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This was the back page, when we tried Student Life on the back. It was cool to be able to be a little more creative with my page and to make it look more like a magazine. I enjoyed being able to try something new, and I really liked the way this turned out.

This was a special kind of student spotlight where we highlighted a couple for the Valentines issue. It was cute to do and I like being able to do something different. I got a lot of positive feedback about this article and it’s always satisfying to write something people want to read.

I think it’s true that everyone writes better when they’re writing something they want to write about that’s how i felt with this Teach of the Issue. Mr. Oberto is by far one of my favorite teachers at Neshaminy and I learned more about him then I had known. I enjoy interviewing people about themselves, I feel the open dialogue really made for a good article. It was also fun to be bale to be a little humorous this piece because that’s how Oberto is as a teacher and how I have always been able to be with him.

This was another article I started writing and couldn’t stop. The topic was something i could really relate to, due to personal experience and being able to put my feelings into an article was something that was really good for me. It was important to me to be bale to let someone else struggling that they are not alone and also not at fault.

This is definitely a topic I feel very strongly about and I’m glad I got to give voice to it and hopefully educate some of my fellow classmates - as well as teachers and community members. It was interesting to see the controversy brought to light when i interviewed our social worker - who was a man and voiced a very stereotypical male opinion on the matter. I feel very strongly about feminism and even if it isn’t popular with everyone to be a feminist i will continue to speak out about and hopefully write more articles like this. It was very easy for me to write this article, in fact I couldn’t really stop writing but once I hit 2,000 words i decided to relax and cut it down a bit.

I actually grew up with Kevin Greco, and i see him very frequently outside of school. My two cousins, Conor and Jack were able to throw the first pitch at last years autism awareness game so I know what a cool experience it is. Six out of 11 cousins in my family have some form of autism so this is a topic I feel fairly educated on. Kevin is a wonderful person and sitting down and talking with him as well as going to the game and seeing how happy the experience made him was truly fantastic. His mother actually cut it out and put it on their fridge.

These articles were for our Playwackian, our April Fool’s issue. It was cool to write satirical pieces like this, and interviewing Reed was one of my favorite things I did all year. The article about the R word, I felt, eased some tension and allowed us to laugh at a situation that was causing us all a lot of stress.

I got to write the unsigned for December and it was again on something I feel strongly about. I feel having personal experience with suicide, depression, and selfharm helped me to write a better article. As a Neshaminy student who struggles with these things I was writing not only for other students who require these options but for myself as well. I felt like a real journalist while writing this because I got to do some investigating - even getting a fellow student to go ‘undercover’ for me and test out what we were offered as students. I made a couple people in the guidance department a little upset but honestly, if it takes them being offended by an article to step up and provide students in need with more, then so be it.

Although i already featured the Oberto article i wanted to feature this page in full because I really liked the way it turned out. I like the graphic and the border for the Student Spotlight .

These are all Student Spotlights from last year. I really like to do them because it gives me an opportunity to feature a student who may not otherwise get attention, and sometimes I learn some really cool things.

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