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Angela Fama regular contributor 8 Dave benning 26 esmari taylor, warp and weft 44 paddy duddy 54 wichita trip 66 vicki lee 74 ann nyberg 90 denise corcoran regular contributor 100 steven uccello 114 nicci battilana 128



PREMIERE Issue Cover art by green couch designs quarter 1 | 2013



hello there! a note from the team...

we do it all for

So, when I was laying out this issue, and reading through what our amazing featured peeps had sent in, the most common theme throughout is “love”. A deep and driven love of what they do in their own chosen fields and media, a love of exploring new challenges, and a love for all that they do in their lives. If they are anything like me, their entire world lives and breathes around their creative work. And that is what I, as a creative person, love.

The question I have been asked the most leading up to our very first issue of Made In Magazine coming alive is, “What made you decide to start a magazine?”.

My expectations for this passion project have already exceeded my wildest expectations! I was chatting with a friend saying, “Oh yeah, I’m just going to put it up online and see what happens, hope for the best!” Well! The response has been amazing, so overwhelmingly positive and supportive, exciting, thrilling, enthusiastic, nobody we asked to take part said “no”, and wow. Just wow. I am so super excited to share this issue, our very first of many, with you.

I think the answer is love. Pure love of design, and for creative like-minded people. Of passion for art, design, craft, and all industries creative. Celebrating what drives people to create and why they do what they do, for hours on end, perhaps sometimes for little or no pay. It all leads back to love, loving what you do, loving the process, loving all the little details and everything that goes into creating, no matter what you create or how you make it. I’ve been in the graphic design industry for 23 years, wow, has it really been that long? What keeps me at it is a deep love of the craft of design. I geek out over fonts- if you had seen how long I painstakingly sweated over what fonts to use for this magazine! I adore using textures, and laying out pages in a creative way, presenting information to make it fun and easy to read. My design work has always been everchanging, trying new design styles, from handdrawn lettering to super technical illustrations, and anything and everything in bewtween. I’ve even added new creative endeavours in the middle of it all. I’ve had past side jobs as a mosaic artist, furniture co-designer with one of my brothers, fashion designer and sewer, dabbled in stained glass, plus a current obsession with combining painting and quilting, beads, sequins, hand-stitching... I could go on, and on, and on... And Norm, my better half, has a passion for web design. He’s entirely self-taught, driven to learn the best way to tweak code, and he built our fabulous website for the magazine, being very patient as I (as designer and very annoyingly) asked him to adjust some elements a few too many times!

Have a read through and explore what our awesome line up of talented creative people work on, thrive on, riff on, and love.

We hope you love it as much as we do! See you next issue!

Our beloved office helpers Charlie and Starr


quarter 1 | 2013


who did what Creation, design, website, and directed by Cynthia + Norm Frenette Green couch designs Mission, BC Canada

The Features you are about to read were written entirely by each person included in this issue, in their own words.

huge thanks to... We couldn’t have done it without these wonderful peeps who took a great leap of faith when we asked them so boldly- would you like to be in a magazine that hasn’t been published yet? Our most appreciated and valued advertisers:

Robert Kaufman Fabrics Ecojot Bodacious WhimseyBox Warp and Weft Flying Wedge Pizza Co. The Vector Lab Love Kitty Pink The Sweater Girls The Steamtrunk Craftworks Spool of Thread Make It! Productions Samarra Khaja Into the Heart Art Retreats/Creative Finds

Big thank you’s to all of our featured peeps who took the time to enthusiastically write up and send us their information and photos, we wouldn’t exist without you:

Angela Fama Dave Benning Esmari Taylor, Warp and Weft Paddy Duddy Barb and Rupert, Wichita Trip Vicki Lee Ann Nyberg Denise Corcoran Steven Uccello Nicci Battilana

quarter 1 | 2013


angela All photos by Angela Fama unless otherwise noted


I am an


artist. website

Angela Fama is an award-winning Vancouver,


B.C.-based artist working in

photography, as both a daytime


career photographer as well as


a practising contemporary fine

art photographer. angelafama/21/284/5a0

quarter 1 | 2013


CTION U D I N T R O My mom has a story about how when I was a kid she could only get me to sit still long enough to brush my hair if she gave me crayons and paper. Fast forward to grade two and I am outside of my school during afternoon class hours on what could be sort of a detention I suppose... I am using an eraser on the walls with a teacher staring over my shoulder watching me try to erase the pictures I drew all over the school with colored pencils when I was drawing so much at lunch hour I ran out of paper and decided to use the walls instead. It’s kind of carried on like that ever since, with the medium changing here and there.

When I was 16, I was introduced to photography and have continued with it ever since. Around 26 I decided I wanted to shift my “real” career to something that used my artistic passion and studied “professional photo imaging” to see if I could take a crack at having all the hours of my work be in a creative field. I hadn’t had many successful artistic mentors nearby as a child so I thought I had to go “commercial” if I wanted to support myself with my art and photography seemed to be the easiest artistic tool for me to do that with.

I am very happy with all the choices I have made in the exploration of meshing my career with my art. I am currently spending most of my “extra” energy on my artistic practise. 10

quarter 1 | 2013

FROM THE SERIES: It’s a Sign showing Oct. 17, 2013 at the Initial Gallery, vancouver, b.c.

quarter 1 | 2013


TRANSIENT: Stability


quarter 1 | 2013

What is your background? I spent a long time serving in small, independent diners. My first job was at a racecourse’s bar in Harare, Zimbabwe when I was 15. I have made and sold craft art for a long time on the side and had a little handbag company over 10 years ago. I used to make and sell trading cards, greeting cards, postcards, hand bound books, zines, comics… Photography is seeming to currently be the lifelong career, all in the same pot, different ingredients. Main title of lifelong stew = Artist. Do you have formal training, are you self-taught, or a combination? A Combination: Langara College, Vancouver, B.C. Diploma Emily Carr College of Art, part-time Canterbury Arts And self-taught.

my favorite tools Hasselblad + 35mm 120 film. Mmmmmm, yum. Yes please.

Do you need to spend a lot of money on your tools of your trade and upgrading? Yes. It costs money to even think about photography. Oh! Right there, that cost me $20.

inspiration Every second of every day. Living. Being alive. Existing. Every breath, in and out. I love the core ingredient in it’s pure form. It has forever been the challenge and inspiration to seek the center of everything within the endless excessive clutter life seems to pile onto everything.

I love unearthing the truth.

Do you have any favorite vintage tools or supplies? My HASSELBLAD!!! True love abounds. Plus my old school 35mm Canon AE-1 with the 50mm lens I shot on solely for the first 10 years of my photo world Did you ever have any major oops crazy mishaps or things going crazily wrong while working on a project? Yes. That’s for me to know… haha. It’s always fun when your camera breaks. Just saying. What is your go-to, always reliable media or tool? I AM OBSESSED WITH INSTAGRAM. quarter 1 | 2013



quarter 1 | 2013

Do you sell your work and is it worth the effort? How do you price your work? Yes, at shows + private commissions mostly. And YES!!!!! Totally. It’s different every time, with every body of work, dependant on where and how I am selling it coupled with how much time, energy and money it cost to create (including the time and energy taken investing in learning how to do the things needed to create the work).

photo by: Julie Lee, Director of the Capture Photography Festival

Main Street Car Free Days Vancouver, BC 2013

Where do you work from, tell us about your workspaces and places... A combination. At home, in studio, on location. Anywhere and everywhere really. What is your favorite subject matter or theme and why? Consistently changing but as with inspiration, the truth. The center. Simplicity. Straight-up. And your Least favorite? Hmmm… not sure I have that. Everything is an opportunity to learn and that’s the fun challenge of life. Oddly enough, I am being completely sincere.

Do you do what you do full time/part time/ as a hobby? Is it lucrative enough to support yourself? Full-time + a little bit more... And sort of… I did photo straight for about 5 years freelance, nothing else, and though I could get by, I didn’t really have much “extra” to do things like have a lil’ holiday, sooo… I have taken a small “side-job” of about 8-12 hours a week of waitressing. It’s kind of great ‘cause photo world can be a bit isolating for the most part… so in addition to money, waitressing keeps the outside world in my life without any added stress. It’s nice to not be entirely freelance and have the option to say no to a job if I don’t want to do it, AND it reminds me why I work so hard to do what I love.

I enjoy all aspects of work in my life, including waitressing, it all feeds the same curiosity of life, there is always something to learn and gain… equally as important as money. It also feels great on both sides to know in my heart of hearts I don’t HAVE to do either… helps with the whole serenity aspect.

quarter 1 | 2013


What do you do to keep work, creative juices, and money flowing? Stay true to myself. Trust my instinct. Remain open, especially to adventure. Keep my life filled with equal amounts of importance between work, art, self, friends, family, community and love. If you’re having a bad day, a project isn’t going your way, or everything just sucks, what do you do to turn things around?

duet, 2007

I remind myself of some very good advise my Langara prof used as a daily mantra: Photography is learning how to solve problems. I am currently working on how to respond differently when faced with re-occurring problems. It’s always an opportunity to grow. *(Though I do sometimes play with the thought of running screaming from the building or just saying “NO” repeatedly… ahem…. uh... haha… I may have done that one already…) What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever made? Hmm… a very intricate penis submarine collage with 2 other artists I was doing a collaborative show with a couple years ago…? Where have you travelled? Africa, Mexico, England, The Netherlands, across the States and Canada...

piece of Cake, 2007 16

quarter 1 | 2013

prepare to meet god, 2007

quarter 1 | 2013



favorite career achievement... It just keeps on coming. The project Mirrorface is something I am really proud of. Specifically the choices I had to make in order for it to be completed and shown. The first building step of the mountainous path I am currently climbing, that was a great achievement. Truly, every day, every moment continues to recreate a new “favorite� achievement. 18

quarter 1 | 2013


quarter 1 | 2013


I went to highschool in rural Zimbabwe. I was born on The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee when midwives were illegal in Canada. I have both Corey Hart’s First Offence and Boy In The Box albums on cassette AND I still listen to them.

my favorites... Do you listen to music while you work? What is your favorite music to work to? I pretty much always enjoy working with music - style/ type of music changes, dependant on the mood. Often I have a few albums on rotation and repeat for a few months and then shift after I’ve absorbed them. Recent absorptions: The Heartless Bastards Paul Simon Bob Dylan - Early years Sam Cooke Brian Eno - Airport Austra *Always on rotation: Mazzy Star, NIck Cave, Twin Peaks soundtrack and The Cure


quarter 1 | 2013

ADVENTURES, having fun, doing new things, creating, sharing, connecting, freedom, art, expression, Wim Wenders, Ezra Fama de Smit, The Cure, Vipassanna, Dianne Arbus, Walker Evans, The Becher’s, Grapes of Wrath (The book), George Orwell, Singing, Metropolis, Ballet, Mazzy Star, Nick Cave, Julie Bavalis, my home, Jim Jarmusch, Nenad Jelicic, Katie Huisman, We3, Lucinda Williams, Chrissie Hynde, Cyndi Lauper, David Lynch, Faye Mallett, Marie Pearce, Swimming, The Templeton, “Good-Tasting Nutritional Yeast”, Slickity Jim’s, The Rolling Stones, Anything Hauntingly Beautiful, The Beach, The Sun, Gregory Crow, Surrealism, Biking, Rebecca Chaperon, Initial Gallery, Dancing, Presentation House Gallery, Contact Photo Festival, Arianne Sheikh, Capture Photo Festival, Hot baths, Ps1 Gallery, Stephen Shore, Kirsten May, August Sander, KARAOKE, Julie Lee, The Renaissance, Bragg (aka SALT), veggie dogs, Audrey Hepburn, healing, growth and learning… this list could go on for a long long time… Fave Websites


favorite quote...

