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Brent is mopping the floor with a yellow "Caution: Wet Floor" sign next to him. Izzy walks out of a door and towards where he is mopping with her head down and slips. BRENT Excuse me Miss, are you ok? IZZY What the hell? Does it look like I’m ok? BRENT Let me help you up, that was a pretty nasty fall you took there. IZZY I just bought this skirt yesterday, for the sake of your job you better hope it is not ruined. Izzy ignores Brent’s request to help her up and gets up on her own. BRENT Let me buy you a new one, I would not feel right knowing I may have potentially ruined your skirt. IZZY No it’s ok, I just have had one of those days you know? I mean you probably do know you are a janitor, you probably have a lot worse days to deal with than me. BRENT No not really. Well there was that one time where Lindsey had the stomach flu and she just barfed everywhere. That was not a fun day. Except it got a lot better when I got home and saw my mom had bought the new flavor of jello. Izzy is fixing her skirt only half listening to Brent. IZZY Ok, well it was nice meeting you...



2. BRENT Brent, my name is Brent. And what should I call you next time you slip on my water? IZZY Your what? BRENT The floor. It’s wet. I meant the mop water. IZZY Alright, well I am Izzy. You will get my bill if my skirt is ruined.

Izzy walks off and disappears around a corner. 28. EXTERNAL STAIRS OF BUILDING 1:10 P.M.


Brent walks out of the front doors of the building outside. He leans against the side of the building and pulls out his cellphone. BRENT Mom? I met a girl. Her name is Izzy and she is reckless. No! Mom! She is NOT my girlfriend, stop it! Yes meatloaf sounds good.. love you too. 29. INTERNAL BRENT’S HOUSE 7:03 P.M.


Brent’s mom, Susan, is in the kitchen taking the meatloaf out of the oven while on the phone. Brent walks in and takes off his jacket and hangs it on the coat rack. SUSAN (on the phone) I know Lisa, I cannot believe it either! Our Brenty finally has a girlfriend. I have been waiting for this day my whole life, now he will finally move out and get his own house. It is about time! BRENT I told you Mom, I do not plan to move out of the house till I am 37. And Izzy is not my girlfriend.




SUSAN Ok honey, just sit down and eat your meatloaf. So tell me about your day. BRENT We got a new brand of hand soaps in today! It was great! It smells like spring. But you know how it is on Monday mornings at a college campus. Good thing I love mopping. SUSAN I remember when I was in college, oh there was this one boy named Billy. He was just the cutest thing. BRENT Ew Mom, please stop before I have to grab the mop bucket for myself. SUSAN So are you going to call this Izzy? She sounds lovely. BRENT No Mom! Even if I wanted to I don’t have her number. SUSAN And that is exactly why God created the internet. Come on! BRENT Fine! Susan already has the number written down on a piece of paper. Brent dials the number and both sides of the conversation can be heard. IZZY Hello? (Brent doesn’t say anything)... HELLO? BRENT Hi Izzy, it’s Brent. IZZY Who?




BRENT Brent, from the school today. You slipped on the water and I ruined your skirt. IZZY Oh right! The janitor. Is there a problem with something? Susan is in the background jumping around because she is so happy. SUSAN (In the background a little faded out) Girlfriend! Girlfriend! Girlfriend! (she repeately says that and then proceeds to pick up the phone and interupt Izzy and Brent’s conversation) BRENT Mom get off the phone! I am really truley sorry Izzy. IZZY What the hell? Like seriously what is going on? BRENT Well I just wanted to see if you wanted to grap coffee or something sometime IZZY I think I might be busy that day. BRENT But I didn’t give you a day yet, but we can go another day then. IZZY Listen Brent, I think you are a really nice guy and all, but me and you are never going to work out. I just do not think we are at the right times in our lives right now to start a relationship. You are a janitor, and I am a highly acclaimed grad student.




BRENT I didn’t even know there were highly acclaimed grad students. Is that a real thing? IZZY Of course it is! See that is what I am talking about. We are just on different levels. BRENT I am not sure I understand, we hit it off so well earlier today. IZZY You are dillesuinal. BRENT So is that a yes? IZZY Goodbye Brent, please do not call me again. Brent puts down the phone and walks over to where Susan is waiting to hear the news. SUSAN So? When’s your date? BRENT There isn’t going to be a date! Gosh Mom just stay out of my life! SUSAN So you aren’t moving out? BRENT No Mom, I am going to my room. 30. INTERNAL BRENT’S BEDROOM 7:47 P.M.


Brent puts on his headphones and starts playing XBox Live. He has a friend that he likes to talk to throught the game that listens to him. BRENT Hey Cyber Man, so I got rejected by a girl today... Ya I know. She probably doesn’t even play World of Warcraft... But that hair and her eyes and her, uh you know, would (MORE) (CONTINUED)



BRENT (cont’d) have made up for all of that... You know what you’re right! I am not giving up and stopping because she said no once. I just have to be more aggresive. Thanks Cyber Man you’re the smartest person I know. Some guys have all the luck. Brent takes off his headset and lays in his bed thinking about his next move.


The script with starting at scene 27

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