speaking from experience it is a perfect place to go and enjoy a morning coffee and check your emails or browse the web before going to the office.

choice for a healthy lunch or light dinner. Be sure to ask for their daily specials as they often feature fresh fish from the med. They are also set to feature Sushi in the next coming months. You do not have to feel so guilty indulging on a desert at One Apple, as their healthier

portion sizes allows you to save room after lunch or dinner. The desert menu features both Italian classics such as Tiramisu, or the Gelati Del Giorni (Ice cream of the day) or something a little different such as their white chocolate cream, cocoa flavoured cookie withfresh raspberries.

Do you have an experience you want to share with us?

Made in Monaco M A G A Z I N E

If you want to tell us about your favourite drink spot or restaurant get in touch!


39 Boulevard du Jardin Exotique, 98 000 Monaco Pour Commander / To order ou / or tel: + 377 97 97 75 70

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Made in

with Monaco M A G A Z I N E



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TOP 5 TOP 5 Burgers By Anna Morton

In Monaco you may feel we should be delighting in fine dining and French cuisine, but every now and then a burger is called for...luckily there is place to suit all burger desires. Lets start with our number ONE, its by far the most unusual Burger with the by the far the best quality of meat.

Black Burger at Beef Bar If you have an Expensive Taste for Beef Burgers then go no further than Beef Bar. The menu description of this burger only heightens its exclusivity, Made with 22 month Black Angus Corn Fed cows from the American Mid-West, and complete with a Black Bun and Black Truffles this Burger really is on another level, coupled with the luxurious masculine dĂŠcor of the Beef Bar Restaurant it is not your usual beef burger eatery yet lends itself to a more sophisticated way to indulge on a cheese Burger... Indulge for 29 Euro.


Making its second Top 5 appearance this month we are again recommending Before Bar. You can enjoy this Burger alone or as sneaky treat with friends as they usually cut the burger into manageable sized quarters. This is of course great for the ladies so you can eat the Burger more gracefully and enjoy your cocktail at the same time... essential when eating at one of the trendiest port side bars in Monaco!




This may be a name not too many people mention as its not yet famous. This is a favorite for residents of Monaco and those who work here. That’s hardly a surprise as they really serve some of the best grilled sandwiches in town. I’m sure people are not eating cheeseburgers every day however as a lunch or dinner treat they do happen to have a delicious burger. It is a little healthier in comparison to the BIG STAR BURGER we mentioned from Stars and Bars and a stronger French as opposed to American influence... for instance be aware they like to serve their burger a little on the rare side!

Stars and Bars When searching for a great Cheese Burger the most obvious choose would of course be the only American joint in town. ‘You can forget about your summer diet if your making a trip to Stars n Bars’ but when searching their Giant Menu the BIG STAR BURGER; is,of course, a main attraction, and if its a traditional greasy style American cheeseburger that you are after then that’s exactly what your going to get at Stars. Plenty of American cheese to smother the giant meat patty, juicy tomatoes and crispy lettuce. You can add all the topping you desire but save room for their generous side of fries. All yours for 23 euro. Le Meridian Hotel We present to you the Le Meridians Cheese Burger as an after Hours top selection, if you’ve been partying late in the infamous Monte Carlo Jimmyz its not far to stumble to feed your late night after party Appetite. Good meat, lots of cheese, bacon if you desire and toasted sesame bun.. this burger is definitely a dangerously good choice for a late night/ Early morning feast...Don’t worry you’ll soon discover your not the only one who is craving a burger in the early hours... BEEF BAR ARISTON BEFORE STARS & BARS LE MERIDIEN

42 Quai Jean-Charles Rey +377 97 77 09 29 39, av. Princesse Grace +377 93 30 99 89 6 Route de la Piscine +377 97 97 07 07 6 Quai Antoine 1er +377 97 97 95 95 22 Avenue Princesse Grace +377 93 30 98 8

TOP 5 Top 5 Coctails in Monaco By Anna Morton

Summer is nearly over but in Monte-Carlo there is always a good reason to have a cocktail. Whether for brunch lunch or dinner, there is an abondance of fabulous locations. Ready to serve you the most delicious cocktails, in line with the most glamorous place on the earth!

Cocktail: One Apple

Before is the perfect place to soak in the afternoon sun and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Monte Carlo skyline, Before has perfected the rum based holiday cocktail, mai thai, it really gets you in the mood to kick start your weekend, whether you really are on holiday or before is your after work sanctuary, take the plunge And indulge in this fab cocktail.


Cocktail: Strawberry Daiquiri


Let’s start with the new kid on the block, One Apple is giving the port of Fontvielle a cool and funky new feel, with its modern decor and modern take on cocktails you cannot go wrong with a One Apple Cocktail composed of lime, apple, sugar, saint german, champagne and before you take a sip, the waiter compliments this beautiful drink with a lavender perfume spray! Euros 14

Cocktail: MC Bay, Blue Gin Bar Escape to the Monte Carlo Bay, Blue Gin Bar terrace, browse the iPad menu and embrace the bar grooves, choose wisely as their cocktails are made with a heavy hand, with a hefty helping of liquor and a side dish of gummy bears and sugar coated almonds.. It’s hard to recommend what to drink to have at blue gin because the bar can really tailor to any mood.. Why not choose a classic, they really go all out on mojitos.. Cocktail: American Bar A piece of history set in the center of casino square the Brandy Alexander is everything it is set out to be, composed of dark creme cacao, 1 oz. brandy, 1 oz. heavy cream and 1 oz. heavy grained nutmeg the perfect choice for an after dinner desert drink... Cocktail: Fairmont A unique place suspended above the famous F1 chicane, you can soak in the panoramic views of the Mediterranean. Sit back and relax by the pool sipping champagne cocktail... there is really no better way to enjoy Monte Carlo and we recommend the timeless Bellini! Enjoy!

The world has a long - storied love affair with beer making dat-

ing back to the 5th Millennium BC. Brasserie De Monaco was first founded in 1905 and then reopened by Albert 1 in August 2008. Today Brasserie De Monaco is fast reclaiming the region’s finest brewing tradition. But beer is not the only wow factor at this place. The venue has the best named, best priced and best tasting ‘beer-burger deal’ in Monaco. An urban brewery-come casual restaurant, with a prime spot that backs onto the F1 circuit and overlooks Port Hercules and the Monaco super yachts doesn’t have to serve up exceptional


By Fiona Weldon


Brasserie De Monaco: Worth the refill

beer and food...but this one does. During the summer season the beer garden-terrace to the front holds up to 450 people, standing, and the brasserie seats up to 200 people (with 400 for a cocktail reception). The opening hours are accommodating too ff from 11am until 3am daily, though the kitchen closes at 1am. If you are a sports fanatic you will be impressed by the large sports screens lining the interior walls. There’s also a DJ podium and an indoor dance floor, although on our visit the DJ, dancers and sports fans were nowhere to be seen. Then again, we called on a Monday evening so they were probably recovering from the weekend. As you would expect on a hot July evening, most people were either chilling out in the beer garden or enjoying their meals while taking in the surrounding panoramic views of the picturesque port of Monaco and the rock. The primary draw to this venue is the beer and food but the added value has to be the tour of this 1,000 litre boutique brewery with its hi-tech facilities that include five stainless steel fermenting tanks and four service tanks. ‘Insiders’ who know about beer brewing techniques will marvel at the innovative ‘Kasper Schulz’ brewing equipment, entirely automated of course, to ensure the beer keeps flowing. A good point to make is that the beer is neither filtered nor pasteurized. All very well, but who pairs beer with food? This is all very well, but who pairs beer with

food? ‘Quite a lot of cool people’ according to the manager, who kindly showed us around and kept or mouths well lacquered with lager.


