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Protocol by Florรกngel Sรกnchez

OPENINGS AND PROTOCOL When a building is inaugurated, whatever kind it is, it is essential that an opening, in line with what you want to convey, is made. And the first thing one should consider is who will cut the ribbon. This should be made by the person with the highest authority at the event, either because he/she is the owner or because he/she is a competent authority. This person will be introduced by anyone from the protocol team. The ribbon usually cannot be of colours resembling a flag. It should be an institutional colour (usually red). It must be cut with a pair of scissors that are delivered on a silver tray.

Opening ceremonies in construction works usually include a tour around the facilities which are inaugurated. This route should be tested to avoid any mishap. It should also be taken into account how long the tour will take, considering that it will be made in the company of guests. And when possible, it is convenient to have a program of the event. It should be celebrated standing, with a lectern and a microphone available for speeches. There must be a presenter who makes an initial greeting and introduce both the event and the speakers. The host should give his speech first. The closing one should be by the guest of honour, if any. Remember to always go to any event dress according to the occasion, taking into account place, time and even the season when it is performed.

Florรกngel Sรกnchez.


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