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I knew from the beginning that this assignment was going to be tough when I had a hard time writing seventy log lines. There were some good ideas in my loglines but none of them really stood out to me that could a full movie without developing a lot more ideas. Once I found a log line I could potentially make a movie out of, the treatment was the next challenge. The treatment was the most difficult part about the whole assignment. Having to contain my entire movie to two pages was a struggle. Also, I could think of the details in my head but formulating them and writing them on paper was a tougher challenge than I expected. In my treatment, I tried to give a best sense of how my movie was interesting, but coming up with every little detail of what would make the movie flow did not come as easily to me. Next time a write a treatment I will be more practiced and will know more how it is supposed to sound. The script was easy for me. Once I already had the characters’ personalities formed, it was easy to put words to it. This took me the shortest amount of time because I already knew what I wanted them to say and how they were going to act from each other after forming the treatment. While writing the script though, I had better ideas than I originally did that I went back and edited in my treatment. Hollywood producers would probably know I am an amateur after reading my treatment and script, as seeing this is the first one I have ever written. The treatment is the only section that I feel could be really improved upon because I did not know exactly how it was supposed to sound or how to eliminate unnecessary details.


The reflection of my script

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