Somehow, we still found room to order the main course, a Hercules burger, tartare de boeuf and goats cheese salad. The appropriately named burger was lightly handled and


My guests and I tremendously enjoyed the ‘palette de degustation’, a triple serving of 30 ml each of wheat beer, pilsner and amber ale paired with a perfectly piquant ‘Monegasque assortment,’ that included regional specialties such as pissaladiere monegasque (tomato and black olive) and pissaladiere a l’ongnon, focaccia and barbajuans (fried ravioli). It was an ideal way to cool down and nibble before dinner, having earlier wandered around in the mid-day Monaco heat. We shared some frites de mais (corn fries) - on the advice of the aforementioned manager - and, to our welcome surprise, they were even better than his glowing recommendation gave them credit for: piping hot, slightly spicy and devilishly indulgent. I was tempted to order my own portion, but before I could ask our server re-appeared with more fried ravioli stuffed with ricotta, parmesan, Swiss chard and spinach accompanied by a cheese plate and, of course, three large tankards of pilsner to wash it all down.

well-seasoned. It was seared, just so, to keep the juices in and capped with cheddar cheese. The salad was a bit more unusual than a regular goat’s cheese salad as it had good quality jambon cru and roasted almonds, which gave it a nice crunch. It was quite good actually, but lightly dressed. The tartare de boeuf went down well. My friend pointed out that the amber ale complimented the beef, even though all three of us voted that the pilsner was the ‘beer star’ of the night. However that does not lessen the fresh fruity taste of the wheat beer or the refreshingly mellow flavor of the amber ale. Dessert was a very decadent affair with two of us opting for the café gourmand, a dessert so large that a single portion would have sufficed for all three. The menu described this sweet treat as a selection of mini desserts but the menu writer must have been a giant. The hand blended and roasted coffee was rich and aromatic and this is a ‘not to miss’ item from the menu. The service was even paced and unobtrusive and my only complaint concerned the techno music that we had to endure at the start of the evening which thankfully filtered into a mellow beat as the evening galloped on. If like Hercules you are passing through this name - sake port anytime soon – make sure you select Brassiere De Monaco as your first pit stop. The beer, food, service and ambience are not to be missed. Brasserie de Monaco Port De Monaco 36 Route de la Piscine, 98000 Monaco. Tel: +377 97 98 51 20. Open every day from 11am until 3am.

Restaurants & Bars in Monaco Where to fine dine or maybe just have a bite A’trego

+33 4 9328 5822


Argentin Fairmont Monte Carlo

+377 93 30 93 30


Bistroquet Callerie Charles lll

+377 93 50 42 02


Bodeguita 11,

+33 680 86 37 42

Brasserie du Mystic 11, Rue Princesse Florestine

+377 97 98 20 42


Capo Sushi, 6 Impasse de la Fontaine

+377 93 25 59 52


Castelroc Place du Palais

+377 93 30 36 68


Chaumiere 60, Boulevard du Jardin Exotique

+377 97 70 04 92


Chez Edgar 11 quai Albert 1er

+377 97 70 04 92


Dark Home 32, Quai Jean-Charles Rey

+377 97 98 71 44


Huit et Demi 4, rue Langle

+377 93 50 97 02


Yammas Greek,

+ 377 97 75 70

Port de cap d’ail



Place d’armes

Where to spend an unforgettable night Black legend 20 route de la Piscine

+377 93 30 09 09


Jimmy’s Sporting d’ete 26, Avenue Princesse Grace

+377 98 06 70 68


Living Room 7 Avenue des Speluges

+377 93 50 80 31


Life Club Rond-Point du Portier 35, Boulevard Louis ll Zelos Grimaldi Forum 10 Avenue Princesse Grace

€€€ +377 99 99 25 50


Where to sip some coctails or have some bubbly Bar Americain Hote de Paris, Place du Casino Before 6 route de la Piscine

+377 97 97 07 07


Blue Gin Bar Monte-Carlo Bay, 40, Avenue princesse Grace

+377 98 06 03 60


Gerhard’s Café 42, Quai Jean-Charles Rey

+377 92 05 25 79


Mac Carthy’s Pub 7, rue du Portie

+377 93 25 87 67


Slammers 6, Rue Suffren Reymond

+377 97 70 36 56

Cave de Max 3, Avenue St-Laurent

+377 97 57 44


Crystal and Limun Bars Hotel Hermitage

+377 98 06 98 99


Monaco’s 61



Pay as you go confession

By Milana Polenichko


t’s 6pm. I am trying to catch the last sunlight coming into my bedroom in Beausoleil. My housemates are very loud, discussing something in the kitchen and drinking some rose. I had fantastic night “fishing” yesterday. “Fishing” is a professional term used for client acquisition. You might wonder who am I? I am not a yacht broker or a wealth manager. I belong to a special clan. I am “pay as you go” girl. And I do it in Monaco. They differ sometimes, like the “accompagnement” but in the end they are all the same.

How do I find these all men? I am well - connected in those “factory” colleagues and then not to forget to mention professional unions aka agents. One of them lives in Geneva, he’s Italian and was really big in my industry 10 years ago in Miami. Back then, Miami was known as an “anythinggoes” city . I know, he rubbed shoulders with a world famous designer who resided there till his death not to mention friends with the most exclusive and high sought after women. Nowadays after miles of coke and gallons of heroin, he would invite us to a group shag with his colleagues, who were


I don’t have any illusions anymore. I don’t buy into lucky Cinderella stories, where she is a simple girl from nowhere meeting her prince in glam-

orous Monte Carlo and living happily ever after. In reality, the “fairy tale” can happen but for me in an hour or two, just a second after the client is finished with me and I gather my designer outfit from the floor and escape out of the huge suite in long corridor of the hotel.


I was born in Eastern Europe. I am 22, have Pamela Anderson boobs and legs of an Olympic champion in high jumping. I am blond, bubbly and very easy going. I look like Grace Kelly. However, I am also smart and finishing my degree in chemistry. I haven’t been fortunate enough to be born in a family of an oil tycoon My parents are university professors in my home country. The town where we live is just bit bigger than the size of Monaco. All girls there are little gorgeous princesses like me. We are all talented, beautiful and...poor. I have to earn enough for the year to support the family and also pay my studies. So every May, once the school year is over I come to Monaco for 4 months of “pay as you go” fishing fun.

at this event our clients. If I don’t have any pre organised events for the evening, I still have a few options at hand. I can get all glamed up, go to a 5 star hotel and sit still for few minutes or maybe a few hours waiting for the next potential client to walk past. Or if your experienced in the industry I am working in, some of your colleagues might offer resources. By this, I mean sharing or exchanging clients. So where was I.... It’s 7pm, I am still wearing my washed-out Juicy Couture trunks and having another quick meal from the local supermarket. I am contemplating which dress I should wear tonight. At the end of the day or should I put night, I am like every other girl who wants to look stunning and play the seduction game. I have the wardrobe full of top well-known

designers that could make any person jealous. However, they are all bought by clients. I turn my attention back to the girls in the kitchen. They are arguing over last nights money. We went to an large party at one of the biggest yachts here in the port. We got paid as a group and now girls can’t decide how big is the cut for each because some of them are claiming they were working harder than others. I am not interested.I have no time for that. It’s now closing in on 10pm and I am slowly crawling out of my mouse hole towards the glitzy casino square. I always go the same places: a busy bar for around 10, then by midnight I hit a club on Avenue Princess Grace and by 2 am I head further up to my last destination where its always buzzing. Tonight wasn’t a productive night for me so by 4am as I head home I swing past a 5 star ho-

competent person who saw an opportunity to get myself out of a situation and build myself a better life. How long will I stay in this profession who knows. I could wake up one day and think this is not me anymore. But right now, it is. And all i can smile about is my parents being happy and wearing their new warm coat this winter because now I can afford it.


