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The universe is 40 billion years old and contains 500 billion galaxies. State of the art radio telescopes scan the sky day and night searching for extraterrestrial intelligence.

The Milky Way: our galaxy. INTRODUCTION



In 2009, NASA launched the Kepler satellite into space. Thanks to this satellite, we have found thousands of Earth-like, “habitable� planets where life might be possible. Due to scientific advances, some scientists think we may be looking at discovering extraterrestrial life within the next couple of decades. Upon the birth of our planet, it took 14 billion years for human beings to appear 6 million years ago. The way we think about life forming on conditions on our planet all that time ago, it leads us to think about life formed on those planets with Earth-like conditions. The Milky Way, our galaxy, has around an estimated 100 billion stars. Amongst these, billions of possibly life-supporting planets.


There are a trillion planets just in our own galaxy, and billions of galaxies in the universe — if Earth was the only planet that life grew on, it would be considered; from even a scientific point of view — a miracle. Searching for life can come in two ways — tracking signals, or sending our own messages into space. In 1977, we sent our most elaborate signal to date: the sounds of the human civilization. This contained everything human beings considered an extraterrestrial race should know about our species. It was included on a golden record on each of the Voyager interstellar space probes. On one side, music from around the world, greetings in 55 languages, and a 12 minute briefing on the evolution of life on Earth, and on the other side over 100 pictures of mathematical principles in the diversity of Earth’s life and culture. Aside from the golden record message, we have also sent symbolic messages into space, such as a message sent from Puerto Rico containing a mathematical and scientific equation providing an overview of life on Earth.




The Allen telescope array, the world’s biggest collection of radio telescopes.

SETI is NASA’s program for the search of intelligent life. In SETI, scientists work on developing signals to send into space along with searching for them. The search is based on radio telescopes — which receive radio waves and signals. SETI has also founded SETI at home — a project where millions of internet users can be part of the search for life at home. It uses signals from the Arecibo radio telescope, and people all over the world can participate and process these signals.


The Kepler telescope was launched by NASA in 2009 and orbits the sun looking for extrasolar Earth-like planets where life may be possible. It’s thanks to this we have found thousands of potentially life supporting planets. In 2011, Kepler allowed us to calculate how many stars in the Milky Way could have life-supporting planets — this is now known to be around a billion, there are more planets than stars. Kepler has shown that it’s possible that 1 in 5 planets have a liquid ocean and an atmosphere. Using the Drake equation, it has been estimated that amongst 100,000000 stars, 10,000 of them could possibly be host to technological civilizations — and this estimate is just in our galaxy. There are current estimates of the number of galaxies within just the visible universe to be 100 billion— So, the calculated number of Earth-like planets is around a trillion. The universe is 14 billion years old.




*The Drake equation states that: the number of stars in the Milky Way x the fraction of stars that have habitable planets x the number of habitable planets per system x the number of habitable planets where life evolves x the fraction of life planets that evolve intelligence x the fraction of civilizations that communicate x the fraction of the star’s life that the civilization exists.

The image that was etched on to the Cape Canaveral Golden Plate by NASA in 1972.


So, if we were ever to come in contact with an alien civilization.. how would we communicate with them? Scientists have developed a language in which they believe that they could use if we ever came into contact with extraterrestrial beings. Scientists had to find a way of communication by developing a language that any civilization in the galaxy, that is truly engaged in SETI the way that we are, could understand. This has been called METI — Messaging to Extraterrestrial Intelligence. The communication is being built on basic mathematical principles, as forming a language would be incredibly difficult, and having conversations would be near impossible. The content of what the message would contain is still being debated by scientists — suggestions include the internet, so they can look through information about our species like a catalogue, and look at images, sounds, pictures and texts. Several messages have already been sent into space, like the Cape Canaveral NASA message sent in 1972. It was an etched gold plate, like a message in a bottle, affixed to a spacecraft. It was an etching of an image, depicting male and female human beings, with a spacecraft behind them for size comparison. It also included our address in the universe and a scheme of our solar system. The next message was sent in 1974; transmitted by the Arecibo radio telescope, was a simple message providing a mathematical and scientific overview of life on Earth. It started with binary code for numbers 1–10, and then using the numbers, a description of the elements essential for life on Earth, and then how the chemicals combine into molecules, including DNA.



The Arecibo also gave a description of our Solar System, the population of Earth, and a diagram of the telescope that was used to transmit the message. The aforementioned Golden Record, launched in 1977, contained a “sounds of the Earth” section — this included the sounds of heartbeats, volcanoes, wind, laughter, and the message in Latin: “Per aspera ad astra” — “Through hardship to the stars” in morse code. It also included music from around the world, 116 photographs showing different forms of life on Earth, and human society. Furthermore, mathematic definitions, the structure of DNA, a diagram of fertilization and birth, a violin with musical notes and so on.


It’s safe to say that scientists think that life elsewhere will have evolved to perfectly suit its’ surroundings. If other worlds have similar environments to ours, we could have a lot of similarities in common with their species. If they are vastly different, we could be very different. In fact, civilizations don’t necessarily even have to be biological, they could be technological intelligence, depending on how advanced the civilization is. Civilizations may have abandoned their biological bodies for computer bodies and could have even created supercomputers, that could occupy whole planets. These supercomputers could have a global network of minds rather than individual minds, with a collective consciousness. In terms of appearances; and what aliens would look like, scientists cannot yet really say. However, it is probable that within 100 years, thinking machines will have been developed on Earth — so if signals are picked up from elsewhere, it’s most likely from a machine, rather than a biological being.




Our misconception about alien intentions and aims has even caused some scientists to voice their protest against announcing our existence to other civilizations, at least until we know their intentions towards us. Amongst these scientists was Prof. Stephen Hawking, who warned that aliens could simply “raid Earth for resources, then move on”. However, even if this was the case — it’s now too late to conceal our existence. Any civilization with an ability to travel between the stars can already pick up radio and TV signals. There would be no added danger of the transmission of signals into space.


Taking into account our current knowledge, a first contact may soon be possible; and it could also be possible that extraterrestrial beings could also already be listening to our messages. So, how is it possible that if these civilizations exist, we haven’t yet received any confirmation of their existence? This is known as the Fermi paradox, developed by physicist Enrico Fermi. This was devised when he was working on the Manhattan Project, developing the US Atomic Bomb. His answer to this paradox was that every civilization develops; with its’ technology, the potential to exterminate itself. The fact that other extraterrestrial civilizations have not been found implied for him a tragic end for humanity. “Fermi realized that any civilization with a modest amount of rocket technology and an immodest amount of imperial incentive could rapidly colonize the entire galaxy,” the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute in Mountain View, California, said on its website.




“Within ten million years, every star system could be brought under the wing of empire. Ten million years may sound long, but in fact, it’s quite short compared with the age of the galaxy, which is roughly ten thousand million years. Colonization of the Milky Way should be a quick exercise.”


