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Lauryn Hill facing prison


Rihanna’s Mac lipstick is a hit

24 ! THE VOICE MAY 16 -22, 2013


As summer approaches, celebrities get ready to bare all. We take a look at the ones that have the most outrageous artwork to show off 

RIHANNA Not known to do things by halves, the Bajan singer got the Egyptian goddess Isis emblazoned on her chest

CHRIS BROWN The singer, who is rapidly running out of space for new ink, caused outrage when critics compared the tatt on his neck to images of battered ex-girlfriend Rihanna

CHIP UK rapper Chip will never have to worry about the time again as he has a huge clock etched into the middle of his chest

GUCCI MANE Arguably the most outrageous tattoo to make this list, US rapper Gucci Mane inked an ice cream – yes, ice cream – on his FACE!

ASTON MERRYGOLD Like many of us, JLS singer Aston loved Michael Jackson. Unlike many of us, he rushed out and got a tattoo of the King of Pop on his arm

BLAC CHYNA The model, who recently gave birth to her first child with rapper Tyga, inked her ENTIRE right thigh. Looks pretty, but painful!

SKEPTA UK rapper Skepta’s six-pack will have to fight for attention with this huge eagle on his chest

BIRDMAN He’s a star, and if ever you were in doubt just look at the Cash Money founder’s head. Why would you do this?

LIL WAYNE Where do we start? The rapper’s run out of tattoo space on his body so he opted for a ‘baked’ inking on his face. What has he started?

NICK CANNON If you were ever in doubt of Nick Cannon’s love for wife Mariah Carey, all you have to do is look on his back. It’s there for all to see!

JAY BOTHROYD A gun, a grenade, a knife and a rifle? Although the QPR striker’s tattoo spells ‘love’ (turn the page around), he might have some explaining to do at customs

SNOOP LION Rapper Snoop Lion took the death of fellow musician and friend Nate Dogg very hard. The tattoo reads, ‘All Doggs go to heaven’


THE GAME Is that President Obama on The Game’s chest? Yes, is the answer. That’s erm‌nice!

TYGA Much like Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, rapper Tyga is losing canvas fast. His chest tattoo reads: “Fear no one but God�

YOUNG CHRISTIAN leader Seth Pinnock starts work this month as regional director for Eden Network and The Message Trust in the Midlands. The architecture and social enterprise graduate, who founded the Midnight Oil summit - an annual Christian youth gathering will be using this year’s event in July to raise awareness in Birmingham about the Eden Network’s work. The 24-year-old said: “Over the next three years I wish to lay a solid foundation of works, worship and wonder, partnering with like-

minded movements and launching Eden teams across the Midlands. It is our intention to establish a hub for the region; providing jobs, training, prayer and a place where potential can be recognised and released.� Eden works with young people and their families, living in disadvantaged urban communities. Seth’s role will involve encouraging Christians to work alongside hard to reach communities and encourage people who have the calling to do so, to relocate and live on tough estates to help bring about positive transformation.

RITA ORA The British singer, who was accused of cheating on ex Rob Kardashian with “20 dudes�, got an image of the Virgin Mary inked on her inner arm

AMBER ROSE The model recently gave birth to rapper Wiz Khalifa’s son. Who needs flowers to say thank you nowadays? Just tattoo your partner’s face on your body

50 CENT That’s got to hurt! Rapper 50 Cent wants to ensure that even with his top off you know who he is with this gigantic tattoo



MAY 16 - 22, 2013 THE VOICE ! 25

UK rapper Shystie talks to YV’s Dionne Grant about her beef with Azealia Banks and why she’ll always speak her mind


WITTER WAS sent into a frenzy when UK rapper Shystie and fellow US lyricist Azealia Banks locked horns on the popular social networking site in March. The former friends had called time on their relationship over the release of Shystie's video for Control It, on which Banks featured. Banks, known for her controversial online battles with other celebs, claimed the video was “bogus” while Shystie, who had clear proof that it wasn't, refused to take the clip down despite reported orders from Banks' record label. When I liken the situation to the biblical story of David and his bout against the giant Goliath, she laughs. “Exactly! They feel like because she's signed to a major and I'm an independent artist, they can throw their weight around. Not with me,

boy,” she says defiantly. The feisty emcee from Hackney, who rose to fame in 2003 with her response to Dizzee Rascal's hit I Luv U and subsequent tour with rapper 50 Cent, self-funded the high-quality clip and refused to bow to mounting pressure from the US bigwigs. She was surprised, however, by the support from around the world. “I know that [the record label] didn't expect the level of outrage. Everybody went crazy at her on Twitter. Team UK was proper behind me - and people outside of the UK, too.” Although, like David, she won the battle - in that the video remains online - she does admit that the loss of the transatlantic friendship bothers her. “That's the bad bit for me. We were cool and we were hanging out and all of that. I know what it's like when you're signed to a major, you get gassed up. You're calling the shots and all