I realise that my job isn’t perceived as the best occupation out there but if you were to spend a day in my shoes when times where tough in my country you’d soon realise that nothing is as bad as it seems. People can judge all they want but their opinions can sometimes be naive. I am professional,


tel to find I get lucky and land myself a deal which ends quite quickly allowing me to escape into the night and back to my home.

A moment never to be missed... photograhy by Niki



Another sunrise,

another day‌

7.30am: Café de Paris “girls....we need to gossip...”


Loads of bubbles and loads of laughter... its time to head home...



11am: Le MĂŠtropole Catching up on the day ahead



MIDDAY: | OMG! I want it! I want it

2pm, Larvotto Beach

2pm: Larvotto Beach I wanna fly, swim and dance :)



Another night ahead...

2pm, Larvotto Beach

8:30pm: la Maree restauranT “Let’s meet for dinner entré copines!”


Tired of Monaco life?!..... Never! x|x|


4AM: Monte carlo

Monaco datingology:

Love and Lust By Eva Rabinovich Photo by A.Molkovich

I have enjoyed this dating crawl. Now time to tell my summer dating story. Exclusively for our Made in Monaco magazine. Part A. “I want you from hinten und von vorne1 ”

my mind. Life is going to turn for me. No more take - out


I woke up with a huge smile on my face this morning. Last night, while already being slightly boozed up, I met that sexy 1.90m tall German guy at my traditional spot - Buddha Bar. He approached me and I actually thought this is the kind of guy I’m looking for – banker in his early thirties, went to good university, handsome, easy to talk to, quite down to earth and humble person. He asked to meet me for a drink on Wednesday. Today is Monday. As I ponder the day and all life has to offer, I am determined that will be man of my life. Oh boy, such happy, happy thoughts running through


You should date feelings illiterate guy. A guy who doesn’t read into real you. Find him in the smoke, drunken sweat, and varicolored light of Jimmy’z or Life nightclub. Make sure that girls stare at him with admiration, because this means he is rich, even though he might be in his seventies with alopecia and no teeth (Exaggerating now). Engage him with unsentimental trivialities. Most likely he is Italian, English or Russian or maybe if you are lucky enough from somewhere more romantic. Ignore the palpable weight of fatigue: Here in Monaco competition is so tough that you always must look and speak sexy and be ready to fuck under the weak glow of a streetlamp behind Grimaldi forum, just because he has seen it in a film. Remark at its lack of significance. Take him to your place or go to his the same night. Dispatch with making love.

dinners eaten alone on my terrace overlooking the Larvotto beach. Maybe, just maybe, I’m going to be a couple again. Lazy weekend mornings in bed: laughing, cuddling, making love, playing silly games. Happiness of just being in each other’s company... Oh God. I quickly stop my fantasy daydreaming. Come on, Eva, this is Monaco. The land of the misfit toys. Need to find out if he’s a pathological liar, sexual maniac or has a very small dick. I look over at my Iphone charging on my bed-stand. It’s full of messages. Iwonder if he texted. “Morning. Enjoy your day Schatzi2. Can’t wait to see you tonight!”. I sigh and think, “What a nice way to wake up. “ Maybe that story will end on a happy note. Then another text comes in. Him again. “I wanna be inside of you soon.” Did I read that right?? Yep, that’s what it says.” I wanna be

inside of you soon.” Certainly didn’t expect that. A bit too straightforward, me thinking. Then another text quickly follows. “Ahhh disregard that. Not meant for you. Sorry” If this were a movie, you’d hear an arm of an old record playing scratching over the whole record and then silence. How to respond? Should I even respond? Clearly he is making plans to, um, be inside of someone tonight. (Doesn’t get much more graphic than that, does it? I should just delete his number and run. Not me. Normal people have a filter system. A responsible voice in their head that helps them make good decisions. I have a fatal flaw. I’m sure psychologists worldwide have already defined and documented examples of people with my personality disorder. I choose to remain innocently and blissfully ignorant. I don’t want to know what it’s called or how to cure it. I’m

drawn to this drama like a moth to a flame. If drama doesn’t find me, I seek it out.

to the office, determined to drown out the sirens in my brain. 1

Part B. Life of a Monaco princess. To sweeten up my German disappointment, I am at Hotel de Paris, for the afternoon tea. While choosing between seductive caramel eclairs with raspberries and chocolate cake, I am feeling his eyes on me. He comes next to me says “Hi” and takes each cake on display for me to try. He is old (age of my great-grandpa) but he has lots of class, speaks upper class English and French, easily juggles finance terms and fruitfully describes Picasso paintings. Perfect company to help me get over that German sex pervert. We exchange numbers but I don’t think we ever will meet - he is way too


Meantime, my business partner calls me saying she doesn’t know what to wear for her date tonight with that German guy whom she met three days ago at Zelo’s. After chatting for 3 minutes we figure out it is the same guy... Ok, he knows he messed up. I am walking down

From the back and from the front (German) 2 Darling (German)


“I don’t know what to say. Sounds like you have your plate full and maybe don’t need just another date.” I silently congratulate myself. Nice response, has some class, but addresses the obvious elephant in the room. “Sadly no,” he quickly replies. And then, “I want you a lot and I want the “golden rain”, me inside of you in every location possible!” My fingers are once again flying over the keypad. “Am going to the office now. Don’t know what to say.”

old for me to go out. “Je pense a toi xx”, the first message from him follows 3 hours later, I am declining invitation for dinner, another 2 for lunch, another 4 for breakfast. After a week my house is full of roses and postcards. My girlfriend tells me to agree to meet him for lunch and even agrees to join us. His driver is picking us up. Lunch is on the terrace of La Reserve in Beaulieu. He is already there waiting. Too dressed up, bit too nervous and too happy to see me. At lunch he gives me gorgeous ring with sapphires and diamonds in the red heartshaped box. Next day we go to the Croix Rouge Ball. He buys me the most gorgeous Valentino dress so that I look like a princess. Two weeks and five events later, I’m thinking where is this all going... Days out on his 50 meter yacht, trips worldwide in his private jet, crazy dates, more dresses, shoes, bags, jewelry. Days pass

unnoticed. I become a girl who reads too much so now I know the importance of plot. I can trace out the demarcations of a prologue and the sharp ridges of a climax. I feel my relationship in my skin. I learn how to be patient with an intermission and expedite a denouement. But of all things, I am the girl who knows most the ineluctable significance of an end. I am comfortable with it. I become a storyteller. Yesterday my man was with the Joyce, today with the Nabokov, tomorrow maybe with Bradburry. I am everywhere in his life: in the library, in the port, on the corner of the café, in the window of his room. Me, who makes his life so, goddamned, difficult. The girl who reads has spun out the account of her life and it is bursting with meaning. Girl, who insists that her narratives are rich, her supporting cast colorful, and her typeface bold. I am the girl who reads, making him want to be every-

thing that he is not. I spend most of my week commuting on the plane - flying between him, job and university. He teaches me everything from how to trade commodities to art and cinema. We read books together, I’m growing into him, he is growing into me.

Three days later I am lying down at Thermes Marines with my man. I told him I have some problems with my back and needed to start that massage therapy. He agrees so I start disappearing every day for an hour or two for “massage”. When I come back he always


I am happy and sad at the same time. Drinking my grapefruit juice at Café de Paris. Him, sitting next table to mine. Bit crooked, fat, short and hairy, stinking of Cubana cigars, worse than an ashtray. But the amount of pheromones diluted in the air around casino square drives me crazy. He is everything, but not the man I would dream of.


Meantime I still keep my options open, I know this fairytale isn’t endless. One of the days I’m meeting a famous jeweler with a shop just off the casino square, he invites me over to try on some of the new diamonds they got in stock. Few minutes later he is trying to undress me... Another day brings more “serious” jeweler worth 4 billion Euro who just happened to be in Monaco. At that cocktail party we met he drags me to the couloirs of Hotel de Paris and says “ You need to make love to me. This will have a positive impact on your image”. Nonsense. I am in this relationship

with that almost ideal man. But I am weak and I will fail, because he dreamed, properly, of someone who is better than I am. Also I am growing older and he will need a new baby face soon.

say: “You look stunning and so happy. This massage is good for you”.


