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Eve announces engagement


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R&B singer Ginuwine talks to YV’s Michelle Martin about new music, why he loves the UK and how honoured he feels to be seen as a musical pioneer


E IS the singer who brought us Pony, the Maryland native who helped define a musical genre and coined the phrase ‘sweet boy of R&B’ while he was at it. His dashing looks combined with his smooth vocals had ladies falling over themselves with glee each time the singer opened his mouth. And though US-based, there was no denying that his fans spread far and wide, especially in the UK. “I’m always screaming about

London because of the continued love that you give me,” R&B singer Ginuwine says during a recent visit to the city. “Everyone from London knows how much I love the city, that’s why they support me so much. Every time I do a show, it sells out.” He adds: “I always look forward to performing in London it’s like a second home so I always try to give my all and something for fans to remember me by. I always give 100 per cent. I feed off the crowd, so I put in what the crowd give me. I’ve been in the business for a long time so I truly appreciate

the love I still get.” And his love of the UK doesn’t just stop with the capital. Ginuwine, real name Elgin Lumpkin, says he’s also very fond of Southampton-born singer Craig David. “That’s my man,” he says. “Hopefully, we can catch up and do some music together,” he says. “I want to work with anybody that wants to work with me. I’ve always been the kind of guy who just loves success and loves the joy in music, so whoever wants to collaborate, I’m always up to do that!”

In 2007, Ginuwine, who still performs as a solo artist, joined forces with fellow R&B singers Tyrese and Tank to form R&B super group TGT (an acronym of their names). The trio’s debut album Three Kings, released last year, hit the top spot on the US R&B charts and No.3 on the Billboard charts. Band member Tyrese described the group as the “ultimate R&B fan experience”. He said in an interview: “Me, Tank and Ginuwine have been talking about this forever. The reason why this makes sense is that besides all of us being R&B singers, we’re all good friends. Every time I see Tank, every time I see Ginuwine, we all had good energy regardless,” he said. Ginuwine, who married American rapper Solé in 2003, has been described as a musical pioneer and tells me it feels “good” to be seen in this light. “I’ve been in the business for two decades now and for me to be in the business for that long and for the likes of [R&B singers] Chris Brown and Ne-Yo to shout my name is an honour. I just feel like I have been a great example to them, like Michael Jackson and Prince were to me when I first started out in in the music business.” He adds: “It’s funny because I don’t really listen to the radio any more; I’m kind of fed up with the radio. I’d like to say I’m old school, I like to hear true R&B

songs.” The 43-year-old’s debut album The Bachelor, released in 1996, was certified gold in January 1997 and double platinum by March 1999. His followup albums (there have been six in total) have done similarly well, spurning breakout hits So Anxious and slow jam favourite Differences. Reflecting on his past hits and his growth in the industry, he told Madame Noire: “There are certain thresholds I won’t go over [now]. You still can be respectful. When I came out with Pony I like to think that was a great metaphorical type song that really was saying one thing, but it was still a good song. It was still able to be played on radio. “I was able to push the envelope a little bit. With the music


The US rapper revealed her engagement to British designer and Gumball 3000 founder Maximillion Cooper

industry now, I’m not going to be saying all that kind of stuff; I’d look stupid saying that. You have to do it in a tasteful way. You can say everything you want to say, but there’s a way to say it. Be creative. Creativity is what’s really missing in the music industry today and that’s what I’m trying to bring to the business.” On his future in the industry, he adds: “Right now I’m working on a new CD called Old School Young and I do a lot of animation -that’s like my second hobby. I’ve got a series on YouTube called Buddies and I have four parts to it so far and you know we’re just going to keep that going.” For more information, follow @Ginuwine on Twitter or visit


The UK actor had cause for celebration after TV channel London Live bought his YouTube series All About The McKenzies

OR BUSTED? F F U B Hi Kat, I feel kinda down because all of my friends have boyfriends and although I don’t want to follow the crowd, I feel lonely. I’ve started thinking that I’m not pretty or that I’m too fat and things like that. Every boy that I like or can see myself being with either likes some one else or is just not interested. I’m 15 and I’m gonna be 16 later this year. I know I’m too young to be thinking about this, but it’s just annoying me! DWYANE WADE:


It was revealed that the Miami Heat basketball player had fathered a child while on a break from fiancée, actress Gabrielle Union

Hi Ghettoprincess, Firstly, let’s tackle your name – Princess, you are not ‘Ghetto’! If you are, that’s all you’re going to attract. Think of it like this, if you aspire to nothing, that’s what you will end up with! Wisdom is free; it’s what you do with it that counts. When I was getting my craft together, everyone else was chasing girls and ended up having children very young. I was the guy that was laughed at because I didn’t have girls around me and I was teased and called all sorts of names. I was even challenged to prove that I liked girls! I’m in a good place now and can choose any girlfriend I want because I have something to offer. Take your time to grow and get your mind right. Stay happy and keep me updated.



The pop star was slammed for sampling the audio of 1986 Challenger tragedy in the track XO

TWEET OF THE WEEK Following the death of his on-screen father James Avery, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor Alfonso Ribeiro took to Twitter to express his sadness.



Extremely we ll Dunn!

“I’m deeply saddened to say that James Avery has passed away. He was a second father to me. I will miss him greatly.”


New Year, bu t same winnin g


Alfonso Ribeiro


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Young voices ginuwine edition  
Young voices ginuwine edition  

R&B singer Ginuwine talks to Young Voice's Michelle Martin about new music,why he loves the UK and how honoured he feels to be seen as a mus...