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Diaspora Conference

2014 Birmingham

Ministers, executive agencies to address JDUK Conference Shaun Cain Gleaner Writer LONDON: INISTER OF National Security, Peter Bunting, is among a strong contingent of government officials and executive agencies from Jamaica heading to the United Kingdom (UK) for the the 4th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora UK (JDUK) National Conference scheduled for June 13 - 15. Under the theme, ‘Our Heritage, Our Legacy, working together to build a sustainable Diaspora Movement’, the conference, which coincides with the organisation’s 10th anniversary, will take place at a new venue this year, the Centennial Centre, Icknield Port Road, in Birmingham. The conference will close with a church service on Sunday, June 15 at the New Testament Church of God, Lozells, Birmingham. The National Security Minister will be accompanied by Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Arnaldo Brown. They will also be joined by Jamaican High Commissioner to the UK, Her Excellency Aloun Ndombet Assamba. Chair of the JDUK, SashaMonique Henry-Crawford has told the Weekly Gleaner that minister Bunting’s focus will be on crime and national security in Jamaica. He is expected to update the gathering on the government’s efforts to this social problem. In the meantime, State Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Arnaldo Brown will concentrate on the future of the Diaspora movement. According to the JDUK chair, Jamaicans here in the UK, who are looking to visit on holiday or even return to live permanently, view these issues as being very relevant to them. Therefore, she feels these presentations will answer a lot of questions for them. The JDUK Chair is therefore urging persons in the Diaspora to share in this important event so they can




Peter Bunting

Arnaldo Brown

benefit from it. “Come to the conference and play your part and get involved; its Our Heritage and Our Legacy for the Jamaican community in the UK. Participate in discussions on 12 topics of concern raised by the community. The conference topics emerged from the grass roots in the community from a three-month long canvass. This preliminary community engagement exercise took place four months before the conference, so topics are current and relevant to the communities both in the UK and Jamaica,” she said.

member in attendance can register their interest in formally joining the JDUK.” Meanwhile, the JDUK Chair has revealed that in addition to the government ministers, six executive agencies will be travelling to Birmingham from Jamaica to be of service to members of the community. They include Jamaica Customs Agency, Passport Immigration & Citizenship Agency, National Education Trust, National Land Agency, Registrar General’s Department, the Land Administration and Management Programme and the Department of Consular and Diaspora Affairs. Ms Henry-Crawford has indicated that these agencies will be providing advice and guidance to persons that want to obtain key Government of Jamaica documentation. She has announced that these agencies will illustrate the procedures in applying for passports and obtaining land titles as well as registration documents. They will also be providing the UK Diaspora with general updates on their operations. The agencies will also be helping community members to fill out forms to begin the process of obtaining these documents. Following the conference, these agencies will also provide outreach services in other major UK cities. They will be in Manchester on June 16 which is being observed as Jamaican Diaspora Day. The agencies’ representatives will then take their services

CHOICE Persons in attendance will be able to choose from several exciting workshop sessions, including: CARICOM and the Caribbean Diaspora in the UK, Jamaican Public Sector organisations servicing the Diaspora, Religious Beliefs and Worship in our Community, Poverty and Social Welfare in Jamaica, Mental Health, Diabetes and Prostate Cancer, Charitable Investment in Jamaica (Health and Education) Economic Development and Investment Opportunities in Jamaica, Youth Education and Employment, Returning Residents, UK Immigration and Brand Jamaica. With the event aiming to foster better engagement with the Diaspora, Ms Henry-Crawford pointed out that, “the conference is open to all in the community; it’s not based on membership. However, there is a membership offer with conference registration, so any non-