“Su** me, please su** me” (French) Finale

If only he knew that I was “massaging” myself with that new lover, in his tiny studio, with only a matrass and zilch nade else. The best moments when we would stay naked, watch fireworks and make love on the balcony. I remember him taking me once out for dinner outside of Monaco and us driving back in his outdated Polo, when he suddenly stops and says “Susses-moi. Stp,susses!3”. This relationship is just crazy animal sex. Sex as there is no tomorrow. Today I’m sitting at Monte Carlo Bay hotel terrace, drinking my noisette. I am single. Again. All this is an experience, enjoyable trip through Monaco dating life. I would definitely repeat it again. The only problem, Mediterranean air doesn’t encourage for anything binding and serious enough. Sadly?

I know some of you are probably thinking this girl is a drama queen and wanting to lol, but I have actually told you my real dating story in the most glamorous location in Europe. So dating in Monaco. Let the anxious contract you’ve unwittingly written evolve slowly and uncomfortably into a relationship. Find shared interests and common ground like going to Sass café or sunbathing at Mote-Carlo Beach club. Build an impenetrable bastion upon that ground. Make it sacred. Talk about nothing of significance. Do little thinking. Let the months pass unnoticed. Move into his place as quickly as you can, preferably the first week of getting to know each other. Let a year pass unnoticed. Begin to notice.

That’s the Monaco dating life, babe...

Made in Monaco M A G A Z I N E

We are always on the look out for fresh ideas and welcome new staff to join our team. If you think this magazine is made for you, then get in touch! xoxo


Would you like to colaborate with us?


Figure that you should probably get married because you will have wasted a lot of time. Make sure he proposes with fireworks at Le Grill of Hotel de Paris. He sheepishly asks a waiter to bring a glass of champagne with a 3 (at least) carat diamond ring in it. Do not be overly concerned if you feel your heart leap through a pane of sheet glass. For that matter, do not be overly concerned if you cannot feel it at all. If there is applause, let it stagnate. Cry or smile as if you’ve never been happier.

‘Tout est possible a Monaco’ on a fine Summer day a thought came to mind between two friends whilst ashore at Monte Carlo port. It became the inception of a brilliant idea which bought vtogether the Italian world of class and the excellence of the Monaco Principality. For Franck Muller and Alessandro Mollo this was the beginning of TILC – The Italian Luxury Club. TILC is a private members club aimed to bring together the world famous Italian penchant for luxury and entrepreneurial potential of Monaco Principality. Formed with the influence of the most traditional English members club TILC has been carefully revamped into the 21st century concept adapted to the Monaco territory and the culture. The Italian Luxury Club “Park Palace” Impasse de la Fontaine MC 98000 Monaco Tel.+377 97976590 Fax.+377 97976591

Creme de la creme of

Monaco Party Iana et Sarah Copurchic

Tout a commencé, il y a six ans sur les bancs de l’université. Un jour de réunion, nos esprits se sont croisés, quelques secondes nous ont permis d’échanger quelques paroles qui nous ont guidé tout droit vers le Palais de la Méditerranée ! Une simple envie de siroter un cocktail et de papoter... L’heure avait bien sonné, laissant naître une belle amitié ! A 19 ans, sans le savoir, nous étions en train de créer un univers unique et des aventures folles allaient croiser notre


Iana, née le 14 octobre 1988 et Sarah, le 29 septembre 1988, 2 semaines de différences, signe astral: balance, taille similaire, proportion équilibrée, une blonde, une brune, une intro, une extra, tempérament peu tempéré, et une seule idée en tête: créer un empire, celui

que l’on nomme si élégamment “Copurchic”, l’extrême élégance au cœur de la Principauté! 85

Chers lecteurs, Comme vous le savez, Monaco est un petit monde et je suis certaine que vous êtes impatients de lire ces lignes car ici on aime tout savoir sur tout et tout le monde. Comme vous êtes des privilégiés, nous allons vous ouvrir quelques pages de notre jardin secret. Accrochez vous, la tempête Copurchic va se dévoiler.

chemin entre passion, amour, jalousie et mondanités. Armée d’une créativité débordante, notre premier événement a vu le jour sous le nom de la soirée Aristochic! C’était une boîte de nuit pas très chic que nous avons décoré du plafond jusqu’au sol pour habiller ce lieu immonde où nous voulions accueillir nos chers convives. Evidemment, colonnes sur mesure, lustres, chandeliers, rideaux couleur bleu roi, transfert en limousine, petits macarons et fontaine de champagne ! On va dire que la première était une catastrophe dont les premiers invités doivent s’en souvenir encore car derrière les rideaux les murs étaient taggés, et l’endroit était presque

minuscule ;) Leçon retenue, 2 mois plus tard, Copurchic prenait place au High Club, une boîte assez grande pour accueillir nos idées débordantes! Autant vous dire que celui ci a fait jasé car la presse et la radio s’empressaient déjà de nous rencontrer : qui sont ces deux jeunes filles qui osent pénétrer dans un milieu d’homme? Sachez une chose, il en faut bien plus pour nous impressionner... De fête en fête, rien ne nous arrête! C’est alors que nous avons rencontré notre marraine Sylvana Lorentz, ambassadrice de Pierre Cardin et de la religion de la fête, rien de telle pour nous donner l’envie de continuer! Une très belle rencontre.

“20 ans, l’âge du possible”

Rocher, les festivités n’étaient pas terminées...”

Retour au petit Rocher, les festivités n’étaient pas terminées... Quelque chose manquait à nos chers privilégiés, une idée

Mais le temps est passé et nous avons grandi en même temps que nos tendres soirées d’ivresse. Nos familles ne cautionnant pas trop nos dérives, une pause s’est imposée. Alors c’est à bord d’un avion


A savoir que nos mémorables Gossip Party ont laissé notre réputation sans précédent car la tempête Copurchic faisait déjà des ravages avec notre plus jeune âge.

“Retour au petit


C’est alors qu’une nouvelle envie est arrivée, celle de participer à l’organisation d’un Bal. Naturellement, quelques semaines plus tard les cartons étaient déjà imprimés sous le beau nom du Bal Aristochic à Venise. Un voyage plutôt aventureux car nous avions oublié l’essentiel: l’hôtel! Dans cette foule de gens masqués, nous avons cherché sur place où nous loger. Quelle chance, en 2 minutes l’histoire était réglée. Coiffées, masquées, costumées, welcome dans le fabuleux Théâtre de la Fenice pour un bal merveilleux!

? Les premières et authentiques soirées Gossip Girl à Monaco! Tous les mois, nos invités pouvaient se retrouver dans une ambiance prisée, où seul la jeunesse dorée était conviée, le noeud papillon était de guise, les vasques de champagnes au rdv et bataille de potins s’il vous plaît !

que nous sommes parties destination : USA. Un voyage mouvementé, Sarah qui perd sa valise au bout de 2 jours dans laquelle se trouvait son cher Chanel qu’on nommait caramel, quelques bijoux sentimentaux et toutes les robes Copurchic se sont envolées à jamais. Pas le temps de pleurer, l’aventure nous a permis de nous inspirer grâce à l’immensité et la magie des Etats Unis... La mode est aussi une très grande passion et pour ce faire, l’opportunité s’est ouverte à nous d’organiser un Fashion Happening au Chapiteau de Fontvieille. Nous avons fait le premier défilé représentant un tableau artistique.

