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Market Place Pueblito Paisa is the name of a recreational park in Medellin, Colombia. The park is a ‘recreation’ of a traditional Andean town. It is an attempt to evoke another place and time, it aims to capture and preserve a part of Colombian identity that has been lost through the movement of the population. There is also another Pueblito Paisa that is also a recreation of a lost place. This Pueblito Paisa takes the form of a market located on a junction in north London. I used to live by the Pueblito Paisa market and frequented it often. I felt at home and like a stranger in foreign land at the same time. This complex history, of invention and reinvention of the concept of Pueblito Paisa, resonated with my own history and histories of the scattered of people, the experience of being part of a Diaspora. This book is organized around themes, real and symbolic, like the longing for home, journeys and relationships with host societies. Lemke Sieglinde identifies these themes as ‘Roots, Routes and the Metaphor of the Riot’. This pages in this book use this concept of Roots, Routes and the Metaphor of the Riot and are joined together in three movements: 1.

Roots to Roots, Routes and Riots.


Routes to Routes, Roots and Riots.


Riots to Riots, Roots and Routes.

Seven Sisters Indoor Market N17 5LD London.

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This book is concerned with making visible how mobility can be lived out at a local level, by a Latin American community, within the urban s...