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Reflection on Final Sleep Paper I went back to make some major changes on my paper to make the article point towards college students, and not to high school students. In my previous draft, I had combined college students, and high school students into one paper, but I realized that it was too much, and made the article really confusing in terms of who it is meant for. So I deleted all of the high school parts, and added in more information to help out college students who really have trouble getting the right amount of sleep. Another part I removed from my final version was the part about driving drowsy. It stuck out too much in terms of who it was pointed towards, and how it stuck out so much from what my main goal was. So I just took it out, and decided to gear it towards college students who go to college very far from home, and they have cars. Since most first year college students are very new to driving, it should be brought up that driving drowsy is a really dangerous thing to do. Now I feel more comfortable about the overall end of the paper, because now I think I got my point across to the people I really want to help. I also went back, and fixed some grammatical errors in the paper, and hopefully everything is fixed now. I do have to say it's a very difficult task to talk about sleep for six pages, because getting a full nights rest could probably fit into four pages. Writing this paper was enjoyable, because I like using resources to write my paper. I like looking for something to write on my paper, because it's interesting to learn things about the subject I'm researching about. I've learned facts on sleep that I never knew about before this paper, like how it can affect you're health. Now my paper is completely geared towards college students to help them get through college; I want to give them the same steps I took to get the right amount of sleep in my first semester of college.

Reflection of nap final version