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Chapter I. A Dream of Beauty Exhausted from a trip to countless beauty counters, a young beauty enthusiast stood in her bedroom trying to understand how the cosmetics industry became complex. Where was the quality, fashionforward brands that celebrated the true natural beauty within and on the surface? She stood in front of Paul Colin’s popular Le Bal Negre poster hanging on her wall. A tall and slender Josephine Baker posing seductively, audaciously wearing nothing but the infamous banana skirt that became synonymous with her name. A muse to many, so beautiful, young, radiant and saucy, flashing her glamorous smile. She stared at her poster and began to wonder about women of the 20s, what it meant to be beautiful and how beauty was used as a form of escapism and a way to forge identities. Deep into her thoughts, she slipped into a daydream.

Chapter 2. The Year of the Bal February 1927, Paris. The jazz era is in full swing and the city’s love affair with the blending of African, American and French beauty, spirit and style sparks a spectacular showcase at Bal Nègre at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées. On this cold winter night many are in attendance, people of all races, some grande monde, some from across the Atlantic. The ballroom is adorned by crystal chandeliers and ivory linens cover tables which outline a well-lit dance floor. The band is nestled on the left of the large stage. The room is bright enough to see the elegant attendees presume with the Charleston and Fox Trot in a craze like manner. The sound of jazz continues to bellow from the horns and drums as the women whose chic and classic beauty seems to take precedence over the dancing. Among them is the mysteriously glamorous Vamp, the fun-loving Flapper, the coy Minx, the always- desirable Jane, the influential Starlet, the All- American Zeigfeld Girl, and the flirtatious girlish Coquette. These women share the dance floor as many witness the sexier side of women's liberation firsthand; relishing in the new standards and definitions for what it means to be beautiful.

Chapter 3. Experience Josaphi In a blink’s notice she was standing back in front of the poster. She knew exactly what she had to do. She would develop a trendy, organic cosmetics brand which embraces individuality and delivers numerous benefits. An organic brand that combines today’s innovative colors, formulations and technologies while maintaining a vintage aesthetic, striking the perfect balance between past and present. A brand that determines what it really means to be an “It” girl, and how fashion-forward looks can be created without the use of unnatural products. Just as beautiful Josephine Baker and countless others, the women of Josäphi create their own stories and definitions -- on their terms. For the siren who could appreciate a good vintage piece, this line is made especially for you. To the dainty, quirky and fearless siren, we have something special for you. Everyone’s favorite socialite who just wants to live the glamorous life without much effort, simple glam-packed goodness awaits you. To all quintessential, unconventional women who choose beauty, individuality, and functionality and express themselves in creative new ways - Experience beauty with no inhibitions. Experience the Charleston and the Fox Trot. Experience the purest forms of makeup and skincare. Experience Josäphi and create your story of true beauty!

Chapter 1: A Dream of Beauty  

Exhausted from a trip to countless beauty counters, a young beauty enthusiast stood in her bedroom

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