There are several explanations that could disprove Fermi’s theory: They do exist, they’re just not communicating with us, they do exist and communicate but we can’t hear them, they do exist and have been here before us, they do exist but most people don’t know it yet, or they have disappeared. Perhaps these civilizations have destroyed themselves — there are a lot of answers to Fermi’s paradox. Scientists believe that it could be because it might just be because it’s very difficult to travel between the stars: even over the course of long periods of time masses of energy and commitment are required. It’s also possible that we aren’t interesting enough for them. If a new civilization were to come to Earth, they would have to be thousands of times more advanced than us. Such civilizations could consider us primitive. It could even simply be that there is colonization, we just can’t see it or pick it up because it’s too far away, and not obvious enough. Paradoxically speaking, the galaxy could even be filled with all forms of intelligent life, but we have not yet realised it because we are too primitave. We may have already received extraterrestrial signals, but haven’t realised it — we haven’t been able to percieve, understand or decode them yet.




Using this case, there have already been strange signals received from outer space — which origins’ are now being investigated, such as the “WOW!” signal. In 2010, SETI scientists received a strange signal close to what years later would be confirmed to be the first habitable planet by NASA: Gliese 581. This is just 20 lightyears away. NASA claims that nobody knows what caused the signal, there is a slight possibility it could be from extraterrestrials. Many unusual signals from space remain unidentified. SETI has stated that: “We haven’t yet received a confirmed signal from extraterrestrials. And if we did, as far as SETI is concerned, it “wouldn’t be a piece of information to hide.” In fact, SETI has confirmed that the day they receive a confirmed extraterrestrial signal, they will make the news worldwide, especially since technological advances will occur in a short time.

Gliese 581 (impression)

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The”Wow!” Signal.




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Exoplanets are sometimes difficult to detect because they are sometimes outshined by the stars they orbit. However, scientists have developed ways they can overcome this. Scientists have predicted planets outside of our solar system for centuries, however, the first discovery of a planet oribiting a sun-like star only occurred in 1995. (51 Pegasi B) Since then, about 4,000 exoplanets have been discovered by multiple discovery methods, and around 3,000 more are still awaiting confirmation. According to one theory, at least one exoplanet orbits each star in the Milky Way. This would place our exoplanet count in our local galaxy to around one trillion. Astronomers are now able to detect planets orbiting stars where life may exist. Exoplanets; also known as extrasolar planets, are worlds that exist outside of our solar system. These often orbit their own stars, and some are even part of their own planetary systems. Exoplanets are made of the same elements as the world’s and our solar system and tend to be just as diverse. Exoplanets can be categorised into 4 classifications.


“Astro biologists closely study the size, composition and location of exoplanets relative to their stars to see the likelihood of life.�



Gaseous worlds.


As their name implies, these exoplanets are similar to Earth in ways — including size, composition, and distance to their home star.





Again, gas giants. These closely orbit their stars, causing them to have high surface temperatures.


Smaller than the gas giants but larger than Earth. Super Earths are terrestrial and are made primarily of rock and / or ice.


dr. david clarke Dr. David Clarke is a renowned UFOlogist, alien researcher, and journalist. Currently a teaching lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, David is the owner of his own website and is the author and co-author of 12 books on supernatural belief, UFOlogy and contemporary legends. He also contributes to a range of radio,TV and satellite programmes based on his research referenced from the National Archives. Due to his reputation as a UFOlogist, he is the frequent recipient of stories of UFO sightings and experiences..



Q: What got you into alien and UFO research? A: “I started very early when I was about 10 years old, and I think

it’s still going but there used to be a program on called John Craven’s Newsround on BBC, and I remember watching that when I was about 10, and saw the story that’s in my UFO drawings book about the kids who saw a UFO land in their school playground. It wasn’t actually the one that was in the book, but it’s the same year that there were a group of kids who were in Wales in a seaside town who’d seen this thing: I think it was about lunchtime. There was like a big silvery cigar thing with a guy with antennae standing next to it. It got into all the local papers and it was in the tabloids, and BBC News had actually gone out and interviewed them and they were all standing around and talking about this amazing thing they’d seen and it just blew my mind. And that was like, aged 10, and I was into science fiction, and I watched Doctor Who — which I’m sure they were watching as well, and it just all stemmed from there. I used to go out with my mates every weekend, and we used to go to the old Castle Market in Sheffield, and they used to have all these second hand books and comics and I used to pick up anything that had got UFOs and the Loch Ness monster and weird and wonderful stuff. And that was like, something that I did as a kid. And then I went into being a journalist when I was your age — I didn’t do Journalism at university I did Archeology — but I then trained to be a journalist, and as soon as I started doing what I was doing; going around and interviewing people, I started talking to people who said they’d seen things in the sky, so I got my Journalism then I sort of formed around that. This was when the X Files was on the telly, so it must have been mid/late 90’s. I was working on the local paper here, and whenever anyone said they’d seen anything odd — it was like, speak to ‘Spooky’, which was what I became known as. So it just went from there, really, and then I got into all of the freedom of information stuff, and that’s how I got all of this material from the Ministry Of Defence and the RAF because they’ve got all of these files, and that ultimately is how I ended up writing that little book with drawings in it because when I went to London to look at the files, there were all of these amazing sketches and paintings and crayon drawings that people had done over the years and sent them to the police, the Ministry Of Defence, RAF, and they’d put them all together in this archive — and I just thought what a fantastic thing to do a little book on.”


Q: Have you ever had an alien experience yourself? A: “I’m afraid not, no. I’ve been out on loads of freezing cold,

windy nights in the Peak- District looking for them, I’ve been with skywatchers, but I’ve never seen anything. I’ve seen things like a bright light in the sky, and I’ve thought ‘aahh what’s that’ and it turns out to be planet Venus or aircraft or something. I remember there was one time, loads of people had seen this flashing light out in the Peak District and I went out with a TV camera crew and we’d gone and got all of these cameras and what have you and it turned out to be the big repeater mast, you know when you go out on the moors, and it was just peeping out of the top of the mountain, flashing like that. I felt a right idiot.”

Q: What’s the most compelling piece of alien evidence you’ve ever found or come across?

A: “Hmm.. that’s a tricky one. I wouldn’t say that I’ve come across

any alien evidence. I’m pretty convinced that people see things that we can’t explain, but I wouldn’t necessarily think that, I mean it’s this thing again about, there’s a difference between accepting that there are aliens, that there must be life forms out there in the universe; but the problem is, are they coming here on a regular basis? And I think most UFO stories, without bringing aliens into it, because there’s so many other things that cause people to see aliens, because we watch TV programs and are looking for aliens naturally if people see something odd in the sky, they think ‘ah, aliens’. But actually, in all of the cases where it’s been investigated and people have looked into it, 99.9 percent can be explained as something mundane. But that still leaves that tiny little percentage, and I think that the image that you showed me earlier on of the picture of the Falcon Lake Incident — that’s pretty good evidence of something, but what? Could it have been some kind of top secret prototype stealth aircraft or one of these top secret things thegovernment is working on? So there are lots of other possibilities that can explain these things. Whether you call that alien evidence, I don’t know.”




