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WEEK 07-­‐OFF  CAMPUS       Background  information       • 55  apartments   • Built  for  student  accommodation   • 9  levels     • Building  is  approximately  65%   complete     • Construction  budget:  $13  million                       Ground  floor     • Service  floor  –all  electrical  wiring  will  be  located  here  

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    Pre-­‐cast  panels  make  up  the  external  walls   As  one  of  the  main  materials  used  for  the  construction  of  this  building  is   concrete,  the  building  is  very  heavy  with  the  load  received  at  the  end  of   concrete  pylons.    To  withstand  the  heavy  load,  the  pylons  are  large  in  size   and  have  been  reinforced  with  steel   The  floor  is  made  of  concrete  slabs  which  are  in  tension   As  the  building  is  in  the  stage  of  ‘finishing’  plasterboards  are  beginning  to   be  fastened  to  the  internal  walls.         The  stairs  leading  up  to  the  first  floor  are  constructed  using  steel  sheeting   which  are  acting  as  form  work  

First floor       • On  the  ceiling,  hatch  access  panels  have  been  included  to  store  service   components  in  the  future   • On  the  walls,  which  are  dividers  between  each  room,  the  plasterboards   have  patches  of  red  on  them  to  show  they  have  been  fire  checked.    This   building  is  able  to  contain  fire  for  90  minutes                                       • The  rooms  on  this  level  consist  of  double  stud  walls  and  double  fire  check   sheets   • Acoustic  insulation  has  also  been  included  in  the  design;  between  each   wall  there  is  a  20  ml  gap  containing  air,  which  allows  for  acoustics.     • The  windows  have  all  been  sealed  with  rubber   • In  the  middle  of  the  first  floor,  there  is  an  inclusion  of  a  light  wall  made  of   glass  to  enable  more  sunlight  to  enter  the  building       Eighth  floor    

Box gutter  

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The ceiling  has  mechanical  ducts  which  will  be  used  as  air  conditioning     When  the  internal  walls  were  constructed,  casting  plates  were  set  to   make  the  panels     The  floor  is  made  of  concrete  poured  in  one  go  ‘in-­‐situ’   There  is  spanning  occurring  on  this  floor,  with  the  largest  span  being   approximately  12  meters.  The  concrete  columns  break  the  span.  These   concrete  columns  are  in  tension  

  Top  floor     • They  have  used  battens  instead  of  studs  for  the  walls  

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Timber  will  be  used  for  towel  rails  and  in  built  cabinets.       Inclusion  of  vents   Brass  tap  fittings   Longest  span  is  12  meters   The  steel  structure  acts  like  a  tie   An  inclusion  of  service  penetrations  which  have  been  fire  rated   The  roof  is  layered  on  purlins.  In  addition,  there  are  roof  braces  to  stop   the  roof  from  twisting.    

Use of  steel  trusses  for  external  wall  

Roof     • Consists  of  steel  ridges  and  counterweights   • Flat  roof     • T                                              



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Top layer  is  a  steel  sheeting  which  is  3mm  in  thickness   The  steel  sheeting  has  been  attached  via  a  series  of  screws  

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