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Vision To sustain our position as a leading educational institution at both national and international levels.

Mission Graduating moral, cultured world citizens, who possess the zeal and skills for lifelong learning and who are eager and capable of contributing positively to their societies.

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A Message from the Director Dear MADAR Family Members, I truly believe that communication between school and all stakeholders is a vital key to each student’s success. I hope that this newsletter will provide our parents, students and staff members with an informative glimpse of important school topics, parents’ potential and successful involvement with school, and students’ academic and extracurricular achievements. Mr. Mohammad Al-Adwan I would like to take this valuable opportunity of School Director thanking every member of MADAR International School family for contributing in the continuous accomplishment of our school and being essential partners in its success since 2002 and for years to come. MADAR International School has recently celebrated its membership with Emirates Environmental Group and will continue to promote environmental awareness on both national and international levels among our students, besides being involved in the various curricular and extra-curricular activities such as school competitions, our latest successful Sports Days, field school trips and school community contributions inside and outside school. Structured and watchful Academic development of our curriculum and assessment methods is a crucial ongoing process which MADAR International School partakes on regular basis, and encompasses all subjects and all grades and levels, gearing our students towards sustaining national and international standards. Differentiated learning of English in the primary school, as well as applying projects for Sciences and Social Studies in English, were some of the school’s curriculum development that has taken place during this academic year. I sincerely invite you to go through this newsletter and celebrate the success of our children and their achievements. Thank you and best wishes for all.

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“Speed of the Leader, Speed of the Team.” Bill Hybels

MADAR Newsletter

A message from the Chairman

February, 2012

Dear parents, students and staff; a successful school is built on the interactive synergy between students, teachers, and the surrounding. Collaboration is the key to move our school mission and vision forward, where everyone of you counts in creating the leaders and pioneers of the future. I believe that every single person can make a difference, can be an example to others, and add value to our school as well as the education system of our beloved country. I urge you to zealously aspire towards the achievement of your goals, and to continue in your endeavors to make MADAR International School the beacon of learning and knowledge that guides us all on the road to prosperity and success in order to raise generations to become leaders in their future fields.

H.E. Mr. Salem Al Dhaheri, Chairman of Bin Salem Holding, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MADAR International School

Coming Up in Term 2:  Grades 5-12 Talent Show “MADAR’s Got Talent”  Grades 5-12 Art Exhibition  INJAZ Program for Grades 10-12  Higher Colleges of Technology Visit Grades 10-12  South Hampton University visit Grades 10-12  Global Vision University Presentation Grade 10-12  Civil Defense Safety Lecture Grades 5-12 Boys  Sports Day  KG & Grades 1 & 2 Educational Zoo Trips  KG Mothers’ Day Celebration  Chess house-teams competition  Evacuation Drill by Civil Defense Department  Educational lectures for students and parents  Educational trips for different classes


“Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders”

I foresee the school to be successfully managed resulting in a productive working and learning environment, where students are motivated which in turn will help them become comfortable with our school curriculum and staff members.

MADAR Newsletter

February, 2012

Mr. Raymond Jaber, Business Manager, joined MADAR International School in July 2002 even before its establishment! He lived the school’s development and growth day by day and is considered the longest serving employee. Mr. Jaber is a graduate of the Lebanese University, and holds a Masters degree in Math and Statistics. Both his long work experience and being a multi tasking person enabled him to assume various positions at MADAR International School when it started. It’s worth mentioning that he has two children, who are both in high school, and one of them is graduating this year.

Mrs. Jamal Al Kaabi has eight children, seven of whom were enrolled at MADAR International School. When she was asked to express her opinion about the school, she said “Good education can be found at any school but it is difficult to find a good school that can instill values, confidence and discipline in students as MADAR International School does. I always liked the sense of responsibility towards the students, the cooperation between the school team as well as the excellent education offered.”

