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Saeco Idea Cappuccino Automatic

Coffee Machine

Product Description

Saeco Idea Cappuccino Automatic coffee machine is the perfect solution for your office with maximum professional quality in the minimum space. This machine combines high performance and compact dimensions. Every operation from the preparation of the coffee to dispensing of hot water and steam is completely automated. The Saeco Idea coffee machine is great for bars, restaurants, canteens and offices simple to operate, fast and efficient.

Features: Water pre-mixing Housing ABS + polycarbonate / stainless steel Framework Pre-galvanized and painted steel Color SILVER Hot water production/hour (150 cc cup) 400 Coffee brewing/hour (30 cc cup in 25-30) 150 Steam production Boiler Brass Stainless steel articulated steam wand Stainless steel hot water wand Electronic pre-brewing Digital display Automatic cappuccinatore Power supply 3250 W Dimensions l x h x p (mm) 523 x 540 x 673 Standard water supply water supply Water connection 3/4" (1-8 bar)

Additional Information Warranty 12 Month Color Silver Machine housing material Stainless Steel Rent It Weekly $




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Saeco Idea Cappuccino Automatic Coffee Machine  

The Saeco Idea Cappuccino automatic coffee machine is the perfect solution for your office. This machine works automatically.