ishing Isn’t Good Enough. ~ Mae West

Do you donate to charity or work with any charities or community organizations through your creative work? Yes. I have donated quite a few pieces and time to charities over the years. Unite With Art Auction and Gala is one I am a fond supporter of…

Do you have any hobbies that are really different from what you do your creative job/ work? Basically everything I do is in the creative field…I have been called a “Jane-of-all-trades” within that a few times… I sang for a band for quite a few years, I love to sing, dance, collage, draw, paint, decorate, re-use, create… I just love making things and being creative, doesn’t really matter what form and I find pretty much everything in life can be done creatively. This past year I have been exploring foods and tastes, spices, juicing, seaweeds... quarter 1 | 2013


In the back alley, 2007

Do what you love. Trust your instinct. Have compassion for yourself. 22

quarter 1 | 2013

Where do you find inspiration? Everywhere. Inside myself. Outside myself. The people around me. The world. Seriously, everything. When you begin a project, what is generally your creative process? It changes for the project. These days I tend to have a final idea/concept come to mind and it’s all about figuring out how to “make it happen”. How do you know when a project is finished? When I listen to my instinct. Do you have an inspiration or mood board?

upcoming shows My work will be featured in these upcoming shows: An Evolutionary Look into Vancouver Street Photography, Foncie Pulice to the 21st Century Angela Fama, Lincoln Clarkes, Brian Howell and John Goldsmith

Yes, a few. They change, shift and progress.

Capture Photography Festival at The Museum of Vancouver 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver, B.C.

What does the future hold for you and your work, and where do you see yourself in a few years?

Opening night: Tuesday October 1, 2013 Panel Discussion Sat Oct 5, 2013 3-6pm

I am planning a major RV trip across North America the spring of 2014, starting in BC/west coast, heading south to the Joshua Tree area, across Tennessee then north on the east coast through/around New York/Toronto/Montreal and back to BC. The adventure will involve a book of published journals I am planning on releasing in the next year with the working title “Wabisabi Butterfly” as well as furthering one of my current in-progress photo projects “Transient Stability”.

“Cipher Messaging” Duo showing with painter Rebecca Chaperon At The Initial Gallery 2339 Granville Street, Vancouver, B.C. Opening Night: Thursday October 17, 2013 Capture Photography Festival

quarter 1 | 2013


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Special introductory Ad rates to be published online late August


dave benning


quarter 1 | 2013



famous people!


Dave Benning is a South Surrey , B.C.-based fine artist with a passion for painting soulful large scale portraits of iconic faces, from rockstars to celebs, you might recognize a few!


SHOP @davebenning_art @davebenning_art dave-benning/45/71/8b2 quarter 1 | 2013


CTION U D I N T R O I started out through school in graphic design, went on to work as a graphic designer for about 5 years. This was about when the computer took the main stage. I really was not a fan of the computer, and I’m still not too fond of it! I got a job as a bartender and used the income to support my Art habit... I wanted to get my hands dirty and go back to basics with big canvases and acrylic paint.. so I concentrated on fine art portraiture. I gravitated toward painting iconic people. Rock Stars, Movie Stars and Sports Legends. I really enjoyed this style and subject matter, so decided to make a go of it. 28

quarter 1 | 2013

I studied art throughout school and college in the UK. I moved to Canada and studied a further 2 years in general art and design. My studies were all geared toward getting a graphic design job, just because I thought that was the only field I could get paid in! As far as my acrylic painting goes... I have no formal training. I just kinda learnt as I went. I still learn something new every single painting I do.

Bob Marley, 2013

quarter 1 | 2013


I always say that a great portrait should have a soul.

I am forever in pursuit of the soul. WHAT IS YOUR BACKGROUND? I guess I have always thought of art as my real career. Even though I have been bartending for 15 years... I never called myself a bartender. I passionately refer to myself as an artist who bartends on the side. It is a great social outlet for me and keeps everything else fresh. I am very happy with the balance I have in my life between Art, family and “work� (referring to bartending).

#99 wayne gretZky 30

quarter 1 | 2013

oscar peterson

quarter 1 | 2013


with tony bennett

What is your favorite subject matter? Portraits. Just love painting faces! I always say that a great portrait should have a soul. I am forever in pursuit of the soul. And your least favorite? Luckily I don’t have to do this anymore... “Can you paint my kids and or family...?” I quite happily stopped painting family portraits a few years ago. No one is ever truly happy with a painting of themselves... Ill leave it at that!

my favorite tools Hands down Kroma acrylics! Handmade acrylics from Granville Island, Vancouver. LOVE them! I have the complete spectrum of colors. They work so well.

Do you need to spend a lot of money on your tools of your trade and upgrading? Not really. Just canvases and paint. I usually buy enough brushes on sale for the year and hit the sales once in a while.


quarter 1 | 2013


with alice cooper

Where do you work from, tell us about your workspace... I work from a basement studio which fortunately has windows for some nice natural light. It’s small, especially with the large scale canvases I am painting on these days, but it’s cozy. My most important item in there is my ipod docking station... constantly cranking the tunes!

The people that inspire me to get better, keep going and work hard are my wife and kids. My wife was the one who got me to take the time and make the effort to pursue a painting career. For that I can’t thank her enough. My 2 girls keep me laughing and young at heart. I never worry about not “making” it in the art world... I just stay positive and keep going. I always say, if I never sell another painting, at least my kids will have a great collection of cool stuff when they are older!! I think the legacy I leave to my kids is important to me... That and a whole stack of cool memorabilia I am picking up along the way!

quarter 1 | 2013


favorite career achievement... Wow.. I have had a few really great moments in my career... For the most part, I thoroughly enjoy every project I do. With my work there are definitely perks. I have been able to get into places and meet people that I usually wouldn’t get a chance to. Working with people like Gene Simmons in LA for his restaurant. Raising $30,000 for charity with Wayne Gretzky in Edmonton. Having Legend Tony Bennett tell me he is a fan of ME?!! Wow! Meeting Oscar winners like Robin Williams, and Whoopi Goldberg. And a real special one for me was painting and meeting Canadian Rock Legends RUSH. The list goes on... It is all such a blast! I love it!

with gene simmons


quarter 1 | 2013

gene simmons quarter 1 | 2013


with rush

What is your go-to, always reliable media or tool? My ipad. I put my reference picture on my ipad and work from that. It’s better than printing out a reference pic where you lose color. The ipad image is easy to enlarge, and has a great lit vibrancy. Do you sell your work, and if so where? My work is available on my website for prints. Also to commission an original, that can be done through my site on the contact page. Also at Rock Star Gallery in AZ. Most of my work is privately commissioned.


quarter 1 | 2013

Do you sell your work and is it worth the effort? How do you price your work? Lol!! Hmmm... is it worth it? I truly feel that it is. I do realize that art is a luxury and not a necessity. I have a great deal of respect and thanks for my clients. It really means a lot that they would be willing to part with their cash to own something I have created. I have worked very hard on my career and put in unimaginable hours. I think that I have a skill that is worth something, and I’m not out there pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes. I hope my work speaks for itself and people can see the value in what I do. Granted, it’s not for everyone, but I hope there is an appreciation for it.

rush quarter 1 | 2013


Have you won any awards or special prizes or mentions for your work? No, not really. I have entered local juried shows, but I have found it’s always the mountain scenery, or orca paintings that squeeze to the top past Jimi Hendrix! It’s what you’re into I guess... My work is definitely a niche market. Do you donate to charity or work with any charities or community organizations through your creative work? Yes. I have raised around $70,000 for charities through my work in the past 5 years, which feels great! I am presently working with Great Canadian Gaming Corp, working on some paintings that will be displayed and auctioned off for some great local causes. Every charity is worthwhile, but I have had to limit my work to only 1 or 2 causes. One that I support is which helps with music therapy. A fantastic cause! with russeLl brand

If you’re having a bad day, a project isn’t going your way, or everything just sucks, what do you do to turn things around? Literally that... I turn the canvas upside down!! I get fresh eyes and a fresh perspective. That usually helps! Other than that, I will just leave it and walk away... come back the next day fresh.


favorite quote...

hat do you want a meaning for? Life is a desire, not a meaning. ~ charlie chaplin with Buddy Guy 38

quarter 1 | 2013

I love golf.

I play guitar.

I cannot stand pickles!

sir paul mccartney

Do you listen to music while you work? What is your favorite music to work to? Absolutely! I always listen to music when I paint. I always listen to whomever I am painting. If I’m painting Bob Marley then I will listen to nothing but for the entire duration of the painting. Even when I’m not painting and just driving... that is what I am listening to.

joey ramone

my favorites...

Other music faves are all Classic Rock! Very fond of Hendrix, Marley, The Beatles. Also like stuff like The Streets, Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip, The Herbalizer, Massive Attack, to name a few.


Fave food? Yes please! Love Indian food, Thai, Chinese, BBQ. I think my all time favorite dish is spaghetti bolognaise.

quarter 1 | 2013


tiger woods

Don’t ever give up! Always stay positive! Love what you do no matter what anyone else says or thinks! 40

quarter 1 | 2013

with jay leno

Where do you find inspiration? Everywhere.. browsing the net, books, concerts, videos, music... there is so many amazing things to take in all the time! When you begin a painting, what is generally your creative process? I just generally go for it... decide what I’m doing and just start.... worry about it as I go. How do you know when a piece is finished? Tough one... I am one of those artists who goes back to it over and over again... tweeking. I have recently been forcing myself to just walk away... it’s tough!

