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How was “Mefaldas Tu” born? Mefaldas Tu was born from the mastery of a fashion designer who interprets fashion through wonderful patterns and from the vision of a publicist who one day fell in love with the skirts that her sister (the designer) made her. They realized that it was a good product and a wonderful way to create a brand new philosophy.

You do not follow fashion seasons. What is your creative ritual? Improvisation, inspiration and some chaos are part of the creative ritual of our brand. We benefit with the fact, as you say, that we do not follow seasons. We are nourished by a song, a movie, a stunning fabric that we find on a journey. A colour that catches our attention. A book. A photograph ... We make our Mefaldas with raw materials that tell us something. Therefore, we only make a few units of each Mefalda; because normally we acquire fabrics in small quantities, small bits of stories that we encounter and treasure. Hence, our brand is also meant “for collectors”. Since we, somehow, are collectors.

What are the key features of Mefaldas you? Creativity and versatility. Our designs are multisize, they fit from size 38 to size 44/46. It is a great advantage of our product and we are very proud to have been able to develop such a cool pattern. That makes our product ideal for gifts, because we are almost never certain the size when buying something for someone. And as gift that one makes to oneself is fantastic: even if you lose or gain some inches, your Mefalda will suit you just as well! Is it or is not it great? (Laughs ...) We also work with limited editions. We understand exclusivity from the perspective of having something unique and different, so that each person can bring a touch of personality and match the style she wants to, whenever she wants to. We work so that, with a Mefalda, you always get right.

companies and artists, such as “Mefaldas Types”, which was a limited edition of 10 super original skirts, printed by hand using traditional methods by Types in ink. Their workshop with the old machines and wooden letters, were the perfect inspiration for a very original Mefaldas, fully within the “handmade” spirit that we seek. And since we do not stop (laughs), we are already working in another project that will be launched soon, the Mefaldas Gallery, which will present the work of different artists screenprinted on a Mefalda which will be an icon!

A color, a shape, a texture? Colors, everyone. What refers to shape, the trapezoid which is what inspires our skirts Texture, any fabric that makes you feel good.

Is it in your plans a line for men? Of course! (Laughter) We dream of taking Mefaldas to men. They would be so, so handsome, elegant and different! In fact, we have a couple of revolutionary ideas on the lookout. Maybe in spring, perhaps in summer ... They just have to indicate us that they are ready for it and we will create unisex patterns right the way (laughs)

What do you want to transmit with each design? Many things! (Laughter) Modernity, personality, versatility ... we try to make our Mefaldas dynamic and follow the pace of modern, practical and feminine women. Our line Mefaldas DUO is a perfect example of this: A front panel with two different sides. A Mefalda which are two! In addition, the front panels are interchangeable, you can have a background base and several front panels to change your Mefalda according to the look you want every day. We love to experiment and find new ways of development. Hence, we have had collaborations with other


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