Q: So is there any UFO case that stands out to you? A: “Yeah, there’s one actually that was in the news at the weekend

because it was exactly 40 years since it happened I think. What that one was, it was this guy who was a forester in Scotland, and he was out with his dog in a Land Rover checking on this forestry plantation in 1979. He walked into this plantation through an avenue of trees, and as he got through this avenue of trees he saw this flying saucer sitting on the ground with things twirling around it and it was sort of fading in and out. He never saw it in the sky, it was on the ground. As he walked towards it, these things peeled off it, like round things with spines sticking out and they rolled towards him, and he felt like this tugging sensation. The next thing he knew, he’d woken up, it’d gone, and his dog was running round in circles barking and he’d got his terrible headache. He managed to get into his Land Rover and get back to the office. The police were called and they treated it as an assault, so they did an investigation and checked him out at hospital and they just couldn’t work out what had happened. That’s one of my best cases.”

Q: A:

Do you believe in any conspiracy theories?

“Well I mean there are lots of them, the main one being that the government are covering all of this up. I’ve been through all the thousands and thousands of files, and I don’t think that they’re covering anything up, other than the fact that they don’t know what’s going on either.”


Dr. Clarke reguarly recieves letters and drawings from many people describing their different UFO sightings and experiences. Here a drawing of a UFO sighting is shown, which was sent to him via email.



Q: Do you believe that aliens look like anything in particular?

A: “Well I think it’s interesting that when we describe what we

think aliens look like or when people claim they’ve met aliens they’re always humanoid, they look like us with a head and eyes and arms and legs, and I think that suggests that what people are actually seeing is that they’re picking up things from films and TV programs that they’ve seen. The word ‘alien’; if you think about what an alien is, is something that’s completely different to us. Maybe they’re not even based on carbon, maybe something even like from the ‘Alien’ film, something that we wouldn’t even recognise. So I think that a lot of these stories where people have described humanoid aliens — I find them pretty hard to believe, because if they are truly alien they’re not gonna look like us. They might have eyes, because I gather that eyes are something that you’re likely to find in another alien species, because if you think about the animal kingdom even tiny little creatures in the ocean have all got eyes because you need to be able to see your surroundings and all the rest of it. You might even have an alien that’s just like, a giagantic eye.”



THE GREYS 3-4ft tall creatures, that are bluish grey in colour and have large, bug like eyes. They have a small mouth and nose, 3 fingers and a thumb, long spindly arms and legs. The type of alien that is most seen in abduction cases. These aliens are sneaky and known to abduct humans and mutilate cattle. They are most famously linked to the Roswell UFO Incident and the Betty and Barney Hill abduction.



FLATWOODS’ MONSTER A tall humanoid with a spade-shaped head. It was an entity reported to have been sighted in the town of Flatwoods, West Virginia — following a UFO appearance. The creature was spotted by locals from a distance so its’ nature or intentions were unknown.


REPTOIDS 5-7ft in height. Red eyes, resembling a lizard. Known to be very intelligent and very hostile, live in highly advanced underground bases and are rumored to colonize planets and take over entire races. Widely known to be very bloodthirsty creatures, and it is rumoured that they are a part of the bloodline of every royal family and US president.




TALL WHITES 6-8ft, Swedish, human looking aliens. They are said to be the overseers of abductions but do not seem to be very malevolent as far as alien species are concerned. They seem to only make contact with the most unlikely of people.



INSECTOIDS Mantis-like aliens, commonly reported by abductees around the world. They are described as tall, and with six legs. Despite their unsettling appearance, they are said to be peaceful in nature. Communicate via clicks and telepathic abilities.


HOPKINVILLE’S GOBLIN Small, green-ish silver humanoids. The Hopkinsville Goblin came to light after a claimed close encounter near Hopkinsville in Kentucky. Known to be aggressive in nature and will attack people.




ANNUNAKI An ancient race of aliens prevalent In the Mesopotanian period. Annunaki were biblical beings believed to be the children of God. They were described as “tall humanoids� who were pale looking, blond with blueeyes and light sensitive.



ANDROMEDANS “Ascended” beings allegedly from the Andromedan Galaxy. These are either humanoid or plasma “energy” beings in form. These beings allegedly visited Florida in 1954 and are said to be peaceful and protective of humankind in nature.





UFO Shapes have been reported in the following forms: •Discs •Oval / ellipses •Tubes / elongated forms •Triangular •Spherical •Dome or hemispherical


•Cone / tear drop / pear-shaped Barrel, boomerang, coil, crescent, cross, cube, dart, dumbbell, diamond, heel, hexagon, lozenge, pyramid, and ring shapes are also occasionally reported. The most reported shape-types have been known to change through time. Before the 1980’s sightings of disc-like forms were the most-sighted, but sightings of “flying triangles” became more popular during the 1990’s. UFO sightings have been reported as early as the Ancient Egyptian period.


ALIEN ABDUCTION FILES Perhaps the first ever mainstream documented case of alien abduction was that of Antônio Villas Boas. Boas was a 23 year old Brazilian farmer who claimed to have been abducted in 1957. Boas was initially reluctant to tell his story, but was convinced by Dr. Olavo T. Fontes, Professor of Medicine at the National School of Medicine of Brazil, after he had been found suffering from radiation poisoning, pains throughout the body, nausea, headaches, loss of appetite, burning eyes, and sores on his skin. The military put Boas under various physical and psychological tests, and to this day many UFOlogists are

still convinced his account actually happened. 10 days before his actual abduction, Boas confessed to experiencing strange happenings — such as him and his brother witnessing a strange bright light in the sky. This bright light darted back and forth several times. On October 15th, Boas was working the fields alone, where he was suddenly subjected to a bright red light that approached him with speed. The light stopped above his head; where Boas witnessed the craft, describing it as “a large elongated egg”. The craft began to land, and he ran to his tractor, terrified — but his tractor suddenly died. As he


ran away, he was grabbed by “a small figure (it only reached to my shoulder) in strange clothes”. He tried to shake it off, but was grabbed by three more figures who lifted him off the ground. Boas described the creatures with a large amount of detail. “All...of them wore a very tightfitting siren-suit, made of soft, thick, unevenly striped gray material. This garment reached right up to their necks where it was joined to a kind of helmet made of a grey material that looked stiffer and was strengthened back at nose level. Their helmets hide everything except their eyes, which were protected by two round glasses, like the enses in ordinary glasses. Through them, he men looked at me, and their eyes seemed to be much smaller than ours, though I believe that may have been the effect of the lenses. All of them had lightcolored eyes that looked blue to me, but this I cannot vouch for. Above their eyes, those helmets looked so tall thatthey corresponded to what the