What’s your view? Let us hear from you. Email: THE WEEKLY GLEANER

MAY 29 - JUNE 4, 2014 • 11

feature Message

About the Jamaican Diaspora UK

Looking forward to a successful outcome THE JAMAICAN High Commission is pleased to endorse the fourth biennial Jamaica Diaspora UK (JDUK) National Conference. We see this conference as an important vehicle to bring together hundreds of Jamaicans and supporters of Jamaica from across the United Kingdom to facilitate serious discussion, exchange of ideas and solutions to some issues and challenges that affect Jamaicans here in the UK as well as in Jamaica. The Government of Jamaica attaches tremendous importance to the conference, which is being held this year under the theme, ‘Our Heritage, Our Legacy.’ This importance is evidenced by the fact that Ministers as well as representatives from a range of Government Agencies and Departments will be attending and participating in the Conference. All Jamaicans, whether living in Jamaica or outside of Jamaica, should bring their

File Aloun Assamba collective weight to bear on issues that impact Jamaica and its Diaspora. The recently announced changes to the Air Passenger Duty for Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean, while not a complete victory, is an example of what this kind of collaboration can achieve. For this reason, the High Commission commends the organisers and supporters of the JDUK conference and looks forward to positive deliberations and a successful outcome.

Aloun Ndombet-Assamba High Commissioner

File Vice-President at JAMPRO, Claude Duncan, speaking with a group of delegates at the 5th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference, held on June 17, at the Montego Bay Convention Centre, in St James in 2013.

MISSION STATEMENT THE JAMAICAN Diaspora UK seeks to promote and protect the interests of Jamaica and Jamaicans* and to contribute to the country’s development. The Jamaican Diaspora UK (JDUK) was formed in 2004. It was established following a resolution from the first Conference held in Jamaica with representatives from the UK, USA and Canada.

The purpose of the JDUK is to:  Promote, develop awareness and conduct activities that impact on the lives of persons in Jamaica and people of Jamaican heritage in the UK through education, social, cultural, economic, and civic activities without distinction, to increase the capacity and capabilities of members so that they are able to identify, and help meet their needs to contribute and participate more

fully in the development of the said communities for public benefit.

to strengthen the impact and influence of the JDUK on Jamaica and in the UK.

Facilitate and build the capacity of the JDUK network and assist in the coordination of UK based Jamaican organisations and communities in the development of themselves and Jamaica.

 Act as a support network for Jamaicans in the UK by addressing key cohesion issues affecting Jamaicans and the wider communities in the UK.

Widen the participation of Jamaicans living in the UK, in the affairs of Jamaica and

Note: * Citizens of Jamaica by birth, descent, marriage, registration or naturalisation.



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20FT & 40FT CONTAINERS Head Office: 42 Battersea Rise, Battersea, London SW11 1EE

Tel: 020 7223 7522 Fax: 020 7924 3897 Email: 12 • MAY 29 - JUNE 4, 2014


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MAY 29 - JUNE 4, 2014 • 13


CONFERENCE Diaspora’s future and crime will be the big T HE FOURTH biennial conference of the Jamaica Diaspora UK will be held at the Centennial Centre, 100 Icknield Port Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B16

on June 13 - 15. The threeday event will include two days of conference activities and concludes with a church service on Sunday at the New Testament Church of God in Lozells.

On Friday and Saturday there will be Plenary sessions followed by workshops on various topics relevant to the Diaspora conference. Friday’s activities will close with a networking reception

at 6.30 pm, while Saturday will close off with an entertainment concert starting at 6.45 pm. Below is an outline of the topics and the workshops timetable for the main conference:


How are the Diaspora’s needs and concerns being addressed in Jamaica? Who takes ownership? How will the proposed Diaspora Policy impact on future JADiaspora relations? How do we ensure the success of the Diaspora Movement (for example through youth engagement)? The panel discussion session will: Provide an update on Jamaica’s Draft Diaspora Policy and wider plans for future Diaspora engagement and identify strategies to strengthen and propel Audience members listen to a presentation by Minister Arnoldo Brown in Birmingham recently.

14 • MAY 29 - JUNE 4, 2014

Diaspora movement (in all host territories) into the next decade.