Durant quelques minutes, nos invités étaient dans une boîte à musique sous l e s p r oj e c te u r s éblouissants avec les sons d’une chanteuse d’Opéra accompagnée d’une harpiste. L’émotion était à son comble lorsqu’on vient nous annoncer que la Princesse Caroline de Monaco est arrivée. Dans nos rivières de larmes, on nous acclamait pour nous présenter à la Princesse. D’habitude, Iana l’extravertie avait perdu sa voix, le noir des yeux de Sarah coulait sur tout le visage, bye bye le protocole, les da-dames Copurchic étaient devenues de jeunes filles émues... Dans cette vague de mondanités, il manquait une petite touche à notre palmarès. Le

Bal Copurchic a alors pris place avec aisance au Monte Carlo Bay en Fameux 3 mars 2012.

Copurchic Events


Vous l’avez compris, les Copurchic sont des aventurières. Une seule arme: notre duo de choc, non pas pour choquer mais pour offrir à tous des moments de festivités! Prochain événement? Ne posez point cette question, il est évident que vous serez au courant car le vent Copurchic ne passe jamais inaperçu.


Pour être sincère, chers lecteurs, nous étions à la recherche d’un dj blond aux cheveux longs pour faire danser nos convives! En choeur nous avons tout de suite pensé à Pierre Sarkozy. Jeune, artiste et passionné, tout cela sonnait tellement parfait. Un seul hic, la France était en pleine période éléctorale. C’est avec immoralité que la presse s’est empressée de nous pointer du doigt. Croyez nous ou pas, l’idée de base était bien moins provocatrice. Peu importe, les scandales sont devenues banals dans le Royaume Copurchic et nous les dévorons avec appétit avec l’humble prétention d’en faire une coutume. D’autant plus que c’était aussi notre première édition du Heli Challenge Tour, notre petit protégé, une opération caritative que nous renou-

velons chaque année au profit d’associations. L’esprit est de faire partager un moment de plaisir tout en faisant une bonne action, un baptême de l’air pour l’humanitaire. Notre slogan : décollage imminent vers la bonne action!

EYE on the prize life through my lens Photograhy by Vivienne Lai











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Monaco’s Alice in Wonderland By Kelly Stein

When I paint I don’t think about anything. It starts from my soul,

The baby girls with their big eyes and their funny games come naturally, colour fills itself and lead my hands; they all know what they have to do, when and where to go out, to travel around the world, to make them known, to watch, to despise, to admire, to repudiate, to love and to hate... Some of them will make it possible... others won’t...maybe...I only give them a chance. Why do those girls have those incredible eyes? They speak with those giant eyes. With eyes they show what


Alessia, I am absolutely fascinated with your paintings. When I saw the painting of Giusepinna - that innocent girl with huge eyes, I could stop thinking about it. Can you please tell me about your creative process & what inspires you?

than it goes onto the canvas. I talk to my little girls I tell them “if you are well-behaved, I will take you out of that studio and will show you to the world.”. We are having a proper conversation. The one you liked is Giuseppina. This name was just written on her skin when we first “met”. Not many have names though.


We got acquainted thanks to Giuseppina. She was great! Bright, beautiful, innocent, with alluring magnetic eyes. That painting of little girl doing crazy things caught my attention while I was passing by Russian Art masters gallery. When I came in I saw there was the whole series on baby girls. It was love at first sight. The work of unreal beauty! I have requested details of the painter and that was the day when I met the Artist, exactly like that with a capital A, eccentric yet absolutely charming Alessia Colacicco.

they have inside and how they feel. It’s me speaking with eyes of my girls. If you want to understand how I feel look into their eyes. But what you understand depends just on what you and not someone else see. Why all of the girls seem to be sad and a bit lost? Really? That’s maybe the way you interpret it. But I don’t think they look sad, maybe thoughtful? What has inspired you to create those girls? Why not boys? It was just a natural process for me. I took the canvas and she was born, she came out of me. Giuseppina was the first one and then she asked me to give space to others and make the “family” bigger. Do you think it’s crazy me telling you all that? Nooooo! Most of those little girls have dark hair, are they

your daughters? Many people ask me that, I don’t know the exact answer. But since painting is the projection of what an artist thinks, I guess my answer would be a yes. So girls are your self - identity? Yes, they are mini me. How did you start painting? I have started when I was 17. I have never studied painting so I have just taken an empty canvas and painted what I feel. So my first paintings might seem bit cruel but at the same time very ironic. From one side I wanted to have something mysterious, dark and a little bit gothic, but from another I still wanted it not to be “too much” and be funny. That’s how white rabbit theme was introduced in my art. Describe your creative process?

Schiele was always an influence. Many think I’m inspired by Basquiat but I don’t think so….He was famous for his dirty and childish stuff. Cindy Sherman is my another big inspiration.

This rabbit was inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” story. I am the Alice and he is my magic rabbit. In these series Alice is playing with the rabbit. She is always taking the lead in the games by using that rabbit to have sex and play. Rabbit represents the prince she was waiting for her whole life but whom she had no chance to get married to. There is only one painting where the situation is different and the rabbit is playing with Alice, that’s when she was younger…I would say rabbit is Alice’s subconsciousness. which sometimes comes out. I am somebody who’s living in her own world. And when you say that some of my painting might seem shocking, for


Who is your biggest influence?

I have seen that apart from the baby girls there is also white rabbit present everywhere… Does it represent that rabbit is your destiny? It is interesting the way your main character (again girl) is continuously making love with that toy….


I can never focus on one painting at a time. I normally put 2-3 canvas in front of me, paint one few minutes than do another one. Otherwise I get bored. I can’t stand being restricted to one surface only. It’s the same when I am reading - I read two books simultaneously. Most of my paintings are finished within 2-3 hours, where as others I don’t finish at all turning their unfinished state into my own artistic concept. And I love to do either huge or very small canvas. Large scale pieces really turn me on, but small ones come out more naturally though.

me they are just natural.This morning I woke up and told my husband that it’s so weird that people when they look at my painting think that I am eccentric, but I am completely the opposite. What did u think of me when you have first seen my painting? I expected you to be a very edgy, hipster style with pink hair and crazy outfits, I was even surprised to see such a chick and elegant woman‌ You see? Most people think that way, where as I am very sweet and shy girl who lives in her own world. I boldly use images connected to my own biography. It comes from my inside. The reason I now want to expose my art is that I have lived in my little world, which I now want to open to everyone. Why not? When I am creating these little girls peeing they are not grown up. I am trying to say I am not a pervert. I just love

doing innocent things. But don’t you think public will react differently? You mean it might be censored? I don’t think so even though it might be too much for others. For me it’s just fine. In general, is the public critical of your art or are they excited to see it?

My art always reflects upon where I am painting. Previously in Foggia, Italy, I was painting in the basement of huge old palace-like ex-bank of Italy building (which looks very much like Hotel de Paris). I loved it because I could always paint and not care if it would get dirty and messy. The only problem that space was dark so I always had to paint with an artificial light. That’s why some of my rather dark paintings could be explained by lack of the light. I have never painted with natural light until I came to Monaco. Baby girl paintings were done at Hotel de Paris, where I have been staying for 2 months, during winter.


How would you define your own art? Shocking? Provocative?

So would you please tell me a bit about periods in your painting?


I know for sure nobody stays indifferent. When public sees it, it evokes feelings. It’s positive, when they get amused because they see the ironic side of my work. Others are shocked, where as some are even disgusted because they think it very childish and improper. I love that everyone is touched, nobody remains quiet about this. It means a lot when people see my inner world through my art.

Expressive, because it reflects upon me. For sure I don’t do it to provoke or shock ppl, its just my nature.