Mr. Hamad Al Muhairi, class of 2007 is one of the first batch graduates of MADAR International School. He is currently studying Mass Communication and Advertising at the American University of Sharjah. When he was asked about his experience at the school he said: “MADAR International School prepared me very well to overcome the difficulties that might emerge at university and to be familiar with the next stage of my life through its excellent education system, methods of examination as well as caring about its students.” Mr. Hamad is Passionate about photography, he suggested making an annual exhibition at the American University of Sharjah and his idea was met with great success.

She is an active and outgoing person who joined MADAR International School this year as the KG Coordinator. Her name is Masa’ Mahmoud and recently she got a new nickname created by her cute students which is Ms. Mouza! Ms. Masa’ holds a Masters degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Jordan with more than seven years of experience in Early Childhood Education. Her ambition is to spread happiness among children, especially those who are physically abused and she does hope to make this academic year an educational as well as a happy year for our students.

“Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders”


MADAR Newsletter

February, 2012

Developing Young Readers Good Talkers make Good Readers Mrs. Sandra Bevan - Primary Principal By the time they start school:  Children have acquired much of the language

that a mature language user will use.  They can understand approximately 2500-2800

words, and use 1800-2000 words. Children with a history of pre-school speech and language problems frequently have difficulty with reading. “Language is the basic educational skill and children who have difficulty with language are liable to have difficulty with almost everything else. Whatever else they may need to learn or be taught, they will need language first.” (Anne Locke, Living Language) There are developmental factors common to both first and second language acquisition. Children learn roughly the same regardless of their first language background. Children take up to two years to develop “basic interpersonal communication skills” (playground/street survival language), but it takes from five to seven years to acquire the full range of literacy skills (cognitive academic language proficiency) needed to cope with studies such as GCSE. A silent (receptive) period is natural in the learning of a second language. Listen to your child talk and ensure that he/ she knows that what they have to say is important. Reading is a complex skill that takes years for children to master. However, the more curious children become about the written word, the greater the chance that they will want to learn how to read. Reading a range of texts will help children understand that books are written for different purposes and audiences and are constructed differently.


“Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders”

Tips for Parents Parents should:  Read stories just for fun.  Try to make story -reading part of the routine of going to bed. Children who are read to frequently soon learn the language of books, just as they learnt the language of speech from their parents.  Actively promote books by sharing your own enjoyment of them- let your children see YOU reading! Children model themselves on their parents’ behavior.  When reading a story together, use your finger as a guide running along the words and sentences. This helps develop left-to-right orientation.  Draw attention to the words on signs, advertisements, and food packets.  Use large print books and point to words as you read them.  Read the same book several times and make it available for children to read independently.  Ask children to make predictions before you read and encourage them to look at the cover for clues.  Read narrative and informational texts, poems and rhymes.  Read functional print such as notices, recipes and instructions.  Share greeting cards, write messages, letters and emails.  Praise children when they  identify letters that occur in their own name  identify other words which start with the same letter as their name  identify words  match words from different sources  Read familiar rhymes and leave the last word for the children to say.  Tell or read a story and discuss the sequence of events, use picture clues, and have children retell the story.

MADAR Newsletter

February, 2012

Music Curriculum Mrs. Nabila Shaya

Our music curriculum is based on international standards of music teaching that also takes into consideration the culture and background of our students. Music is taught through basic music reading and writing skills in addition to music theories that are very essential in understanding the way a folk song is sung or a classical piece is composed. It depends on the Kodàly method whose main goal is to produce universal literacy in music since it is an international language. So, students are encouraged to sing songs of different cultures, appreciate music, read and write notes, sing solfege (do, re, mi…), play music using their body percussion (clap, stomp, snap, pat…) and musical instruments (percussions: drums, triangles, claves, xylophones…) and for the middle and high school students, more instruments are introduced plus singing and music reading, like guitar, keyboard and recorders. Students also get introduced to the lives of some composers (Arab or world composers) who have contributed to the evolution of music through history.