How does the CSME agreement influence the Caribbean Diasporas engagement and collaboration in the UK? How can we mobilise the Caribbean Diasporas in the UK to influence policies and gain resolve for key issues impacting the wider Caribbean Diaspora in the UK? The workshop session will explore: Best practise in sustaining cooperative and impactful relations between Caribbean home countries and their Diaspora Movements in the UK; The potential impact the Caribbean Diaspora may have in the UK; Means

through which we improve integration of the Diasporas; The practical next steps that the JDUK and other Caribbean Diaspora Community groups should take to encourage and develop the role of the Caribbean Diaspora in the UK

FRIDAY SESSION THREE 5.00 PM - 6.15 PM POVERTY AND SOCIAL WELFARE IN JAMAICA. How is government addressing poverty alleviation post-recession? What role can the Diaspora play in supporting poverty alleviation specifically at the Parish Council level in Jamaica? The workshop session will: Stimulate discussions on the Poor Relief Act; Review and assess the feasibility of employing solutions successfully executed in similar countries experiencing inva-

What’s your view? Let us hear from you. Email:



OVERVIEW topics this year sive poverty; Explore how the current Parish Council infrastructure in Jamaica could be made capable to support small-scale local entrepreneurship; Identify how the Diaspora can play a greater role in alleviating poverty in Jamaica.

SATURDAY SESSION ONE 10 AM - 11 AM CHARITABLE INVESTMENT IN JAMAICA (HEALTH AND EDUCATION). What is a charitable Investment or donation to Jamaica and how has the new Charitable Organisations Act (passed by the government of Jamaica in 2013) affected charitable investments and donations from the Diaspora? The workshop session will explore: Why the Charitable Organisations Act was introduced; Explain what is an approved charitable organisation; What is meant by ‘a charitable purpose’; How an organisation can qualify and obtain charitable status; How these changes impact


on remittances and other transactions between the Diaspora and organisations in Jamaica.

SATURDAY SESSION TWO 11.10 AM - 12.40 PM YOUTH EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT Given existing marginalisation of young members of the Diaspora, is studying in Jamaica an option for these young people and would it equip them to be better able to take up their role confidently in a very competitive global job market?

proactively tackling crime and violence? This session will be led by Minister of National Security Peter Bunting.


How can the High Commission and Consular Affairs Department effect a more proactive and structured approach to the issues of Returning residents? The workshop session will attempt to answer the following questions: How can the High Commission and Consular Affairs Department effect a more proactive and structured approach? Is there a role for the JDUK in communicating change? What quali-

fies for returning resident status? What are the rules and where returnees can get help, before, during and after returning to Jamaica?

SATURDAY SESSION FIVE - 5 PM - 5.45 PM BRAND JAMAICA AND THE DIASPORA. What is Brand Jamaica? Why is it important to Jamaica and to the Diaspora? How do we protect it? This is a keynote address


SATURDAY SESSION THREE - 2 PM - 3.15 PM - CRIME AND SECURITY IN JAMAICA In the wake of recent reports indicating a 9% year on year increase in murders in Jamaica at the end of 2013, how concern members of the Diaspora who return as permanent residents or to visit family should be? What legislative frameworks are in place to protect returning residents? How is the Ministry of National Security

session and the facilitator will: Create a better understanding of ‘Brand Jamaica’ and why we should work together to protect the brand; Highlight the benefits to Jamaica and to the Diaspora of protecting the brand; Explain the international legal framework in which we work and the work that needs to be done to achieve our objective; Highlight some instances in which Brand Jamaica has been hijacked; Highlight the consequences to Jamaica if we allow misuse of the brand.

FILE Delegates register for the Diaspora conference in West Bromwich in 2007.

This will be the final session and will be open to all as the summary of the two day activities are presented. In addition to the main topics, there will be discussions around religious beliefs and worship in the community; Mental Health Diabetes and Prostate Cancer; Jamaica Public Sector servicing the Diaspora; UK Immigration; and Economic Development and investments opportunities in Jamaica.

