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24 ! THE VOICE SEPTEMBER 12 - 18, 2013

YV’S AUTUMN MIXTAPE As we say goodbye to summer, let’s welcome autumn in style with this selection of rain-inspired tunes

SUGABABES W H O : UK trio SONG: Sunday Rain


SWV W H O : US 1990s trio SONG: Rain

MARY J BLIGE & JA RULE W H O : Award-winning singer and rapper SONG: Rainy Days

ALEXANDRA BURKE WHO: Former X Factor winner SONG: Before The Rain

LIL WAYNE WHO: Cash Money rapper SONG: I’ll make It Rain

PRINCE W H O : Iconic US singer SONG: Purple Rain

LEONA LEWIS WHO: Former X Factor winner SONG: Rain and Thunder

NEW EDITION W H O : 1980s R&B group led by Bobby Brown SONG: Can You Stand The Rain

RIHANNA WHO: Roc Nation singer SONG: Umbrella

MISSY ELLIOTT W H O : US rapper and producer SONG: I Can’t Stand The Rain

CHAKA KHAN W H O : Grammy awardwinning singer SONG: Clouds

ASHANTI WHO: US singer SONG: Rain On Me

/XWDOR 0XKDPPDG MARIAH CAREY WHO: One of the bestselling singers of all time S O N G : Through The Rain

JACKSON 5 WHO: US quintet led by Michael Jackson SONG: Ain’t No Sunshine

BORN AND raised in Walthamstow, east London, it was a hugely proud moment for Lutalo, his family and his community when he left the London 2012 Olympics with a bronze medal at the 80kg class in taekwondo.

had been selected ahead of World Number 1, Aaron Cook.

The feat was even more remarkable given that he won the medal in the face of a backlash from former athletes and some sections of the media, who were angry that Lutalo

“I hope to inspire young black boys to use the discipline of sport to propel themselves forward in every aspect of their lives,� he said.

However, Lutalo proved his doubters wrong and came away with his name in the history books and that all-important medal.

RAEKWON WHO: US rapper SONG: Rainy Dayz

EMINEM W H O : US rapper SONG: Rain man



SEPTEMBER 12 - 18, 2013 THE VOICE ! 25

US rapper and actor Ludacris talks to YV about his love of fast cars, balancing a film career with music and keeping fit


IS BRAIDED hair, Deep South drawl, eccentric videos and witty lyrics came to be trademarks of Atlanta rapper Ludacris. Hits including What's Your Fantasy, Rollout, Move B**ch and Stand Up, produced by Kanye West and one of Ludacris' biggest mainstream hits to date, stormed the charts and nightclubs in and around the capital, helping to bring music from the 'Dirty South' to the fore. Then he chopped off his beloved locks, his music took on more serious undertones, and the star - real name Christopher Bridges embraced the world of acting, appearing in blockbusters Crash and probably more notably, the Fast & Furious fran-

chise. “I think [acting] is an extension of my other career because we shoot music videos and we are acting out our own thoughts and our own stories. With acting, you just take it another step further and drive into another character,� he says. Asked whether he found it difficult to balance music and film, he replied: “No, not easy. You make time for what you feel excited about, what you really care about. It is definitely something that takes a lot of hard work and dedication and discipline and I am going through enough.� Having won accolades in both disciplines, including a Screen Actors Guild for his acting exploits and three Grammy Awards for his musical output, he admits there is a “good pressure� to continually outdo

himself. “The pressure is on for greatness,� he laughed. Currently on set filming Fast & Furious 7, his fourth dalliance with the popular franchise, surely the not-so-good pressure must be on to make each performance better than the last? “I think we have the right individuals to do it, starting with the director and the producer and going right onto the writer and all the actors. Everybody is competitive in their own right, so trying to outdo ourselves is something that we try to do in our own lives. It pretty much equates to the film.� Alongside actors Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson and Dwayne Johnson (aka 'The Rock'), Ludacris will reprise the role of Tej Parker, a garage owner who doubles up as the racing crew's technical expert.