Social Studies Curriculum Mr. Ahmad Kassem

Social Studies curriculum covers a wide array of subjects including History and Geography. Despite covering several different content areas, the core of all Social Studies courses remain the same: human interaction. The role of Social Studies in education is to enable students to explore how people relate to each other and also what the consequences of these relationships will be. Through this exploration of human interaction, Social Studies provide students with critical thinking and reasoning skills that are necessary for them to become productive members of society. Social Studies teachers are responsible for teaching students about how people live in all parts of the world. This knowledge enables students to have better relationships with their peers who may be from a different cultural or ethnic background than they are. A better understanding of different cultures will also help students see current events from a global perspective.

French Is


Mrs. Malak Dibian

Learning another language opens up our minds and strengthens our communication skills. At MADAR International School, we believe that French can be taught as a second language in an enjoyable and a wonderful atmosphere. In every lesson, our students are encouraged to use French through various activities like reading stories, drama and games to improve their language skills. A safe learning environment is provided to promote positive thinking and encourage students to enhance their self-confidence by taking risks. Away from the traditional methods in teaching vocabulary and grammar, our French lessons include cultural notes, expressions and idioms to help students recognize the value of the French Language Acquisition and Francophone. Join us now as it is never too early or too late to learn French! Vous êtestoujours les bienvenus! “Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders”


MADAR Newsletter

February, 2012

Hand in Hand Working Together Parents' Meeting and Book Fair A great big THANK YOU to the many parents and children who attended the parents’ meeting held at MADAR International School on Nov 21st, 2011. This Information session was primarily for parents of children in Grades 1 to 4 on how they can help support their children’s reading development. The Primary School Principal and a number of English teachers gave parents an overview of what is being covered in English lessons and showed them samples of the students’ work. This event was followed by a 3 day Book Fair which had a remarkable turnout from primary children, and it was open for two evenings for parents to visit. The school promoted a ‘Buy a Book for Your Classroom’ campaign, and numerous families bought and donated books to the school.

UAE 40th National Day Celebration UAE culture and heritage came alive at MADAR International School as staff and students celebrated the 40th National Day on Wednesday, November 30th, 2011. Moreover, the celebration started before that date when our students worked together in one spirit to decorate the school and their classrooms with flags, maps and pictures of the UAE. Children came to school dressed up in national customs or the colors of UAE flag, and MADAR School resonated with the singing of the UAE national anthem. The celebration began with the KG students forming a large number 40 in the green field area to signify the 40th anniversary of the UAE. The day was filled with activities and presentations that expressed the UAE heritage, like the exciting “yolla” traditional dance. Thanks to our student Sheikh Zayed Bin Mansour Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan in Grade 10 and his siblings for enhancing that cultural ambiance with outstanding traditional setting. The celebration was held to teach the youngsters about the meaning behind the Spirit of the Union. 6

“Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders”

MADAR Newsletter

February, 2012

MADAR Paints Towayya Park Miss Sarah Moss - Art Department

It took us two unwavering weeks and a thousand dirty paint brushes to complete the mural in Towayya Park. This work could only be done after school hours by the altruistic staff and students of MADAR School. But, it was worth all the time and effort because we had a lot of fun. The experience of painting outside in a public space was out of the ordinary. Painting with public spectators watching you was a little stressful, but everyone at the park who ventured over to ask what we were doing genuinely appreciated our hard work and wished us the best. The 40th National Day was quite an exciting time here in Al Ain. As the painting developed and the days came closer to National Day you could feel the excitement of the students and the public in the park. Many people in the park, young and old, asked if they could give us a hand. It seemed like everyone wanted to make their mark in the park for National Day. I remember one day when I got to the park early to set up for the students and was painting away when a local man approached and started to speak to me in Arabic. Once he realized I spoke no Arabic, he just smiled and pointed to the man in the mural wearing a Kandoora sitting in the desert at the fire and said “Ana”. This was the moment I knew our little mural was going to be a success. I am proud of the students of MADAR who worked together to create something unique for our school and community in celebration of the 40th National Day. I would like to thank all of the students who came out to paint over those two weeks after school. I pass by Towayya Park every day on my way to school and seeing the mural reminds me of how lucky I am to work with such a creative group of students.

