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The secret’s out! Long - winded

What sparked Stacey Dash’s angry essay?


Celebs who went from love to hate

24  THE VOICE NOVEMBER 15 - 21, 2012

FRIEND OR FOE? A look at celeb pals who went from love to hate




RIHANNA AND KATY PERRY: Katy Perry is said to have fallen out with former BFF Rihanna after the Bajan star allegedly reignited her controversial relationship with fellow singer Chris Brown

KOBE BRYANT AND SHAQUILLE O'NEAL: The basketball stars fell out after Kobe called Shaq 'fat, out of shape and over-dramatising injuries to avoid blame for lack of conditioning’

50 CENT AND FLOYD MAYWEATHER 50 Cent claimed that Mayweather hadn’t pulled his weight regarding their venture into boxing management. They now say the beef was “staged”




BEYONCÉ AND LETOYA LUCKETT It is believed that the former Destiny’s Child stars split after manager (and Beyoncé’s father) Matthew allegedly ensured Bey got all the credit for album The Writing’s on the Wall when a majority was reportedly written by LeToya

DIZZEE RASCAL AND WILEY The former Roll Deep bandmates fell out in 2003 following allegations that when Dizzee was attacked and stabbed, Wiley fled without defending him

OMARION AND RAZ B The friends and former B2K members publicly fell out when Raz B accused Chris Stokes, the band’s former manager, of allegedly sexually abusing them when they started out




JUST BLAZE AND CAM’RON The pair fell out after a studio mix-up. According to producer Just Blaze, Cam’Ron booked studio time, expecting Blaze to show up, even though he never agreed to the date and time

MEL B AND VICTORIA BECKHAM Brown reportedly asked Beckham if she could borrow clothes from her VB fashion line to wear on her reality series but when she was ignored she allegedly became furious at Beckham

RIO FERDINAND AND ASHLEY COLE The footballers, who once were preparing to go into business together, fell out following the now infamous race row between John Terry and Rio’s brother Anton


MKS AND SUGABABES Original Sugababes, Mutya, Keisha and Sioban reformed earlier this year under the new name, MKS. Keisha was reportedly ‘dropped’ from the new line up in 2009


NICKI MINAJ AND MARIAH CAREY Nicki Minaj was caught laying into Mariah during the filming of American Idol recently. Nicki later said that Mariah had “met her match”


KANYE WEST AND COMMON Common split from Kanye’s G.O.O.D music label sparking rumours of a major fall out. Neither party has spoken out about it

NICOLE SCHERZINGER AND PUSSYCAT DOLLS Scherzinger ruffled the feathers of her former bandmates after claiming, “I did all the Pussycat Dolls singing” in a recent interview



FABOLOUS AND RAY J The pair fell out over Twitter after singer Ray J took offence when rapper Fab laughed at a tweet he had sent. This later resulted into a physical altercation between them

DR DRE AND SUGE KNIGHT It was reported that Dre didn't like the direction Suge was taking Death Row Records, so he left. Rapper Snoop Dogg followed, which angered Suge

Stephan Eyeson

RICK ROSS AND YOUNG JEEZY Young Jeezy was upset over Rick Ross’ mention of Blow Money Fast (BMF) leader and friend, Big Meech in a song of the same name. The pair fought at the recent BET Hip-Hop Awards

JAY Z AND DAMON DASH According to Dash, one of the problems was Jay Z's business practices. He once said in an interview: "I'm indie, and Jay went corporate"



IT HAS been said that some of the best ideas come out of the worst experiences and this is certainly something that Stephan Eyeson can relate to. After Stephan, a Theology & Health student at Canterbury Christ Church University, missed out on three full term basketball scholarships at American universities, he was inspired to Get Pro. "That was my whole dream gone. I thought that there must be an easier way for basketball players like myself in England and Europe to go to America and play professionally." Stephan secured over £40,000 from a private investor through


Angel's Den to start Get Pro. The online site allows players to advertise themselves to coaches, agents and scouts around the world and features profiles and videos of the sportsmen in action. Today, one in three players using Get Pro gets signed up to an American college, academy or agent. Stephan also worked with sportswear giant Adidas. His service has also been featured in Slam, the world's biggest basketball website after NBA, and the business will make a permanent move to America in the coming months. *

NOVEMBER 15 - 21, 2012 THE VOICE  25

UK rapper ItsNate talks YV’s Akliah Russell about leaving grime, being a local lad and his secret hip-hop life


