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Robert Edward Lee was born on January 19 1807 in Stratford, Virginia. He came to the military prominence during the U.S. civil war, commanding his home states armed forces and becoming general in chief of the conflict. Through the union won the war lee has been revered by many while others debate his tactics. Then he went on to become president of Washington college. He led the southern forces against the union army in America. Roberts extended family included a president, a chief justice of the united states, and signers of the declaration of independence. Father colonial Henry Lee, also known as “light horse harry�. He has served as a cavalry leader during the revolutionary war and gone on to become one of the wars heroes. Winning praise from general George Washington. At age 18, he enrolled at West Point Military Academy. He was one of the just 6 cadets in his graduating class who finished without a single demerit. He wrapped his studies with perfect scores. Artillery, infantry, and cavalry. After graduating he met and married Mary Curtis. She was the great granddaughter of George and Martha Washington. Together they had seven children total. They had three boys and four girls. The boys names were Rob, Rooney, and Curt. The girls names were Mary, Annie, Anges, and Mildred. Since he had army loyalities, it moved him everywhere all over the world. From savannah to Baltimore to st. Louis to new york!

Robert e lee