National Day Competitions The National Day Competitions were considered as another activity for celebrating and bonding. The school held “The Best Logo Competition Design” to represent the 40th National Day of the UAE for which seven designs have been submitted to Mr. Awwad and the lucky winner was Essa Al Dhaheri from Grade 7. Another one was to design the UAE map, under the name of “My Beloved Country”. We were impressed by the creativity of our students. They designed the map of the Emirates using different items and materials. These pieces of art were displayed in the school reception till the end of the term, which continuously astonished our visitors. Students who participated received certificates from the director Mr. Mohammad Al Adwan as an appreciation for their participation in the competitions. “Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders”


MADAR Newsletter

February, 2012

Mothers Attending Classes Miss Masa Mahmoud - KG Coordinator

As part of our belief in the importance of communication between the school and parents, our KG mothers have attended one lesson and have enjoyed

participating in some activities with their children in class. Thank you KG mothers for bringing joy to our students. Your participation was highly appreciated.

Theme Week

The Puppet show Miss Charlotte

Another enjoyable activity that sprinkled throughout the school in term 1 was the Theme Week. The school had it for both; the environmental & National day where students worked together promoting the spirit of collaboration with the School Community’s officer Mr. Mohammad Awwad to decorate the classrooms and the school with pictures and paintings made by them.

During the final week of term 1, Grades 3B, 4C and 4B performed puppet shows for their classmates and teachers, where they had the chance to apply the knowledge they had gained since September. Students were asked to create a story suitable for younger children and had to consider characters, setting and main events. The students chose who they wanted to work with and designed their own puppets and props. Some chose to continue working at home and in their break times. They provided excellent role models for Grades 1-4 as well as KG and I am very proud of the hard work of my students. I look forward to our next performance.

Arabic Department Competition Committed to our mission in “Graduating cultured world citizens”, the Arabic Department at MADAR International School held various inter school competitions to exhibit and improve students’ abilities and talents. As the number of participants was quite impressive, and such participation has always been recognized, the school awarded nearly 100 students. 8

“Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders”

February, 2012

MADAR Newsletter

Wild Wadi As MADAR International School is keen to organize exciting and entertaining activities for its students, Grades 5-12 boys went to Wild Wadi Water Park on October 15th, 2011 under the supervision of their teachers and supervisors. On that exciting trip, they enjoyed sliding and swimming. They had lots of fun on that unforgettable day.

KidZania An Edutainment trip to KidZania in Dubai Mall was organized on November 26th, 2011 under the supervision of teachers, supervisors and helpers for Grades 3 and 4 students. KidZania was a fantastic and unique experience as students got the chance to simultaneously play and learn .They played the roles of doctors, nurses, pilots, and many other jobs that are in the real world . Furthermore, the goal of this trip was fulfilled successfully as the students discovered their talents, interests and their future professions.

Hello Ski Dubai!!! Girls in Grades 5-12 had a distinguished type of enjoyment in the indoor Ski Snow Park in Emirates Mall, Dubai on November 26th, 2011. In this trip there was something for everyone; students were divided into two groups under the supervision of teachers, supervisors and helpers. One group had an unforgettable experience with the skiing lessons and the other had excellent fun playing with the snow. It was a day to remember! “Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders”


MADAR Newsletter

February, 2012

University Orientation Sessions Mr. Ihab Ashkar

Our Library

Along with the academic orientation plan, MADAR high school students had the opportunity to attend three university orientation sessions on campus. Representatives of Weill Cornell, Texas A & M, Carnegie Mellon, Northwest, Georgetown, Virginia Commonwealth, and University College in Qatar as well as The American University of Sharjah and Rochester Institute of Technology in UAE had the chance to sit with students of grades 10 to 12.

Throughout these sessions, various university representatives provided students with the spectrum of academic programs offered by their respective universities, and admission regulations and conditions. Students asked questions about career opportunities, majors they are interested in, requirements for specific majors and tuition fees. MADAR International School will continue to provide students with support and counseling to achieve their academic goals.

