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by Lulú Ventura


The main topics of interest to men are often hair loss, body odour, nails, gray hair, the abdominal area, oral health, clothes and in a less extend wrinkles and skin blemishes. Perhaps you may not be worried for all of it, since, like in women all these problems appear with age or physical condition.

the grey hair (LOREAL expert silver or even a shampoo for highlights like ELVIVE) and, of course, to have an interesting attitude. If you don’t want to have grey hair, avoid very dark dyes, which are easily noticed. You better use scalable products of which you can get advice from specialized aesthetic shops.

Body odour It is crucial, a man with a neat, clean appearance and a pleasant smell has achieved a great deal. A good smell accompanies the first impression we have of a person. To put on perfume or not? I know guys who do not like using perfumes or do not need it. By just using after shave or cologne on their wrests and neck they feel ok. Do you like using perfume? Then I recommend you some which are very successful (1 million by Paco Rabanne, Aqua digio Armani Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana, 212 VIP Men by Carolina Herrera).

Skin:: It shouldn’t be a feminine habit uniquely. Men’s skin is thicker and fatter than women’s and although wrinkles take longer to pop up, care must be taken to prevent them. Some of them are acne, pimples, dryness after shaving, oily skin, eye bags, “crow’s feet” and skin blemishes. Ideally, one should pay a visit to the dermatologist for very specific problems, but if you can also use natural and pharmaceutical products. I recommend you have a look at brands like which have a specific range for men. You can also use pharmacy products against some male concerns like wrinkles and skin blemishes.

Hair: In this topic there is not much difference with women. To cut one’s hair regularly is essential in order to have a good look. Otherwise you will inevitably give an image of neglect even if everything else is fine. If you start having hair loss is best to go to your doctor to diagnose the cause and take appropriate measures in time. It is a bad idea to start using products “without rhyme nor reason” because it has probably a solution and you are not taking appropriate measures.

Body: One of the champions in men’s worries is a prominent abdomen. Every time I see a man looking in the mirror, the first thing that he shows or hides it is his tummy and only later on the look of his arm muscles. Do not obsess, you don’t have to be extra muscular or with a perfectly flat belly. It is enough to exercise to be healthy. Besides, one advantage that men have is that they can lose weight very fast. Almost all my friends achieve their desired weight by controlling dinner and doing sports. As for other parts of the body is interesting to note that hands are important, nails should be short and clean. It is not necessary to get a manicure or pedicure, but simply to have good hygiene and appearance. If you have very dry and blotchy hands and it is something that worries you, take a look at the range of Neutrogena products. They won’t disappoint you.

Another concern is grey hair, even though it is extremely seductive if it is part of a good hair cut. It is recommended to use a specific shampoo to enhance the brightness of


Dental health: An attractive smile and fresh breath are indispensable. The lack of dental hygiene is perceived very fast and it can spoil your self image.

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