Once I have tried the natural light, I could not stop painting these little girls. However, I still don’t use many colours in one painting I prefer to keep it down to just few major colour blocks. But as you have noticed I absolutely adore “dirty” with lots of charcoal painting. It drives me crazy. When I am painting I am always facing this decision whether I will keep it clean or make it a very disorganized and dirty one. Now let’s focus in a bit more detail on your painting….In many of them yellow colour dominates… In the beginning of my artistic career I could not afford buying many colours and those yellow or blue were basic so I still continue with them. I was using what I could afford. And in my latest work I paint girls peeing a lot so that’s the simple reason why yellow is used that much (smiling). Why there is some text in Russian

on few of your paintings? Once I have seen a dream in which I had my first big exhibition in Russia. I love Russia, its culture and language. I am not kidding. Russia is my destiny. I always wanted to study Russian and to be exposed to that country. Maybe in my previous life I was Russian. And just few days ago I got an offer to go to Moscow to show my art!

Why? Were you unhappy? I am very bad at describing my feelings with words, I can easily do it with painting though. My art is so expressive and strong simply because it is a true part of my inner world. Painting is my language. When you create with your inner world colours, you are very expressive and audience will never mistake this real art, expression of yourself for something that is imaginary. Painting vibrates with emotion. So if I am happy, it’s happy; if I’m sad, it’s sad too. Who is real Alessia? I am quiet lonely person and love doing things on my own.


We are close with my dad. I have seen one of the Schiele’s paintings, where there was a man with a beard, his friend psychoanalyst. It really made me think of my dad,… maybe that was the beard… So I have done it and few months later I have sold the painting to go on an inspiration trip to Morocco.

Nope, I don’t answer to this question. This is very personal. Just to say I had that sadness inside so I had to paint it.


I know you love your mum a lot. But I have seen this painting of your dad, bit…. distant and ugly…. Is that the real case?

There is this very scary painting called “Happy Birthday Alessia” , which is very depressing. Is it…?

Can you imagine I have never been at a nightclub! Really? I really want to go to Jimmy’z! Just to socialize bit more. Previously I was never too interested in social life, I was bored with going out. It was always better to stay home and paint or read. Now I m finally letting my inner world out. I know that you are also teaching art and fashion design at university in Foggia, do you enjoy this social experience? I love my students, amazing job and atmosphere. Also it gives me lots of time to create. Also my students are mature, they are not complicated teenagers so they inspire me. This job is very stimulating. What about your students doing fashion? Those who study fashion at art

academy have more freedom to create what they like. I make them speak and design. They are very artistic. Every piece they work on is unique. I force them to come with new fabrics and ways to approach fashion design. I wear their experimental, bit crazy outfits. They give them to me as presents. One of my students gave me a bag in the shape of the cake, so I wear it. I also print tons of t -shirts with ultra trendy patterns, again all done my students. I like Alesia, She is a distiller. She can reduce pictoral forms and ideas to their very essence. One is left with the certainty that only that which is necessary remains. Alessia’s work that seems to be a heavy dose of autobiography nevertheless make me think that she maintains an amazing balancing act between material and content.



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The most difficult - the first 60 years! by Eva Tarasova

In the 1990’s it wasn’t popular, but in 2005 the new wave has started so we have new artists. Many artists of that genre use geometric lines, I am studying humans and their faces. That gives me more originality.

It is a derivative from my painting. I was invited to Arti Americas – the Latin American art fair in Miami in 2003 Unfortunately, there were no walls. They did offer me to use the cables hanging down the ceilings, but I didn’t like the idea of it, so after watching the space and thought I need to deal with it. That’s how my first sculpture, 4 meter Mona Lisa was born. Huge success! When do you find time to create?


Is optic art popular?

How did you get into this form of art?


That was the first thing Marco Marin said when we met for the interview. Prince Albert ll and Pierre Carden have supported this virtuoso for years. Everyone knows him as a pianist. But has developed into a famous optic painter and sculptor too.

This is a constant process. All the time I create in my head. I transfer daily all of my ideas on the paper. Designing and creating from nothing is done quickly. Even now we are sitting here at Hotel de Paris and the new bouquet is inspiring me. What is you strongest childhood memory? I am son of Lebanese opera singer and Spanish film producer. They sent me to music school at the age of 5 and I have graduated at 13. It an old memory, but it’s still very bright and concerns discipline. My Russian piano professor was beating my fingers if I wasn’t playing correctly, one day I am coming back home complaining to my dad and he is saying “don’t worry I’ll speak to your teacher tomorrow”. And next day he told her “next time he is making mistakes” beat his fingers twice (laughing). I am not a traumatized child, but I have taken this lesson seriously

throughout my entire life. And I am feeling very thankful. It is a wonderful present from my parents. It was an integral part of you forming as an artist? Exactly. Life is constantly challenging you and this made me stronger. Which artists you want to be in the same league with? Vasarely, Soto and Cruz Diez. I have been exposed with many of them. I am a baby of those grand maîtres. Even though we have age difference and they are in their 80’s, and I am only 45. And how is it to be a famous artist? Being an artist is a manifesto. I think artist is allowed everything: old car, bad clothes, being late. I don’t have any code to follow, but I’m still somebody polite. Thanks to that I remain

normal in Monaco, no bling bling and showing off. My art is a person on its own. I am not justified by whom I am friends with. Artist is about exploring different sides. Also I am into self-promotion, so I’m changing the image of an artist having the agent.

What are you working on now?

How did you get started in Monaco? I was exposing two years ago

deals with the environment theme: water, ground, air, fire. It will be presented on the 10th October in Sienna, at a charity Gala of Prince Albert. And


I have started doing watches. First ones Doing a very interestLimited Edition were with Playwatch. ing project for the Playwatch They were cheap French Consulate in silicon but funky with Hong Kong - French Merlin Monroe portray done diva collection. Glamorous in kinetic way. In 2009, they Bridget Bardo, Edit Piaf, Katherwere sold everywhere at museine Deneve - those cinema stars ums within a month. Now I am whose faces are unforgettable. also working on higher quality Also working on my first jewelry watches, as a real art piece collection for the Prince Albert. that will last. It is 4 elements collection that


What were the most exciting projects you have worked on?

at Top Marques. My sculptures were exposed straight after the Arts Monaco salon, which. Basically my art pieces were designed to stay there throughout the expo season. This was the portrait of Princesse Grace that I have done for the anniversary of her 30th death.It brought me luck.

together with a gallery from Rome and a jeweler from Cartier I have created a pendant with Marlin Monroe - silver one, which could be worn in many different ways: broche, ring, earrings. It will be out by Christmas. Keeping myself busy.

don’t spend much time in one country. I love those complete couples where she is an agent and he is an artist. Classics, but it works. I haven’t found my agent yet, but I feel it’s coming. Destiny. Do u believe in destiny?

And life of artist is life of single person? I share my life with loads of friends. My source of art creation is in traveling and it happens when I m on the move. Meeting new people changes the air, and we artists need it. We can’t be locked in a studio. My aim is to meet people, study their faces, their expressions, how they feel. You need to know the nuances of their faces. How they feel. My career is more of social exercise and not only art. And love life? How should be your partner? Love life is absent, because I

Not as into something pre-determined but something that could happen. We project what we want to the universe and it gives it back to us. For the moment I have been projecting a lot for my artistic career and not for my heart. The first 60 years are difficult. And after? Well, after it is all easy, even when we die, career continues. Pierre Carden told me that and I believe it. What inspires you in MC? Monaco is a museum on its own. Of course, the complete royal family history just ads to

it, especially, Grace Kelly one - the way prince married the movie star. Beauty of this story, this historic, romantic and politic affair is a great source of the inspiration. That’s why I do loads of portraits of the royal family. What places you like in Monaco? Do you go out much?

Monaco is a passing traffic

1) Avenue des Arts – Hong Kong (China) 2) Filippo Restelli gallery – Rome (Italy) 3) Galerie EsPaco Arte Livre – Lisbon (Portugal) 4) Rarity Gallery – Mikonos (Greece) 5) Pro Art Galery – Dubai (UAE) 6) Villa Saint-Georges (France)


What advice you will give to those who want to live in Monaco?