double of the size of a normal head should be. Probably there was something else hidden under those helmets, placed on top of their heads, but nothing could be seen from the outside. Right on top, from the middle of their heads, there sprouted three round silvery metal tubes (I can’t tell whether they were made of metal or of rubber) which were a little narrower than a common garden hose. The tubes, which were placed one in the middle and one on each side of their heads, were smooth and bent backward and downward, toward the back. There they fitted into their clothes; how I cannot say, but one went down the center, where the backbone is, and the other two, one on each side, fitted under the shoulders at about four inches from the armpits—nearly at the sides, where the back begins. I didn’t notice anything at all, no hump or lump to show where the tubes were attached, nor any box or contrivance hidden under their clothes. Their sleeves were narrow and tight-fitting to the wrists where they were followed by


thick five-fingered gloves of the same color, that must have somewhat hindered their movements. As to this, I noticed that the men weren’t able to double their fingers altogether, so as to touch the palms of their hands with the tips of their fingers. The difficulty did not prevent them from catching and holding me firmly, nor from deftly (later) manipulating the rubber tubes for extracting my blood. Those overalls must have been a kind of uniform, for all the members of the crew wore a red badge the size of a pineapple slice on their chests, and sometimes it reflected a shiny light. Not a light of its own, but reflections such as those given by the rear lights of a car, when another car lights it up from behind. From this center badge there came a strip of silvery material (or it might have been flattened metal) which joined onto a broad tightfitting claspless belt, the color of which I can’t remember. No pocket could be seen anywhere, and I don’t remember seeing any buttons either. The trousers were also tight-fitting over the buttocks, thighs, and legs, as there was not a wrinkle nor a crease to be seen. There was no visible hem between the trousers and shoes, which were actually a continuation of the former, being part of the self-

same garment. The soles of their shoes, were different from ours: They were thick, about two or three inches thick, and a little turned up (or arched up) in front, so that the tips looked like those described in the fairy tales of old, though the general appearance was that of common tennis shoes. From what I saw later, they must have fitted loosely, for they were larger than the feet they covered. In spite of this the men’s gait was free and easy, and their movements were swift indeed. Perhaps the closed siren-suit they wore did interfere slightly with their movements because they kept walking very stiffly. They were all about my height (1.64 meters tall, in shoes), perhaps a little shorter because of those helmets, except for one of them, the one who had caught hold of me out there — this one did not even reach my chin. All seemed strong but not so strong that had I fought with one of them one at a time I should have been afraid of losing. I believe that in a free-for-all fight I could face any single one of them on an equal base.” Boas then found himself beind hoisted up on to a ladder which took him through a hatch. It took him into a brightly lit room with smooth walls and square shaped lights. A door sudddenly opened




and Boas was lead into another room — “The only furnishings visible was an oddly shaped table that stood at one side of the room surrounded by several backless swivel chairs (something like barstools). They were all about my height (1.64 meters tall, in shoes), perhaps a little shorter because of those helmets, except for one of them, the one who had caught hold of me out there—this one did not even reach my chin. All seemed strong but not so strong that had I fought with one of them one at a time I should have been afraid of losing. I believe that in a free-for-all fight I could face any single one of them on an equal base.” Boas then found himself beind hoisted up on to a ladder which took him through a hatch. It took him into a brightly lit room with smooth walls and square shaped lights. A door sudddenly opened and Boas was lead into another room — “The only furnishings visible was an oddly shaped table that stood at one side of the room surrounded by several backless swivel chairs (something like barstools). They were all made of the same white metal. The table as well as the stools were one-legged, narrowing toward the floor where they were either fixed ALIEN ARTEFACTS ON EARTH

(such as the table) to it or linked to a moveable ring held fast by three hinges jutting out on each side and riveted to that floor (such as the stools, so that those sitting on them could turn in every direction).” The aliens then held him down, communicating in unusual sounds that made Boas “shiver”. The creatures then began undressing him; and despite his opposition, they “stopped and stared” as if trying to make him “understand that they were being polite.” They then covered him with a thick, clear and odourless liquid and lead him into another room with strange red symbols on the door. Two of the aliens then took blood from him chin. Boas was then left alone for around an hour on a large grey rubber-like platform. A strange smoke-type gas leaked from the walls of the room; which made him feel sick at first, but after vomiting he felt better. A little while later, the door of the room opened.. and in walked a naked woman. Boas described her in detail: “She came in slowly, unhurriedly, perhaps a little amused at the amazement she saw written on my face. I starred, open-mouthed ... she was beautiful, though of a different type of beauty compared with that of women I

have known. Her hair was blonde, nearly white (like hair dyed in peroxide)—it was smooth, not very thick, with a part in the center and she had big blue eyes, rather longer than round, for they slanted outward, like those pencil-drawn girls made to look like Arabian princesses, that look as if they were slit ... except that they were natural; there was no makeup. Her nose was straight, not pointed, not turned-up, nor too big. The contour of her face was different, though, because she had very high, prominent cheekbones that made her face narrowed to a peak, so that all of a sudden it ended in a pointed chin, which gave peroxide)—it was smooth, not very thick, with a part in the center and she had big blue eyes, rather longer than round, for they slanted outward, like those pencil-drawn girls made to look like Arabian princesses, that look as if they were slit ... except that they were natural; there was no makeup. Her nose was straight, not pointed, not turned-up, nor too big. The contour of her face was different, though, because she had very high, prominent cheekbones that made her face narrowed to a peak, so that all of a sudden it ended in a pointed chin, which gave the lower part of her face a very pointed look. Her lips were very thin, nearly invisible in fact. Her ears, which I only saw later, were small and


did not seem different from ordinary ears. Her high cheekbones gave one the impression that there was a broken bone somewhere underneath, but as I discovered later, they were soft and fleshy to the touch, so they did not seem to made of bone. Her body was much more beautiful than any I had ever seen before. It was slim, and her breasts stood up high and well-separated. Her waistline was thin, her belly flat, her hips well-developed, and her thighs were large. Her feet were small, her hands long and narrow. Her fingers and nails were normal. She was much shorter than I am, her head only reached my shoulder ... Her skin was white (as that of our fair woman here) and she was full of freckles on her arms. I didn’t notice any perfume ... except for a natural female odor ... And another thing I noticed was the hair in her armpits was bright red, nearly the color of blood.” The woman approached Boas and pressed herself against him. He couldn’t help but get excited and the pair ended up having two sexual encounters. Boas claimed “all they wanted was a good stallion to improve their stock”. The woman would refuse to kiss, but instead bit his chin and made “growling” sounds. She was then called by one of the aliens and

hours later, to find his tractor dismantled, presumably by the ushered out of the room, but aliens to stop him escaping. before leaving she looked back at Boas and pointed at her belly, smiled and pointed skywards. Boas remarked 58

