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Products for everyone? All our products are unisex and are aimed at all audiences. Our approach is based on the diagnosis and personalized recommendation to the needs of each person. We have got a line trying to cover all needs: from baby products to products that take care of sensitive, acne-prone or oily skins. Also for those who seek hydration 24 hours or correct the signs of aging, for sport lovers who look for products which are sweat resistant or which protect them from the sun. We do not consider age, but the concerns that the person wants to treat, with a single objective: to be able to maintain a healthy looking skin. Men are more concerned with their appearance nowadays. How does Kiehl›s How help modern men? Although all our products are unisex, in Kiehl’s we are well aware that sometimes men seek different things than women. They want to look good, but they do not use as many products as women in order to achieve it. They prefer easy to use and understand, multi-task products, with ingredients that meet and provide tangible results. No matter how advanced is the marketing that attempts to attract the male sector, what they demand are simple solutions that go directly to the source of the problem and wich focus in the results. At Kiehl’s, we have been focused on the needs of our male consumers for decades, particularly since 1970 with the birth of White Eagle Shave Cream, favorite of our consumers for a long time, and it continues in our portfolio still today. With nearly 50 years of experience formulating products that meet the unique needs of men’s skin, scientists from Kiehl’s are real experts in developing suitable formulas for skin care, which leads them to achieve better results for the sophisticated men of today. What are the main qualities of Kiehl›s? Kiehl’s has endorsed six core values to which all members of the extended Kiehl’s family are assigned anywhere in the world. The brand is committed to the defense of the patterns that the founding family established in its origins (back in 1851) and which have been recognized and preserved ever since. The philosophy, the product patterns and the values that have always distinguished Kiehl’s remain unchanged: Science, Education, Willingness to Give, Service, Respect and Quality.

What new products Kiehl›s account? CCEye: Illuminates and perfects instantly + reduces discolouration + protects against future darkening. 1 Instantly brightens and refines skin: formulated with mineral pigments treated with amino acids, it helps reduce the appearance of eye bags and illuminates the area immediately. 2 Iluminates in the long run by reducing hyperpigmentation: the “Activated C” and the liquorice root are used in the formula to help reduce the appearance of pigmentation. 3 Protection: developed with broad spectrum SPF 20, it uses a UV filter, 100% mineral, for minimizing damage from UV rays and future discolouration. PRECISIONLIFINTG: Kiehl’s has a clinically proven formula that visibly tightens the skin and helps to reshape facial contours while minimizing the appearance of open pores. Sagging skin and dilated pores affect women worldwide. Although the signs of aging are often the loss of elasticity and facial definition, the progressively greater visibility of pores is also a key factor. Scientists at Kiehl’s were inspired by this data to create a formula that not only reaffirms, but it also offers visible anti-aging benefits which reduce the size of pores and contains the NEW Dermatologist Solutions ™ Precision Lifting & Pore Tightening Concentrate.


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