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Rose Seidler House The

Rose Seidler House stands as an iconic piece of 1950s Australian architecture and one of the finest examples of mid-century modern domestic architecture. Designed by Harry Seidler at Turramurra New South Wales,the site is anchored by its connection with its surrounding landscape. Signaling the acceptance of Bauhaus Modernism the Rose Seidler House rejected decorative architectural detailing using the principles of classical architecture in their most pure form, elements directed by the Bauhaus movement.

One Room Paradise The

exploration of paradise does not result in a final utopian destination. Instead the space is built for one to discover that paradise does not have a definable spectrum Where paradise is found in the enlightenment of the human being towards the notion that humanity will never be happy with one final option. Based on the conventions of an asymptote, the structure, like paradise, does not reach a final point. Forever humanity will be searching for where life will place them next. Forever humanity will be striving for further enlightenment of themselves and their surrounding world.

Ground Plan

Lower Ground Plan

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Madeline Smith Portfolio