“ I interpreted the signs as meaning to say that she intended to return and take me with her to wherever it was she lived. � Boas was lead into another room with the other aliens after the encounter, where he was given his clothes back. He felt calm, and took in his surroundings once more. The walls were smooth with no windows; and he noticed a plinth with a strange alarmclock type device on top. He attempted to take this but one of the crew noticed and took it off him immediately. Although he thought it was a clock, time passed and the hands did not move. The aliens continued to lead Boas around their ship, and he noticed more details. When the tour finished, one of the creatures pointed towards a ladder that lead below the ship and on to the ground. Boas climbed down this, the ship rose above him and shot off away into space. Boas returned at around 5:30am, four ALIEN ARTEFACTS ON EARTH








Betty & Barney Hill Perhaps the most famous case of alien abduction, also fittingly named the “flagship” case, is the story of Betty and Barney Hill, a couple that claimed to have been abducted in 1961 in rural New Hampshire, USA. The Hills had taken a road-trip, and as they were driving down a rural highway they noticed a strange light in the sky on the last night of their three-day trip around 10pm. The couple pulled over and got out of their car to take a closer look at the spinning light. “Barney,” if you think that’s a satellite or a star, you’re being completely ridiculous.” said

Betty. Barney reportedly pulled over his car, got out and ran after the light, leaving Betty in the car. He reported how he saw “grey uniformed beings behind rows of windows”. He ran back to Betty and the car hysterically, exclaiming “they’re going to capture us!” — and without warning, the couple recalled how they fell unconscious immediately. They regained consciousness around 2 hours later and 35 miles down the road. During the following months, the couple tried to make sense of what had happened to them. Betty reported the incident to


the Air Force, worried about radiation. The couple also suffered a great deal of mental trauma due to the incident, and so sought help from psychiatrist Benjamin Simon, who suggested they undergo hypnosis. Through months and weeks, the couple began to remember what had happened to them. Barney recalled how he had driven away in a hysterical state, but felt compelled to pull off the road and into the woods. He saw a group of figures approach the car, who told him not to fear them. In Betty’s diary, she recalled how she had dreams about the incident in the months afterwards: The men stood about five feet to five feet four inches tall, and wore matching blue uniforms, with caps similar to those worn by military cadets. They appeared nearly human, with black hair, dark eyes, prominent noses and bluish lips. Their skin was a greyish colour. The beings walked the couple up a ramp and into the spacecraft. They took turns in an examination room that had curved walls and a large lamp hanging from the ceiling. They took turns on a short metal table, emoved the couple’s clothes and took samples of their hair, nails and skin. Needles connected to large wires probed their heads, arms, legs and

spines — and a large needle, around 4 to 6 inches long, was inserted into Betty’s belly button to act as a pregnancy test. Barney recalled as a “leader” watched from the side. They seemed particuarly excited that they could remove Barney’s teeth, due to his dentures.


In 1965, the story was picked up by a Boston newspaper. This was the beginning of a huge change for the Hills — their case became the most famous abduction case in history and the two became celebrities. Their story has been turned into a bestselling book and film. It is also one of the defining cases describing “the Greys” (species of alien).






Under hypnosis, Betty drew a star map that had been shown to her on board the ship. The map was that of the Zeta Reticuli system, which the aliens claimed to be from. It is said to allegedly be some 220 trillion miles away, although scientists are yet to have come across the starsystem.


Betty Andreasson abduction case


Another soon after, welldocumented case of abduction also involved a woman by the name of Betty. In 1967; at around 6:30pm, Betty andreasson was in her kitchen, and her family were in the lounge. The lighting in the house flickered and suddenly, red light beamed into the windows. This startled Betty’s 7 children, and she ran in to calm them down. Betty’s father was also subjected to the red light, and ran to the window to try to see the source. Upon looking out of the window, he saw five strange-looking humanoid creatures approaching the house in a ‘hopping’ motion.

The creatures walked into the house and the family were put into an instantaneous trance. Betty and her father were joined by one of the beings, who had “telepathic conversations” with her. The creatures were around 4 foot tall, with large, cat like eyes and small noses and mouths, and slits for mouths. Betty and her father recalled how one of the figures was around a foot taller than the others, and so concluded that it must have been their leader. They wore blue overall type-uniforms, with bird logos on their arms. They had three fingers and wore boots. Betty remarked that she “felt calm” rather than frightened, however she claimed she felt worried when she realised her mother and children were still under trance. The aliens released her 11 year old daughter from the trance to reassure her that no harm was being done to her family. She was then lead to a waiting craft, which was around 20cm in diameter and resembling two saucers, stacked on top of one another. After boarding the ship, Betty recalled how the ship took off and became part of a mother ship. Aboard the craft, Betty was subjected to a physical examination and a series of strange tests with alien equipment. One of the tests reportedly resulted in her having a painful, yet euphoric religioustype awakening. Betty was


returned home at around 10:40pm, to find her family still in a trance-state, with one of the aliens still watching over them. The aliens then put them to bed, and left. Betty could remember parts of the abduction, but was hypnotised and was specifically instructed by the aliens to forget the rest. Eight years after the experience, Betty wrote a letter to an ad made by a researcher requesting anybody with details of an alien experience to come forward, however the letter was denied as it was deemed too bizarre to be believable.


Herbert Schirmer abduction case

In 1967, 22-year old Herbert Schirmer was doing his job as a patrolman. He was driving on the highway at around 2:00am when he noticed what seemed to be red lights on top of a truck.

He drove the short distance down the road and stopped his car, headlights shining on the object. Schirmer realised that the object wasn’t a truck when he saw that the red lights were blinking through the portholes of a metallic, disc-shaped craft, hovering around eight feet above the ground. It had a shiny metallic surface and a landing gear type structure underneath. The object took off into the air into a cloud of flames and smoke behind it. It was now 3:00am, and Schirmer had returned to the police station, which was strange as he thought only 10 minutes had gone by. Upon arriving at the station, he wrote in his notebook “Saw a flying saucer at the junction of highways 6 and 63. Believe it or not!” In the days after the incident, Schirmer began to fall ill. He had developed a red mark on his neck, and had a bad headache. The University of Colorado Condon Comission, who investigated UFO reports, had heard Schirmer’s claims in 1968, and asked him to travel to Colorado to meet. It was there he was hypnotised by psychologist Dr. Leo Sprinkle at the University of Wyoming. Under hypnosis, he recalled that after pulling up beside the


object, his engine and radio died. The doors of the craft opened and a white object came out, communicating with him via telekinsis. This stopped him from drawing his gun. After the hypnosis session had finished, Schirmer recalled more: he claimed that the beings were peaceful and friendly, their source of energy came from drawing electricity from lines, and they had established a base on Venus. Although the Condon Committee concluded that the report “left project staff with no confidence that the trooper’s reported UFO experience was physically real.”, psychologist Dr. Sprinkle felt that Schirmer “believed in the reality of the events he described.” Schrimer was appointed police chief upon returning home to Ashland when the previous chief resigned. However, he resigned after 2 months unable to concentrate on his job after his UFO experience. After some further hypnosis sessions, Schirmer revealed that the aliens were wearing uniforms with a winged serpent on the left breast.