“I am a fan of the franchise just like everybody else,� he says is the reason he keeps signing up for the franchise, whose sixth installment celebrated becoming the third highest-grossing film of 2013, taking over $780m worldwide. “It excites me just as much as it excites everybody else. We continue to outdo ourselves on everything. When it comes to the action, the storyline continues to come together and just when you think you have the best plot, they come with another one. It just continues to progress and evolve.� On the appeal of his character to the film’s audience, he says: “They love that I am pretty much the brains of the operation, the intelligent guy who gels everything together, keeps everyone organised.� And there's also another reason why the star is continually lured back to the successful series, he can fully immerse himself in his love of fast cars. “I love cars so much that I have come to the realisation that I am going to have to stop buying cars and try to be on a quest to rent cars for the rest of my life,� he laughed. “There are too many cars I have not driven that have already been made.� His personal favourite? “The one I love most is my 93 Acura Legend,� he says. “If you're talking about super cars I like the 450 Italia Ferrari. I have driven a Bugatti before, it's like a space ship. It's amazing,�

he gushes. “I think it goes from 0-60mph in 1.8 seconds. I had a friend who had a Bugatti and when he had a flat tyre it cost $20,000 to fix.� Does it frustrate him that his character doesn't really get the chance to test drive the “unbelievable� cars that arrive on set? He laughs. “Absolutely. I don't do much driving because I am the guy behind the scenes. Every now and again, I get behind a vehicle when they need some extra manpower. As the sequels continue, I am starting to get more and more pieces of action slowly but surely.� The cars aren't the only thing with muscle on set, Ludacris has noticeably beefed up since his Back For The First Time album debut. He admits that he has picked



up a bit more than acting skills while working alongside fitness fanatic Vin Diesel and former wrestler Dwayne Johnson. The star revealed that the most prominent piece of advice he received from the duo was that “physicality is more about dietâ€?. The 36-year-old explained: “People always think that exercise is going to change them overnight but it is diet and exercise together that makes the changes people want to see. So basically, if you are exercising and still eating badly, you're pretty much wasting a lot of time and energy in the gym because you are ruining the potential transformation of your body. I enjoy the change I have undergone. I think it's motivating.â€? Fast & Furious 6, is released on Bluray™ and DVD - both with UltraViolet™ from Sep 16




Dear Kat,

I think I’m in love with a much older man. That’s not the only problem though, he’s my brother’s football coach. I recently started going to watch my brother play football after he broke up with his girlfriend and got talking to his coach. At first it was just, ‘hello’, ‘how are you?’, ‘goodbye’ and then we swapped numbers. He sends me the sweetest messages, takes me out and treats me like a queen. Should it matter that he’s 20 years older than me? Last week, he told me he loves me and I told him I loved him too, but we’re both tired of sneaking around. What should we do? Anon



Hi Anon,

You say this guy is 20 years older than you, so obviously my first concern is your age. If you’re under 16 and have been physical with this man, he is breaking the law. You’re still classed as a minor. If you’re 16 or over, the age gap is still of concern to me. I understand that love comes in all shapes, sizes (and ages), but I worry about how you both will fare once your secret is out. Things are great now because you haven’t been met with opposition. You’re still very much cocooned by the fact this is something only the two of you share. Things may become a little more complicated when you reveal your relationship to your brother, which you will have to do eventually, and your parents – who fall within your partner’s peer group.If you’re serious about this relationship, come clean sooner rather than later. Depending on your relationship, maybe confide in your mum first? The longer you take to tell, the harder – and more betrayed - people are going to feel.



Does she ever put a foot wro ng?






We love Alexa ndra, but wha t on earth was she thinking?



26 ! THE VOICE SEPTEMBER 12 - 18, 2013



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Young voices ludacris edition 1  
Young voices ludacris edition 1  

US rapper and actor Ludacris talks to Young Voice's Dionne Grant about his love of fast cars, balancing a film career with music and keeping...