MAY 29 - JUNE 4, 2014 • 15

diasporaconferencefeature such documents would be the DVLA/C5 and the MOT certificate ii) Valid ID of the importer and the importer’s Tax Registration No. (TRN) iii) Invoice : An invoice from the supplier is required for all motor vehicles Special consideration, however, have been given to Returning Residents. Returnees who have owned their vehicles for some time can now apply to the Trade Board Limited, TO CELEBRATE the 10th Anniversary of Jamaica, with the help of their Freight the Jamaican Diaspora Movement, the Forwarders, for special permission to ship the motor vehicles up to 10 years old. Jamaican Diaspora UK’s 4th Biennial “To do this, the Returning Resident will Conference in Birmingham, will feature now be required to ship their personal and ‘Government Street’ - a dedicated service household goods ahead of their motor vehidelivery area for key government agencies cle. They would be required to attend a from Jamaica to provide services to the returning resident interview session with Community in the UK. Jamaica Customs to establish their status as a returning resident. Once their status is THEY WILL INCLUDE: confirmed, Jamaica Customs will notify the • The Customs Agency Trade Board Ltd, that the returning resident • The National Land Agency (NLA) status of the returnee has been confirmed • The National Education Trust and they may now consider issue them an • The Passport, Immigration and Import Licence for the importation of their Citizenship Agency (PICA) motor vehicle.” • The Registrar General’s Department Under this special permission for returning By Beverly Johnson (RGD) residents, their household goods must be shipped and cleared with Jamaica Customs, The agencies will also visit Manchester ECENTLY, JAMAICA’S Minister of before they can ship their motor vehicles Finance and Planning, Dr. the Hon. on June 16, at the West Indian Sports and which are over 5yrs or 6yrs (cars or pick-up). Peter Phillips, during his 2014/2015 If the motor vehicle being shipped is no more Social Club, Westwood Street M14 1.00 pm Budget Presentation, announced the modifithan 5 years (cars) and 6 years (pick-ups); - 7.45 pm and London on June 18 at the cation of the duty regime for specified motor such can be shipped along with their houseJamaica High Commission, Prince Consort vehicles. hold goods in their shipping container in one Beverly Johnson Road SW7 12 noon - 8.30 pm, to provide Effective May 1, 2014, the customs duty move. services and a general community update and Special Consumption Tax (SCT) on the Remember, never ship your motor vehicles How will this work, is what I ask the Trade to all Jamaicans, free of charge. importation of certain vehicles were schedbefore first obtaining an Import Licence. Board representative and the Jamaica Services will include: Passport, naturaliuled modified. A number of measures were People wishing to get more information on Customs personnel in Jamaica. sation and emigration; Registration and proposed, including: a reduction in customs They explained, “the present import licence this will be able to do so at the Jamaican retrieval of certificates of birth, death and duty for vehicles with engines of 2000 cc and procedure has not changed. The age limits Diaspora Conference in Birmingham June marriage; Land and title administration; above; a reduction of the Common External 13-15 when the representatives from the remains; for pick-ups it is six (6) years and Clearing goods for charity and personal Tariff (CET) from 30 percent to 20 percent for motor cars it is five (5) years. Individuals Customs Agency will be in attendance and effects through Customs in Jamaica; for vehicles 2000 cc and above; and a reduc- wishing to import a motor vehicle must apply again in Manchester and London June 16 Advice on supporting schools and charitation of Special Consumption Tax (SCT) rates for an Import Licence. An Import Licence and 18. ble organisation. by 10 percentage points for petrol or diesel  Beverly Johnson is a Shipping Consultant with must be obtained before the motor vehicles vehicles over 3500 cc, and hybrid vehicles. JLB International (Shipping) Ltd. Email: are shipped.” In speaking with the Trade Board Ltd, I To apply for an Import Licence, the ascertained whether returning residents importer must provide following documentahave been given the green light to import tion:their vehicles of age up to 10 years, but they i) Title: A document issued to the owner of must first obtain the Returning Resident sta- the vehicle by the Government of the country What’s your view? Let us hear from you. Email: tus from Jamaica Customs. where the vehicle was purchased. In the UK,

