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23 | THE VOICE JUNE 7-13, 2012



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hair story in pictures

24 | THE VOICE JUNE 7 - 13, 2012

Rihanna’s hair today, gone tomorrow! We look at the star’s hair transition through the years asymmetrical bob

comeback…in red!

8. FRINGE BENEFITS: The singer goes for a slight variation of her much-loved hairstyle by adding a blunt fringe and levelling it out

14. TURN UP THE VOLUME: Many compared Rhi Rhi to the Simpson character, Side Show Bob, when she showcased this look

9. PIXIE PERFECT: This short do framed the singer’s face and petite features perfectly

15. CURL UP AND DYE: This much tamer look went down a treat at a recent awards ceremony

4. MAN, I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN: The glamorous tossled do came after the teen signed her record contract

10. SHORT BACK AND SIDES: Following her break up from boyfriend and fellow singer, Chris Brown, the singer opts for a more drastic look

16. BLOND AMBITION: Rihanna decided to keep the loose curls, but dips back into that peroxide bottle

5. NATURAL BEAUTY: The singer goes for the ‘girl next door’ look in one of her first TV appearances

11. THE BLACKER THE BERRY: Having experimented with peroxide, the star turns back to her trusted colour

6. STRAIGHT TALK: The Barbadian beauty experiments with longer, slicker – albeit more expensive – weave

12. SIMPLY RED: Rihanna’s love affair with all things red began with this cute sweeped fringe style

17. BACK TO BLACK: The clippers and weave make a comeback when the star promotes debut film, Battleship

7. THE CHOP: Rihanna’s love affair with scissors started here with the now famed

13. THE LONG ROAD: The long, bone-straight weave makes a triumphant

1. CHICK WITH THE BRAIDS: It’s plain to see that Rihanna’s mum had a lot of input when it came to this hairstyle 2. CARIBBEAN QUEEN: The singer adds length to her teenage tresses with extentions 3. WELL GEL: The slick hair scraped into a tight ponytail was an obligatory style for young women in the 90s






18. BLONDS HAVE MORE FUN: The singer reverts back to her famed bright tresses in her most recent look










STUDENT OF THE WEEK Danielle Williams





A NORTH London teenager has been elected as Camden’s new deputy youth MP. Danielle Williams, 18, was selected as the second in command to youth MP Jabeen Rizvi following the boroughs recent youth elections. The teen, who is currently studying for her A Levels in law, psychology and drama, told Young Voices that the constant negative press her peers had encountered post the London riots prompted her decision to enter politics. “I’m sick and tired with what’s going on. That’s the main reason [I decided to enter politics]. I was really angry about the ‘we can’t do anything about it’ or ‘it’s the system keeping us down’ attitude and said, ‘If we don’t make a

change and unite as one people then nothing is going to happen.’ “Young people were receiving a lot of negative press especially after the riots and it was heart wrenching because I know a lot of young people doing positive things.” Danielle’s first plan of action is to help young people in the borough understand the council’s “distribution of money and funding of projects,” at regional and national level within the UK Youth Parliament. “I’ve made the decision to be a young MP and dedicate my time and effort to this cause and make sure I do it right. If you’re going to something, you have to do it 100 percent,” she said.

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JUNE 7-13, 2012 THE VOICE | 25

The British rapper talks to YV’s Dionne Grant about his Unorthodox rise to the top


E MIGHT boast a number of chart-topping singles and list the likes of Adele and Liam Gallagher as fans, but there’s one thing that Wretch 32 still has outstanding on his to-do list – finding love. The north London rapper, who has just returned from a six-day stint in LA when we catch up, is keen to find the perfect companion to share in his success. “There’s no special lady in my life right now,” the star tells me as the conversation steers away from music and his incredible success in the charts thus far. When pressed about his perfect woman, the 27-year-old pauses, “I don’t really have a type,” he says. But before I can hit back with my next question or probe him on my last, he admits: “I’ll have a crush on Alesha Dixon until I die though.”

