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Reflection of My Position Shift Essay When I began my brainstorming process for this paper, I honestly got stuck on what to write about because I couldn't think of a time in my life that I shifted from one position to another. It took me a while before I began to realize that there was a shift in my life, and because it happened such a long time ago, I brushed it off as nothing. It was difficult to remember the time when I listened to just one type of music to listening to all types of music, because this shift didn't happen in one day, or a month. This spanned across 5 years, and I assume this the reason I didn't see this as a shift because it took so long to happen that I didn't realize it occurred at all. Once I found my topic, the challenge of putting it on paper came next. This is when I had to dig deep into my memory and see when I began listening to solely 80's pop and classic rock. Growing up I was heavily influenced by the music my father listened to, and the music stuck with me because I assumed everyone else listened to it. That was the start of my story, and the end of it was me being more open minded about music of all types. I'm still embarrassed about the “scene� phase I went through, but looking back at it, I'm glad I went through it. This was me trying out new music and figuring out what best fits me, and realizing that I should just look for music that interest me. I ended up trying to be someone I'm not to gain friends I didn't even enjoy being around. But the person that came out of this is a much better person than before. If someone suggests me to watch a television show, or to listen an album, I will when I have the free time and then give my feedback about it. I refuse to be ignorant, and give mean or rude comments about what other people find enjoyable. I try it out first and if I don't like it, then I don't like it. There is no need to push people into not liking it, and to listen or watch what I think is better. Once I knew what was my topic, this paper became more enjoyable to write instead of thinking about it as a chore. It made me realize that there was a time that I did change from a very close-minded person to being open minded about everything.

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