What does the future hold for you and your work, and where do you see yourself in a few years? I am hoping that something pretty big may come up... It is sooo up in the air right now, lots of logistics to work out.. wish I could say more, but will update you if it does! Wish me luck! I would like to thank Made In Magazine for this opportunity to share what I do. I am so proud to be a part of the inaugural issue! I think it’s a great platform for all artists to connect and see what everyone is up to! I just really love being an artist... I think if it’s in you, you have to create. It’s good for the soul. peace.

quarter 1 | 2013




esmari taylor


quarter 1 | 2013


I am an Interior Designer by trade and a

junkie by choice



website and shop: Warp and Weft

Esmari Taylor is an interior designer with a wicked sense of humour, a passion for all @warpandweft_to

things design and textile, and owns Warp and Weft, an

online fabric shop based in Toronto, Ontario. quarter 1 | 2013


CTION U D I N T R O I am an Interior Designer by trade and a fabric junkie by choice. I collect fabric faster than I can sew so about a year ago I decided to turn this obsession into a business so I could find a different outlet for my love of design and textiles and collecting these beautiful little pieces of artistry! With Warp & Weft I now have an official excuse to go fabric shopping every day without feeling guilty AND I get to share it with other like-minded fabric fiends! What could possibly be wrong with that?!

It was actually my husband who suggested that I start Warp & Weft. I think he was getting very nervous about the substantial stash of fabric that was building up in my sewing room and probably thought it a good idea to start flogging some of the goods. I don’t think he took into account that I would see that as an opportunity to acquire even MORE fabric! Officially I am an ‘Interieur Vormgever’ (Dutch for ‘Interior Designer’). I trained in Brussels, hence the funky title! That and ‘Fabric Monger Extraordinaire’, of course! That part is completely untrained and unsupervised!


quarter 1 | 2013

my favorite tools I love sewing with cotton/linen blends and anytime I can work with Lotta Jansdotter’s designs I’m happy as a clam! Since doing a few upholstery workshops I’ve really come to appreciate how forgiving and exquisite Design Team’s textiles are - they make even a novice like me look like a pro! And air powered staple guns - they’re the best thing since sliced bread for me! For hand sewing I love working with anything by Merchant & Mills. Their sewing notions are old school British and of incredible quality - trust me, after years of using some no-name brand needle, there is no going back anymore! And I love their packaging and tongue-in-cheek copy - always makes me chuckle. Available at Sajou linen thread What is your background? Until I started Warp & Weft I worked as an Interior Designer specializing in bespoke, high-end kitchen furniture. Getting involved with the world of textile stems from my hobby of sewing but I still approach my work at Warp & Weft from a designer’s point of view, which really is my first love. Being able to combine that with my hobby is the best thing so, yes, I guess this could be a lifelong career but I’m sure it will morph and change as I grow older and my interests change.

Do you need to spend a lot of money on your tools of your trade and upgrading? A compulsive shopper and fabric addict spend a lot of money?! Please!

Do you have any favorite vintage tools or supplies? No, I wish I did, though. I would have had my mom’s vintage Special Edition Elna Lotus if it wasn’t for the 110V / 220V dilemma!

Where do you work from, tell us about your workspace... At the moment I work from my home but I hope to change that in the not so distant future. I’d like to be able to take Warp & Weft closer to the public i.e. a brick & mortar store but it’s early days still and there are many stars that still need to align before that happens. quarter 1 | 2013


Available at Design Team SA Fabrics

favorite career achievement... There isn’t really one specific event that stands out. For me, rather, it’s been every project that I’ve walked away from knowing that the client couldn’t be happier and that I’ve given it my very best. When it comes to Warp & Weft it is every time a client sends me an image of their finished project. I love knowing that they enjoyed creating it and that they’re proud of their projects and wanting to share it. I can be having the worst day and just one message like that will put the smile back on my dial! Cheesy, but true!


quarter 1 | 2013

Who or what inspires you? People who get stuff done! I’m a terrible procrastinator! (For instance, It’s taken me more than a week to complete this interview Q+A!) Did you ever have any major oops crazy mishaps or things going crazily wrong while working on a project? I think the craziest (read ‘dumbest’) thing I ever did was to make an infinity scarf using a pattern for a tube scarf. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why the opening was in the wrong dimension. I had to un-pick and re-do it three times before I figured out that I was making something totally different to what I had intended to make! It freaked me out no end! (I can’t believe I just admitted that to the world...) what is your favorite subject matter and why?

What is your go-to, always reliable media or tool?

Judging by some of my answers further along, people might think it’s cake, but I’m not that shallow. I like chocolate too.

My tape measure. I almost always have one in my purse (that’s when certain husbands haven’t ‘borrowed’ it!) and always have a few floating around the office. I’m forever trying to find them - like when you’re looking for your glasses when they’re already on your head!

and your least favorite and why? Can I say Justin Bieber and his selfies or would that be inappropriate...?

If you’re having a bad day, a project isn’t going your way, or everything just sucks, what do you do to turn things around? I find cake tends to fix just about any problem. Even when I don’t have a problem I still find it pretty handy!

quarter 1 | 2013


I can drive a forklift. I’ve been within arm’s reach of the Queen of England (for the big world figure that she is, she’s a pretty tiny lady!). I weighed 4.6kg (10lbs) at birth and was the largest baby in the history of the hospital at that stage. (Would be interesting to know if I still hold that record today!)

my favorites... do you sell your work, if so where? I only sell the tools, materials and patterns that people need for their creative sewing. As far as selling my own, hand-made items are concerned...let’s just say that my hems are not the neatest and my corners don’t always line up so best not to involve money here. I’ll rather leave that to the professionals! What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever made or created? When we renovated our kitchen a few years ago we commissioned a friend to print custom wallpaper as a back splash. We used a vintage image of a steam ship and blew it up to cover the entire wall. I didn’t think it was that unusual but it raised a few eyebrows when we put the house on the market.

Do you donate to charity or work with any charities or community organizations through your business? I’ve donated some Warp & Weft goodies to a couple of charities in fund raiser events in Toronto but haven’t collaborated with any charities or organizations. If I could find something like to support I’d definitely be into it.


favorite quote...

h*tty situations inspire brilliant solutions. ~ anonymous


quarter 1 | 2013

Do you listen to music while you work? What is your favorite music to work to? I’ve never been able to stand a quiet space. Growing up my parents always had a record on I cut my teeth on Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Talking Heads and many more. I always have something on in the background from when I wake up in the morning to when I go to bed at night. I have a vast and very eclectic music collection and depending on my mood it can be anything from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds to Kruder & Dorfmeister to Miles Davis or Portishead. Mostly I listen to CBC Radio 2 during the day - as far as programming goes theirs is the best in Canada, I find.

etc... I have a weakness for celeb autobiographies (I know, I know but it is just a touch better than watching Entertainment Tonight!), Nordic crime novels and for some reason I have a morbid fascination with heavy, war-themed non-fiction. I guess it balances out the narcissistic celeb stuff.

quarter 1 | 2013


What do you do to keep work, creative juices, and money flowing? I eat more cake! It gives me the sugar boost I need to keep my stamina up, it makes me happy and that’s when I’m at my best and it makes me forget about money! When you begin a creative project in your chosen media, what is generally your creative process?

Available at Sajou Linens


It normally starts with me having to do my bookkeeping or taxes...nothing gets those creative juices flowing quite like avoiding doing admin! Then there’s a lot of winging it because I’m too ‘creative’ to follow the pattern instructions which leads to franticly searching for solutions and instructions on Youtube...

Where have you travelled?

How do you know when a project is finished?

I have a compulsive habit of moving house every five years or so which has seen me move between Namibia, South Africa, Belgium and Canada and back again. Besides extensive traveling in these countries I’ve also been lucky enough to have visited a few other cities and countries: France (expensive beer - I was a student living in Belgium at the time where beer is cheaper than water!), Holland (tall people), Germany (Wiener Schnitzel will be the death of me), Spain: Barcelona (best city in the world!), Madrid (first sighting of an Yves Klein piece using International Klein Blue), Bilbao & Northern Spain (Rioja, Rioja, Rioja!), Prague (more magical moments than I can mention), Budapest (most expensive swim ever at Szechenyi Baths), Ecuador & Galapagos Islands (snorkeling with iguanas, hammerhead sharks & the tiniest Galapagos penguins), Rio de Janeiro (best Panama hat-finally!), Florida (deep South & good fudge), NYC (epic snow storm of Christmas 2010). I think that’s it so far...

...and it normally ends with me admitting defeat and tweeting something like ‘Mental note to self: leave quilt pattern making to the professionals #stupidsewer’! And let me tell you, many many people have ‘favourited’ that tweet - clearly I’m not the only stupid sewer!

quarter 1 | 2013

Do you have an inspiration or mood board? No, but I have a very messy notice board. I made it myself and fancied it quite the achievement until I did a proper upholstery course and realized that it is actually pretty crappy! I like it, though, and it has a sample quilt block which reminds me of my mom’s reaction when I told her I was planning on making a queen size quilt using this design. The individual pieces are squares of about 1” each. She’s a quilter too and she laughed for days after seeing it...


click to Visit Warp and Weft online!

Always measure twice to cut once. Always prick a tiny hole in the top of an egg when boiling it. It stops the shell from cracking and making that almighty mess in the pot that no amount of elbow grease can get off.

What does the future hold for you and your work, and where do you see yourself in a few years? Since starting Warp & Weft I’ve become more and more intrigued by the world of Textile Design. Being a designer, I suppose that doesn’t come as a surprise. I’m not promising anything but I could definitely see myself messing around with some custom fabric designs in the future. I’ve also joined forces with RE:Style Studio to exhibit at the Fall edition of Creativ Festival – come by and say hi and see all the amazing goodies that Warp & Weft and RE:Style Studio have to offer. We’ll have all sorts of exclusive deals on Design Team fabric orders, upholstery toolkits and much more! quarter 1 | 2013


paddy duddy 54

quarter 1 | 2013

art, design, music CONNECT

repeat as required

websites BC/DC

Paddy Duddy


Big Cranium Design and BigCraniumDesign

Screenprinting in Nelson, BC Canada, has a big heart, and plays in a few bands...

quarter 1 | 2013


CTION U D I N T R O I own a company called Big Cranium Design. It is a graphic design and screen printing company located in Nelson, British Columbia. We specialize in graphic design, garment printing, decals, signage and promotional products. We’ve been around since 1999. I started in a garage as a one man show, now we employ 6 people. I also play in a few bands.


quarter 1 | 2013

Originally I started in the screen printing industry for the sole purpose of making t-shirts for my band. I got a job washing screens for a company in Vancouver, all just biding my time until I could get on the press and make some cool shirts. The band wasn’t making any money so I kept the job long after I made the first batch of t’s. I am fully self taught in both the fields of screen printing and graphic design. First time someone asked me if I could design logos I said “yes, no problem at all”. I worked on it for two weeks straight, and looking back, it still turned out pretty awful. I was paid $200.00. I was in heaven.

what is your background? I didn’t graduate high school due to getting kicked out of Commercial Art class with only a few weeks left to go in the year. I made the mistake of calling my teacher an awful name in front of the class. I went to a Catholic school. They were having none of it and I was kicked out of that class and lost my credits and failed to graduate. Funny though... It was Commercial Art class. I ended up being a Commercial artist. I wonder if that teacher would love or hate that. I’ve had various forms of employment in my past including working at various restaurants, unloading meat from semi trucks, the front desk at the Easter Seal House in Vancouver and so on. I had no plans of owning a company or doing graphic arts for a career. I planned on being in bands my whole life. I’m still in bands, but now I have a side project of a business that takes up a good chunk of my time. What is your favorite type of design project? I like working with small start-up companies. I like when people are really stoked about their new project or event. I often get excited right along with them and this really helps the creative process. And your least favorite? I don’t like drawing mountains in logos. I live in the Mountains and get asked very often to draw a mountain or have one included in the new logo. I’ve probably done 30-50 designs that have mountains in them. It’s fine and all, and I appreciate all the work but it gets tough to keep it fresh.


favorite quote...

tand back and let the dog see the rabbit.

