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Miley Cyrus & Tyler The Creator

So Solid’s

MC Harvey enters the Big Brother house!

l o S o e l CStar on the rise

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INTIMATE Celebrities through their own eyes



1) SEALED WITH A KISS: Kim Kardashian gets her fans in a frenzy with a goodnight ‘kiss’ on Instagram

8) HIGH NOTE: Rapper Wiz Khalifa is never one to stay away from controversy on Instagram

2) ON THE GRIND:Just in case you didn’t know, rapper Meek Mill works hard both in and out of the booth

9) WHAT BEEF?: UK singer, Rita Ora dismissed rumours of a beef between her and Rihanna by posting this pic

3) PEACE: Mindless Behaviour’s Princeton gives his female fans another option for a phone screensaver

10) LOW KEY: Singer Alicia Keys posted a picture of her new (and much shorter) hairdo on the social networking site

4) FAMILY MATTERS: We love us some Nick Cannon and Mariah. Here they are with their twins, Moroccan and Monroe

11) NOT SO ROSEY: Model Amber Rose lets us into herself wacky world by posting this pic of her with what appears to be shaving cream on her head

5) WAKEY WAKEY: Singer Omarion shows off his envious bod 6) MAKING A SPLASH: Rapper Rick Ross shows he’s body confident when taking a dip in a pool 7) BAD GAL RI RI: Rihanna gets her thug on with rappers Snoop Dogg and Warren G



12) ONE KISS SAYS IT ALL: Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of the late singer, Whitney Houston, shows the world how in love she is with controversial boyfriend, Nick Gordon - her foster brother 13) SHOW ME THE MONEY: Rapper P Diddy and rumoured girlfriend, singer

Cassie, rub their wealth in the faces of their followers 14) SLEEPING BEAUTY: Singer Chris Brown takes a well-earned break from promoting his new album, Fortune. Question: Did ex girl, Rihanna or current squeeze, Karrueche take this picture? 15) FRANKLY CUTE: Who’s the little cutie on Frank Ocean’s shoulders throwing up signs? The singer looks oblivious to it all 16. BETTER WITH AGE: Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith looks picture perfect as she emerges from the sea. Hubby Will Smith is one lucky man. 17) FURRY SITUATION: Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith prove that their fashion knows no bounds. Furry boots? Really?


18) SAY AAAAH: Singer Chris Brown’s model girlfriend, Karrueche, has clearly forgotten her table manners in this snap






17 18

Eleanor Rattenbury A TALENTED singer from north London was left open-mouthed at her phenomenal A-level results following a disaster with her drama coursework. Eleanor Rattenbury, 18, who attends Mill Hill County High, in the London borough of Barnet, was thrilled to discover she not only achieved two As in drama and Religious Studies, but also an A* in English Literature. “I was hoping for As but I never thought I’d actually get them. I’ve worked so hard for this. It’s amazing especially after everything I’ve gone through,” she said.

“The day before my 3,500-word drama coursework was due, I thought I’d saved it to my computer but it just disappeared. I panicked, but I just had to work even harder and spent the next day redoing the whole thing. I’ve got to call my mum!” Rattenbury, who helped choreograph a school production of Grease, is now off to Birmingham University to study English and theatre studies. When asked if she had any worried about tuition fees, which are now capped at £9,000, she said: “The way I see it, the whole of my generation is going to leave saddled with debt.

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AUGUST 16 - 22, 2012 THE VOICE  25

UK Singer Cleo Sol talks to YV’s Akilah Russell about MySpace, stage fright and ‘male groupies’


T WAS love at first listen. Watching rising star Cleo Sol perform with the confidence of a bonafide veteran on stage at this year's Wireless Festival instantly converted me from a mere onlooker into a fully -fledged fan. However, I quickly discovered that my passion for the British bombshell's music was not as unique as I first thought.