Marcos Marin is part of permanent collection at:


Le Rocher and Larvotto beach are my favorites. And don’t forget grots at Jardins Exotiques, full of the stalagmites. Even that we have! It did inspire me a lot for color and shapes. I never really go out, maybe dinner with friends where I can learn more about people and their characters. Sometimes I go to dance. But no club crawls and champagne showers.

town. But I think the glamorous image of MC is playing the big part of the history and is essential. So be prepared for the biggest challenge of getting to know the diversity. I always say it is the smallest and thebiggest country in the world at the same time. Geographically small, but mentally big. We all are cosmopolitan here. We speak 5-6 languages daily.

Swimming is my life, water is my air by Kelly Stein

She was walking around the

swimming pool at Le Meridien Hotel. Gracious, amazing posture, but very simple and smiley. Irina Buglione, originally from Russia, has her own Cinderella story to share.Irina married into one of one of the most famous circus families - Buglione. She was born in Moscow and has started with Russian National Syncronized swimming team. Two more years she would have been at Olympics but at the age of 16 synchronized swimmers talent scout Murel Hermin came to Russia and invited Irina to participate in French aquatic spectacle Sirella. After Scescend’O show at the famous Buglione circus d’Hiver has followed. That was the beginning. Irina, how did “simple” Russian

girl become part of the worldfamous family? What is the secret? Well I never had a dream to be a circus artist and never wanted to be part of such a famous family. It all was an unexpected coincidence. Basically you just need to work on yourself and be prepared. The rest will follow. You attract things that you are worth of. So you were always in love with circus? As a child I loved circus. My mum would take me there, but I never wanted to be a circus artist. When I was a child I wanted to do swimming and dancing. My mum didn’t know how to swim so she brought me to the swimming school. My dream was to become ballet dance. Loved the way those

artists were dressed. But now, unfortunately it is too late, even though I know all the choreographic bits, they are part of my body; it’s just that I use them differently. It is impossible to be everywhere, even though I really want to be everywhere.

I have given them part of me and they have taught me some other stuff. I can never stop. I am perfectionist and always up for a challenge. Once I start I need to finish and be successful at what I am doing, so they did challenge me and here I am. I am very shy, not too talkative, but when I am on stage I change completely.


When I was performing at Buglione circus I had an offer to do their show O. Just before that time I have met circus directors son and now he is father of my two kids. At that time Francesco (Buglione) told me if you wanted to go, go, but he wasn’t my husband yet so I have chosen

So basically Buglione circus was your alma mater? 123

Have you ever been tempted to work at Cirque du Soleil?

love over work. I don’t regret it since Buglione circus gave me the chance to show my inner world, to share my dreams with the public. It made me the star. With Cirque du Soleil it would never happen.

What is your main motivation in life? My kids, I am now working on them. When my son is performing at the circus, I never miss it, I am his biggest fan. He normally works with animals, sadly no water performances. Funny enough I am a professional swimmer but my kids never listen to me when I am trying to teach them. For them I am not a God or famous swimmer, for them I m just their mum. What are your plans for the future? I am part of famous circus history now and I am proud to hold a surname like Buglione. I am getting older now, so maybe it is time to leave. So I am studying fashion design in Paris and now start on creating a fashion line dedicated to mother and daughter with a very unique underlying concept. I won’t leave circus completely because I am not done with the

pole dancing show I’m working on now. What’s your Monaco story? I have performed in Monaco with my white diamond show at Grand prix historique and with the trapeze tissue show for Cartier events. Public in MC is amazing, you feel like a princess. I spend most of my holidays in Monaco. My kids love it here. Did you like the Monte-Carlo Circus? I loved their recent dinner show, truly wanted it to be longer. I was sitting with an open mouth and watching it like a kid, even though I could be very critical. Legendary Castors brothers – three French brothers in their 70’s and still performing were my favorite! Funny enough they had Russian mother. What is your favorite place in Monaco?

I adore Monaco and my favorite place is le Rocher. Just go there, stand, look over the principality and feel it. And the funky prison? Have you seen it? Just few spots and looks like a spa resort. Guess everyone wouldn’t mind spending bit of time there. In terms of food, I am a big fan of La Piazza res-

taurant. I never cheat on this place! Pasta with white truffles is on the top list and even when I am in Nice or Cannes I always come over to eat it. Describe Monaco in three words? Schick. Shock. Best


Made in Monaco M A G A Z I N E

We are always on the look out for fresh ideas and welcome new staff to join our team. If you think this magazine is made for you, then get in touch! xoxo


Would you like to colaborate with us?


We met Thomas Claeren in his cosy Diva showroom – gem studio hidden in the streets of Condamine. He is charming, dressed in a chic and elegant way. Very easy-going and extremely smiley Proper Monaco aspiring entrepreneur. What is your academic background and why did you start your business in Monaco? I have a master’s degree in international marketing & business development. I started my business in Monaco because it has an international reach, a famous luxury focused identity

and a high concentration of top spenders. These criteria are essential for our ‘Diva’ brand and its positioning in a niche market. Tell us about Diva? DIVA is all about offering the best in private home theaters to our privileged clients. From interior design to the installation, we manage the entire project according to our customer’s needs. We are leaders in reference to the technology that we use; it is not comparable to any other model on the market as our sound impact

and picture quality are the best on the market. Our material allows us to play Master files directly from the studios so that our customers can get exact reproduction of the director’s sound with no compression at all, no loss; just true emotion and pure CINEMA.

I have a lot of projects in mind. When you create a company from scratch there are plenty of exciting projects and realization such as the creation of the brand, the communication tools, the strategy, the signing of your first contract. But I would say that the most exciting project is actually a mix of events that all combined into a week For example, I was running three sound installations, all simultaneously, during a very hectic period. One was for the Festival de Cannes in the Carlton Hotel where DIVA was an event partner; another was in a private apartment during the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco and the last one was on a Private Yacht in Monaco during the


DIVA is also a place where you can find a wide range of very exclusive products, tailor made with luxurious finishes and all our items are customizable on demand. We provide high tech products like bespoke luxury computers or decorated iPads, also Hi-Fi installations with amazing speakers made of carbon or any other color which deliver incredible sound and we also provide art and we showcase some paintings

What has been the most exciting project, to date, that you have worked on at Diva?


Ok, so most of our readers don’t actually own a space large enough for a private home-cinema. What else does Diva provide for our ‘closetsized’ Monaco apartments?

and sculptures from great artists. Anybody who wants to find the very best in exclusive products can visit DIVA!

same weekend. I had to manage these three locations at the same time and in fairness it was exciting, but a bit stressful also! Do you have any favorite music artists, yourself, and do you collect visual art? My taste in music is eclectic. I like to listen to jazz artists, for example, Diana Krall and Marcus Miller (he has amazing bass), Maceo Parker for sax. I like also classical music, especially piano with Chopin. And chill ambient music too. It all depends on the mood and the moment. Concerning visual art, I am not a collector at this point, but I will be in the future as it’s the best way to put your money into tangible, and if you are successful – this is a great investment. Should a Monaco based art novice have a big budget in order to become an art buyer?

I would say that you can start with small pieces but even with the smaller pieces, expect to pay above average prices if you want to buy from a unique or small series. I would advise novices to gauge the number of pieces done by the artist and then to choose from the smaller series; also they should evaluate the artist’s career and his/her story as this is very important; finally flair has a role because emerging artists have the ability to increase their market value very quickly. You are involved solely on the business end; yet you have a highly creative father who is renowned in his work and in his field. Do you feel a desire to become more creative yourself? My father is a great artist, interior designer and business man. Of course I would like to become more creative as I’d like to make a difference, and creativity is the best way to dif-

ferentiate your work! List one advantage to having a business in Monaco and one disadvantage? The best advantage here is the international reach. I don’t see any disadvantage in having a business in such a place ;)



What I find inspiring is to have an opportunity to work and live in this Principality! It’s actually a very small state, but it’s a beautiful place and it has an amazing energy. All of the big events that take place are inspiring in themselves from a business and a personal point of view. The Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix is an incredible event and the vibe here is not comparable to any other! Monaco Yacht Show, Monte

Finally, can you summarize what the Monaco means to you in a single word?