My Dad always said that when I was a kid. I liked it so much I’ve named a song and even a band after it. As for what it means I figure it’s pretty self explanatory.

quarter 1 | 2013


favorite career achievement... I was able to create an incredible business, purchase a commercial building, hire an amazing staff and make a reasonable life out of the ability to doodle a skull on my binder at school.


quarter 1 | 2013

inspiration Where do you work from, tell us about your workspace... At Big Cranium I work from an extremely messy desk that I’m always apologizing for. Surrounded by useless pens, piles of papers and a few empty cups. I share the office with the rest of the front end staff who are very clean and organized. I need to work on this part of my life. In my band life I work from behind a drumset, bass and guitar depending on the project. I have a recording studio in my apartment where I like to demo and write new songs. I end up doing a lot of sitting. This may attribute to my pear shaped figure.

I get inspired by young artists who live for their art. I follow a couple of art blogs and get really stoked see what people are creating these days.

Art is really changing. It’s a good thing.

my favorite tools I love with all my heart: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Avid Protools, Reeves Amps, Traynor Amps, Gibson SG guitar, Fender P bass, 78 Rickenbacker bass, Canwood Drums and the Dave Smith mopho.

the desk

These programs and instruments are family. What is your go-to, always reliable media or tool? Do you need to spend a lot of money on your tools of your trade and upgrading?

At work I’m 75% Illustrator and 25% Photoshop. These handle most everything we do graphic-wise.

Yes, this career path has been a very expensive one.

quarter 1 | 2013


I’ve spent many years studying Punjabi and Japanese. I still suck at both. I’m a bigger hip hop fan than classic rock. Even though I look like I should be in BTO or Metallica.

If you’re having a bad day, a project isn’t going your way, or everything just sucks, what do you do to turn things around?

I can do the Rubik’s Cube in 28 seconds. (Well that’s my record, I average around 35)

I often come across days that things are just not going my way. I usually just drop everything and head out for the day or go for a long walk down by the lake here. do you have any hobbies that are really different from what you do in your everyday work? I like to try to paint portraits of people. I go to a course in Germany every year to try to get better. I like to study languages and recently I’ve started getting out in the morning and going for a run. where have you travelled? I like to travel as much as I can. I’ve been to Japan, Korea, Cuba, Mexico, Ireland, England and most of Europe. I’ve been to Nepal, Kauai and India twice, once for 6 months.

my favorites...

Do you listen to music while you work? What is your favorite music to work to? Oh God... I love punk rock, mostly older stuff that I grew up to and I love electronic and hip hop music as well. A typical favorites list. -Atari Teenage Riot -Square Pusher -Personality Crisis -Refused -Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds -the Accused -Melt Banana -Jay Z -Kanye West -Subsist -Descendents -Poison Idea This could take a long time so I’ll quit.


quarter 1 | 2013

quarter 1 | 2013


the shop at big cranium design

Where do you find inspiration? For graphic work when I’m at my desk I surf the net, when I’m out and about traveling I take pictures of design that I see that is good or that I think I could bite for a future project. Every now and then I’ll get an original idea out of the blue that is worth pursuing... but not that often really.


quarter 1 | 2013

When you begin a project, what is generally your creative process? If I’m creating something for a specific customer I usually interview the client and do my best to get a sense of what they are hoping to accomplish with the design. I then weigh the vision that the client has with my own ideas and see if I can find a point where we meet in the middle. I then usually put my head down and work up a few different concepts that I think may fit the bill. After a few reviews and revisions we usually have something that has everybody excited. I find myself asking “if this was my project or business what would I want?” How do you know when a project is finished?

What does the future hold for you and your work, and where do you see yourself in a few years? I hope things just go along as they have been. I’m hoping to grow the company up to the point where I can just work remotely from different locations. I would like to work on our retail shop a bit more. Maybe generate some online sales. I’m hoping that the bands that I’m in will do more touring and get overseas at some point.

That’s a really interesting thing. I just know when it’s done to the best of my ability. It may not be a finished product or even something that is accepted by the client. But I have a good sense of when something is done and should be left alone.. at least for a while. I think I learned this early in my career, overworking many art projects until the point that they would end up crumpled into a little ball on the floor. quarter 1 | 2013


photo by Adam PW Smith


wichita 66

quarter 1 | 2013

photo by Adam PW Smith

live shows. that’s why that’s what it’s all about.


we’re in it.


Wichita Trip

is a 5 piece

roots rock combo from East Vancouver, B.C., playing


a mix of Rock ‘n Roll, Classic Country, Blues, Soul and Rockabilly...often in the same song!

We’d like to give a shout-out to the other members of Wichita Trip: Gord “Gorehound” Smithers on Guitar, Mark Gruft on Drums , and Dan Small on Bass. Also to our agent, Bonerattle Talent. quarter 1 | 2013


photo by Adam PW Smith

CTION U D I N T R O Wichita Trip is a 5 piece roots rock combo from East Vancouver, BC. We play a mix of Rock ‘n Roll, Classic Country, Blues, Soul and Rockabilly...often in the same song! We play clubs, festivals and other events throughout Western Canada. Currently we are promoting our first full length album “Tripsville”.


quarter 1 | 2013

(Rupert) We have been playing music in one form or

another since we were teenagers. We played together in the all original modern folk rock band, Frayed Knots in the 90’s. We also played together in The Swingin’ Doors in the early 2000’s. (Barb) I studied music and singing my whole life thanks

to school choirs. By the 10th grade I was singing in a professional jazz group that a group of us put together. We had matching outfits and performed at a lot of corporate functions. I was in my first band at the age of 15 with my older brother. We played straight up, old school country. I have also been a member of the band The Boomchix for the last 20 years or so.

What is your favorite subject matter or theme for your music and why? We like songs about drinking, carnal love, murder, betrayal & loss, drinking, chauffeur driven Cadillacs, gambling, sin in general and drinking. Why? They are the basic human emotions...yes, drinking is an emotion. (Rupert)

Do you have formal training, are you self-taught, or a combination?

(Barb) My favourite songs are the country duets

(Rupert) No we are entirely self-taught...although Barb

was in her High School Band. She played the clarinet. (Barb) That is true. In highschool I was in Choir, Jazz

Choir, Concert band, (clarinet), and Jazz Band, (alto sax). This taught me how to read music, count, listen,and play well with others.

we sing together a la Dolly Parton/Porter Wagoner, Johnny Cash/June Carter Cash, and Loretta Lynn/ Earnest Tubb etc. These songs require a bit of acting, usually it’s about the wife being put out because he’s out honky tonkin’ instead of fulfilling his duties as a faithful husband. Least favorite and why?

what is your background? I studied and worked as a professional actor in my youth. Eventually I got tired of being broke all the time as I am a fella who likes to flash a wad of cash! As I was deciding to retire from acting, I discovered that playing music gave me the same or better artistic satisfaction and had more opportunities for creating my own personal work and style. (Rupert)

(Barb) ^...and chicks. LOL

I would say this has been a lifelong career for me. When I first moved to Vancouver from Chilliwack in my early 20’s it took me a while to find a music community that I felt a part of. Once I found my people it all started to make sense for me.

We don’t do at lot of “I love you because” type of songs ‘cause well, other people have that pretty well covered. (Rupert)

(Barb) Instrumentals, I’m a singer. LOL.


favorite quote...

he only thing in life

that makes it worth living is guitars tuned good and firm feeling women. ~ Waylon Jennings

quarter 1 | 2013


favorite career achievements... Some of the great shows we’ve played over the years at clubs and festivals. Sharing the stage with or playing on the same bill as legendary Canadian roots musicians. Self-producing our first album, Tripsville.


quarter 1 | 2013

inspiration found at the bottom of a glass...

favorite tools I love my 1978 Fender Telecaster and my 1976 Guild Acoustic guitar. Barb likes her Shure SM58 and her funky little tamborine. (Rupert)

(Barb) I would have to say for me the whole

process of hair , makeup, and clothing is important too. I put a lot of thought and effort in creating my on stage persona.

Do you need to spend a lot of money on your tools of your trade and upgrading? Yes! Guitar strings cost money. As do recording studios, kick drum pedals, vintage amps, noncomped drinks, make-up, graphic designers, insurance, wigs, bribes, bandages, tow trucks, websites, cruddy rehearsal rooms and the list goes on...

Who and/or what are your inspirations or influences when writing music? Let’s talk influences: Gram Parsons, Johnny Cash. Elvis Presley, Muddy Waters, Johnny Horton, Waylon Jennings, The Blasters, The Beatles, The Staple Singers, Buck Owens, CCR, Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzell, Dwight Yoakam, Bill Monroe, X, Wanda Jackson, The Detroit Cobras, Don Gibson, Dolly Parton, Johnny Paycheck, The Rolling Stones, The Ramones, The Sadies, George Jones, The Beat Farmers, Merle Haggard, Chuck Berry, Loretta Lynn James Brown... Where do you work from, tell us about your workspace... Our work space is bars and cubs, festival stages, rehearsal rooms and recording studios wherever we find them... Do you sell your music, if so where?

Do you have any favorite vintage tools or things you use in your work or performances? (Rupert)

Right now we are just selling our CD at shows and at few music retail locations. We are working on getting set up to sell online...

Is 1979 vintage yet?

(Barb) Dresses.

quarter 1 | 2013


want to get good?


never be afraid to suck. never give up. Did you ever have any major oops crazy mishaps or things going crazily wrong while working on a project?

how do you know when a project or piece of music you’re working on is finished? if it’s a gig...when we get paid! If it’s a song, when the band stops playing, if it’s a beer, when it’s empty. What do you do to keep work, creative juices, and money flowing? (Rupert) Write songs, tune guitar, make money, spend

money...repeat as necessary... (Barb) Listen to lots of music.

Go out to see bands whenever possible. Do you donate to charity or work with any charities or community organizations through your music? We play several fund raisers every year. It’s hard to turn down a good cause. Weather it’s raising money for a friend whose sick, the local food bank, or supporting a venue, if it’s near to hearts it’s our favourite way to give back.

All the time! We don’t talk about them... If you’re having a bad day, a project isn’t going your way, or everything just sucks, what do you do to turn things around?

Wichita Trip is playing these upcoming dates:

(Rupert) Get drunk.

