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Reflection on Multimodal Project I did my multimodal project on what I think is my strongest paper, and I favor this one over the others I've written for class. The website I decided to do it on is, because I think the switch to each new slide really captures that snapshot feeling I'm aiming for. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of me from every single moment I talked about in my paper, but I made substitutions with some images from Google, combined with some of my own personal images, and even a video of the marching band performance I talked about. Overall, I enjoyed how it came out on Prezi. I tried to assemble each square as a page in a photo album, and every single picture in the photo album had a description of what was going on in the story. The only thing I'm worried about is if I told too much story, and not give it a more snapshot feeling. The entire point of this project was to tell the story without writing the entire paper in a slide show. Other than that, I think mine was pretty good when it came to immersing the viewer into my memory from years ago. I wanted them to see what I saw, and laugh when I laughed. One thing I wanted to add to my Prezi was sound, or music, but the website only allowed one song to play throughout the entire slide show. Since my beginning snapshot was about Christmas, I wanted to play some Christmas music, and it ended up playing without stopping, and on a continuous loop. I'm glad I was able to put the marching band show, because that really put the viewer there to see what actually happened the day the band received their superior. I also tried to give the same feelings I was experiencing during those events, like being excited for Christmas, or feeling nervous about a performance. When I showed it to my class, I received a positive review from them, and it looked like I hit the target on the bull's eye. If I had to do another project like this, I'd definitely do it with one of my other papers like my position shift paper. This was something fun to do, and it was definitely worth the time it took to tell my story in a different way.

Reflection multimodal project