of that, but she could've texted me. She has my number, but she still went on Twitter and started all of that. I said to her, 'I'm not one of those artists that you're used to dealing with, so just make sure that you know what you're doing.'” Asked whether the Yung Rapunxel star had made contact since the public spat, she replied: “She has messaged me and apologised and whatever, but I'm like, 'Don't apologise to me, get on Twitter where you were running your mouth before.’ But this is the industry and stuff like this happens.” The east Londoner adds: “Major label or independent label, I don't care. If you rip down what I'm doing, I'm going for you. I'm an independent artist, I've got nothing to lose.” It is believed that the artist's new track Doppelganger, which chronicles the pair's aforementioned beef, will now replace Control It as the first release from her forthcom-

ing EP Pink Mist. She explains: “The song was never meant to be released like that, I was trying to push the EP. But after all of that, I thought, 'You know what? If you want to run your mouth on Twitter, you go ahead, but I'm going to embarrass you by doing a song.” However, putting the beef behind her, she says she is now focusing her energy on pushing her new music, which she describes as “fun, edgy and cocky”. “It's like female empowerment,” she says. “The songs are really sexy and stuff like that. It's just fun music. I'm so bored of people putting out the same kind of music, it's dead and boring, 'Oh my cars, my bling, my this, my that.' It's just boring. I went into the studio and just made fun music,” she says. Despite her pledge to music for now, Shystie, whose starring role in hit MTV series Dubplate Drama in 2005 gained 3.3 million views and won her an array of fans in the acting world, hasn't ruled out further appearances on the small screen. “If an acting role came up that suited me and I had time to do it, I would definitely consider it and take on the challenge. “In Dubplate Drama, my character was an exaggerated version of Shystie, so it wasn't too bad or difficult. I had never acted before, so it was scary to begin with. That being said, music is my first love. Anything else is a bonus and fun.” She describes

her recent stint in the US, where she walked the runway in New York fashion week and featured in fashion bible Vogue, similarly: “Both acting and modelling are fun and refreshing,” she says. “Modelling is probably more scary because at any moment you can slip on the runway and there's too many cameras to be doing that.” Although Shystie, whose childhood ambition was to work for animation company Pixar as a graphic designer, has triumphed in various disciplines within the entertainment field, she is the first in her family to try her hand at the arts. “When I was first learning how to emcee I was at sixth form and my parents were like, 'No, you've got to go to university,' but I was so passionate about music. I've got a few

cousins that sing, but I'm the first to pursue it like this.” Asked whether she has any regrets at missing out on studying graphic design at A-level (which coincidently was full to capacity when she applied), she replies: “Not at all. I design all of my mixtape covers, my EP covers and I've got a line of tshirts coming out on my website, so I still do it. It's just that I do music too.” And has she ruled out future work with other US stars following her public showdown with Azealia Banks? She laughs: “I can't paint them all with the same brush, so it all depends, the artist will have to complement me and the song.” Doppelganger is out now. For more info, visit: or follow @IAmShystie on Twitter



Our favourite Bajan pop star had reason to celebrate last week after her ‘‘RiRi Woo’’ MAC lipstick sold out in three hours

The singer is currently in intense training as he prepares for his role as legendary boxer Sugar Ray Leonard in an upcoming film


Dear Kat,

I have a friend who I think is seeing another friend’s boyfriend behind her back. I don’t know for sure, but she has an iPhone and I saw a text pop up with my friend’s boyfriend’s name. He has a unique name so I definitely know it was him. I couldn’t see what the text said, but it was sent at 2am in the morning. When she saw me looking at the screen, she quickly grabbed her phone like she had something to hide. Another thing, if my friend talks about her man in front of her, she gets really uncomfortable and upset. Lady K

Hi Lady K,

In the first instance I would say you need to speak with the friend you suspect of cheating. Ask her if she is carrying on with a relationship behind your other friend’s back before you go making the situation worse. She may take offence to your accusation, so you’ll need to explain why you believe she is - this is where you mention the 2am text. You can’t force her to admit to this no matter how strong your beliefs are, so should she deny it, just explain the implications should it ever prove to be true. If she does admit it, advise her to come clean or call it off. Don’t take it upon yourself to reveal it to your other friend. The messenger often gets shot.


The former Fugees star faces three months in prison for failing to pay her taxes



TWEET OF THE WEEK British actor Aml Ameen is enjoying continued success in the States after landing a role in upcoming movie The Butler alongside Oprah Winfrey and Forest Whitaker

KIM KARDASHIA N All we see is walking sofa a


The model girlfriend of rapper Pharell took an embarrassing tumble causing her to flash her bare chest



Circa Destiny Child 1995 ’s

Aml Ameen

““It takes courage to Dream Big. It hurts to Dream Big... But it's worth it!””


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Young Voices Shystie Edition  

UK rapper Shystie talks to Young Voice's Dionne Grant about her beef with Azealia Banks and why she’ll always speak her mind.

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