Saturday August 24 The Princeton Pub with SWANK 1901 Powell St., Vancouver, B.C.

(Barb) I honestly never feel this way about our

music. If it’s not gelling on one song we just move on to the next. A show that’s not coming together can be difficult but it’s a rare thing. We have a saying, “Of all the shows you ever did, this was one of them.” what’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever done with your music? Possibly a version of “Working Man” by Rush, done in the style of Johnny Cash. 72

quarter 1 | 2013

Friday September 6 The North Shore Green Market 141 W. 14th St, North Vancouver, B.C.

Who I am. (Barb) I LOVE road trips and do ALL the driving. (Rupert)

What I do. I play a MEAN tambourine.

(Rupert) (Barb)

Why they should care. I suck at Karaoke.

(Rupert) (Barb)

our favorites...

Do you listen to music while you work? What is your favorite music to work to? Work music is pretty much all jazz standards. Ella, Etta, Loius Armstrong, Sinatra etc. I save the country for my private, at home listening.

etc... Film Directors: John Huston, Sam Peckinpah, Billy Wilder, Martin Scorsese Food: Barbecue, Those chocolate/almond/jam pastries from The East Village Bakery, jambalya, crawfish pie, file gumbo, baked beans, blueberries Singers: George Jones, Joe Williams, Mavis Staples, Lefty Frizzell Clothes: Dayton Boots, Nudie Suits, Vintage Party Dresses, Big Ass Wigs, Sunglasses, Pork Pie Hats...

quarter 1 | 2013





quarter 1 | 2013


I’m a self-purported purveyor of


fabulous fluff website + SHOP

Vicki Lee is a Birmingham, UK.-based creative designer, vintage upcycler, and the owner of Love Kitty Pink, the online shop

ETSY Love-Kitty-Pink/119504691485145 @lovekittypink

for all things fabulous and fluffy....

quarter 1 | 2013



Self purported ‘purveyor of fabulous fluff’, I have an online boutique style shop where I sell and array of retro, vintage, kitsch and quirky products that I love. The online shop is also a medium for displaying my own hand-crafted goodies. I design fabric and wallpaper and often incorporate these into my range of decorated vintage phones, cases and bags alongside lamp and ceiling shades. I’m also currently in an exciting design collaboration with the enviably talented Cynthia Frenette (warder of unnatural skills). I’m also midst activity around developing Love Kitty Pink’s own designed range of miscellaneous frivolousness.


quarter 1 | 2013

I suppose my first dip into commercial creativity would be many years ago, when I’d burn the midnight oil (okay well boil wax pellets) with my tjanting in hand insatiably batiking every scrap of fabric in sight. I’ve always had a love for tactile art and crafts so to be doing what I do now was kind of meant to be. The courage for the leap into self-employment was spring-boarded by my redundancy as a local authority project manager. At the time I felt it was now or never to try and forge a creative path forward and be my manager of my own doom, while doing what I love most.

What is your background? My past is a bit of meandering path crossing all kinds of territories and spanning public and private sectors. I landed in advertising and marketing a good few years ago and was lucky enough to be able to flex my wings in the creative department by getting involved in conceptual processes, training up as a mac operative and eventually photographic set design and art direction. With a hop, skip and side-step into studio direction for a business of another guise I then u-turned into public sector ending up as a project manager for local authority. Once austerity kicked in and with impending redundancy, came the decision to brave it all and follow a dream that had been simmering away.

favorite quote...


wenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover. ~ mark twain

Do you have formal training, are you self-taught, or a combination? Not really - I did an art pre-foundation course (a sort of artistic amuse bouche, which is hardly worth mentioning so don’t know why I have!) When younger, I had a awful affliction of commitmentphobia to education and spent far too much time being distracted by playtime. Everything has been pretty much self-taught except for graphic design. I developed the technical skills mid the cut and thrust of a busy advertising agency’s creative department with a wonderful mentor.

quarter 1 | 2013


bebe and dillie

What is your favorite subject matter or theme & why? I love spinning ideas around and injecting a little humour. I don’t particularly have a favourite subject matter but quirky or leftfield grabs my attention. I have noticed that people, faces and figures have graced a lot of my work - whenever I doodled as a child it would usually be faces with a fixation on Pre-Raphaelite mouths (not quite sure what that says). And your least favorite? I’m not sure I have a least favourite as I can pretty much please myself with subject matter and interpretation. I do remember being terribly bored of still life work as a younger thing - until I developed yet another fixation with bananas (that is actually quite true but I won’t dare to add ‘I’m not quite sure.....’). 78

quarter 1 | 2013

favorite career achievement... Throwing caution to the wind, turning my back on what could have been a more prolific but stifling career and actually following the creative voices in my head. Aside from that it would be all then ‘firsts’, i.e. first phone sale, first fabric sale, first commission, first publication feature, etc.

quarter 1 | 2013


inspiration I’m inspired by everything! Truly! Beauty, nature, fear, cats, people, my partner, my son, love, laughing, contradictions, darkness, culture, travel, history, art, sunrise, my city, life, death.

I think most creative people absorb their environment, emotions & experiences into an homogenised expression. I recently concurred with another very dear creative friend that it’s a blessing and a curse sometimes... you don’t just see everything in colour, you see the CMYK breakdown, the pixels, the yin and yang and even things that aren’t really there.


quarter 1 | 2013

My son Isaac I love Birmingham

visiting the botanical gardens with my mum

my family

quarter 1 | 2013


my favorite tools Hands. I love hands-on processes and will occasionally chuck tools to one side. I do adore my craft knife though.

Where do you work from, tell us about your workspace... I work from home in my little (main) room in my little house. The epicentre of home where we eat, relax, socialise, live. It can be a chaotic space but then I suppose that’s a reflection of me too. What is your go-to, always reliable media or tool? Photoshop. I’m an addict. I’d love to be more adept with In-Design and Illustrator but Photoshop is my good old reliable bessie mate.


quarter 1 | 2013

Do you need to spend a lot of money on your tools of your trade and upgrading? Not at all for hand-crafted products. For design work the fear of my beloved Mac exploding is paramount. I would love a fabulous macro lens for my camera and a better lighting kit - just can’t get in close enough for some shots (I do my own product photography).

Do you have any favorite vintage tools or supplies? Vintage phones, oh yes. I have a particular fondness for 746 phones, those beautiful 70’s relics that remind me of the impossibility of private conversations, the gorgeous ring-tones and everyone racing to it in expectancy it would be for them.

Do you sell your work? I sell my hand-crafted wares on my website, on Etsy, at a local gallery shop and by commission. I’ll also soon be testing a pop-up shop initiative. Fabric and wallpaper designs are currently exclusively through Spoonflower. Note I stated currently, plans are afoot! Is it worth the extra work, and how do you price your work? I’d never make big bucks from my decorated phones, bags cases and shades it would always be moderate income. I work out my prices by totalling the cost of the item to be upcycled, materials, restoration (particularly in the case of the phones - I have a fabulous restoration specialist) and an hourly rate for my work. The phones, bags and cases often take a day or more to complete.

If you’re having a bad day, a project isn’t going your way, or everything just sucks, what do you do to turn things around? Go out, see people, find inspiration from elsewhere and understand I’m probably just having a bad day. Some days, if you have the capacity to, I think it’s okay to say, f*!* it! I’m off shopping/walking/visiting/to find that keenly priced Rachmaninoff Vodka they sell in Aldi (providing it’s past 7pm of course). But then I do make up for it working all hours of the day often 7 days a week. Did you ever have any major oops crazy mishaps or things going crazily wrong while working on a project?

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever made or created? Ooh! I’m not sure. I did create a few ‘Marjorie & Archie’ fabric designs. A 20’s era couple slightly partial to touring around on motorbikes with sidecars. Marjorie crams her sidecar full of naughty shopping spoils (entitled ‘Don’t Tell Archie)... Archie has an endearing habit of filling his with flowers as an apology for misspent hours in the local (‘Marjorie Darling, I’m Home’). My favourite has to be Archie returning from a fishing trip with sidecar stuffed full of sardines but guess there might not be too many people into that design so haven’t actually ‘published’ it?!

Yep! I not so long ago had a commission shade order needed specifically as a wedding present and found the intense heat in my loft (a result of our recent heatwave) had corrupted my entire stock of lining... panic! Thankfully I had a very understanding, flexible customer and a speedy supplier.

quarter 1 | 2013


my favorites... Do you listen to music while you work? What is your favorite music to work to? I do - I love emotive/powerful music... Muse, Radiohead, Prodigy, Frank Ocean, Gill Scott oh I could go on. I never listen to it on an iPod or iPhone as I have to sing along terribly and become far too self-conscious unless the music itself is partially drowning me out.

etc... What are some of your favorites (books, movies or plays, poems, websites, types of food or individual dishes, music genres, songs, bands or individual musicians, clothing styles or designers, etc.).... Let’s try one of each in order they’re mentioned off the top of my potato head: Catch 22, Wings of Desire, anything RSC, Goblin Market - Christina Rossetti, rock, Muse - Ruled By Secrecy, Muse, Thom Yorke, vintage, non specific - mix and mismatch


quarter 1 | 2013

My son has an enormous afro!

I cry uncontrollably awfully-cheesy family reunion shows.

I’m a secret poet. I’m not very good at keeping my poetry writing secret...

What do you do to keep work, creative juices, and money flowing? By working hard, playing when I can, loving as much as possible and never losing sight of my objectives if I can help it. Have you won any awards or special prizes/ mentions for your work? I was recently featured in leading UK publication Stylist Magazine’s ‘Style List’ for my Marjorie phone. I’ve also had features in Cloth, Craft Focus and Urban Life Magazines and Dzine Trip online.

quarter 1 | 2013


Do you have any hobbies that are really different from what you do your creative job or work?

When you begin a creative project in your chosen media, what is generally your creative process?

I love to cook for other people. There’s something so basically pleasurable about providing a sumptuous feast for people you care about. I also adore gardening, but unfortunately am a bit challenged to find more time for it. I insist on doing it bare handed as I love to feel the earth between my fingers.

I tend research online at some length, stare glassy eyed into space while I let my mind wander and then develop scrawly ideas on paper, filling the bin with copious discards along the way. How do you know when a project is finished? It’s never finished as I’m never 100% happy, but I force myself to turn away and ask others around me what they think to gauge some kind of consensus.

Where have you travelled? Thailand, North Africa, Gambia, USA, a large percentage of Europe, Turkey, Iceland.


quarter 1 | 2013

Keep the faith with what you do and who you are.

What does the future hold for you - where do you see yourself in a few years? That I find hard to answer. I tend to morph with changing tides and developing ideas. As times are economically tough I think it’s all about adapting to your environment. I don’t really see myself as much more than moderately successful financially as I’m driven by aesthetics far more than finance.

Do you have any current projects or future plans you’d like to share?

The people that succeed are the ones that keep springing back up after countless doors have been closed in their faces. Failure itself isn’t a failure - it’s giving up afterwards that is!