Modifications to importation of motor vehicles

‘Government Street’ at Diaspora Conference

‘Returning Resident status must be obtained prior to shipment’


16 • MAY 29 - JUNE 4, 2014



MAY 29 - JUNE 4, 2014 • 17


Workshop sessions

Speakers:- Beverly Johnson (JLB International) - Bevil Williams (REPC Limited) - Leonard Mahipalamudali (NCB) And other Diaspora entrepreneurs Saturday Session two - 11.10 am 12.40 pm - Youth Education and Employment Facilitator: Bishop Dr. Joe Aldred

Friday Session one - 1 pm - 3 pm - The Future of the Jamaican Diaspora Movement. Facilitator: Dr. Winston Sutherland Address: Minister of State Arnaldo Brown Speakers: - Conference Chair -Bishop Derek Webley MBE - High Commissioner - Aloun Ndombet-Assamba JDUK Chair - Sasha Henry-Crawford Friday Session two 3.15 pm - 4.45 pm Caribbean Diaspora Engagement. Facilitator: MS Evadney Campbell MBE Address: Minister of State Arnaldo Brown Speakers: - David Jessop (Managing Director of the Caribbean Council) - David Roberts (Founder / CEO Senior representatives from the Caribbean Diaspora Community

Friday Session three - 5 pm 6.15 pm - Poverty and Social Welfare in Jamaica. Facilitator: Prof Cecile Wright Speakers:- Lisa Campbell (Land Administration & Management Programme Jamaica) - Bentley Cunningham (Lobbyist JDUK)- Latoya Harris (National Education Trust- Ministry of Education) Bishop, Dr Joe Aldred

Laurence Jones (JAMPRO)

Saturday Session one - 10.00 am 11.00 am Economic Development & Investment Opportunities

David Jessop

Speakers: - Patricia Duncan-Sutherland (Senior Business Executive - Jamaica) - Valerie McMillan (SLTIP Speech and Language Therapist) - Dr. Tony Sewell (Generating Genius) Saturday Session three - 2.00 pm 3.15 pm - Crime and Security in Jamaica Facilitator: Deputy High Commissioner Diedre Mills Speaker: Peter Bunting, Minister of National Security Jamaica

Facilitator: Laurence Jones


What’s your view? Let us hear from you. Email:


Chair of the UK Diaspora Conference - Derek Anthony Webley, MBE DL IN JUNE 2009 Derek Webley made history when, with the unanimous support of his Police Authority colleagues, he became the first independent member of West Midlands Police Authority to be elected Chair, all previous Chairs were politicians. As a consequence of this historical decision in the West Midlands he also became the first African Caribbean Chair of any Police Authority in the UK. There are currently 43 Police Authorities in the UK. During this time he has also served on a number of Police Authority committees. He has also represented the Authority on external bodies Derek Webley works closely with senior faith leaders across the West Midlands, and has provided an invaluable link between West Midlands Police Authority and local communities. Derek Webley has often acted as media spokesperson for the West Midlands Police Authority, and has also operated as a ‘barometer’ of feeling, when issues have been at the forefront of community relations, making interventions where necessary. Derek Webley is one of the District Bishops of the New Testament Church of God with responsibility for parts of Birmingham and Solihull, he was appointed in 1996 and has pastoral responsibility for one of the largest congregations Derek Webley in the New Testament Church of God situated in Lozells near Handsworth, Birmingham.

MAY 29 - JUNE 4, 2014 • 18


Gov’t agencies partner to develop investment ready projects Daraine Luton Staff Reporter


place before the investor local and foreign- even makes a decision to invest. The minister, who was contributing to the 20142015 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives, said the push is part of efforts to position Jamaica as a logistics-centred economy.