The Allagash abductions The Allagash abductions are some of the most documented cases in UFO history, and the most researched cases of multiple alien abduction. The Allagash abductions took place in August 1976, in the state of Maine. Twin brothers, Jack and Jim Weiner, and their friends Chuck Rak and Charlie Foltz, were out on a fishing trip when they were subjected to the abductions. The four were fishing friends and had met at Massachusetts College of Art. The four fishermen had been on the water for a while and had made their way in their canoes to Eagle Lake. After growing bored with no fish caught, they decided to make their way back to the bank. As the night closed in, the men realised they had no provisions and so decided to fish again — to be safe they lit a fire on the bank. After some time, the men noticed a bright light in the distance over the lake. The men realised that it was a UFO, around 80 feet in diameter, hovering over some trees, and the light radiated from it was shifting between green, red and white. ALIEN ARTEFACTS ON EARTH

At this time Charlie Foltz signaled it with his flashlight. The UFO noticed this and immediately began to move towards the men. Panicking, they made a dash for the shore and swam as fast as they could — however this was too late for the men and before they knew it, they were directly underneath the light beaming from the UFO. Like the blink of an eye, the men found themselves back on the bank with no previous memory of what had happened. Foltz tried to signal the UFO again with his flashlight, but it dissappeared into the distance, and the fire had gone out as if several hours had passed. Confused, the men packed their belongings and headed home. The Allagash abductions are some of the most documented cases in UFO history, and the most researched cases of multiple alien abduction. The Allagash abductions took place in August 1976, in the state of Maine. Twin brothers, Jack and Jim Weiner, and their friends Chuck Rak and Charlie Foltz, were out on a fishing trip when they were subjected to the abductions. The four were fishing friends and had met at Massachusetts College of Art. The four fishermen had been on the water for a while and had

made their way in their canoes to Eagle Lake. After growing bored with no fish caught, they decided to make their way back to the bank. As the night closed in, the men realised they had no provisions and so decided to fish again — to be safe they lit a fire on the bank. In the months after the incident, the men began to suffer from nightmares. Jack Weiner began to dream of humanoid creatures with “long necks and large heads”, who examined him. He described them as having “metallic, glowing eyes with no lids. Their hands were like an insect’s, with only four fingers”. This can be noted as similar to Betty Andreasson’s description. The other three men reported having similar dreams.


In 1988, Jim Weiner visited a UFO conference hosted by author Raymond Fowler. After the conference had ended, he spoke to Fowler about his experiences. Fowler had spoken and dealt with supposed abductees before, and suggested that Jim and the other men undergo regressive hypnosis to recover their lost Wmemory. The hypnosis allowed the men to recall being abducted by “probed and tested by fourfingered beings with almondshaped eyes and languid limbs”. Each of the men revealed that inside the craft, they had been subjected to personal and humiliating tests such as having samples of their semen extracted. Afterwards, all of the men took lie detector tests and passed. The case gained worldwide attention when it was featured on TV.




Alien Artefacts on Earth Akhenaten, the Ancient Egyptian Pharoah Akhenaten was an ancient Pharoah in Egypt estimated to have reigned either between the years of 13511334 or 1353-1336 BC. The way that the Egyptian ruler was portrayed; such as in statues and hyroglyphics, has puzzled historians for years due to his strange appearance. It is also noticeably different to how other Pharoah’s were portrayed in ancient Egyptian art. UFOlogists and alien theorists have even speculated that Akhenaten could have been an extraterrestrial himself. He is shown with an elongated head; with a long neck, round mid-section and breasts. This appearance has been noted as similar to that of aliens — however some argue that he could have had a genetic

disorder, or even could have been transgendered. Akhetenan was significant amongst many historians for changing religion in Egypt — by converting many from worshipping many different Gods to a single God named Aten. Akhetanen was also the father of the famous Pharoah king Tutankhamun and the husband of queen Nefertiti.


The Pyramids & Puma Punku The ancient Egyptian pyramids themselves have even been speculated to be of extraterrestrial origin. They were speculated to have been built between 2580-2560 BC and are one of the seven wonders of the world. Historians and archeologists are still trying to figure out how exactly they were built. It’s been theorised that alien technology was of assistance in the process; but due to their age, nobody knows as of yet. Puma Punku is a mysterious large temple complex in Bolivia, South America. It’s estimated to have been built around 536 AD and ALIEN ARTEFACTS ON EARTH

later. In Inca traditions, it is believed to be the site where the world was created. Puma Punku is home to some of the largest stones in the world, with some weighing 100 tonnes each. UFOlogists and alien historians argue that aliens must have helped in the building of this site for this reason. Parts of Puma Punku are also very intricate and this is mysterious as technologies to create these patterns didn’t exist at the time.




Moai Heads & Mars’ Hieroglyphics


The Moai Heads are giant bust sculptures found on Easter Island. These heads have been a mystery to historians - as they are very ancient, nobody can be sure of their exact origins. It’s theorized that the heads actually commemorate or depict aliens and that they helped the people build them. However, it’s now been proved that the people of the island could have constructed them afterall, using specific complicated building techniques.


An incredible photo that has recently been released by NASA appears to show what looks like ancient hieroglyphics carved into a rock on Mars. The image was captured by a Mars Rover and has excited UFOlogists worldwide - who claim this could be the biggest Mars discovery yet. If this were true, it could not only suggest that there was once life on Mars, but there were advanced past civilizations. Scott Warring, editor from, said “The video shows writing on Mars. The writing itself is actually protruding from the wall, instead of carved deeply within it. There are a lot of similarities between this and ancient


Egyptian hieroglyphs.� Although NASA has never commented on the video, it is believed that Mars had an atmosphere similar to Earth in the past, with liquid water.

Some of the Martian rocks which raised questions: note the lines on the black rock.


The Nazca Lines of Peru The Nazca lines; found in a remote southern Peruvian desert, are a group of line-based glyphs etched into desert sand. These lines cover nearly 1,000 sq. km and consist of around 30 different drawings of various animals and plants. The fact that these huge drawings can only been seen from hundreds of feet in the air has raised suspicions amongst alien theorists, especially since they have been dated many years before ALIEN ARTEFACTS ON EARTH

aviation existed. These lines could have been alien landing signals or ways for the Peruvian people to communicate with extraterrestrials. They are noticeably similar to crop circles.







Stonehenge & Vijayanagara Stonehenge, one of the most beloved and mysterious ancient structures in the world is also up for the ancient alien debate by UFOlogists. Estimated to have been first constructed around 3000 BC, the strange group of structures has long puzzled historians on exactly how and why it was built. Alien theorists believe that it could have been constructed by aliens, or could have even been an ancient UFO landing pad.