This (i.e. crafting, designing, tinkering). I’d love to develop my photography skills as I’m not as good as I’d like to be. Would love to write more, too. My next project is to decorate terracotta pots with traditional mosaic work with naughty words camouflaged inside the design.

quarter 1 | 2013


ann nyberg


quarter 1 | 2013

I’m a


story teller website + SHOP

Ann Nyberg is a Madison, Connecticut-based

NYBERG Website

television news anchor,

generously passionate about


networking and helping people,


and also owns Annie Mame, a

boutique featuring local artists and craftspeople.

quarter 1 | 2013


CTION U D I N T R O I’m a story teller, I am a television news anchor and reporter. I love to network and connect, and push people forward. I am founder of, this further connects people in my state. I am owner of a boutique called Annie Mame and I sell a lot of goods made in my home state. I am also a lover of the arts and am a founding board member of the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

I have been a newscaster for more than 30 years and to continue telling stories in a new digital world, I am doing that online through Facebook, and Twitter, and on and on my show NYBERG where guests get to tell their stories in long format. Think of me as an air traffic control tower, information is coming in and going out in an immediate fashion.


quarter 1 | 2013

favorite career achievement... With my Annie Mame boutique and my blogs and web sites I have made a small difference in those that are creatively making things, and I feel good about that. As a newscaster on the air for so long in Connecticut, 26 years, I can break through and get their products out there.

What is your background? I have been taking in information and then telling people about what I have learned since I was a little kid. I was born on an Air Force base in San Angelo, Texas and was raised in South Bend, Indiana near the University of Notre Dame. I graduated from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana where I majored in journalism and hit the airwaves on television two weeks after I graduated and have been at the news desk ever since, yes telling stories. Opening up a boutique was never on my radar, but in 2008 when there was a global economic collapse and people started losing their jobs, or were worried they would be left without employment, I knew that everybody had to reinvent, no matter what you did. As a way of helping I decided to really find out what small business was really all about so I opened up Annie Mame, I took the name from Auntie Mame and trademarked it. I then decided to carry as many lovely Connecticut-made items as I could to help folks move forward if I could. I continue to look for those “finds” those “gems” that people are making and then spotlighting them as a reporter and shop keeper.

quarter 1 | 2013



quarter 1 | 2013

inspiration What inspires me to keep networking and connecting?

What is your favorite subject matter or theme, and why? I love vintage, the past, art deco. When the latest Great Gatsby movie came out I was in heaven. For whatever reason I saw art deco, art nouveau coming back about two years ago and got on that train and I was right. Then of course with PBS’s Downton Abbey such a hit show the trend is continuing. Deco is in fashion, it’s every where, though even when it wanes, I will still love it. All and all my favorite subject matter is almost everything...I love to research and the internet puts everything at your finger tips.

All the people that I have met and connected has lead me to so many new ideas and thoughts and keeps me rolling down the information highway in really fun ways that I never expected and now people are coming to me with so many stories I will never be able to tell them all. quarter 1 | 2013


WTNH news 8 Connecticut

Where do you work from, tell us about your workspaces... My space is a television newsroom where my ideas come and go and my shop Annie Mame which is along the shoreline of Connecticut.


favorite quote...

ife is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death. ~ From the 1958 movie “Auntie Mame� 96

quarter 1 | 2013

eartha kitt

my favorites...

I love to knit. I sell the items in my store. I love the color turquoise because it reminds me of the beach and summer. My most favorite place on the planet is the village of Oia, Santorini, Greece. If you haven’t been there, put it on the list.

Fave Movie: “Auntie Mame” starring Rosiland Russell Fave Music The crooners, Frank Sinatra

etc... Where have you travelled? China, Greece, Italy, Cuba, United Kingdom, Croatia, Carribbean, Japan. There is nothing better in life then traveling, good food and family.

quarter 1 | 2013



favorite quote...

f you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. ~ Katharine Hepburn


quarter 1 | 2013

with katie couric

What does the future hold for you and your work- where do you see yourself in a few years? The sky is the limit, I’m type “A” so I am open to anything...but for now I’m on the air at 6 and 10 p.m. as a News Reporter, have my Annie Mame shop, produce and host the online show “NYBERG,” which incidently folks come on from all over the country when I can get them, because it is long format, there you really get to tell your story without commercial interruption.

quarter 1 | 2013


All photos by Angela Fama unless otherwise noted


denise corcoran 100

quarter 1 | 2013


I love taking something that has been discarded and



it pretty. website + BLOG

Denise Corcoran is a North Vancouver, B.C.-based

web designer, crafter


extraordinaire, and upcycler


of things, and teaches

workshops in how to get crafty with upcycled former “junk”... quarter 1 | 2013


CTION U D I N T R O I have a fine arts degree then took New Media at the Vancouver Film School years ago. I thought new media would be the perfect way to be creative AND make a living. In 2008, I moved to the Sunshine Coast. Being there it seemed the perfect place & time for me to explore being creative for fun. I started crafting, upcycling... Creating ‘stuff’. I would go to the dump or the recycling depot and find things to relove, either by refinishing or repurposing. I started my blog and things slowly took off.


quarter 1 | 2013

I love taking something that has been discarded and making it pretty. Recently I’ve been organizing upcycling workshops. Nothing better than getting a group of strangers together and making kewl stuff out of junk. And usually strangers become friends, noncrafters become crafty, etc. It’s been a great adventure! I’m self-taught... I’m a hack. I have my $10 1950’s Singer and a bunch of tools. I have no idea what I’m doing which is the exciting part of crafting and upcycling. I see something I like then try to make it. Why not? That’s what I bring to my workshops crafting can be cheap and easy. Last workshop we made things out of cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls. With a bit of time and money anything is possible!

What is your background? I just happened upon what I do. I guess that’s how it usually happens! I started making things out of repurposed items because I enjoyed it. I would make things for friends or just to try something then give my projects away. I then started selling some of my projects. I do what I do because I love it. I am a creative soul and am super happy to find a fulfilling outlet. The workshops happened out of the blue. I developed a ‘reputation’ for my upcycling... People would give me furniture, sweaters, etc knowing I could relove them. In 2012, I was asked to organize a workshop for Culture Days through the North Vancouver City Library. It was a blast! We had 28 participants. Since then I’ve given more workshops, spoken at events about what I do and been featured in interviews and articles. The best is I am the BC Champion for Culture Days ( What an honour! I’ll be giving a couple of workshops at the end of September plus being one big cheerleader. I love what I do... It’s a way to connect with people, utilize my creative energy, share ideas. I get excited and super passionate about what I do. Hopefully it’s infectious and inspires other people to just jump in and make kewl stuff!

favorite quote...


lways believe something wonderful is about to happen...

Love this quote! Lately I find pretty fabulous things happen when you least expect.

quarter 1 | 2013


inspiration Seeing what other people make is inspiring. What is your favorite subject matter or theme, and why? Anything funsie is my gig. I love colour and creating something that is happy & bright. With furniture I am less vibrant. When working on a teak piece for example I want something timeless that enhances the clean lines. But with sewing (pillow covers, etc) or painting I use tons of colours. So no real theme or subject matter since I’m usually working on totally different pieces all the time. But a favorite feeling is creating pieces that are fun. And your least favorite? Anything negative is not a theme for me. I love being happy, joyful, bright & pretty.

where do you work from, tell us about your workspace... Usually from home. If I’m refinishing furniture I’ll be outside due to mess and fumes.


quarter 1 | 2013

I recently saw this funky frame made using egg cartons. You can find super ingenious ideas online.

Nothing is new and exciting these days but how you create something is the difference.

quarter 1 | 2013


favorite career achievement... Becoming the BC Ambassador for Culture Days. I applied and luckily I was chosen. I’ve met so many great people and am super pumped about this year’s event. I have two workshops planned. It’s gonna be FAB!


quarter 1 | 2013

my favorite tools I love my Singer sewing machine. It’s quite the workhorse. I love power tools so am always happy to have power tool dates with friends who have power tools. I also love painting. I usually create mixed media pieces - paint, pencil crayon, pencil, etc. And if I’m sewing my FAV is felt applique pieces.

Do you need to spend a lot of money on your tools of your trade and upgrading? Nope... I’m thrifty. ;-)

What is your go-to, always reliable media or tool? I don’t have one... I’m making stuff from things I find. Right now I’m making jewelry out of wine corks, scrap paper and pieces of wood. Did you ever have any major oops crazy mishaps or things going crazily wrong while working on a project?

I don’t spend a lot on tools. Supplies like paint, sandpaper are usually where I need to restock. I try to keep my costs down since I want to show people that you don’t need to invest a lot of time and money in crafting to be able to make kewl stuff.

Do you have any favorite vintage tools or supplies? My 1950s turquoise Singer sewing machine.

Uh ya... Like all the time. Well not all the time but it’s par for the course. I usually have detours in my creating. I’ve had some craft fails but usually I can fix a project midway. I hardly ever give up and start again. If you’re having a bad day, a project isn’t going your way, or everything just sucks, what do you do to turn things around? Take time away. Always works. Sometimes if you force yourself to do something and you’re not feeling it then it never goes well. I always wait until I’m ‘in the mood’. I have so many projects on the go that’s it’s easy enough to move on to something else. quarter 1 | 2013


Do you sell your work, if so where? How do you price your work? I was selling my craft projects and furniture updates. These days I work on things for friends or for workshops. At my workshops I give away my projects. I love finding happy homes for my projects. I started selling pieces in a store but got bored after making the same things 10+ times. At some point I’ll set up my Etsy store. We’ll see! I’m not the best for pricing. I sell some things but really give away a lot of what I make. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever created? I took an intro woodworking course with a friend. The class project was to make a bench. I decided to take an old wood pallet, scrap wood and some table legs I found at the dump and turn them into a cabinet for my bathroom.


quarter 1 | 2013

Do you create as a full time job or as a hobby or a combination? Mainly as a hobby. I love making things, giving them away plus organizing the workshops. Having a creative outlet is important to me. What do you do to keep work, creative juices, and money flowing? I have a couple of ‘real’ jobs these days. I work at the City of North Vancouver managing their website part time. I also work on contract for Quest University Canada managing their website plus working on print pieces. Sometimes I pick up extra freelance work. I love the flexibility of my work and being able to find time for Thrifty By Design.

my favorites...

I am not a hoarder. I get asked that all the time. I sometimes feel like it before a workshop because I collect all of the supplies. But I do like to get rid of things. I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time. Even when it comes to my ‘real’ job. But I either Google things or just figure it out on the fly. If you buy a piece of furniture I updated through Craigslist you can meet my Dad. Seriously. He’s my sales guy and he’s met tons of kewl people. I’ve gotten emails from people telling me how FAB my Dad is. Hilarious!

