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Is there competition among male bloggers?

How does architecture influence your look? The place where I shoot my oufits is very important to me, it’s really essential. I always try to create a harmony between the place and the clothes I wear and the atmosphere that surrounds me. Sometimes, it can come about naturally : I find a location without knowing exactly what I’m looking for and then I get it! Other times, it’s reflected carefully and I know exactly what clothes and where to wear them. Montpellier is a very beautiful town mixing several different ar-chitectural periods. The town was built in the Middle Ages so there are a lot of small medieval alleys, squares and very beautiful old buildings in the centre, (the Ecusson quarter) that are steeped in history. Later on in the 19th century, Montpellier followed the example of Paris and its Hausseman architecture that I personally adore. Today, the centre of town has moved and there are new modern urban constructions that I highly appreciate too. These three major architectural styles create a harmonious set that gives Montpellier its special personality. It is very amusing to mix different clothing styles with the different architectural styles which the city possesses and to let you discover it through my photos !

What are the keys to a male blog? Honestly, I do not know. If I knew, I would be the most known and influential blogger in the world! *laugh*

From my side, there is not. There is, at the moment, more than 3 billion Inter-net users, and as many attractions and personalities, so there is enough room for all male bloggers to express their ideas. Without saying that we should all appreciate each other, we all have this common passion for fashion and style which should, instead of creating a rivalry, unite us. Personally, when I come across a blogger whose style I like, ( which is not necessarily similar to mine. I mean, we can appreciate a style without wanting to do the same) I follow his work and I do not hesitate to publicize his work but not everyone shares this attitude. I remember once I wrote an article concerning the Isabel Marant x H&M collection, which took me five hours to draft. On a Sunday morning, I was browsing a few blogs which I particularly appreciated and there, I found the article which I had carefully written on a blog that I admired a lot. As this blogger had a good reputation among other bloggers (and much better than mine!), my article had simply been copied without even quoting my name or asking me permission. I was very disappointed, irritated and flattered at the same time. I sent him an e-mail straight away to explain my way of thinking, as I am a very frank and direct person. I think that in the end he was afraid that the newcomer in the blogosphere was trying to take his place.

Your best look? I am like a chameleon: I can move from one style to another from one day to the next so to choose my best look is complicated. But I can tell you some basic tricks (finally, what I consider as my basic) for a successful look: a black jacket (leather or leatherette if possible), a white t-shirt (I have a small preference for a round collar but V-necks do the job too), pure denim or black jeans and a pair of white sneakers. With that, you have a trendy look that adapts very easily.

More seriously, I think that there are no rules. The only things that are neces-sary are passion, desire, personality and sincerity. From there, one can create everything! MADE NOW 27

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Architecture 10º Made Now Magazine English

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