The carvings of the ancient temples in Vijayanagara, India depict alien-like creatures and images, such as people flying and strange-looking beings. It has been said that perhaps aliens visited the people and this was then reflected in the art of the temple, or that the temple was used to harness cosmic energy from aliens.


Mayan Pyramids & Iraqi Architecture These pyramids in Yucatán, Mexico have long been linked to aliens, who are rumoured to have helped in the construction of these complex structures. They could have used them as markers to land their ships, and it’s even been theorized that they emit powerful energy beams that allowed the Mayans to communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations. ALIEN ARTEFACTS ON EARTH

The National Museum of Iraq, in Baghdad, has various pottery pieces on display that appear to depict strange, alien like creatures — with some dating back to 6,000BC. Historians cannot identify who are what the pieces are showing, but alien theorists and UFOlogists seem to have a pretty good idea.





Heaven’s Gate was a religious American cult. It was founded in 1970 by Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles. Applewhite; born in 1931, met Bonnie Nettles, a 44 year-old married nurse, in 1972 in the hospital in which she worked in, for heart problems. It was there Nettles convinced Applewhite that his near death experience was a sign he’d been saved for a reason. Applewhite however, claimed he’d been visiting a friend in the hospital and felt an “instant spiritual connection” to Nettles. The pair then began to talk about their beliefs Nettles was interested in astrology, and Applewhite in mystic and religious texts. This then eventually lead them to believe that they were the two witnesses described in the Christian book of revelation - two prophets who had a ‘gift’; which they were killed for, and then resurrected by God and brought to heaven before an earthquake destroyed the town. Applewhite however, claimed he’d been visiting a friend in the hospital and felt an “instant spiritual connection” to Nettles. The pair then began to talk about their beliefs - Nettles was interested in astrology, and Applewhite in mystic and religious texts. This then eventually lead them to believe that they were the two witnesses described in the Christian book of revelation - two prophets who had a ‘gift’; which they were killed for, and then resurrected by God and brought to heaven before an earthquake destroyed the town. 85


Around 200 people attended the Oregon event — and the rest followed up. Through this small approach, Heaven’s Gate was able to convince people to leave their homes and belongings in conditions of poverty for over 20 years. They didn’t have a real home and remained anonymous. This and the beliefs of the group were radical for many, but the members believed that they could answer spiritual questions with a religious and Christian guise. According to Michael Conyers, an early member, said that the promise of the cult appealed to him as it was “talking to my Christian heritage, but in a modern updated way.” For example, Heaven’s gate taught that Mary was impregnated after being taken up in a spacecraft. One of the things that the cult believed was that their time on Earth was limited. They believed that the Earth would be ‘recycled’ , the wiping out of the human race as the planet is destroyed. Although they believed that suicide was wrong, it would soon become clear that this didn’t correlate with their plans. However Applewhite and Nettles believed that the aforementioned spaceship would simply come and pick them up, so it wouldn’t have to come to that. CONSPIRACY THEORIES

“ They believed that the Earth would be ‘recycled’ ” However, this was soon cut short when Nettles passed away from cancer, ignoring doctor’s warnings due to her beliefs. This was a huge blow to Applewhite and the cult itself — her physical death disproved the theories they had about their destinies. After this, Applewhite’s beliefs shifted. He began to believe that the human body was merely a vessel for their journies, and could be abandoned. He told the other cult members that Nettles

had simply left her physical body and was in TELAH. He promised them that he would guide them to meet her again. So, Heaven’s gate formed a suicide pact. It began on March 26, 1997. The cult used the money they had raised from various online enterprises to rent a mansion on the outskirts of San Diego. At the same time, the passing of a comet; named the Hale-Bopp comet, lead Applewhite to believe that this was was actually a signifier for a UFO passing over Earth.


Applewhite saw the passing comet as a sign — and told the members that it was “the only way to evacuate this Earth”. The passing comet “spaceship” was the transport to the higher place Applewhite and the Heaven’s Gate group had been searching for. The comet was coming just in time to save them — the Earth was going to be wiped clean, and the human race would die. Starting on March 26, the cult members overdosed on barbitures washed down with vodka and applesauce, tied bags over their heads, and sufficated themselves to death. They did this in order so members scheduled to commit suicide later would be able to clean up previous bodies before — laying them out on their bunk beds and covering their heads with purple cloth. Applewhite was the 37th to die — with only two remaining to take their lives in a house of bodies. A former cult member came back to check on them and found 39 bodies in their beds, wearing identical black and white Nike sneakers and armbands reading “Heaven’s Gate away team”.


For many years, the US Air Force base known as Area 51 has been shrouded in mystery — and more specifically alien conspiracy theories. For decades, the media frenzy surrounding the area has revolved around this being a place where the US government secretly hides recovered alien spacecraft and artefacts. What exactly is in Area 51 is unknown, since the land surrounding it is heavily protected and armed by US military.


It is believed that around 1,500 staff work at Area 51 today, and it is still used for development of US military aircraft. It has also been said that the base is used for espionage technology, such as spy planes and drones.


AREA Area 51 is located at Groom Lake, a dried up lake bed in the Nevada desert. Aside from ground protection, it’s also illegal to fly over Area 51 — although satellite images of the base are available. It is also located next to the Nevada test site, where US nuclear weapons were tested between the 1950s to the 1990s, and the Nevada Test and Training Range — both of these are also restricted areas.

Area 51 was originally built by the US and USSR during the Cold War for the testing and development of aircraft. It was built in 1955 — but it’s existence wasn’t even confirmed until 2013 by the CIA. Area 51 was publicly mentioned for the first time in history by a US President by President Obama four months after this.



Aerial satellite photo of Area 51.


The Roswell Daily Record front page, showing the article which was published about the Roswell UFO crash in 1947.




So, why have alien skeptics long doubted the truth about Area 51? The Roswell UFO Crash is one of the most well-documented UFO cases in history. In 1947, the remains of a UFO were found crashed at a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico. The US Military came forward to claim it was one of their weather balloons, but it is still considered to be one of the most conspicious pieces of evidence for aliens visiting Earth. In the 1970s, UFOlogists started claiming that the crash was actually that of an alien spacecraft and the creatures inside had been recovered by the US Military and been taken to Area 51 for examination. They claimed it was a government cover-up. On July 7, ranch worker William Brazel reported a mass of debris he had found whilst out working. Bazel even initially wondered if it could be the debris of a UFO.


He gathered some of this and took it to the local Sheriff at Roswell. This prompted the Sherriff to report it immediately to the USAFF base at Roswell; which alerted agents to visit the ranch, followed shortly by the press.

The RAAF (The Roswell Army Air Field) issued a press release that a “flying disk” had crashed on the ranch after a storm. This alerted government scientists to arrive in the area, who quickly told the press the debris was that of a crashed weather balloon. The Roswell Daily Record corrected their story and included the RAAF’s report that the crash was a weather balloon.