Tell us who and what inspires you the most in Monaco; Is it the food, the nightlife, the architecture, the people, everything really?

Carlo Rolex Tennis Masters, Top Marques, the music concerts all contribute to the overall atmosphere. Being at these events allow us to meet new people and to feel great emotions and to talk business!

Thomas Claeren Diva Showroom

Events in Monaco by Aksinia Khlamova

CONCERT Saturday 12 October, at 8.30 pm, Théâtre des Variétés Tél : 04 93 78 93 78 Concert organised by the Association for the Promotion of the Accordion and the Bandoneon with as the first act: Annick Cizaruk accompanied on the accordion by David Venitucci in “Léo Férré, the Golden Age.” Second act: Argentinean music quartet with Gustavo Beytelmann, piano, Giberto Pereyra, bandoneon, Leonardo Teruggi, double bass and Cyril Garac, violin. On the programme: traditional tango CONCERT Sunday 13 October, at 6 pm Auditorium Rainier III Tél : +377 98 06 28 28

Great Season Series – Symphonic concert by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Oleg Caetani with Jean-Yves Thibaudet, piano. On the programme: Maurice Ravel and Dmitri Shostakovich. At 5 pm, as a prelude to the concert, an introduction to the works by André Peyrègne, Director of the Regional Conservatory of Nice CONCERT Wednesday 16 October, at 8.30 pm Théâtre des Variétés Tél : +377 93 50 92 13 Concert by the Tran NgocAudibert-Dumont Trio with Stéphane Tran Ngoc, violinist, François Dumont, pianist and Frédéric Audibert, cellist organised by the Cre-

scendo Association. On the programme: Franz Schubert COMEDY Thursday 17 and Friday 18 October, at 9 pm Théâtre Princesse Grace Tél : +377 93 25 32 27

EXHIBITIONS From Thursday 17 to Sunday 20 October, Various Locations Tél : +377 93 30 59 66 Grand Monaco street sale organised by the Monaco Union of Traders and Artisans

DANCE From Thursday 17 to Sunday 20 October, Various Locations Tél : +33 6 19 80 51 57

Symphonic concert by the Orchestre des Violons de France conducted by Frédéric Moreau. On the programme: Antonio Vivaldi and Niccolò Paganini

5th Monte-Carlo International Festival of Argentine Tango (workshops, performances, milongas ...) organised by the Monaco Dance Passion Association. Friday 18 October, at 8.30 pm, Variety Theatre: ‘Noche de Tango’ performance. Saturday 19 October, from 7 pm, Monte-Carlo Country Club : Dinner and gala evening

DANCE AND CONCERT Saturday 19 October, Espace Léo Ferré Tél : +33 6 78 63 96 80 Country Line-Dance Day in aid of the Monegasque Red Cross. Dance classes, from 2.30 pm followed by a Dance & concert, at 7.30 pm


CONCERT Friday 18 October, at 8.30 pm, Cathédrale de Monaco Tél : +377 93 30 87 70 131

“Race” by David Mamet with Yvan Attal, Alex Descas, Sara Martins and Thibault de Montalembert

CONCERT Saturday 19 October, Espace Léo Ferré Tél : +33 6 78 63 96 80

EXHIBITION Exhibition by Stefania Pennacchio Tél : +377 97 77 12 86

Country Line-Dance Day in aid of the Monegasque Red Cross. Dance classes, from 2.30 pm followed by a Dance & concert, at 7.30 pm

From Wednesday 23 October to Thursday 31 October, from 2 pm to 6 pm (from Tuesday to Friday) Galerie Carré Doré

CONCERT Sunday 20 October, at 4 pm Eglise Saint-Charles Tél : +377 98 06 28 28 Concert of Sacred Music by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Ensemble Baroc’co. On the programme: Johann Sebastian Bach FILM Tuesday 22 October, at 8.30 pm Théâtre des Variétés Tél : +377 97 98 43 26 The Art of the Cinema - screening of “Madadayo” by Akira Kurosawa (1993), organised by Monaco Audiovisual Archives

OPERA/RECITAL Thursday 24 (gala), Friday 25, Saturday 26 October, at 8 pm and Sunday 27 October, at 3 pm, Salle Garnier, Opéra de Monte-Carlo Tél : +377 98 06 28 28 “Amelia al ballo” by Gian Carlo Menotti with Norah Amsellem, Javier Arrey, Antonio Gandia, Karine Ohanyan, Giovanni Furlanetto and “The Telephone” with Micaela Oeste, Aldo Heo, the Chorus of the Monte-Carlo Opera and the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Plácido Domingo, organised by the Monte-Carlo Opera

EXHIBITION “Promenades d’Amateurs” (“Amateur Promenades”) exhibition Tél : +377 98 98 48 60 From Thursday 24 October to Sunday 5 January, from 10 am to 6 pm Nouveau Musée National (Villa Paloma)

THEATRE Thursday 24 October, at 9 pm Théâtre Princesse Grace Tél : +377 93 25 32 27 “La vénus au phacochère” (“Venus with a Warthog”) by

“Imprévus!” (“The Unexpected”) by the Ballets de Monte-Carlo

CONCERT Thursday 31 October, at 6.30 pm, Troparium, Auditorium Rainier III Tél : +377 98 06 28 28 Happy Hour Series – concert of chamber music by a selection of musicians from the MonteCarlo Philharmonic Orchestra comprised of Sophia Steckeler, harp, Delphine Hueber, flute, Marie-B. Barrière-Bilote, clarinet, Zhang Zhang and Gian-Battista Ermacora, violins, François Méreaux, viola and Thibault Leroy,


“Comtesse de Ségur, née Rostopchine” (“The Countess of Ségur, née Rostopchine”) by Joëlle Fossier with Bérengère Dautun, honorary member of La Comédie Française organised by the Alliance Française of Monaco

BALLET Friday 25 and Saturday 26 October, Atelier des Ballets de Monte-Carlo Tél : +377 99 99 30 00


THEATRE Thursday 24 October, at 8.30 pm Théâtre des Variétés Tél : +377 93 25 67 83

Christian Siméon with Alexandra Lamy

cello. On the programme: Ravel CONCERTS Concert by Alex Hepburn Tél : +377 98 06 36 36 Thursday 31 October, at 8.30 pm Salle Garnier, Opéra de Monte-Carlo CONCERT Saturday 2 November, at 8.30 pm Espace Léo Ferré Tél : +377 93 10 12 10 Concert by Lilly Wood & The Prick CONCERT Sunday 3 November, at 4 pm Cathédrale de Monaco Tél : +377 93 30 87 70 Concert by the Notre Dame Chorale from Baden-Baden with the Syrinx Concerts Orchestra and German soloists. On the programme: “Missa in Angustiis” by Joseph Haydn

CONCERT Sunday 3 November, at 6 pm Auditorium Rainier III Tél : +377 98 06 28 28 Great Season Series – Symphonic concert by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Lionel Bringuier with Nicholas Angelich, piano. On the programme: Maurice Ravel and Hector Berlioz. At 5 pm, as a prelude to the concert, an introduction to the works by André Peyrègne, Director of the Regional Conservatory of Nice EXHIBITION From Tuesday 5 to Tuesday 19 November, from 2 pm to 6 pm (from Tuesday to Friday) Galerie Carré Doré Tél : +377 97 77 12 86 “Face to Face,” collective exhibition

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