In fact, the 20-year-old singer has become a force to be reckoned with on the underground music scene over the last few years, bagging collaborations with some of the biggest names in British music, including Wretch 32, Tinie Tempah and Angel. After signing with Island Records and creating a buzz bigger than insects in Texas, the part Serbian, Spanish and Jamaican beauty's soulful vocals and sassy

image are sure to see her star rise. "I have been singing all of my life; it has always been like second nature to me. Both my parents were musicians. They still play instruments so I grew up with music in my family. That was the thing that we did whenever we got together," she tells me. "Singing was just fun to me, but I realised I could make a career out of it when I turned 15 or 16. I went to a 'normal’ secondary school in the sense that it was not music-based. When I went to college I chose to study performing arts. During this time, I was also attending a youth club around the corner from my house and while I was there I was able to make some music and put it on my MySpace page." We both laugh at the mention of MySpace - the social networking site that took us through our teenage years before it was unceremoniously replaced by the likes of Facebook and Twitter. ”Yes, MySpace. It was actually really popular at the time," she maintains. "Through my MySpace page I met UK producer DaVinChe, who I work with now. He contacted me and asked me if I wanted to come to the studio.” She adds: “At first I didn’t want

to go because you don't just meet people online and go to the studio with them. But I did my research on him and found out that he worked on rapper Kano's P's & Q's, so I was like, 'oh he is legit' and we have been working together ever since." The songstress has come a long way since the days of MySpace, though. She is currently working on her debut studio album, which is expected to feature some of the UK’s finest talent. Just a few days before our interview, the singer was in the studio with north London star Angel. Looking at her steady rise, it’s hard to believe that Cleo Sol once suffered from terrible stage fright. She admits: "A few years ago I could not even talk to a crowd. I was so nervous. I used to shake before performances, but now I am raring to go and I love speaking to the audience and showing them who I am and finding out who they are." As the interview comes to a close, Cleo is quick to add that the ‘Sol’ in her moniker is an ode to her Spanish heritage and actually means 'Sun’ in the language. She also wishes to clear up that it is no way a reference to the type of music she makes.

She says: "I don't like to make myself genre specific, I just like to have fun with music and bring light to my performances, so that is why I thought the name represents me." In fact, Cleo admits that she only likes to indulge in a ballad 'now and then'. Based on what I am told next, it also appears that Cleo doesn’t need to sing love songs to get hearts racing because she has an ever-expanding base of ‘male groupies’ already – my words, not


hers. She laughs: "It’s funny because you have the ones who come to shows and take pictures and then they tweet me three times. I don't mind when girls do it, I think it is sweet, but when it is guys I think it is funny! “They’re like 'would you be my girlfriend? I don't think I will ever get used to that!" Never The Right Time is out now through Island Records


The UK rapper has followed in the footsteps of fellow So Solid Crew member, MC Romeo, to become a housemate on the new series of reality show, Big Brother.

Will and Jada Smith have reportedly agreed to produce and direct the official Watch The Throne documentary for rappers Jay Z and Kanye West.

EVELYN LOZADA: The US reality TV star filed for divorce from her NFL player husband, Chad Johnson, after just 34 days of marriage. She has accused Johnson of domestic violence.

The superstar dismissed reports that she and producer Timbaland would work on a new album by late singer Aaliyah. She says the pair have 'not been contacted'.

Dear Kat,

I want to put on weight because my bum is not big enough. Nothing has worked so far. I have tried exercise in that area and eating a lot more, but still no joy. My man loves girls with bigger bums and it is expected when you are African but, for some reason no matter what I do, my body stays petite. He says he doesn't mind that I am slim and even claimed he does not want me to change but I don't believe him. Every time Beyoncé comes on the screen, he makes a comment about her bum, so how can it not matter? Let me know.

Tracee, Dartford, 19

Dear Tracee,

If your boyfriend wants someone like Beyoncé, why do you think he’s with you? People always want what they can't have and when they get it too quick, they don’t value it. Love yourself for what you are. Too many people strive for what they think is perfection and not what they already have, which is perfect enough. You are what you surround yourself with. If you watch rubbish on TV in the day instead of looking for a job that's what you will become. Go find a new circle please! The circle you’re in, isn’t a circle, it’s a trap. Be happy with your petite frame. I’ve read a number of stories about girls whose search for the perfect body has had fatal consequences. Don’t let this be you. Right, I’ve got a plane to catch. Agony Uncle Kat is needed in Spain. Love yourself and all that you are. You’re perfect.


Disney Star Miley Cyrus blasted rapper Tyler The Creator after he dissed her new haircut.

Elizabeth, north west Lo ndon

Shadiat, south London

"@f*cktyler my "barber" couldn't even come close to the f**k job that is your face. # your right you should shut up. PS your musics dope" Miley Cyrus

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This week's artiste focus is on Cleo Sol... most definitely a star on the rise.