TATING THAT the Government intends to make investing in Jamaica frustrationfree for potential employers, industry minister Anthony Hylton said on Wednesday, May 21 that several agencies LOGISTICS HUB INIof government are TIATIVE partnering for the Anthony Hylton development of investHylton told legislament-ready projects, tors that in response clearing the pathway for to the promotion of the immediate activities. logistics hub initiative, a Hylton said JAMPRO is major consortium of United currently working closely States, European and Middle with the Tourism East investors has put forEnhancement Fund, the ward a strong expression of Urban Development interest in several compoCorporation, and NEPA to nents of the logistics hub. develop a concept whereby “The consortium will comspecific projects can be plete its due diligence within developed and packaged six or nine months. therewith most planning and after a definitive proposal development approvals in will be presented to the

Government for consideration,ÓÓ Hylton said. He added that the Consortium is mobilising in excess of US$4 billion to design, build and operate components of the hub. The Government is seeking to position Jamaica as a logistics hub of the Americas and is seeking to capitalise on the widening of the Panama Canal and the expected influx of trading vessels in Jamaican waters.

well, we must recognise that the rest of the world is moving farther away from us,” Samuda said. Meanwhile, Hylton said the Government is quickening its pace to build out the logistics-centred economy,

which he said represents Jamaica’s best hope to breathe new life into the economy and reverse the cycle of low or no growth in the economy. The minister, while seeking to rebuff the suggestion that the logistics hub is a pipe dream, said big gamechanging ideas like the hub requires deliberation and time for the ideas to be digested. “This is no big bang

process; this is an evolutionary process,” Hylton said. He noted that the projects to be implemented in the Caymanas Special Economic Zone will not be driven by a Request for Proposal that was issued by the Factories Corporation of Jamaica, but rather through the works of an enterprise team led by Vin Lawrence and a policy monitoring committee, both of which will report to the Cabinet.

PANAMA CANAL BECOMING REDUNDANT But Karl Samuda, the opposition spokesman on industry, said during the debate that although being expanded, the Panama Canal will fast become redundant as there are countries that are about to build bigger ships and utilise other routes. “While we languish in the concept that we are doing so

What’s your view? Let us hear from you. Email:

SN Travel, over 40 years in business SN TRAVEL also known as Stoke Newington Travel, a Caribbean Specialist in north London, have been operating for over 40 year having celebrated this milestone last year. The late Leslie Joseph a bold entrepreneur opened Stoke Newington Travel, located at 168 Stoke Newington Road, N16, in September 1973. The business originally started in 1968 in the basement of his home in Alvington Crescent. “Leslie was a motor mechanic and there were two things that motivated him to change the direction of our lives, his wife Audrey Joseph recalls. “He was fed up of oil being under his finger nails and he was perplexed, as many of his friends and family missed their relatives back home in the Caribbean, with no solution as to how to visit for holidays or emergencies when, relatives passed away.” His daughter Donna Joseph, Marketing and Sales Director, also reflects on her father’s vision. She said: “Leslie Joseph set about to find a solution in order to help his community and even though in those days it was hard for a black man to run a successful business, he took the risk and 40 years later,


in spite of the many challenges and obstacles SN Travel is established as an independent family owned company.”

EXPANDED SN Travel has expanded tremendously and as part of the transition was the creation of a new brand identity, symbolising the introduction of a sunny palm tree logo, that signifies growth, transformation, and celebrates the culture of its strength in providing quality customer services and innovation built over the company’s 40 years of achievements. SN Travel offers worldwide travel services, bespoke package holidays to the Caribbean, USA, Europe, plus so many more destinations, through an e-market world. The Company’s web site complemented by new functionalities, offers great winter holidays, stunning wedding packages, cruises and regular updates on special offers within their newsletters - whether looking for tailor-made, family or single holidays, you can leave the planning to SN Travel.  For more information telephone 0207254 0136.

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Diaspora feature new  
Diaspora feature new  

THE JAMAICAN Diaspora UK seeks to promote and protect the interests of Jamaica and Jamaicans* and to contribute to the coun- try’s developme...