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Reflection on Final Version I'm really happy with outcome of this paper, and I made some grammatical errors in my first draft that I fixed up in the newer version along with some added descriptive details in the second story titled Superior because I felt that was the story that was lacking the most in details. I do admit it is my smallest story but I think the changes I added in there are enough to make the reader see what I saw what happened in during that day. Other than that, I think I wrote a strong paper that shows people times in my life that are significant to me, but without telling it a story kind of way. I'm also glad to see that I wrote very descriptive stories, because that is what I was worried about from the beginning, and at the same time I had to make it snapshotty as well. So the focus was to make it really descriptive whenever a snapshot occurred so the reader could follow along without getting lost. Of course while I was trying to do that, some grammatical mistakes just slip past me and get onto my draft, but I corrected all if not, most of them from my paper. Since I really feel confident about this paper, I might make this my multimodal project which will be up shortly. I have lots of pictures that I could actually implement into my project, and they’ll really bring out the snapshot in this paper. I'm going to try my best to add some videos, but we'll see how that goes. Other than that, I have tons of ideas to tell this paper differently than just reading it.

Compilation memo final draft