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AFP Massachusetts March 2013 BASICS Course

Advancement Services

Advancement Services Areas Considered • Overview • Gift Processing • Information Management • Prospect Research • Technology • Compliance • Evolution • Questions and Answers

Advancement Services Overarching Principles • • • • • • •

Institutional Focus, Mission Driven Customer Support Long-Range Perspective Accountability/Timeliness/Appropriateness Standards of Excellence and Innovation Partnerships Institutional Memory

Advancement Services Gift Processing • Mandate • Accurate and timely recording of all gifts • Accurate and timely acknowledgement of gifts • Efficient process

Advancement Services Gift Processing • Guiding Principles • Build a culture that encourages ongoing process analysis and is open to change • Understand how the data is used in other areas of operations • Aim for balance between efficiency vs. impersonalization

Advancement Services Gift Processing • Key Strategies • Invest in staff training to develop technical, analytic and project management skills • Take every possible advantage of technical advances and features of available software • Build team environment: set goals and expectations for productivity; use rewards and recognition to motivate team members

Advancement Services Gift Processing • Top Lessons Learned • Be proactively involved in the planning of new fundraising activities • Understand impact of new systems on existing data flows and financial controls • Communicate status of efforts to full organization

Advancement Services Information Management • Mandate • Create repository of information meeting current and future business needs • Engage business units in strategies and decisions

Advancement Services Information Management • Guiding Principles • Create a “vision” for information flow around your organization's needs • “Proactively” manage every data element and process • Make data integrity a top priority • Monitoring performance and establishing metrics requires information

Advancement Services Information Management • Key Strategies • Centralize key processes for quality control and monitor outcomes as a routine matter of business • Set business rules and apply them consistently • Keep abreast of evolving technologies • Improve access to and timeliness of data and insights

Advancement Services Information Management • Top Lessons Learned • Any lapse in the quality of data entry will eventually cause some issue • Data on its own it not valuable; reporting, analysis and consultation must go together

Advancement Services Prospect Research • Mandate • To identify and qualify potential donors • To inform strategy cultivation and solicitation strategy • To track prospect/donor activities

Advancement Services Prospect Research • Guiding Principles • Use your organization’s priorities and strategic plan to shape or adjust your work plan • Develop the right research products for the need • Make your knowledge base as broad as possible

Advancement Services Prospect Research • Key Strategies • Know your data system; use it to enhance efficiency and productivity • Select the research tools that will optimize your efforts • Commit to training, training and more training

Advancement Services Prospect Research • Top Lessons Learned • Having researchers partner with gift officers will maximize your results • Research be both responsive (answering questions) and proactive (raising opportunities)

Advancement Services Technology • Mandate • To facilitate fundraising efforts through technology (hardware, software, PDAs, etc.)

Advancement Services Technology • Guiding Principles • Ensure appropriateness of technology to needs of organization • Do only what optimizes efficiency and effectiveness

Advancement Services Technology • Key Strategies • Maintain security and functionality of database • Develop tools and applications to support prospect management and financial reporting • Choose technology vendors that meet financial, security and compliance requirements • Help staff “stay on the road”

Advancement Services Technology • Top Lessons Learned • Pick the tools that are right for the organization • Avoid the shiny objects – technology should make sense for your culture and business processes • User support and training are necessities (with needs that change over time)!

Advancement Services Compliance • Mandate • To ensure fundraising operates within the regulatory, legal and ethical boundaries set forth by professional groups, industry associations, as well as, government entities

Advancement Services Compliance • Guiding Principles • Ensure compliance across regulatory areas of both current and proposed programs • Serve in an impartial manner when adjudicating conflicts and compliance questions • Enforce rules and guidelines consistently and impartially • Maintain policies, procedures and roles sufficient to fulfill the function

Advancement Services Compliance • Key Strategies • Set standards for maintaining confidentiality of donor and prospect information • Establish guidelines of both practices, as well as, problem practices to educate staff • Monitor changes in laws related to fundraising (HIPAA, CAN-SPAM, Pension Protection Act, etc…)

Advancement Services Compliance • Top Lessons Learned • Develop consistent monitoring methods to ensure compliance reviews are happening continually • Educate staff to make compliance a part of everyone jobs and awareness (not just one designee) • Partner with third-parties (legal office, consultants) when grey areas emerge

Advancement Services Evolution • Previously • Enter high volumes of data, mainly from direct mail • Support campaigns and segments for direct mail • Develop reports on outcomes, financial measures • Provide reactive research based on fundraiser requests • Deliver technology focused on stability and containing costs • Currently • Enter high volumes of data, from sources online and offline • Support cross-channel campaigns with complex segmentation • Develop metrics that predict revenue opportunities • Provide proactive research identifying best / most likely donors • Deliver technology that opens revenue opportunities


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Christopher Maddocks Director f Information Management and Technology Children’s Hospital Trust

AFP Basics - Advancement Services  

This presentation will cover the overall structure, function and evolution of the advacement services function.

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