Do you listen to music while you work? What is your favorite music to work to? Hmmm I have an eclectic taste in music so it’s always different. Sometimes I get in a loop and can listen to the same song over and over again. Kind of funny how that can happen.


I love Pinterest for quotes, ideas, etc. DIY/crafty/upcycling websites: Just trekking out and about it’s amazing what you can find. And who you can meet... I met Douglas Coupland recently at the Salvation Army. We talked about each other’s purchases, etc. Hmmm and coffee... That’s my fuel. :-P quarter 1 | 2013


Have you won any awards or special prizes or mentions for your work? I’ve been interviewed about what I do plus been featured on a few upcycling/DIY websites and blogs. Do you donate to charity or work with any charities or community organizations through your creative work? I’ve donated pieces to the Langara Art Auction the past two years. I have started to look into donating my time and skills to an organization. 110

quarter 1 | 2013

Do you have any hobbies that are really different from what you do your creative job or work? Hiking and biking... I live in North Vancouver where there’s always a fun hike, bike ride or walk just outside your door. Hmmm I can’t think of anything else! Yikes... I craft, I thrift, I’m active and I love to spend time with family and friends. That’s it. :-)

When you begin a new project, what is generally your creative process? I start with an idea, gather materials, maybe sketch out a plan and then go for it. I jump in sometimes with no set plan. If I’m sewing I have a bit of a process but usually I just go for it. How do you know when a project is finished? Yikes good question... Not sure. It’s usually easy to know when I have nothing left to do on a project. If it’s furniture once I add a coat of Varathane I suppose. Jewelry is when I feel adding anything more would ruin it. Painting is the same as jewelry. There is a fine balance between doing too little and adding too much.

where do you find inspiration? Everywhere... Online, offline, through friends. Traveling is good for inspiration. Getting out and about, meeting new people, going to events. Where have you travelled? Recently been to Ireland a couple of times, London, Berlin, Havana, Portland. Hoping to get some treks in later this year.

Do you have an inspiration or mood board? Yes! I stenciled some free corkboards with words and hung them on my wall. I pin items to the boards. I also post stuff online. And my iPhone is a mess of photos from my treks around town. If I see something kewl I take a pic. Gotta love technology!

quarter 1 | 2013


Just try. You see something you like and want to make it, then give it a go. Or you buy a piece of furniture off of Craigslist or at a thrift store that needs to be fixed up, well then why not hit the hardware store, get some supplies and make it pretty.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed or think something can’t be done... For me I just try. 90% of the time it’s a success. That’s a pretty darn good success rate.


quarter 1 | 2013

What does the future hold for you and your work- where do you see yourself in a few years? Oh goodness... I have a bunch of workshops coming up. I have two at the North Vancouver City Library: one is on August 25th and the other is on September 29th. I’m also setting one up for September 28th at the Gibsons Recycling Depot. I hope to plan more workshops for the fall. I’m also working on a bunch of chair updates... Three and counting! For some reason people keep giving me free furniture.


steven uccello 114

quarter 1 | 2013


to create


there is no limit for me as to where or how far I would go


Steven Uccello is a Branford, CT-based hair stylist and owner of The Bird Nest Salon and Gallery, a unique blend of art, beauty and inspiration... Guilford @CTbean @ctbean view?id=77983089

quarter 1 | 2013


CTION U D I N T R O For as long as I can remember, growing up here in Connecticut, I dreamed of becoming an actor…I had a love of Theater, Music, and Art and I had it all planned out from the age of FIVE. I would grin and bear all the years of living in the “hum drum” NorthEast, or so I thought at the time. I just knew I would someday pack my bags and head for the West Coast. I was going to move to Hollywood and become a star! I was a dreamer to say the least! As soon as I graduated High School, I set off, to California State University, to study Theater Arts. My plan was at last in action! HOWEVER… Shortly after stepping foot onto Hollywood Boulevard, I realized I was in for a rude awakening. First impression? 116

quarter 1 | 2013

It was big, loud, and so dirty! Everyone seemed to be one step away from bat shit crazy! It was a certainly a far cry from the “conservative” Connecticut suburb Glastonbury where I grew up… It was going to take a while to get used to. So to say the least, the Hollywood and college experience were just not all that they were cracked up to be! It was not long before I left CSULA & wandered into the offices of The Wilfred Beauty Academy, where they assured me that becoming a Hair Stylist, was just a step away from being on a stage… hmmmmm Really? I instantly fell in love with the Art of Hairdressing. Standing behind that chair, I FELT like a star! It WAS like just like giving a performance and believe me when I tell you the cast of characters you meet in the “beauty biz” can seem like they come straight out of a John Waters or and Andy Warhol Film. LOL! I finally felt like I fit in, and I’ve been dancing on that stage, ever since.

building a nest...

What is your background? I have been doing hair since I was 19 years old. It is my lifelong love and passion to this day… In 1991, I left college to enroll in Beauty School at Wilfred Beauty Academy out in Los Angeles. Not long after I landed my first job in down in Miami Beach, Florida, as an apprentice to Oribe Salon, South Beach. I trained with them for three years.

I opened The Bird Nest Salon & Gallery in November 2011, we’re coming up on our two year anniversary. I feel very blessed to have a safe, creative environment for me and others to continue to share our talents with the community around us.

There was a short period of time that I spent some time away from the business. I began to get into designing jewelry beside my Mother Kathleen Picard, who has been enjoying that as a creative passion for many years. I never really stopped doing hair however… I just could not keep my hands out of it… so to speak LOL! It has always been a passion that I love to this day! After much thought, and encouragement from a few of my clients, I took a leap of faith. quarter 1 | 2013



favorite quote...

o thine own self be true. ...forever has me following my heart, taking risks, and putting myself out there both personally and professionally. It inspires me to be the best that I can be.

What is your favorite subject matter or theme and why? Love and Positivity are quite nice subjects… I certainly don’t think those ever hurt anyone. So don’t forget to SMILE and be nice, LOL! I really do however, want to know who you love, what you love, and how you do it. I love ART and creative endeavors, I am always seeking out ways to meet other artists, learning about what they do, and how they do it. I certainly enjoy sharing my own creativity with others as well.


quarter 1 | 2013

with clients

favorite career achievement... Hands down, that would have to be opening my business, The Bird Nest Salon & Gallery. I am very proud and grateful to have the space to continue to work, create and grow as an artist. quarter 1 | 2013


inspiration My clients. They are amazing. Imagine for just a moment the faith and trust that a man or a woman must place in their stylist to allow themselves to be touched… to cut and or color their hair. It’s a huge responsibility… one that I never take for granted~

where do you work from, tell us about your workspace... I work primarily at my salon. I do however get asked to go out into the world and do hair. I’ve done hair in back alleys, in the streets, or out on the beach! There is no limit for me as to where, or how far I would go to create…

I absolutely love my clients, and I have to say quite honestly they love me back.

So maybe its just plain old LOVE that inspires me and my work… L’amour, L’amour... working on location 120

quarter 1 | 2013

working on location

some of my work, client color... some of my work, client before and after...

quarter 1 | 2013


my favorite tools My hands.

Do you need to spend a lot of money on your tools of your trade and upgrading? Yes and No… Some things can be quite expensive, like shears, blow dryers, irons, and color inventory, what~not. While others are free… people have been known to toss perfectly good material in the trash. I have made most of the displays and furnishings in my salon from salvaged pieces! Anyone that know me, will tell you I’m a avid dumspter diver. :) I do however put a lot of money that I earn back into my business, because I enjoy it.

Do you have any favorite vintage tools or supplies? Like I said, my shop is MADE up from vintage materials. From the reclaimed picture rails from which the art & photography is displayed, to the Antique Secretary that serves as my Color Bar and Station. I am always looking for ways to reduce, re-use and recycle. For instance, I never met a vintage milk crate I didn’t like! ;)

What is your go-to, always reliable media or tool? Facebook and my Laptop. 122

quarter 1 | 2013

some of the pieces you can find for sale in our gallery...

Carrie Hubbard Fine Art, Glastonbury CT

Kathy Picard, Kits Creations

How do you sell and price your services? As a stylist, you can only hire me by making an appointment, and coming into the salon, or of course booking an appointment for me to come to you!!! As a retailer of local Artists work, I sell that in my shop, online, and at various venues in the local area such as flea markets, and local art shows. David Wilson Art Pottery

I think the price or value/worth of anything is relative to with whom is your audience is. I am not the cheapest guy on the block, and I’m not the most expensive one either! It may be safe to say, when people come back time and time again, I’m on the right track. All of the artists that show in my gallery price their own work as they see fit, but most of my artists are very reasonably priced.

pillows by Amy wallace, pom pom purses quarter 1 | 2013


The single most important fact of my life has to be that I am a person in Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol. One Day At A Time I have been clean and sober for almost six years now! Most of my clients will tell you that I am an open book. I often share that I am a person who has recovered from Alcohol and Drug addiction. I believe that everyone is “recovering” from something. And if my story can help even just one person out there struggling, to take a step forward, so be it! I am proud of my recovery, and happy to share it with the world.

Do you listen to music while you work? What is your favorite music to work to?


Do you have any hobbies that are really different from what you do your creative job/ work?

I am a fan of many types of music, but at work it’s usually Jazz … I love oldies but goodies like Ella Fitzgerald or Dizzie. But Mumford & Sons, Jack Johnston, and Nora Jones are a few of my favorites as well.

I love to go Antiquing… I also really enjoy anything that takes me outdoors. Love to hike, hit the beach, rollerblade etc.. Gotta connect with nature :) it is a great stress reliever for me.

Did you ever have any major oops crazy mishaps or things going crazily wrong while working on a project?

If you’re having a bad day, a project isn’t going your way, or everything just sucks, what do you do to turn things around?

I am fortunate to say that rarely it (a mishap) is on a clients head! But Yes! It is usually related to some other aspect of owning and operating a small business… I find them (mishaps) turn out to be opportunities for growth! There I go again with that “positivity”, SMILE!

Start my day over.

quarter 1 | 2013

I grab a coffee (my drug of choice) say a prayer, and start the day over! It works every time ;)

what is your work schedule like? I am a workaholic… I work full time, and sometimes even on Sundays I go in for my clients. I am terrible at saying “NO” but look forward to a great vacation out on Cape Cod in September. I am grateful to say that I take good care of myself today. I am blessed to be able to earn a decent living, doing what I love. Do you donate to charity or work with any charities or community organizations through your creative work? I make it a point to donate a percentage of all service and retail sales to local and other charities.

Where have you travelled? I have lived and worked all over the United States…Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami, but I have only traveled once out of the country. I spent some time in South America in Brazil when I was younger. Amazing. I look forward to traveling more in the future… I can’t wait to go to Europe!


What does the future hold for you and your work- where do you see yourself in a few years? Maybe in a bigger space… I absolutely love the house my shop resides in, built in the early 1700’s. It might be nice to expand into something bigger, and be able to have more creative space.

ne day at a time.