Official documents read that the weather balloon had infact come from experimental technology trialing named “Project Mogul”. Project Mogul was ran to detect soundwaves in the upper atmosphere by USSR atom bomb tests by attaching microphones to a string of balloons at high altitudes. Although it was quickly replaced by better technology, it stayed a secret for almost 20 years after it occured. The fact that a balloon was used for Cold War espionage fueled further rumours that it was a cover-up, and indeed could have been an alien ship.

The story lay dormant until 31 years later when The National Enquirer reported the original story again — but did not report the corrected version that was released after the RAAF confirmed the debris to be a weather balloon. This set the conspiracy theory fully alight. Other witnesses that lived near the ranch reported to have seen a wider area of debris and a strange aircraft in the sky shortly before the crash. However, the strangest report by far came from a local mortician. In 1989, he claimed that a friend who worked as a nurse at the RAAF had walked into an examination room by accident and witnessed three strangelooking creatures being looked over by doctors. The description given to these matched that of the “Grey” species of alien.


Even though US officials “disproved” the Roswell Incident by declassifying Project Mogul in the 1970’s and connecting it to the incident, along with releasing a second report in 1997 claiming that reports of an autopsy were actually “life-sized test dummies; Roswell has become a mecca for UFOlogists and alien conspiracists. Each year on the anniversary of the crash, a huge UFO festival is held in Roswell, and thousands attend to partake in mock alien dissection and experiments. Last year, over 38,000 people turned up for the festival to mark the 70 year anniversary of the crash.

and its tongue was like, hanging out a little bit. But it just laid there and it didn’t move.” According to Watson, the creatures ran their hands on the cow and then abducted the cow into their ship through the air. Cattle The Watson’s story was just one Mutilations of the many cattle mutilation stories to come out of the US Alien cospiracy theories don’t since the 1970’s. always revolve around UFOs and strange creatures — sometimes Cattle mutilation reports are they hit a little closer to home, amongst many of the unsolved on our farms — to be exact. mysteries in the FBI database. Theories as to what could be For hundreds of years, the behind these graphic crimes unexplained mutilation of cattle range from not only aliens, — including removal of body parts but satanic worshippers and such as ears, eyes, tongues, government agents. The most glands, genitals and anuses — puzzling similarity between most as well as internal organs, have cases are how laser precise the puzzled farmers and prompted body parts are removed. discussion amongst conspiracy theorists. It is believed the The Watsons went on to share earliest report of cattle their story with filmmaker Linda mutilation was in and the areas Howe for her documentary on surrounding London in 1606, alien mysteries. following the organ removal of sheep. 94

One account of cattle mutilation comes from Ron and Paula Watson, who claim to have witnessed extraterrestrial beings examining one of their cows with their own eyes. They claim to have seen a “green, cone shaped craft” next to one of their cows. Over the cow stood “two little silver beings”. “I told Ron, ‘My god, they got a cow! What are they doing to it?’ Paula said. ‘It had its eyes open


In a 1992 symposium, Howe said: “‘…I found in so many eyewitness accounts of orange glowing objects the size of football fields hovering above pasturelands where mutilated animals were later found. Or beams of light observed shining down from ‘silent helicopters’ that lighted pastures ‘brighter than daylight’ and the next day mutilated animals were found. And eyewitness reports of strange craft and/or non-human creatures involved with animals. ‘There was Judy Doraty who in 1973 watched a brown and white calf rise in a pale beam of yellow light. Inside the craft, she saw tissue cut from the eye, tongue and testicles by two small greyskinned creatures. They had four fingers, instead of five, and those long, thin fingers tapered into dark nails. Their eyes had vertical pupils like a cat or a crocodile’s. Judy’s daughter, Cindy, also described in a 1990 hypnosis session seeing a calf rising in a beam of yellow light.’”


The mutilations were often cut with a precision that only a high-powered laser could only achieve, and the areas around the incisions had a blackened ‘burned’ appearance. However, today it has been theorised that the mutilations could in fact be part of a secretive government operation to research animal disease, such as mad cow or prion disease — since the meat industry is so large powerful in terms of profit, and disease could seize production.


Another strange marker that aliens may have left behind is the appearance of crop circles. Since the 1970’s, the appearance of crop circles have increased significantly. They are intricate patterns, often in circle shapes, made by flattening crops — particuarly cereal type crops like wheat. The patterns can often only be viewed from the air and are often in patterns so intricate that many believe that they could only be the work of an alien spacecraft.

In 1991, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, from Southampton, admitted to having made over 200 crop circles since the 1970s with simple tools such as rope and board. However, they claim to have drawn their inspiration from a 1966 account of a UFO sighting in Queensland in which a UFO landing left markings on the land afterwards. The crop circles made by the two gained a significant amount of media The majority of crop destruction coverage, which they revelled caused by the creation of the in as they created increasingly patterns are discovered by complex patterns. farmers in the morning, meaning that they must have been Crop circles now appear all over created in the world, but the majority are the night. still made in the UK. People still believe however that these could Simple crop circles first gained be extraterrestrial messages. attention in 1970’s Britain, in the fields of Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset and Gloucestershire. Since then, they have grown in intricacy and size, some measuring hundreds of feet across. Many of those who have studied these mysterious decorations have also noted that the crops are usually bent, rather than cut. This further fuels rumour that the creators cannot be human.





Whenever a UFO or alien sighting is spawned, talk of the “men in black” usually soon follows behind. The story that spawned decades of urban legends and even inspired the popular film franchise can be dated back to a story that occurred in 1947. A man called Harold Dahl was out with his son, Charles, on his boat near the shore of Maury Island, Washington on a conservation mission, when he saw 6 UFOs hovering above the water. One of the UFOs fell nearly 1,500 feet and with it fell metal debris, some of which fell and hit Charles on the arm, along with his dog — which killed it. Dahl took some pictures of the UFOs, which he showed to his supervisor. His supervisor was dubious but upon going to the site for himself, he saw the same strange ships.


Dahl was visited by a man wearing a black suit the following morning. The man took him to a local diner where the man recounted Dahl’s experience in unbelievalble detail. “What I have said is proof to you that I know a great deal more about this experience of yours than you will want to believe” said the man. He told Dahl to never speak abowut his experience — and if he did, bad things would happen. The events experienced by Dahl have fuelled conspiracy theories to this day. Similarly, a young UFO enthusiast named Albert K. Bender claimed he was visited by the men in black in 1953. His experience was described as “Three men in black suits with threatening expressions on their faces. Three men who walk in on you and make certain demands. Three men who know that you know what the saucers really are!” “They floated about a foot off the floor…

They looked like clergymen, but wore hats similar to Homburg style. The faces were not clearly discernible, for the hats partly hid and shaded them… The eyes of all three figures suddenly lit up like flashlight bulbs… They seemed to burn into my very soul as the pains above my eyes became almost unbearable.” Since, countless accounts of visitations by these strange and frightening men have been made.