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Survey Responses

My magazine will be aimed at females. Therefore I tried to get more responses from females and have proven to do so. This will give me an insight into their magazine preferences.

My magazine will be aimed at the younger generation and sent my survey out to my target audience. I focused my survey so that the respondents were within my target audience age range.

I asked this question to see what genre of music magazine would be most popular, I can see by these results that RnB is the most popular choice for my magazine. I’m really pleased with this as I wanted to use RnB in my magazine.

From this question I can see what magazines are most popular and whether people are really interested in buying particular music magazines. I’m surprised that 30% of my target audience don’t actually buy music magazines. This could be because they can access the information online. This may encourage me to produce an online magazine.

I asked this question to see if people were more attracted to a certain layout of magazine, or whether they generally didn’t mind. From this I now know that the majority of consumers would prefer to see picture led magazines.

This question was to see what people most value in a music magazine. From this I learnt that consumers most value interviews with band and least value competitions in magazines.

I asked this question to see what may persuade someone to buy a music magazine with particular freebies. CDs and posters appear to be most popular. This may encourage me into giving a free RnB mix CD with my magazine, although it may increase the price.

I learnt from asking this question that people aren’t too bothered about whether they read about up and coming artists or well known artists, a mix of the too seems favourable with my target audience. I also learnt that for this question I should have done a multiple choice answer in order to receive useful information.

This question was asked to see if consumers would value competitions in music magazines, from this it shows that the only interest in competitions is if there is a prize to be one, otherwise they are not interested.

I asked this question to see how much my target audience would be willing to pay for a music magazine, from this I can see that the majority would be willing to pay roughly around ÂŁ3-ÂŁ4.

Survey responses  

Responses i got for the survey on my music magazine