E IS on the brink of becoming UK rap's worst kept secret with an acclaimed mixtape that has “pushed the boundries forward” and according to popular youth lifestyle brand SBTV, has “solidified his value in the UK rap scene,” but ItsNate is as cool as they come. His simple choice of name is as unpretentious and effective as his music or as the rapper merely puts it, has the ability to do “what it says on the tin.” He explains: "Obviously my name is Nathan (laughs). But aside from that, when you’re listening to my music, you’re not getting anything else but the real me. It's going to be ItsNate all the time because that’s what my music truly is. With me you are getting what it says on the tin." Well, what you'll find inside the 23-year-old’s ‘tin’ is an impressive trio of mixtapes, each one demonstrating how much he has to offer British hip-hop. To be clear, that’s amazing lyrical ability, banging beats and effective storytelling - minus the preaching. However, despite the title of his Never Average mixtape stating the opposite, ItsNate is quick to remind me that his early years were relatively ordinary. “I started out in grime at around 14. I was just spitting wherever I could to try and get my name out there. I didn’t take it too seriously. Then that whole [grime] scene kind of died down over the years so I

left it behind. After that I decided to make the move into rap.” “My first ever mixtape was made in my friend’s house. The ideas were good, but the quality wasn’t!” Despite the change of genre in the past, the rapper assures me that he is in this game for “keeps” and is on a mission to deliver “boundary pushing music.” I am therefore caught off guard when the laid back, ItsNate casually reveals that he hasn't “officially” told anybody he is a rapper yet. "I've literally just never told anyone that," he laughs. When I probe him, he adds: "I have never actually sat down and just told somebody, ‘I am going to be a rapper.’ "Eventually people caught on and were like, 'so what, are you rapping now?' I would reply, 'yeah I am' (laughs). My main aim is to show people what I can do, I don't like just talking about it." The north London native's latest mixtape Never Average Talking Excellent is racking up mammoth downloads as I write and his latest video Where She Learn That At has over nine thousand views since its recent release on September 12. With these achievements behind him, I'm curious to know what he considers to be the proudest moment of his career thus far. "I'd say my biggest achievement is putting out three solid

bodies of work, with quality music on it, in the space of two years," he replies almost instantly. "I've done things like support [US rappers] Mac Miller and Stalley and that stuff means a lot too so thanks to anybody who has put me on. But for me just to keep going is what I am proud of.” And to ‘keep going’ is mandatory for ItsNate. While the underground hip-hop loving, Shoreditch-dwelling youth are very much ‘on the wave’ already. Is he concerned about those who are still asking, ‘who’s ItsNate?’ “No, not really!” he jokes. “Seriously though, if I had to describe my sound to someone who has not heard of me yet I’d say this music is all about forward thinking. I’ll say it’s ‘S’local’.” Come again? “S’local just means always staying busy and always stay-

OBAMA: The US President secured another four years in the White House in a historic victory

ing positive,” he explains as though he had expected my bemused response. The self-confessed local lad appears to be doing all he can to live the ‘S’local’ lifestyle, telling me that he makes songs for all people regardless of any labels imposed upon him. He says: “I am a people’s rapper if that makes any sense. “I make my music just for people. I don’t want to put labels on anyone who listens to me or on myself. I try to talk about everyday struggles, but I add my perspective on things.” He adds:“That’s why I take my inspiration from life, because I believe there are songs in every conversation.” Never Average Talking Excellent is out via Follow @whosnate on Twitter or visit for more information

EMELI SANDE: The four-time MOBO winner announced that she is heading Stateside for a series of dates in the US and Canada

BUFF OR BUSTED? Dear Kat, I fancy my best friend and have I told him how I feel. He recently broke up with his girlfriend of four years and I confessed that I wanted to be with him because I thought it would be the right time. I was wrong. A few weeks ago she was diagnosed with lupus and now he feels like he has to be there for her. He feels like if he is not there to support her she’ll end up hating him. I do feel bad but I want him for myself. What should I do?

50 CENT: The rapper has claimed that the recent argument between him and boxer Floyd Mayweather was staged to gain ‘attention’

Ro, 19

Hi Ro, Yeah that’s a tough one. I must congratulate you on being honest with your friend in the first instance. I’ll always maintain that honesty is the best policy. The situation aside, I’m sure your best friend commends your honesty too. It’s truly unfortunate that things have turned out the way they have following your revelation. Give him his space and let him work this one out on his own. You don’t want to be the one telling him to leave his ex girlfriend and choose you instead. He’ll remember this when things aren’t going so well in your relationship and could end up resenting you. I’m a firm believer in karma. Don’t give it any reason to come back to you. Patience is a virtue in this case. Stay positive.


STACEY DASH: The actress wrote a 1,344-word essay defending her decision to endorse Mitt Romney in the recent Presidential elections


Ill-fitting, aw wrong

TWEET OF THE WEEK Singer Chris Brown is believed to have used Twitter to vent his frustration with his record label recently:


d, Sexy, sophisticate appropriate

"Labels don't know music or talent anymore!! The people do!"

Chris Brown


26  THE VOICE NOVEMBER 15 - 21, 2012


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Young Voices: ItsNate Edition  
Young Voices: ItsNate Edition  

UK rapper ItsNate talks to Young Voice's Akliah Russell about leaving grime, being a local lad and his secret hip-hop life.