Then there’s no stopping him, “…I like Rebecca Ferguson and I think Alexandra Burke is cute…” So he does have a type then? He laughs, “I don’t know. There’s a song on my album called Blur and that’s literally how I feel. Everything has just been a blur since things took off. Half the time I don’t know what’s going on or where I am. I spend too much time away. It’s probably not the right time [for a woman].” The album in question is his successful 2011 studio debut, Black and White, which spurned tracks Traktor, Unorthodox, which featured British rapper, Example, (my favourite) Don’t Go and the latest offering Hush Little Baby featuring singer Ed Sheeran. It also won him legions of fans and secured him a seat in the pop alumni. What it didn’t do, as expected, was win the Tottenham star any nominations at the BRIT awards earlier this year, which raised more than a few eyebrows. At the time Wretch said he spent “an hour of being angry about it,” but says he now feels “fine.” “I’m over it now. I was a bit confused and I was trying to understand what had happened. I realised some things are just out of your control and not as straight forward as they should be. At the end of the day, the fans are happy with the music, we’re still touring and we’re still doing all right,” he said. On Sheeran picking up the Best British Male

YVs straight-talking agony uncle answers your problems

Hey Kat

and Best British Breakthrough Act at the cer- clothing situation. I’m getting into fashion a bit. emony, Wretch said: “He one million percent de- I’m not sure yet, some nice menswear,” he said. Hush Little Baby is out now through Levels Reserves to be there and deserves those awards. That’s the thing about award ceremonies. The cordings / Ministry Of Sound. majority of the artists do deserve to be there.” Not one to languish in negativity, Wretch is back in the studio (hence the LA trip) and Beyoncé – The superready for a follow up to his critiCraig David – star returned to the stage cally acclaimed debut studio The singer, turned for the first time since album. fitness junkie, shone giving birth to Blue Ivy in “I’ve been quite experimenin the Miami sun as he January. The star-studded tal in trying some stuff. There’s worked up a sweat on audience included First definitely Wretch 32 music on the beach there, but what I do is make Lady, Michelle Obama sure it’s better and lyrically I’ve stepped up and the music has stepped up with me and so has the chorus level. He added: “I’ve definitely made sure that the music is strong enough.” So what else does the future have in store for the proud father of two? “Probably more children, I want a lot. You’re in the studio, make as much music as possible and then everything always happens on the back of music I never planned for everything I have now. I would love to a little

n o i h s a f t Stree

So glad you’re back ‘cos I really need your advice!! I’m meant to be going to Ibiza with my girls in the summer holidays, but my man says he doesn’t want me to go because he thinks I’m gonna cheat. We’ve been together for a year and I’ve never cheated before so I don’t know why he’s acting all jealous like this. What should I do? I don’t wanna lose him (he says he’ll break up with me if I go), but I don’t want to let me friends down either. Help! *Dimplez*

Lil Wayne and Drake – The young money rappers have refused to fork out £400k to club promoters who claim the pair failed to show up for an appearance.

Hi Dimplez

It’s good to be back! Ok, straight to business. I understand where you’re both coming from so you’ll really need to sit down and compromise. Most of his concerns come from a place of fear. He’s afraid that you’ll meet another man on a wild night out or something in that vein. It’s you’re job to restore his confidence in you and your relationship. Explain that you love and respect him and that your actions on holiday will be reflective of that. Maybe a call or text home every other day might help alleviate his fears. If he fails to come around, you may have to take a serious look at the longevity of your relationship. Could you really be with someone who is so controlling? You don’t want to lose him and I understand that, but you cannot have any form of relationship without the trust. K@

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Usher – Ongoing custody battle with ex-wife reduced the Climax singer to tears when he was accused of being a bad father.

TWEET OF THE WEEK Rochelle, east London

Alex, east London

Jay Z proves he’s as smitten with wife Be Beyoncé now as he was the day he said, ‘I do’ in a recent tweet about the Bootylicious star.

“I’m gonna say this and then I’m gonna end mine.” BEYONCE is the best performer in the world. Period.”

12/03/2012 11:25


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Young Voices Edition 1 2012  

Young Voices is back. As part of the Voice's 30th anniversary celebrations you can now read it each week in print and online. This award...

Young Voices Edition 1 2012  

Young Voices is back. As part of the Voice's 30th anniversary celebrations you can now read it each week in print and online. This award...