“It is the mind that makes the man, and reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” Joseph Addison Mrs. Suha Al Qaruty

Keeping this in mind, our school library caters to various reading levels of different age groups and houses a fine set of reference, fiction and non-fiction that encourages your child to visit its portals again and again. It is the main resource center for our students and faculty. Our students are encouraged to utilize the library facilities for their projects and reference work. Once a week, all the classes have a library lesson during which they have time to borrow books, research topics or read. We have a wide variety of reference books including poetry, history, geography, multicultural, technology, etc. In our library, we encourage students to come and read. We recently received a new collection of books for all subjects including Roald Dahl. You are all welcome to come and read in the library. 10 “Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders”

MADAR Newsletter

February, 2012


First Annual Staff Gathering On October 2nd, 2011 a diverse group from all around the globe attended the First Annual Gathering Dinner at Rotana Hotel. This event has become one of the significant events held annually by MADAR International School in the presence of Mr. Ahmad Al Dhaheri, Vice Chairman of Bin Salem Holding, Mr. Abdullah Al Houti, member of the Board, Mr. Rajaram Srinivasan, CFO of Bin Salem Holding, along with Mr. Saad Abu Chakra, CEO of EDUGATES® and educators and administrators of MADAR, in order to welcome them back to school and strengthen the relationship between them. Mr. Ahmad Al Dhaheri, Vice Chairman of Bin Salem Holding

Continuous Professional Development Program As part of its commitment towards its employees; MADAR International School offered its staff the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program, organized by EDUGATES® International. The Program focuses on developing employees’ personal and professional competences and to support more opportunities for career growth.

The school has assigned Mr. Mohammed Awwad & Ms. Sara Al Shimary as the Child Protection Officers as it is committed to promoting the health and welfare of all students. Therefore, if staff noticed any signs suggesting that one of our students may have been the victim of any emotional or physical abuse, they will follow the procedures laid down by the school’s Child Protection Policy. Please note that such action in no way infers that any parent/guardian or other individual is being accused of wrong doing. “Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders”


MADAR Newsletter

February, 2012

High School, High Expectations The school has appointed Mr. Ihab Ashkar for the position of Academic Quality Auditor - Grade 7 through Grade 12 besides being in the capacity of Physics Coordinator and University Counselor for the school. In this new position he will be responsible for planning, coordinating and supervising the students’ academic, behavioral, administrative and auxiliary activities of their specific area. We are confident that Mr. Ihab will meet the new duties and responsibilities which accompany the position with the same level of professionalism and enthusiasm.

End of Term Staff Gathering The first term was concluded with the end of term staff gathering event held at MADAR International School on December 15th, 2011. This event was a kind of appreciation for the staff members who gave time and effort to work on the school’s improvement. Mr. Mohammad Al Adwan, the Director of MADAR International School, expressed his appreciation and thanks for the whole staff, starting from our silent soldiers; drivers, helpers and cleaners, and ending with the teachers and administrators who played a significant role in the school’s development and growth.

New Parking Area We would like to thank Al Ain Municipality for its cooperation & efforts in establishing the new parking area giving us more spaces to handle the traffic flow for parents, our visitors and staff. Our ongoing concern is our students’ safety, so we ask parents and all the drivers to kindly abide by MADAR new Overflow Car Parking Area and refrain from parking in front of the school’s main gate, alongside curbs, landscape areas and illegal double parking to avoid accidents or inconvenience to traffic flow.

MADAR International School was established in September 2002 on a modern campus in Al Ain City built to the highest levels of international safety regulations and designed to meet the educational and technological development of the 21st century. MADAR is licensed by the Ministry of Education to follow an international curriculum that leads to Advanced Placement, TOEFL and SAT examinations. Graduates are qualified to join the world’s best universities.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on our newsletter. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information, inquiry or comments on: Email:

“Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders” 12 “Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders”

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