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Trailer analysis – Shutter Island Genre: the trailer portrays a mixture of different genres, the main characters are detectives investigating a missing person which indicates that it could be a crime thriller. But the fact it is set in a mental institution has elements of it being horror/psychological thriller genre. A unique selling point for the film is that it is the past, this gives the audience an insight into the past and the techniques which were used to treat mental problems back in them days. Target audience: the audience could be people who are interested in crime themed films and also people who enjoy the psychological thriller genre. I would make the assumption it is aimed at older teenagers and adults due to its complicated and disturbing content. Theory: I think the narrative of the story links to Barthes theory, he has five codes, and specifically the enigma code links well to the puzzle/mystery as it needs to be solved. Sound: The non-diegetic sound adds suspense in the trailer as when the music builds in volume you expect something ‘scary’ to happen. The sound effects are high pitched which makes then unsettling to listen to, bird squawking for example. Dialogue: A number of memorable lines in the trailer would be ‘For the criminally insane’ this indicates the audience the location of the film and in this case a mental asylum. This will foreshadow the narrative and what will happen in the film. Pace: The pace of the editing picks up towards the end of the trailer, showing more of shorter shots, more like a montage, where at the beginning it is longer sequences of shots. When the fast pace editing is used it builds tension and creates a climax point in the trailer, the fast pace could also indicate confusion and distress. Camera shots: There is prominent use of the two shot which shows the two detectives in the film. It creates a sense of unity and friendship which is contrasted with the end narrative of the film. It makes them stand out from the rest of the characters using the rule of thirds, the main characters always seem to be together and spaced away from the inmates on the island.

Trailer analysis - Orphan Genre: The trailer for Orphan suits its psychological thriller/horror genre. It is focussed on the main character Esther which at first seems like a 'normal' orphan but as we see the trailer progress and more narrative unfolds we begin to see the psychotic tendencies that Esther portrays. Her evil behaviour suits the psychological genre as it questions what is actually wrong with her, is it mental? physical? etc. Target audience: Predominantly I think the target audience for this film would be adults (15+)who are interested in both thriller and horror films. Sound: There is a combination of diegetic and non-diegetic sound to create fear, excitement and anticipation. Diegetic sound has been used for the dialogue which helps the audience understand the narrative, the mother says 'I think there is something wrong with Esther' which immediately suggests that it is not as it first seems. During the climax the dialogue becomes mainly screams and shouting. Non-diegetic sound, which is the music, has been used to create an eerie mood. There is a sharp beat which gradually gets louder and louder which builds tension. A heartbeat sound effect is also used which increases in volume has the climax increases. Pace: similar to other thriller films the pace of the editing in the trailer picks up dramatically at the end of trailer. It begins using establishing shots which sets the scene then more and more shorter quick shots are used to build tension. Lighting: there is gradual change of lighting and colour from the beginning of the trailer to the end. At the start there is a range of bright colours, for example. colouring crayons. Ambient lighting is being used which makes the atmosphere appear bright and normal. Then in the next scene Esther (main character) is in the toilet kicking, losing her temper, we then see the lighting become dimmer and darker. There is more of blue tinge which sparks up mystery which contrasts the beginning seeming quite 'normal'. Then in the final editing sequence it becomes a lot darker, the skies are grey, it creates a gloomy evil atmosphere. Camera shots: there is a mixture of close up, mid shots and wide shots. The close up shots allows us to see her facial expressions more than anything, we can see the evil she portrays with her eyes which makes it haunting and thrilling for the audience. The two shot frame is used to show the mother, father and Esther all in one shot, this shows equality dominance as they are all at the same level, but soon a high angle shot is used to show Esther looking down on them. This makes her seem more powerful, not physically as she is only a child but mentally.

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