And that, is another one that I live by.

quarter 1 | 2013


Call for features Our next issue is Quarter 2, HOLIDAY- November/December/January with Release date mid-November 2013 The holidays are coming, are you ready? We are already planning and filling up our next issue and are opening the call to creative people everywhere to share what you do with our readers. We’d like to feature creative people who make or do unique things in their field or media. Would you like to be included? Drop us a line and briefly tell us your story... give us your elevator pitch! We want to know what you do and how you do that thing you do so well. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can and set you up with all the relevant information: We reserve the right to decline any inquiry and/or content that doesn’t fit the spirit our publication.

Serious inquiries only please, and please no flakers, we don’t take kindly to flakers and you won’t be invited back if you disappear on us midway through production!

photo by Violette Clark


nicci battilana 128

quarter 1 | 2013


you should be able to

love in life.


do what you

ARTWORK website


Nicci Battilana is a mixed media artist based in South Surrey, B.C. who makes art, hosts retreats and art fairs, always has a smile on her face,


ART VIDEOS @niccidotca

don’t forget to add a dash

of glitter! quarter 1 | 2013


CTION U D I N T R O I am a mixed media Artist from southern British Columbia, Canada. I love to paint, glue.... pretty much attack and rearrange what has been handed to me and do what makes me happy. I am constantly dipping my proverbial paint brush into many mediums creating my Glitzy Galz girlie images, then transforming them into digital stamps, prints and greeting cards, etc. Duran Designs Ltd. is our company umbrella, which incorporates my artwork, Creative Finds Events and ‘Into the heART’ Art Retreats to name a few.


quarter 1 | 2013

With the love that I feel by observing others create around me, I felt a strong need to organize Artisan Markets for the past 7 years for fellow Artists to showcase and sell their wares, plus and am currently delving into the world of Artist Retreats! We (my husband and I) are currently looking forward to our Spring 2014 Retreat which will be held in Harrison Hot Springs, BC.

What is your background? I was born an Artist and began selling my work back in the early 90’s. However it was not until my son was born in 2003 that I began to take my artwork seriously. I was raised in a loving home that believed you just got a job and did it the best you could, but it did not matter one way of the other if you enjoyed it or not. You had better just have a job and do your share in this world. My belief is different. You should be able to do what you love in life. Just think... if everyone did what they enjoyed and were happy, what kind of world would this be. I know you may think that there would be no garbage system, morgues, etc... however I believe that there are people out there that enjoy doing those jobs and take pride in the service they give. This is one of the life lessons we wish to raise our son with. I love creating, but more than that, I love to make people smile and help them in some way enjoy their life just a little bit more. What could be greater than that?


favorite quote...

o live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. ~ Joseph Chilton Pearce I have filled a few roles over the years. Banker in a Consumer Loan Department, a Student Loan Centre, and the Visa Centre, then I was Window Painter one Christmas. After that I went to Travel School and ended up working on the wholesale end of the Travel Industry for 14 years. Not very creative jobs, but they did assist on getting me on planes and flying to many wonderful destinations. After my son was born I did a few stinks working part time back in the Travel Industry and at a popular Canadian chocolate company. Now, I am a full time Artist and Event Planner.

quarter 1 | 2013


I was thrilled back in 2006 when HGTV sent a crew up here from LA to film a segment of me painting for their show “That’s Clever”, which aired in the summer of 2007. You can find the video on my website. I was also featured in Fall 2011 Cloth Paper Scissors STUDIO magazine. Those are two of my very public achievements, however I really seem to love the ones that I have successfully done for charities. When creating a piece of work that people just love and spent the inflated costs for it. Then to have all the money go back to the chosen charity and know that without you that donation might have not happened or been that high...that feels great.


quarter 1 | 2013

photo by Jeni Stafford

favorite career achievement...

What is your favorite subject matter or theme and why? My favorite subject matter are new school, slightly anime female characters. I call them my ‘Glitzy Galz’. There is just something about them and their wide open endearing eyes and vibrant hair colours. Some days they just seem to flow with ease from my pencil tip and other times they just lurk around in my brain for awhile while they decide what pose, hair style or theme they want to be drawn in. I believe that being a teenager during the wild neon, acid wash, big haired era of the ‘80s had a lot to do with the original base style of my Glitzy Galz. As I type this, all I can picture is JEM in my Remember ‘JEM and the Holograms’ with their ice cream coloured hair and sparkly jewelry? And your least favorite? Boys! Ha ha... I keep trying to draw boys/men, but the lips always get too perky and the eye lashes too long. I will keep trying though. That and arms, hands and feet. Maybe I should take a few days and just draw those subjects. That may get me over the learning curve, artistic block... whatever you like to call them. :)

photo by Jeni Stafford

Do you have formal training, are you self-taught, or a combination? I am mostly self taught. I was lucky enough to be able to take a one month crash course in 2D animation at VanArts in Vancouver prior to our son being born ( Plus a great online teacher for fine tuning or learning how to create faces in Tamara Laporte ( I took one of Tam’s classes a few years ago to assist me in creating two eyes rather than my usual one eye with long bangs hiding the other. I used to joke that that was the only type of face I could paint/draw, as that is all I ever saw in my mirror growing

quarter 1 | 2013


Where do you work from, tell us about your workspace... I work from home in our lovely wide open family room. The room is 19’ x approximately 25’. I have a lovely storage wall of cabinets for all my supplies.


quarter 1 | 2013

photo by Jeni Stafford

inspiration This goes back to my wanting to make people happy. It must be the Gemini in me (ha ha).

photo by sandra tice

When I create, I do create for me, but I also create to show my son that you can do in life what makes you happy, plus I am often thinking of what my fans or soon to be fans might enjoy seeing/ experiencing. Other Artists are also a huge inspiration to me. Their seemingly constant creativity and fearlessness. Sunny Carvalho is one. That girl just seems to work non-stop and has such great ideas. She is continuously evolving right now. I love checking in with her and seeing what new ideas she has on the horizon.

quarter 1 | 2013


my favorite tools Watercolour paper and col-erase pencils are my current faves for the beginning sketches. In the past I never sketched, I always dove in with a permanent black felt onto my fabric or canvas stating that whatever happened was meant to be. You could say I was a wee bit stubborn. Do you have any favorite vintage tools or supplies? I do not have any vintage tools, but I do use vintage items in my art studio display. For example, my childhood doll house works as shelving for some of my supplies, my wooden circus wagon houses my pencil crayons and my wooden pencil box holds some of my favorite felts and pens. All of these items were made by my Dad when I was a young girl and they make me smile and miss him every day. (He passed away at the age of 48, back in 1994) What is your go-to, always reliable media or tool? That would be Facebook, as it my main online promotional tool. You just can’t compete with the number base of users alone. Second would be my websites and the handy dandy Photoshop Elements and Premier Tools for getting my art ready to showcase.


quarter 1 | 2013

For paints, I LOVE my Golden fluid acrylics. I even use them in my spray bottles mixed with a satin glazing medium also by Golden. Until a year ago, I had never bought any as I thought they were too expensive for such a small bottle. Boy was I wrong. The colours are so intense and you need so very little. Sunny Carvalho introduced me to these gems at Artfest Spring 2012 in Port Townsend, WA. For my journal pages, I have been playing a lot with stencils and my hand carved rubber stamps. Soooo much fun!

Do you need to spend a lot of money on your tools of your trade and upgrading? I don’t need to, but art supply stores are my candy stores. Sometimes it is just so hard to resist! Especially if there are new art supply toys to try out.

Do you sell your work, if so where? How do you price your work? I sell online through ETSY, as well and in a few local markets and small retail locations. These can be found by visiting my website. I keep everything listed and up-to-date on there as best I can. I price my work by comparing it to what is out there already that may be similar, but also stands separately from my style of work. It is important to do the best work you can, but also stay competitive.


favorite quote...

ife is too short to be bashful!

If you’re having a bad day, a project isn’t going your way, or everything just sucks, what do you do to turn things around? Ha ha... that is a funny one and usually makes my husband cringe. I have been known to switch the furniture around in the house, pain a room a different colour or paint large items that probably should not be painted.... like the kitchen fridge or a door. Doing creative things that are not the norm seem to assist in breaking my creative blocks. My poor family ^_^ . What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever made or created? Wow, hmmmm .... I am sure someone else could answer this easier than me, as my creations do not seem unusual to me. quarter 1 | 2013


I have not seen my natural hair colour since I was in grade 8. (Thank you Grandma for letting me dye my hair for the first time.) I have a bad flaw for being a mixed media Artist. To tear a page out of a book or a photo actually physically makes me cringe, as they were never meant to be destroyed. It just does not feel right to me. That is why you will spot some scrapbook paper in some of my work, but anything else will be very hard to come by in my creations. Peanut butter is my addiction! Well that... and art

Do you listen to music while you work? What is your favorite music to work to? I love music of my generation, plus great new Artists such as Kim Churchill, Combine the Victorious, Muse, Pink and Hedley.

etc... Poem: Robert Frost - Nothing Gold Can Stay Written word: Jonathan Trager obituary from Serendipity I could watch hours of Charlie Chaplin! Actors I love: Claire Danes, Robert Downey Jr, and Johnny Depp. Favorite songs: Del Shannon - Runaway, Otis Redding - Try a Little Tenderness, Julian Cope - World Shut Your Mouth Kim Mitchell - Patio Lanterns Rod Stewart - Maggie May Elvis - Jailhouse Rock I know it’s crazy varied, isn’t it? 138

quarter 1 | 2013

my favorites...

Fave Movies: Pretty In Pink, Serendipity, Grease, and The Fifth Element.

Where do you find inspiration? Everywhere! In the world outside, in people, in media, etc. One of my favorite quotes that I have used in my work was actually overheard down at our local beach. A grandfather told his grand daughter that she was a princess in a world of dragons.

Where have you travelled? The United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Mexico, Hawaii, the Western and Eastern Coasts of the U.S.A..

When you begin a creative project, what is generally your creative process? Honestly I get out one of my sketchbooks, put a pencil in my hand and let them work their magic. I do not plan much. You can actually see a few of my paintings in progress on the video page of my website.

How do you know when a piece is finished? Most pieces are never finished, as everything can always be improved upon. I pretty much know when I am done, if I just feel like adding anything more will begin to distract from the work itself.

Do you have an inspiration or mood board? Thank goodness for Pinterest! Yes, I do and I did not have to rip a single magazine or book to create

You should always try.

What does the future hold for you and your work- where do you see yourself in a few years? I would love to have a successful line of products featuring my artwork to be used in art journaling, etc. I would love a greeting card company to pick up my Glitzy Galz line. I plan to have a successful annual Art Retreat here in Western Canada. (“Into the heART�) I plan to have a postcard line selling in BC featuring local hot spots being visited by my Glitzy Galz.

If you ruin a few sheets of paper, so what. Just keep going. Anyone can do almost anything with enough practice and determination. Nike has had a similar slogan for years!

quarter 1 | 2013


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